Sunday, December 24, 2006

wOaH! i'M uPdAtiNg!!!!! :P

PpL!!! I'm updating rite now :P It's been ages isn't it? Hehehehehehehehe.... I guess I'll juz summarize wutever happening 2 me dis past 2months!

1. Raya wif ZarL :)
2. Bought my PSP PINK! Loving it so much!
3. MaMa n Ayah was here in Dublin. They went 2 London n Paris 4 their long post-poned honeymoon. Hehehehehee.... N also 4 my graduation ;)
4. Yeah..... I've graduated n now an honors degree holder *wink*wink*wink* :P
5. But now I'm an ACCA student. Damn!
6. ACCA exam really sux!
7. Doink nothing at home other than fighting wif Nanot all day long..... I really enjoy fighting wif her. Hahahahahahhahaa......
8. Rite now I'm in London again :P wif ZarL ;)

Woahh..... Nothing much u misz rite? :P Only d tiny-miny details. Heheheheehee.........

Sunday, October 15, 2006

i'M iN hEaVeN ;)

Yups! I'm in heaven :P Actually I'm in London wif my bf !!!!!! :D

2day is my 3rd day. I'm so happy 2 b wif him. I really misz him... No words can describe how I feel rite now :)

Wut else huh? I'm happy 2 b here in London!!!!! :P


Monday, October 02, 2006

iT's BeEn A wHiLe N i MiSz iT...

Yeah... It's been a while since I updated my blog. Lotsa things haf happen. From trying 2 find an apartment wif Bee, Zarl is back in London, moving 2 a new place, etc etc etc.... I dun even knoe wut 2 tell. Coz too many 2 blog about.

Owh yeah. My mom n dad is coming 4 graduation :) Yay! Can't wait 2 c them again! I'm so happy dat they decided 2 come. At least I can tour my OWN family d whole Dublin, instead of touring my frenz or bf :P If only my sis n Hakim can come... Mayb next year sis :)

I'm soOOoOOoo miszing my bf :'(

Lets think of happy tots! My new apartment which I rented 2gether wif Bee n Nana. We all get wut we want! Which is our own sweet room wif our own space. N it's a new apartment. Did I 4get 2 tell u? It's actually on d top floor a.k.a penthouse of d apartment complex :P Yay! Yay! Yay! A BIG SMILE :D :D :D

Neway ppl, I won't b updating much. Coz we haven't put any internet connection at our new home. Til then, take care n haf fun ;)

Thursday, August 31, 2006

LiFe iS hArD, bUt i HoPe i'LL sUrViVe...

Life is pretty hard on me lately. I guess trying 2 help/think of other ppl is bad. Coz it make myself where I am now, which is homeless, broke, unavailable, tired n wutever I'm feeling rite now. Juz too tired thinking, walking, searching n helping. Sumtimes I feel like giving up. But I can't, I haf 2 stay strong. I guess dis is 1 of those things every1 wud feel when they r living on their own without their family, n so damn far away... Is dis y I shud stay here longer? Or shud I juz go back as soon as I finish my studies? Hurmm.... I dun haf d answer now. I hope I will when d time comes.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

HaPpY b'DaY!!!! :)

So.... Y'day was Hadi's b'day n now he's 21 yrs old :)

WE (a LOT of ppl involved) throw him a surprise party at our (me+bEe+mEiRa) place. Every1 was there :) I mean every single person who's close 2 Hadi. Thanx 2 every1 n d organizer, u guyz rock! ;) I knoe Hadi loves it n he didn't xpect it at all from his frenz.

N 2day, surprisingly my dad's b'day!!!!! Yay!!!! ;)

HaPpY b'DaY oLd MaN :P

I text him once I get up from sleep dis morning. He was on top of our houz roof when he received my text, cleaning it up. BUT he did bring his hp wif him (Hahahhaa.... I knoe, it's kinda funny. 4 safety reason I guess :P). He was surprised by my text coz he said I'm d 1st person 2 wish him dat day-minus my mom of course ;) He asked my sis who's at d office 2 text me saying tq n he loves me! :D :D :D Owh yeah... He doesn't knoe how 2 text me back eventho he used hp for few yrs already. A BIG HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAAA for him in his lack of knowledge in technology. He's 64 2day, wut u xpect? Hehehehhehe .... Kidding dad :P Neway I did called him afterwards 2 wish him 'LIVE'. Dats all I can do 4 him while I'm away.

Then I woke up, had my shower, brunch n off 2 Grafton 4 a job hunting!!! :D Cross fingers n hope I get a part-time job!!!!! :D I'm juz SUPER-BORED!

I bought ice-cream n off 2 Mambe's place. He cook dinner!!! as alwiz~~~~~ :P okie, I gtg. I'm starving!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 14, 2006

hE's BaCk!!!!! i'M nO LoNgEr aLoNe! Hahahaha....

Hahahahahaaa.... ;)

My bestie Mambe is back! :D He arrived yesterday morning n gave me a surprise call!!!!! I'm glad he's back n safe in 1 piece (Coz of dat London bomb thingy, everyone knoes it!). Now I haf my fren back!, I'm no longer gonna b bored or alone DAT much :P

Can't wait 4 d others 2 come back too!

Roy!!! Mamat!!! Sahak!!! Pok Lah!!! Cepat la balik wei! Ader Mambe n fAirY je nie! X complete lagik !!!! :P :P :P

Owh yeah... Yesterday went shopping wif Baby. She got everything she need n ALL of it was a good buy! BUt yeah.... Tired walking around d city.

N back 2 Mambe, met him already. Had dinner n sum tv-watching wif him. Mane daa org lain nie? Cepat la balik korang!!!!! :P

Humph.... I think I shud call my mom n dad. It's been a few days I guess. Dun worry, I'm no longer DAT homesick. Now dat I haf my usual ppl ;)

Friday, August 11, 2006

LaDy iN d WaTeR...

It was a nice great movie! I watched it wif Ameer. Both of us love it so much!!!!!!!!! U guyz shud watch it! :D

I guess dats d only thing dat made my day 2day :)

Called tOmaToMan 2day. Misz him so much! Cepat la balik sayang!!!!! Nanti bAbY tOmAtO bole g London :P tRyiNg 2 find reasons 2 go there AGAIN! :P :P :P Well... London is a LOT bigger than Dublin. Can't wait 2 get out of Dublin n haf sum real fun! :D

Then I called Kak Anne. Misz her so much too!!!!!!! We talked more than an hour! She is truly my one n only BIG sis n BESTFREN. Eventho we fight, yell at each other, we knoe we haf each other 4ever! Sumtimes wut she said hurts me, coz I think she's rite. D same thing goes 2 her. I knoe sumtimes my opinions/says hurt u sis, but dats wut I think. I guess WE haf each other 4ever coz we r true 2 each other.

Well dats wut frenz r 4 :) Not suppose 2 haf any secrets, back-stabbing, talking behind them, pretending coz wanna look NICE when actually d EVIL/BAD one, n etc etc etc.... LOtsa more. I guess each n every1 of us haf sum others in mind. Juz look deep in urself n think, "R u a nice fren? Or u r juz a pretender?".

I'm juz glad I haf Kak Anne. Love u sis! :)

After looking back n do some thinking. I'm sooOOooOOoo Loving my life! I pass my degree, haf a great bf who loves me :), I haf my FAMILY n I'm starting my ACCA class very soon. Insyaallah I can do it! ;)

Wednesday, August 09, 2006



dUnNo WuT 2 dO
m!sZ mY fAmiLy
WhErE iS zArL?
fEeL a BiT f***Ed Up
CrAzEe WeAtHeR
No MoNeY


Tuesday, August 08, 2006

bOrEd..... hUrm... BuT sO mUcH 2 dO!!!

Hurmm...... I tot of blogging on how I get myself 2 Dublin. yeah I'm back in Dublin after 2 whole months in KL wif my family... *sigh*

Then I tot I wanna blog on how I misz home already. N I'm home-sick. Huh? Can u believe it? Home-sick again? After 8 long months staying in Dublin without my family? Yeah.. I did feel it AGAIN!!!!!

I'm so bored! Eventho I juz arrived for few days. But I haf so much things 2 do.

1. Go 2 d bank n settle everything!
2. Go 2 college n settle everything!
3. Still waiting 4 my student pack 2 arrive n can't wait 2 settle d exemptions/exam fees wif ACCA
4. Find new place 2 stay
5. Find a job!!! Retail I guess... Office job wud definitely b a bonus :)
6. Start packing
7. Do my laundry... Like NOW!

Dats all I can think of now.

I wanna go back home n sleep now.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

MiXeD fEeLiNg.... HurM....

I think dis is d worst ever feeling I ever had.


1. I'm kinda xcited 2 go back 2 Dublin next weekend coz I misz my frenz over there. But at d same time I dun wanna leave home where my family lives. I knoe I'm gonna misz them terribly. N I'm not sure when I'm coming back again, n wut wud change when I do come back. Plus I dun even meet all of my goodfrenz back in M'sia. Hurmm.... yeah, they live far away from me who's staying in KL. Damn! If only I came back 2 M'sia earlier, n going back 2 Dublin as late as I can. My ticket too early!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :'(

2. As I told u b4, my sayang ZarL is back here in M'sia. I'm all xcited about him coming back home n all. Me n him at d same country, same weather, same everything! But d weird thing is.... We didn't meet up yet. N I dun think we will do dat here in M'sia. There's juz sum issues dat I think is really testing our relationship. Me trying 2 b strong eventho I do sumtime think dat me n him r both weak when it comes 2 miszing each other.

If I dun c him here in M'sia, I guess both of us haf 2 really save up our money 2 travel Dublin-London or vice versa juz 2 c each other. Hurmmmm....... Juz when I tot it's gonna b a bit easy 4 both of us, I was wrong, totally wrong.

I dun knoe y.... But all my heart was saying 2 me d past few days was 'Stay strong n focus. U guyz can do it eventho it's hard'. I hope it's true... I'm staying focus. I hope he is too.


Dis is 2 of d biggest issues in my life now. N both make me haf dat mixed feeling which I dun like at all......... I feel like Screaming! Crying! Running away!

I dun wanna feel anything!!!!!


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

TirEd... bUt WorTh iT :)

Been feeling so tired since Sunday. Well... Sunday. Me, mom, sis, sis-in-law, nephews n niece, we went 2 Sunway Lagoon. Hheheehheheee..... It was fun! All of us end up having a darker skin now coz it was a hot Sun-day :)

Monday. I barely awake. Sleep all day... Hehehehehee...

Tuesday. I went 2 ACCA place n settle everything. Juz hope it went well :)
Bought my graduation 'kebaya'. I love it! Thanx mama n ayah.

Rite now I'm so nervous waiting 4 my ZarL 2 come back home. He's on his flight rite now. Haf a safe journey sayang :) can't wait 2 c u!!!!!

N yeah... I feel tired. N I haf 2 get ready 2 go back 2 Dublin. 2 n half weeks more n I'll b back in Dublin. Wut shud I bring back huh? LOTSA FOOD!!!!! Hahahahhaa... :P :P :P Wut else? Hurmmm..... I'll think of it later.

D most important thing now is ZarL on his way back to Malaysia! :D
I'm juz too xcited!!!! N nervous too. I wonder y I feel so nervous. I can't think of nothing other than ZarL coming back home. Knock me, pinch me or wutever.... :P

I love u sayang!!! :)

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Okay I knoe wut I said on my last blog... I'm gonna send off d registration form ASAP. But I juz finish filling d form. Hurmm..... I'll send it off after I woke up from sleep 2nite. I haf everything wif me, xcept for my latest result transcript. Mira post it 2 me d photocopies, still waiting 4 it. I guess I'll settle d 6 exemptions 1st, n upgrade another 3 exemptions (IF I get 3... hurmm... dun give me only 2. I knoe my result is bad). Hurmmmm.........

I cut my hair 2day at last! After those months, n those long hair, n having 2 wash DAT long hair. Hurmmmmm.......... Now it's shorter.

Texting wif ZarL 2day. Misz him so much! He called juz now. Talked 2 him 4 a while. Whenever I picked up d phone, n listening 2 his voice on d other line, make my heart beat so fast... :) I'm alwiz ALL xcited whenever I'm wif him. Which is basically tru YM, Skype, texting each other, calling each other, n even better when we spend those 8days 2gether. I can still remember everything we did during dat time. I can't wait 4 him 2 come back home. Yeah. He's coming back. He's coming back soon.......... :)

But I'm going back 2 Dublin pretty soon myself. I juz hope I get 2 c him once or twice b4 I go back 2 Dublin.

U knoe wut? I think finding sum1 2 live wif is easier than finding sum1 u can't live without. Dis relationship teach me a LOT. Coz it's definitely different from my past relationships. I'm juz gonna keep on moving 4ward n appreciating every moment of dis relation :) Wish me luck ppl!

Sunday, July 09, 2006


6 JuLy - Amira's b'DaY :) She's 4 yrs old now. She's my niece.

I met Nana n Alia on tHursDaY. Congrats 2 Alia coz she managed 2 get a GOOD job in KL. Proud of u gurL ;) I watched dis chinese horror movie >>> Re-Cycle. Kinda ok I think.

Actually I dun really haf d mood 2 bLog. But I dunno y I'm here now..... Hurmm....

Juz now we had a family bbq thingy celebrating Amira's b'Day. She looked happy :)
Now she's 4 yrs old. But she's still d baby of d family coz she's d smallest, hehehehehee...


Owh yeah.... Selamat Pengantin Baru 2 Lan Helmi n wife. Thanx 4 d wedding invitation both from e-mail n d card u posted :) But I can't make it 2 d wedding coz I haf transportation probs, n d place is not nearby. Hope u guyz haf a happy wedding, n a longgggggggg marriage :)

Wut else 2 blog? Hurmmm..........

I shud blog about how boring I am rite now. I shud do sumthing.... I shud fill d ACCA registration form, go n take a nice n decent passport size pic, n send off d whole thing 2 d ACCA office Monday or Tuesday or ASAP. Hurmmm.... I'll do it 2moro.


I misz my ZarL...

Saturday, July 01, 2006

:) aLhamduLiLLah......

Alhamdulillah.......... :)

I pass my exam.

Eventho my result not so good. But I'm thanking Allah 4 giving me d strength n everything! Thanking mom n dad coz they haf faith in me. Thanking my sis 4 supporting me all dis while. Thanking my frenz 4 heLping me out. Thanking ZarL my sayang coz he helped me a LOT during dat difficult time (b4 n during exam).

N not 4getting, thanking MYSELF coz wutever I get is wut I deserved :)
I didn't study hard or smart... I juz study my own way. N it still works 4 me :P

But I gotta start serious in my studies 4 my coming future ACCA exam+classes.


Wednesday, June 28, 2006

LiFe oO0 LiFe....

LiFe OoO0o LiFe....

After 2weeks staying home n spend time wif family, I did start going out :)

Met Dina, haf a drink at N'z. I saw Hadi n Bee. Hadi is in KL too. I tot he postponed his flight. I guess he came back coz it was Bee's b'day on d 25June. Happy B'day Bee!!!! :D

Dat nite I went out wif my sis n her bf, n also Hakim. We went 2 TGV Suria KLCC watched Cars. Wut a funny movie :) It's a cartoon movie. We all love it! :)

Lunch at my sis's fren place. Then off we went 2 KLCC. It's sale rite now. Interesting aite... hehehehe.... I bought a very nice short skirt from MNG. It's worth d money. I won't get DAT price for a MNG skirt in Dublin. So I'm happy :) Had dinner at Dome (our all-time favourite place 2 eat).

I came back home, n Adura came 2 sleepover. Yay!!!! :D :D :D
We had our long-talk-gossips-catching-up thingy :)
We had fun. But it was juz a short time. Hurmm... We shud do it again.

Went out wif Chain to OneUtama. Adura n jep joined us. We watche Fast and Furious 3: Tokyo drift. It was awesome! I like it! :)

Then me n Chain went 2 Subang section 14. Meet up wif Boy n Ar-Bear. Been a while since I last hang out wif d boyz :) We had fun. Boy is so funny... hehehee... N Ar-Bear, thanx 4 coming eventho u looked so damn tired after 1 whole day working.

Came back home. Feel so tired. Sleep st8 away!

Louise called! asked me out 2moro.

Louise a.k.a May Ling, my chinese fren, studied in Scotland :)
Met her at Kinokuniya cafe. Hadi, Bee n 2 of Hadi's frenz was there too. Well, Louise is Hadi's fren who I get 2 knoe in January when she came 2 visit Dublin. I took her n Clament her bf tour Dublin :)

She's going back 2 Aberdeen, Scotland dis Sunday. She invited us 2 her place. N I promised her dat I'll visit her dis year or mayb early next year.

I came back n called my sayang :) Misz him so much!
I did tell him about d promised I made 2 Louise. Lets go sayang! ehehehehee.....
Once I haf d money, I'll visit u Louise ;)

Woke up late. Feel so damn tired. I guess d weather here = HOT, actually suck out my energy. I did went out 4 days st8. So I decided 2 stay home 2day. My bro wanna bring me 2 Low Yatt 2 buy my laptop stuff, but I juz dun haf d mood n energy.

Even Chain asked me 2 bring my nephews n niece 2 OneUtama, 2gether wif his nephew, I said nope. Juz too tired n dun haf d mood. Sorry Chain...

Hurmm...... Where is d ToMaToMaN? Misz chatting wif him.... 4 days, no ym, no skype wif him. At least there's a thing called handphones which helps us a LOT. YeAp! texting n calling each other. Can't wait 2 c him again! Which I dunno when n where..... *sigh*

Well well well BaBy ToMaTo.... Dis is wut u choose. He's d guy u choose 2 b wif. U haf 2 accept d fact dat u guyz r not near wif each other. Accept d fact dat it's a long-distance relationship. I knoe it's ur 1st long-distance relationship, but u promised urself 2 b strong rite? :) U do Love him rite? ;)

Okay..... Yes, I choose 2 b wif him. Yes, I accept d fact dat I'm far from him. Yes, I accept d fact dat it's a long-distance relationship n nothing would change it. Yes, I did promised myself 2 stay strong wif his help :) .

Yes, I do LoVe him.....

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

i MiSz...

I misz ZarL my sayang, my toMaToMan, my sWeEtHeArT.... *sob*sob*sob*

I misz walking at St. Patrick park everyday, n c all those pretty flowers n green park, n all those happy faces enjoying d park

I misz going 2 Spar n buy my favourite choc drink, Yazoo n Avonmore

I misz going 2 no.36 n hang out wif d guyz (rOy, MaMbE, mAmAt, pOk LaH, SaHAk)

I misz my teddies!!!!!! (dAniEL, rOmEo, MuNkY, cHarLiE, miKeY)

I misz lazying around at my houz, in my room in DubLin

I misz having lunch at K-Bab K-Lub, Sufi's, Epicurean, Momo's, n other places dat I love

I misz having my hot choc n ice-blended at KaffeMoka, Bewleys, Mc'D cafe, n ...... lotsa more!

I misz having my gUrLz (bEe, MeiRa, eLiSsA) around all d time

I misz Dr. InTaN 2 d max!!!! N also her beLoveD husband ePoL

I misz NiCk n Had!

I misz NaNa tOo!!!!!!!!!!

I misz going 2 UGC 2 watch d movies, either alone or wif frenz

I misz Stephen Green's park too! (damn! i LovE parKs! :P)

I misz d fact dat I dun haf 2 top-up my hp credits everytime I need it coz I used Meteor billing

I misz being independent.... heheheheheee.... ( Is dis really coming out from my head???!!!! :P)

P/S: I dun even knoe wuts up wif me when I type out dis entry. Layankan jeeee....

Friday, June 16, 2006

oVeRdUe PiCs... :)

YeaP! It's d overdue pics of d b'day party of me+EpoL+iSa.
I took around 200 pics dat nite. N I only put up my favourite pics here.
Enjoy it!!! :)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

mE + mY gUrLz + iZwAn ChOyEsT!!! :P

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

bEauTy sHiRa + cUtiE iNtAn

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

iNtAn + sHiRa + kOjAcK + mE + ePoL wiF d CaKe DaT wE sHaReD :P

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

mE + iNtAn (i LuRvE hEr So mUcH!!!)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

fAiQ + mE + iSa

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

d CuTeSt MarRiEd CoUpLe!!!! :)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

rAz!N + sHuBbY dArLiNg + mE

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

3 bEaUtY gUrL (iNtAn + bEe + sHeiLa)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

HaTtA (hiS bEsT piC i ThiNk)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

mE + iNtAn + mArYaM + sHeiLa

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

NiCk + aZhAr

Thursday, June 15, 2006

mOrNinG mOrNinG .... ;)

Morning morning.... :)

I woke up early after only 2 hours sleep!!!! Damn! Y? Y? Y?!!!!

Nvm... Gotta get ready by d way... I'm suppose 2 meet Chain 2day wif Bee 4 lunch. Where to eat? Lets go to our all time fav. Sharezma!!! :P :P :P

Mcm x de tempat lain nak mkn. Mcm x de tempat jauh skit dr Sharezma. Guling2 pon bole sampai kedai mkn tu wooo... :P

Neway, frenz, I didn't used my old hp no. I'm using Celcom now, new no. I'm sorry if I didn't text u d no. I didn't tell EVERYONE d new no. coz I'm only gonna use it while I'm in KL which is around 2months only.

Hurmm..... When is ZarL coming back huh? July? Wuts up wif World Cup? It makes him stay in London longer................. N he'll b back in July........ N I already misz him like so damn much!

Balik la cepat!!!! Baby Tomato sudah windu nie!!!!!


Who u think would win d fight? Hehehehehehehee........... Still in battlefield u knoe... :P :P :P

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

JuZ sUmThiNg 2 TeLL :)

Hurmm.... I guess it's time to tell d people here.

D guy in d pic wif me, dats cuteface, d guy I've been blogging 4 quite sumtime. I knew him back in Dec when I was in London. He's not sum guy I juz knew n get 2gether wif. I knew him 4 quite sumtime. N people, plz dun make any assumptions on me+him relationship. Both of us is trying hard 2 make it work. Plus d distances between us, n those people in between. Pray 4 us 2 last as long as we can..... :)

N yeah, my grammar sux. So wut? I'm not a writer. I'm juz 1 of those usual bloggers who's here 4 d fun of it. Dun kill d fun of me writting, n people reading my blogs. If u haf any dislikes on my blog, or mayb u hate me (eventho I dun knoe y), u can alwiz STAY AWAY from my blog. Dat will definitely make u happy rite? :) U dun haf 2 read my blog if u hate me.

Kalau x suke, tapi bace gak, pas2 kutuk2, namenye penyibuk n suke dengki kat org. Betul x? Terase ke si pengutuk? Hehehehehehee......

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Miszing HIM too much :'(

I send him off yesterday at d airport. Rite after he went inside, I knew dat it's gonna take few more months before I meet him again. I cried non-stop :'( I called Meira 4 comfort, n she asked me 2 come back home.

I juz can't go back at dat time. The smell of his perfume is still in d room. I can't stay there coz I knoe I'll cry n cry n cry :'(

So I went 2 watched a movie, Prime. It was a nice movie. However, in d movie, I can't wait 2 go back n on9. Juz wanna b wif him. Damn! I hate d distance!

I reached home, Meira was at home. Talked 2 her n cried again. She told me it's ok.....
I misz him so much!!!

No more him wif me after a week together. I feel weird being alone. No more him 2 fight wif me, no more him 2 make me laugh, no more him 2 talk 2 me like I'm a lil baby, no more him calling me baby tomato, no more him asking me to cook 4 him, no more him around d box room, no more him.... no more him..... no more him around me..... *sob*sob*sob*sob*sob*

I juz woke up. I sleep wearing his jumper. I knoe it's hot, but I juz misz him too much. Can't stop looking at me+him pics. I misz him!!!!!!

I never felt dis way like how u make me feel. I'm glad I met u. I knoe I wanna b wif u. It's hard 2 b far away from each other. But dis is wut I choose, n like I said -there's alwiz 1st time in everything-

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Saturday, June 03, 2006

bZ wiF hiM :)

YeAh i'M bZ....

i DuN eVeN hAf d TiMe 2 uPdAtE :P

aT LeAsT i'M haPpY bEiNg WiF hiM. oNLy a WeEk. ThEn i'M oFf 2 kL :)

bUbYe dUbLiN......

mcm nak baLik 4 goOd puLak :P

Monday, May 29, 2006

d BeSt b'DaY eVeR :D

OpS! My b'day is actually 2moro :P

But I already celebrate it twice! :D :D :D

Saturday was d BIG celebration. Coz it was my + EpoL + iSa b'day celebration 2gether :)
It was super fun! We did it at Epol's houz. D best houz ever 2 hang out n haf party :P
So we haf dis decent BBQ party during d day. N around 10pm, Dj Shah put on his stuff n d houz was changed 2 club ;) Cool huh? A LOT of pppl came. I think it's d BEST b'day celebration ever! Every1 enjoy it so much, n as usual we party really hard! :)

Sunday was my 2nd b'day celebration. Hahahahaaaa..... I knoe u guyz think it's wayyyyy toooo much! It was me + Aleph's b'day celebration 2gether. But d 2nd b'day celebration was Nana's idea. Dat lil gurl is such a sweetheart.... Love u so much gurl! Akib cooked a really nice chicken chop 4 us. N d b'day boy Aleph sing a song, how sweet! :) They forced me 2 sing, but I did not sing :P :P :P I don't posses a good voice, only my gurlz knew how it sounded like coz I sing at home :P

Okies.... 2day is MOnday. I woke up late. I cleaned d whole houz coz he's coming 2moro. Who? Cute face is coming 2moro!!!!!! :D :D :D He's gonna stay here in Dublin 4 a week! Me myself can't believe it! But I'm very much glad he's coming :)

Less than 2 weeks 2 go b4 I'm back safely at my houz in KL. At least I haf cute face 2 spend my time wif :) Elissa is going back dis Sunday, n Bee is going back wif me. Miera gonna stay here in Dublin n work (Good luck gurl!!!).

By d way, I got a monkey wif BIG scary eyes from sum1. I named it MunKy :P
N thanx 2 Intan 4 d cute mug! I'm gonna misz u terribly when I go back dis summer.... Can't wait 4 d baby 2 come out of ur stomach! So dat I can play wif him/her :)

I mite haf no time 2 update my blog after dis. So good luck 2 my RCSI's frenz (Roy, Pok Lah n others) who's gonna haf their final examination next month. Good luck 2 Faizal 4 his coming exam, n Shihab too. I knoe u guyz can do it! :)

N also lotsa luck 2 ALL my seniors n frenz who's gonna haf their ACCA exam in June. All d best!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

i'M iN a BiG mEsS!

Hurmmm....... I dun even knoe where 2 begin.

1st, about going back 2 KL. Few of my frenz went back already. I haf d ticket. But can't make up my mind about going back.

Giler tul. Org lg nak balik. Aku ade tiket bole lak tepikir x nak balik. Bukan x nak balik.... Tp ade byk sebab nape aku patut stay je sini.

But only after a week of holiday, I feel damn bored! I dunno wut 2 do. Feel like going back now! I'm seriously in a mess.

Serabut! Kusut!

My life is seriously in a BIG mess.

D thing dat make me smile nowdayz is knowing dat cute face is coming over next week 2 c me :) Can't wait 2 c him!!!!! :D :D :D

Other than dat, it's a mess! If only I can type out everything here.... If only... Hurmm....
I can't coz it wud hurt sum ppl, n Dublin is small, n Malaysian over here is all connected. If 1 person knoes, dun b surprise if every1 knoes about it d next day. D ppl I trusted so much is obviously my gurlz n another person/gurl dat is not in my usual frenz. I'm so glad I knoe her. U knoe who u r, I dun need 2 mention it here.

Hurmmm..... Can sum1 or sumthing make me feel better?

I think I better stop now b4 I type out wutever dat is suppose 2 b kept as secret. Damn!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

........ 2 bZ? :P

Hurmm...... Tired of partying. I went 2 Belfast last Wednesday wif Candy, Fuad n Falah, n d rest. It was fun I think. I shop 4 my nephews n niece, n sum stuff 4 myself. Nothing much.

Wut I did on Thursday? Hurmmm...... Nothing. I had migrain dat nite. Hang out at Ameer's coz he went back. Then had a really looooonnnnggggggggg talk wif Meira :) It's been a while since we had our pillow talk :P

Friday, they went 2 Belfast. I didn't follow coz I'm outta cash n I juz dun haf d heart 2 go. Enuff saying..... Hang out at 36 like old times, til I fall asleep (Takut nak tido sowang2 kat umah. Tido kat kerusi pon jadi laaa.... Mcm x biase lak :p) . But around 4.30am I went back coz it's no more dark outside (Awal betul siang skang niee..... hurmmm....).

Saturday. Went out 4 a movie wif sum1 :) We watched Da Vincci Code. I dun really like it. It's a vewyyy slow movie. Neway, we had fun. Eat a nice lunch n delicious dessert. Love it!

Then Faizal n Shihab stop by. Faizal lose d game!!!!! hahahahhahahahaa........ :P
D gurlz come back earlier than expected. Their plan was til Sunday nite. But they r home!!!!! Miszing them already!!!! :P I'm afraid sleeping alone in dis houz..... Yay!!! Meira n Elissa is home! :D :D :D

Neway, I'm worried about cute face. He's studying 4 his exam. But he dun wanna eat, x de selera, dats wut he said. Rite now I feel like going 2 London n cook 4 him anything n juz take care of him. I checked d flight ticket for May, it's too expensive. If in June, it's cheap. But June is tooo LATE!!!!! :(

Hurmmm.... Talking about food n cooking. I'm hungry myself.

Mamat bila nak masak? Fairy lapar niee.....

Monday, May 15, 2006

aT LaSt!!!! eXaM iS oVeR!!!


At last final is over... :) But honestly I'm not sure whether I can pass or not. Wuetever la... Dah lepas......

Neway, my last paper on Saturday. Dat nite we went 2 Spirit. It's really great, coz we really enjoy dat nite :) It's like dancing 2 d max, having fun n all. Every1 was there dat nite. We had a blast dat nite rite people? ;)

N after party is great too. It was Razi's b'day dat nite. Happy belated b'day dear..... :)
N Julie..... Y u haf 2 go back tooooo fast eh? Juz starting 2 go out n party wif ya gurl... Neway, send my regards 2 ur mom aite? Hope I'm in Melawati as soon as u r. Waaaaa!!!!!!!

Wut shud I do huh? Cute face is studying 4 his exam. N I'm bored 2 d max wif no money, hahahahhaa...... I shud get a job. Damn!

Can't wait 4 my+Epul b'day bash next weekend :D Party hard ppl!!!!! Exam is over! ;)

Sunday, April 30, 2006

gOoD LuCk pEePs!!!!! ;)


It's not 2 early rite? There r sum of my frenz having their 1st paper on Tuesday. So all d best!!!!!! :D

Mine gonna b on Friday onwards...

Nite of 13May gonna b d PARTY nite peeps!!!! ;)

Owh yeah... Not 4getting 2 ALL my UCD frenz, good luck too!!!! :)

Mamat!!!! G study!!!! Good luck!!!! Nanti kiter lepak! :D

Friday, April 28, 2006

LaTe 4 everYtHinG....

HapPy bELatEd b'DaY mAma....

LasT niTe we hAd bace YasSiN at my houz n I'm a bit late... SorRy...

2day I woke up laTe...

Good luck everyoNe 4 exam!!!! N i hopE iT's noT 2 Late...

ApE aKu mErePek niE????!!! gILeR aPo? *aDoii*

Thursday, April 20, 2006

i'M cRaZeE i Th!Nk....

Seriously........... I think I'm CRAZEE!!!!!

I dun knoe y........ I haf a nice walk 2day wif Nana at Stephen's Green Park, then we went 2 Mc'D n get myself d apple pies n twister fries. Then off I went 2 d library. Got myself a nice sit, can't complain no more.

Juz dat.......

My carry marks 4 ALL subjects is really LOW!!!
Damn!!!! I dun even c 2nd class honor...... *sob* *sob* *sob*

Wuts happening 2 me???!!!!! I can't focus, I can't concentrate, I can't sit still, I can't do anything!!! I studied, but I think everything dat go in my head, comes out after dat *sigh*
I'm in BIG trouble!

I can actually imagine mama n ayah calling my FULL name

Farizah Tokiman!!!!!!

N it's damn scary when they did dat k.......... *sob* *sob* *sob*
They rarely call me by my full name. So when they did, it scares me soOoOoo much!

Talking 2 myself as usual :
fAirY!!!!!!!!! Dun b crazee! B strong like u alwiz do! Focus! 4get about everything n every1 4 once! After d exams, u can do EVERYTHING u want n u dun haf 2 care no more about ur studies 4 a while at least.

Seriously I need sum1 2 really push me around. There's alwiz mama n ayah, n also ChAiN who alwiz disturb me (but by doing dat I actually studied a lot more than now). I haf not covered dat much, n time is ticking, n I'm alwiz tired. Either too much sleep, too little sleep, too much walking, not eating d rite foods, trying 2 hard 2 focus, not enuff rest, been sitting 2 much, been sitting 2 long til my back hurts soOo much, too much writting n my hand hurts (I need mama 2 massage me like alwiz *sob* *sob* *sob*). My whole body is hurting me!!!!!!!

I'm getting crazee............... *sigh*

Am I?

-OuT 2 tHiNk-

Damn! Dis thing ask me 2 test connection now!!!! Rase nak baling je laptop nie ngan modem semua dlm longkang!!!!! Bodo! Bodo! Bodo! Giler! Bodo! Giler! Bodo! Mengong!!!! Argh!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


2 more short weeks 2 go b4 final exam!!!!

I'm worried about Elissa. She got her Lelah attack dis evening, when I was at d library. Thank god Izwan was wif her. I gave her antibiotic coz she got flu n asked her 2 go n sleep. She's resting, I'll check on her 2moro morning. Hopefully she'll b fine.

'Dah nak exam nie.... Me demam x baik2, Elis pulak sakit lelah. IskkKkkk.... Wisau..... Nasib baik la Izwan cHoY 2 ader.... '

Neway, been studying coz exam is getting nearer. Been planning 2 visit my fren in Glasgow, Scotland. Not sure whether it's gonna happen or not. No time 2 think rite now. Haf 2 FOCUS on my studies. Plus seems like nobody wanna follow me there, heheheee.... I'm okie wif going there by myself. Juz dat my mom n dad will definitely freak out if I said I'm going alone, hahahaaa.. :P Dun worry KaK Anne, I won't go alone :)

Wutelse huh? Wut am I doing not sleeping???!!! No wonder I'm still sick! Damn....

Friday, April 14, 2006

i KnOe ....

Yesh I knoe.... U can kick my ass or pull my hair or juz do anything.... But I juz can't stop myself from doing it k?

I study laa.... Jgn risau.... I yg patut risau nie.. :P

Juz now I updated my fotopages wif KUI Dinner pics. Take a look k? ;)
I decided 2 update it after looking at abg BoTak fotopages (d photographer of d nite), n Mujed's (u shud put more pics!!!! It was nice). Then I take a look at DodoT's fotopages too. Dats y I wanna put up my pics wif myfrenz ;)

I'm bored so I decided 2 put sum pics of myself n my frenz here dat I picked randomly.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

i'M sOoOo DeAd!!!!!!!!!!

I'm soOOooOOoo DEAD!!!

I juz realized dat I haf 2 more weeks 2 go b4 my FINAL EXAM!!!!
N I haf not covered much k.... I'm gonna b dead!!! Dead!!! DEad!!! dEaD!!!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

sUpEr SiCkNeSs.... :'(

Day of super sickness... :'(

I got cought n sore throat 4 a couple of dayz already. I dun really mind... But when I woke up dis morning, I got flu n feel so sick! Plus I got my period MEANING period pain 4 me!!!!! :'(

At 1st it's not so bad. But when I'm in class, I feel so sick, I juz cud not take it. I had 2 skipped Taxation class at 4-5pm 2day. I can't even concentrate dat much in FR. But at least I get wud Cormac was teaching in Audit, my 1st class of d day. *sigh*

I sleep st8 away after I reached home. Woke up, n realize ChoYeSt is cooking d macaroni I'm supposed 2 cook (It's my turn 2 cook 2day). I'm sick so he cooked 4 me n Elissa 2day. Thanx Izwan. I owed u.

I went down 2 c Roy juz now. He gave me medicine dat I'm suppose 2 eat b4 I sleep. There's Mamat n Sahak. It's been a while since I last really sit n talk wif them. Really misz u guyz..... But Mambe is not there tho. Misz dat guy a LOT!!! They r my frenz of No.36 Swifthall Apartment. They took care of me since I knew them. U knoe when I'm sick or even hungry. Thanx guyz... :)

Hurmmm..... Rite now I'm suppose 2 study. But I had headache n also my stomach feel weird.... How am I suppose 2 study in dis conditions???!!!!!! HELP!!!!!

Neway, Faizal send me a 'short' friendster msg dis morning. Thanx Faizal 4 all d advice u gave me :) I really appreciate it.

It's hard being me when u r me. If only u knoe wut I mean........ *sigh*

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

aLoNe + LoNeLy... i HaTe iT :'(

Mayb they'll b ppl laffing at my title or mayb laffing at me directly. Not everyone likes me. I guess ppl who dun like me who read it, sure tgh gelak2.

Well.... Rite now I feel alone + lonely. I seriously hate it. I seriously wanna go home :'( :'( :'(

I hate living in Dublin, Ireland!!!
I hate living in Swifthall Apartment!!!
I hate living by MYSELF here!!!
I hate walking here n there!!!
I hate it when my legs hurt so much after I walked quickly!!!
I hate d weather here!!!
I hate it dat my family is sooooOOoooOOoooOOo far away from me!!!
I hate knowing dat I came here bcoz I ASKED 4 it!!!
I hate knowing dat deep inside me I need sum1 2 b wif me!!!
I hate d fact dat I NEED 2 b independent!!!
I hate it when there's nobody 4 me 2 turn 2 when I'm sad or down!!!
I hate d fact dat I hate EVERYTHING!!!

*sob* *sob* *sob* *sob* *sob*

Monday, April 10, 2006

oLd EnTrY sUpPoSeDLy.... WuT i'M sAYiNg?!! :P


My 2nd bro b'day is on d 8th April. HaPpY b'DaY bRo!!!!! :D
I knoe u like dat cake u SAID u bake it urself (I dun believe it at ALL :P)
Yeah.... I saw u guyz eat dat yummy nasi lemak mama cooked. I hate u guyz!!!! :P
Dats y I hate technology called webcam. Coz I can actually c wut u guyz eat n do n Everything!!!! I'm soOOOoOOOo miszing u guyz!!!!!! 2 more mths n I'm off 2 KL, home sweet home 4 my summer holidays!!!!!!!

Other stories... hahahah... :P :P :P

Okie.. I attend dat KUI dinner. It's nice. But NOT as grand as DBS, KL dinner OBVIOUSLY! :P NoTtY oF mE 2 SaY dAT.... :P :P :P

My tablemates were Me (obviously :P), eLisSa CoMeL ;), iZwAn D cHoyEsT :P, Faizal, Shihab, Anne n Jun. They r medic ppl, they r really nice ppl :) We had fun dat nite. Faizal pretends as if he's d chairman of tabLe 15, r u Faizal? :P :P :P

Mira n BeE dance dat nite wif Ameer n also iZwan, n of course wif OTHER ppl :) It was really nice, eventho d space 4 them 2 dance is soOOoOoo DAMN small k...

Sunday woke up early eventho I sleep late d nite b4. Didn't do anything much. Juz chatting wif cute face as usual, hahahahahaa..... He made my day everyday :) I on my webcam 4 him 4 d 1st time :P Showing him Mikey d donkey dat I bought recently. He named him by d way :) Thanx 4 d cute name.

2day I had a LoOoOOooOoOOonG Finance class. From 9 to 11, 12-2. N I soOoo 'LOVING' it. During break we went back home 2 eat. fter class went 2 City Centre wif eLisSa n ChOyEsT, met RazLan there. ShoP a lil :P Bought a really nice n cheap top at Bershka. Went back home, sleep, woke up, throw garbage, eLisSa cooked, eat wif eLisSa while watching TV.

Wutelse? On9, hahahahaa.... cHoYeSt is rite now at d hall watching American Next Top Model. We r ALL suppose 2 study. But we juz dun haf d mood..... I'm having a headache rite now, dunno y.... Or do I knoe y?

Saturday, April 08, 2006

WuT 2 bLoG?

I dun even knoe wut 2 blog... It's been like AGES since my last entry... hehehehee...

Well, basically I'm bz wif my notes+books+library (can u believe it??!!!!). I actually go 2 library til it close k. Hahahahahha... :P :P :P I'm not bragging or anything... I'm juz surprised wif myself. I sit wif d chinese gurlz n also pakistan guyz. Juz trying 2 b frenz wif them n also looking at them study make me wanna study :) Good influence shud I say.. ehhehehee...

But 2day I didn't study at ALL! Juz dat I'm so glad I concentrate 80% in Finance class which I RARELY did :P But during Tax I doze off.. hahahaha... :P :P :P

2 nites ago skype wif Cute Face :) LaLaLaaaa...... Happy MoDe ON :D :D :D
Talking about him, where is he 2nite huh? Hurmmm.....

Neway, 2moro I'm attending dis Kelab UMNO Ireland (KUI) Dinner. Hopefully it's good, or else I'm wasting EU20 for it.

Gotta go... Daaa... ;)

Sunday, April 02, 2006

:'( .... y?

I dunno y...

I feel so freaking tired

My houz plugs freaking blowed juz now (Thanx Isma 4 d help)

I feel like vomitting rite now... :'( I had my dinner of fish cod n salad, n now I feel like throwing it ALL out!!!!! I dun even finish my fish nugget n fish fingers. Seriously I'm not feeling well.. :'(

CuTe FaCe!!! Where r u? On9 cepat!!! I nak chat ngan u.....

I dunno y I feel so down rite now..... I'm suppose 2 haf ALL d energy 2day after ALL d talks I had wif Shihab. He gave a LOT of good advice. Thanx Shihab. Didn't knoe dat u r a good adviser. I guess u r rite. True gemini is true fren. I'm glad I get 2 knoe him.

OMG fAirY!!!!! Wuts happening 2 u?!!!! HeLp!!!!!! :'( :'( :'(

Thursday, March 30, 2006

HaPpY b'DaY rAzLaN!!!!!! :D :D :D

HaPpY b'DaY rAzLaN!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

Me n my gurlz juz came back from Ameer's houz. Celebrating Razlan's b'day!!!!! :)
Nice apple pie AyiN ;) Nanti ajar fAirY k? :P As if I'm gonna do it. LOLzzzz...

Now I'm suppose 2 study, but I'm typing all dis using Mira's laptop. I dun even knoe y I can't juz walk in2 my room, sit on d chair, n switch on my study lamp, n start studying! 2moro I haf dis revision class on Management Accounting, pricing topic. Hurrmmmmmm........

Cepat la bgn g blaja........

Owh, by d way Chain called b4 I went 2 class 2day. He said he tried caling me d whole weekend but can't get tru me, I dunno y... Sowie Chain. We talked a lot, n we gossips about Bee :P Hahahhahahahahaa..... Remember dat stoopid thingy we alwiz talked n did 2gether? Only d 3 of us, n it was d best moment.

I still remember all d things we used 2 do, n talked, n even when we fight. Me, Bee n Chain, can't b seperated! :) Eventho he's not here in Dublin wif us, we alwiz contact each other. Me n Bee can't wait 2 get our ass back dis June n meet Chain :)

We (me n Bee) misz u like crazee!!!!!!

Wutelse? Hurmmmmm..........

Go n study fAirY!!!!!!!!!!!!! FOCUS ON FINAL!!!!! :P :P :P

-OuTtA hErE- ;)

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

WuTz HaPpEniNg?

WuTz HaPpEniNg 2 mE? I can't sleep for 3 days st8!!!! N I dun even study! Coz I'm too tired, n I can't do anything, I can't even think of anything, bcoz I'm lack of rest. N I dun even knoe y I can't sleep *sigh*

Juz now I managed 2 get sum rest. I sleep about 1hr or mayb less. I dunno!!!!!

I'm so not in d mood rite now k? Damn!!!! HeLp!!!!!

-OuT bUt CoNfUsEd-

Sunday, March 26, 2006

iT's BeEn A wHiLe.... CoZ i'M bZ?!! :P

It's been a while.... I dunno whether I'm bz or juz plain lazy....
I didn't on my laptop for 3 days!!!! (It's an achievement k.... :P). I juz on it last nite. Neway, wut did I do since Friday huh? I gotta update my blog about my daily life coz Chain been asking 4 it. He said how come I didn't update my blog? Teheheheee... I'm updating it now :P

Class, can't concentrate, I wonder y.... Raining... Supposedly went out 4 a movie wif my gurlz n d guyz. But every1 waiting 4 every1, last2 x jd pegi :P. Roy get a lil mad at me, heheheee... sowie Roy. Coz when I went down 2 open d 1st floor door, they saw me wearing my pyjamas instead of jeans n shirt coz we suppose 2 go 4 a movie!!! :P :P :P So they went up, eat a delicious dinner, Mira cooked it ;) Who were here? Hurmm..... Me n my gurlz of course (it's ourhouz!!! :P), Roy, Sahak, Mambe, Alia n Fatin (1st time coming, welcome!!!!). Then they played UNO n twister n also fusball. I watched The OC at Pok Lah's laptop til episode 14. I wanna watch more!!!! :P

After they went home, I sleep around 3am after chit chatting wif Mira n Bee (Elis not at home, out wif Izwan). Around 4.30am, I was woke up by d sound of FIRE ALARM!!!!! Damn! I tot it was a joke. But d whole building is sooooOOoooo....... shud I say bising n sgt memekakkan telinga? It was nothing tho. So we continue sleeping eventho d alarm is so loud :P

I was waken up by Bee who was holding a bowl of cereal in my room. Then haf my breakfast, shower, getting ready 2 go out. Me n Mira, we went 2 MG, d place 2 buy all dis duvets, duvet covers, pillows n stuff. I bought a whole new set of single bed, purple colour, kinda cute :) Tot of buying pink, but I haf too much pink already. I bought a very cute grey donkey!!!!! :) Cute face gave me an idea 2 name him. So he's name as Mikey :D

Then went 2 UGC. me, Mira, Sahak n Roy watched Hostel. I dun really like d movie. Coz d 1st half of it is porn, n another half is all dis evil killing stuff. I prefer Saw n Saw2 better. Even The Hills Have Eyes is a LOT better k.... After dat we went 4 our 2nd movie. Me n Roy watched V for Vendetta, Mira n Sahak watched Inside Man. I dun knoe dat I will like V for Vendetta :) I like it so much! Roy tot dat I'll kick his ass our sumthing if I dun like it. Coz he's d 1 yg semangat giler!!! (oPs sowie cute face.... I mean sgt :P, I'm not suppose 2 say d word giler nemore).

Went back home happily :) The day light saving haf change. Now I am only 7 hrs different wif Malaysia my homecountry. Eat a vewy simple dinner wif Mira n Elis, Bee sleep already. Then around 4am, sum frenz came. Coz they were suppose 2 b at Roy's for d after party thingy. But Pok Lah is not back yet, so they kinda hang out at our place 1st.

I was on skype wif cute face from 4 to 9am, hahahahahahaa.... :P :P :P We talked a lot k.... I dun even go down 4 d after party eventho Ady n Ary insist, coz I was bz talking wif cute face. R u cute face? Hahahahahahaa... :P :P :P Then I went 2 sleep, n I juz woke up! :P Mira is still on her bed. Coz she went 2 d after party, n sleep mayb around 10 or 11am, I dunno, I didn't noticed. Eventho she sleep beside me :P

Owh yeah..... I change my duvet cover, bedsheet n all b4 talking 2 him. AwwWww..... My bed look new :) :) :)

Rite now I think I shud boost d water, take shower, prepare sum food 4 myself. I'm damn hungry! :P LOLzzzz........

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


I found d video clip. Enjoy :)

i JuZ fEeL LiKe TyPiNg..... HeHEeHeE.... :P

I juz feel like typing.. Dunno wut I shud blog neway. Juz dat I dun understand y I'm still sick! I ate all those medicines n I'm still having my headach n all dis sickness in my body.

ROY!!!!!! Nape fAirY sakit lg nie???!!!!!!!

Lately me n my gurlz been talking about BOYZ, d all time fav. subject. Been wondering.... Where all dis good guyz go? Y we alwiz end up finding a guy who we think is nice, but they r not.

We juz heard a news. A fren of ours (shud we call him a fren juz after few outings 2gether?) juz dumped his gf after a week, n he dumped her juz by texting her. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo not gentlemen k.... I hate it when guyz dun haf d courage 2 c d gurl face-2-face n tell her it's all a BIG mistake. Instead they juz text or even e-mail, isn't it stupid? Gosh!!!! GUYZ!!!! grow up will ya?

Yeah.. Gurlz will cry, hate u, feel like killing u, even curse u like hell n god knoes wut else in her mind. But still u haf 2 face d BIG issue here. B a gentlemen k? Tell her eventho it's hard 4 both of u 2 say it. It's gonna feel n b a bit weird after d break-up. But if u break-up using d rite way, as time goes by, everything will turn out 2 b ok :)

But if u break-up using text or even e-mail, or even worst send a friendster msg, it's gonna b d end of everything! U guyz won't b frenz anymore. Let alone smile at each other if u meet next time.

Guyz alwiz said dat gurlz r complicated n they like 2 think about all d details about everything! But gurlz is a vewy understanding creature. Dunno about ALL gurlz, but I think I'm an understanding person. I haf alwiz try 2 look at both sides. U knoe... Y he wanna break-up, y d gurl is like dat, y he did dat, n I try 2 make sense of everything.

Neway, I read dis book when it was 1st published. I was about 2 extract sum ideas they wrote in d book. Dis is a really good book 4 ALL d gurlz out there ;) A usefull guidebook dat me myself n I use in handling my love life :)

TITLE : He's Just Not That Into You
AUTHOR : Greg Behrendt & Liz Tuccillo

"Give me a call." "E-mail me." "Tell Joey we should all hang out sometime." Don't let him trick you into asking him out. When men want you, they do the work. I know it sounds old school, but when men like women, they ask them out.

PAGE : 115
Don't be flattered that he misses you. He should miss you. You're deeply missable. However, he's still the same person who just broke up with you. Remember, the only reason he can miss you is because he's choosing, everyday, not to be with you.

PAGE: 123
One simple rule, ladies: Always be classy. Never be crazy. Okay, actually it's two simple rules, but trust me, you will never be sad you followed them. If for no other reason, it will ensure that you never have that awful memory of cutting his clothes in half or dumping his dog on the side of the road.

I guess dats all 4 now.. :) All gurlz shud haf dis book in ur hand. It's a good guidebook :) Gurlz who r nearby wif me, if u wanna borrow it, juz tell me k? ;) I haf another good book 2 which I haf not finish reading it since last yr :P; Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus (John Gray).

-OuTtA hErE-

Sunday, March 19, 2006

bReAk-Up SoNg

Faizal asked me 2 listen 2 his break-up song. It's really sad, I mean d song.
Dis actually gave me an idea.
I found dis song few days ago. I think dis is a good break-up song.
So ppl, download n understand it! It's very touching....

RADJA - Jujur

Duhai kekasih pujaan hatiku
Apakah kau memberiku satu arti
Sedikit rasa yang bisa ku mengerti
Bukan sumpah atau janji

Buktikanlah bila kau ada cinta
Setulus hatimu bisa menerima
Sebatas kejujuran yang kau miliki
Bukan sekadar bersama

Jujurlah padaku bila kau tak lagi cinta
Tinggalkanlah aku
Bila tak mungkin bersama
Jauhi diriku lupakanlah aku
O... Ho... O... Ho...

Jujurlah padaku bila kau tak lagi suka
Tinggalkanlah aku
Bila tak mungkin bersama
Jauhi diriku lupakanlah aku

WuT a WeEkEnD....

UrK... :P I haf a really bowink weekend k....

1. Sleep at 8.30am, coz on Skype wif him d cute face, talking nonsense

2. Woke up at 10.30am n get in shower

3. Went 2 watched d parade. It was St. Patrick day. I'm wif Miera, Elissa, Isma, Wan, Izwan n Lan. We had fun tho even it was so damn cold!

4. Haf lunch at K-Bab K-Lub. Meet up wif Shihab n Faizal (2 cool medic peeps) ;)

5. Movie!!!!!! The HIlls Have Eyes (Me, Meira, Elissa, Isma, Wan, Roy, Shihab n Faizal)

6. Eat at home (Meira cook), play fusball wif PoK LaH (he LOSE!!!!! :P :P :P)

7. Sleep really late n outside at d hall, n I didn't sleep d nite b4 :P

1. Woke up, prepare breakfast 2gether wif Elissa :) YuMmY!!! ;)

2. Practically we juz sit around, lepak2, Faizal format Meira's laptop, Shihab showed Elissa his cute frenz in Friendster, n I'm kinda blur coz I'm sleepy........ Not enuff sleep

3. Then on9 till dis morning till now, didn't shut down my laptop since Friday nite.

4. Chat wif cute face, then on Skype wif him again till 8am, till I actually sleep while talking 2 him :P

5. Called my 1st bro at 4am (while on skype wif cute face, he waited 4 me), talked 2 my niece n nephew, really misz them both!!!!!! :'(

1. Woke up really late, realized my sis on9, but too late. So I called my mom instead :) Misz her n my dad!!!!!..... She said she's going 2 Pusat Jantung Negara, she haf 2 check her heart. Hopefully there's nothing wrong, hopefully d doctor was wrong

2. Then I keep on downloading ALL dis old malay songs, like it soooOOOoo much :) Been dowloading since yesterday evening. Really misz Malaysia.......... Really misz KL...... :'(

3. Cook wif Meira, took shower, eat dinner.

4. Now doing nothing, still downloading d malay songs. Really difficult 2 find!

5. N Roy... I dunno how 2 play dat PS Football game! I dun wanna play! :P

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

LoNg TiMe....... ;)

I've been sick for like since Sunday nite. But I'm kinda okie 2day. So I decided 2 go 2 class. Had lunch wif Bee (my all time fav bestie :P). N I've been concentrating d whole time in class (ehEm... xcept 4 dis 1 time in FR, ahhahahahaa... :P :P :P, at Least I try hard k... N I understand wut he teached! ;) )

2day after class me n Julie went 2 CaffeMoca, haf a delicious hot choc wif our schoolmate Sarah-Jane who's studying here in RCSI. Hatharul, another schoolmate of ours who's studying in UCD can't make it tho. We tot of going out 4 dinner or sumthing d next time we meet :) It's really nice catching up things n stories about ALL our frenz back in high school n also primary school. Basically about ALL d Melawatians :P

Now I'm at home, juz threw d garbage n pre-heat d Tom Yam I cooked yesterday (eventho I was sicked when I cooked it) 4 Miera coz she's sick 2day. Thinking of cooking d Maggi Curry flavour I bought on Monday at Asia Market. Hurrmmmmmm......... ;)

Eventho I'm not feeling vewy well, but I'm happy having dat hot choc wif Julie n Sarah-Jane. Hope we can do it more often :)

I gotta study 2nite wut I learned in class 2day, or else I'll 4get :P

-OuTtA hEre-

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

HeYa PeEpS ;)

Heya Peeps! :)

I dun really knoe wut 2 blog...

Juz dat I removed my Tag Board coz there's dis crazee gurl who I think is jealous of me (or else she wont say dat kind of things 2 me coz she dun knoe me). But of course there's another person who's nice backing me up (even tho I dun knoe who u r, but lotsa thanx). I think dis gurl is here wif me in Dublin. She sounds soOoOo angry wif me. I wonder y..... *tHiNkiNg*.

Dari aku pikir pasal dia, baik concentrate nak exam May nie. G la mati... HAhahahahaha... :P

Neway, I didn't go 2 class 2day coz I'm sick since Sunday. Called my family juz now. Talked a lot wif Kak Anne (misz her so much!). I haven't eaten 2day. I'm so hungry, need 2 cook dat instant fish cod.

I'm suppose 2 start studying yesterday, but I'm so sick I can't even think. I guess 2day I need 2 start or else I won't start at all. FOCUS!!! :P

Saturday, March 11, 2006


So we went 2 Jewel In The Crown. Eventho we haf 2 wait for 1 n half hrs (coz I think they 4got about us), d food was delicious. Bad services!!!

Neway, there's me n my gurLz, Roy, Sahak n Mamat.

After dinner, went 2 Ale's place (Sahak's gf) 2 take her stuff. She's now on her way back 2 KL. She's in PMC programme. Then off we went 2 d guyz houz. My gurlz played PS wif d guyz. I dun knoe d name of d game. But I knoe it's a football game. I didn't play coz I haf no idea how.

I on9 using Sahak's laptop, been chatting wif him :) He gave me his pics (coz he dun want me 2 misz him eventho we chat n text each other almost everyday), n gave me few good Indon n M'sia songs. Thanx!!! N I'm still chatting wif him! :P I knoe, it's been like more than 4 hrs k..... Hhhahahahaha... He's really nice n cute tho ;) A really good fren, r we? :P

Hurmmm.... Wut else? Now I'm at home, juz got back from d guyz place, 2 floor under my houz. N still chatting wif him :)

I guess I better do sumthing like chatting or juz go 2 bed... :P

d BesT gUrLz NiTe oUt!!!! :D

D best gurLz NiTe oUT eVeR!!!!! :D :D :D

Last nite me n my gurLz went 2 dis club, Atah was playing. Lotsa ppl was there too...

We dance like crazee :P :P :P We really had fun ;)

Can't wait 4 our next gurLz niTe oUt !!! :D n MyNn, u r welcome 2 join us :)

Where is my gurLz???!!! Getting ready 4 2nite huh? ;)
No no no..... We not going 2 d club... We having dinner wif Roy n his houzmate :)
Thinking of having Indian Cuisine 2nite... :) YuMmY!!!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

ViDeOs... ;)

Check out dis videos.... ;)

Dj Tiesto Vs. Usher

Dj Tiesto - Traffic

Dj Tiesto - Love Comes Again

The first song done by Gouryella (Dj Tiesto and Ferry Corsten)

Saturday, March 04, 2006

WuT iS DiS?!!!

Dis blog is sOOoOooO NOT good n NOT funny at all. Especially when it involves religious issues. I'm a Muslim n proud 2 be. N dis person is making fun of Nabi Muhammad S.A.W our prophet.
Plz let all d ppl u knoe, 2 read dis blog. Actually 2 view pics dat been put in it.



Juz got back from outing wif Meira n Gemoi (a really cute guy dat I considered as lil bro). We Went 2 watched Syriana, I sleep all d way tru d movie :P I didn't get enuff sleep last nite k... So u haf 2 understand.. hahahahaa... :P :P :P

Then, me n Meira head back, bought d garlic bread wif cheese at Italiana. It's d BEST garlic bread wif cheese ever!!!! :)

Owh, by d way... Dats not d only thing I eat 2day. B4 d movie, we went 2 Eddie's, I had my nachos!!! YuMmY!!! ;)

Now I feel like I really am sick!!! Roy gave me dis pill, asked me 2 eat it n I did.

Roy!!!!! Selesema nie!!!! Mcm mane???!!!! :'(

Wut 2 do when u haf lotsa things 2 do, n u r not feeling well? Good question.... I need answers!!!!! :P

-LoST- n - FoUnD? - rEaLLy? - :P -

LiFe iS sOoOo GrEaT dAT i 4GeT 2 sTaRt My AsSiGnMeNt! :P :P :P

Hhahahahaa...... okie okie okie..... I did start it yesterday :)

20 things I did from yesterday till now :

1. Woke up late, take shower

2. went 2 K-Bab K-Lub 2 haf my lunch wif Elis

3. Went 2 library, TRYING hard 2 do my assignment wif Elis, hahahahaa.. ;)

4. Window shop 4 a while

5. Had our lunch or shud I said 'mkn ptg' at Epicurean :P Met Adlina, Porno, Razi, Razin, Fuad n Falah who's having their dinner.

6. Wait 4 Alia, Roy n Jimmy.

7. Went 2 UGC, Mambe is already there waiting 4 us

8. Watched 'Final Destination 3', it was nice :)

9. Off 2 Eddie's 2 haf our fav. malts!!!! :D :D :D

10. We all went 2 36 2 hang out

11. They (Mamat, Sahak n Mambe) interviewed me about dat thing, hahahaa.... I'm ok guyz ;) They 4give me, n accept me back as part of 36 houzmate yet again :P ahhahahahaha... Thanx guyz. Love u guyz soOOoOoo much!

12. Then me n Mambe had our usual talk like old dayz. Glad we talked about everything.

13. D last thing I remember was Lalaa came back from clubbing, me so tired n sleepy, sleep at d couch.

14. Woke up, talk talk talk wif Roy n Lalaa who already wakes up.

15. Went back home which is juz 2 floor above their houz :P

16. On9, eat chicken rice which Mira cook. It is ok 4 1st attempt, but mine is better :P :P :P LOL, juz kidding gurL ;) Dun 4get ur 'nasi lemak' recipe, teach me!!!!!!!

17. Now listening 2 rave songs, I dunno y, but I kinda like it tho ;)

18. Haven't take my shower

19. Feel like I'm gonna b sick, coz my nose, throat, n body feel weird. Am I sick Roy???!!!!

20. I shud take my shower tho.... :P :P :

Thursday, March 02, 2006

FuN fUn FuN!!! :)

FuN!!!! fUn!!!! FuN!!!! :)

It's officially Friday now, EARLY Friday.... But I wanna blog about Thursday, hahahaa.. :P

I woke up late. Took my shower. Had breakfast wif Meira, Elis, Alia (she sleepover), n Roy (juz finish his exam). Then do sum research 4 my assignment. Sahak came 2 haf lunch, he's hungry n all.

Get ready. me, Meira, Alia n Roy went 2 watched a movie, 'Lucky Number Slevin'. Josh Harnett was so damn macho k... ;) ;) ;). D story was good, worth watching it :)

Then we had our dinner at Rick's n it's my 1st visit, so do Meira n Roy. D cheese burger is yummy! I'll definitely will go n eat there again :D Alia went 2 dis family frenz dinner n didn't joined us.

After dat, me n Meira went 2 Roy's houz. Meet Lalaa n Mat Ju. As usual, we talked, n laugh, n sing n do all sort of silly things :P :P :P Alia came n hang out wif us 4 a while. Then she kidnapped meira from me!!!!!!!!! *sob sob sob* :P Meira sleepover at Alia's 2nite.

Dats y I'm alone in my room...... *wink* ;) If only there's a guy 2 cuddle wif :P

Neway, yesterday Hadi n Nick went 2 picked up my free hp, n passed it 2 Bee. Yay!!!! I got it already :D It's Sony Ericsson k700, kinda cool tho :) But my hp bill is so damn xpensive! My budget is soOooo out of budget?!!! Gosh!!!

I called my mom n dad b4 I went out juz now. I told them dat my money is finishing..... I keep on using it, n I didn't realize dat I almost finish it! Damn! 2 much shopping I guess. N not 4getting eating outside. Usually I had lunch outside, coz we only cook dinner. Plus we rarely cook on Saturday, Sunday n Monday. Dats y my money is finishing faster than xpected. 2 think of it again, I spend most of my cash on food.

I juz got d feeling I won't b cooking next month. Coz exam is juz around d corner (in May). Studying alwiz make me tired, n I dun think I'll cook. Coz cooking make me tired too. Errmmm.... I guess I haf 2 ask my dad 4 more cash. N now I feel bad coz I haf 2 ask him 4 sum cash. If only I work..... :(

Wut shud I do now huh? I guess I better get sum sleep. I haf 2 wake up early coz I need 2 go 2 d library n do my research 4 my FR assignment. Due date is next Thursday. N I haf less than a week 2 do it. Last minute job alwiz 'xcite' me.

P/S: Alia said dat Shah's gig is on d 11March at ..... (I can't remember). Tot of going :)

-OuTtA hErE-

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

HahA..... ;)

Okie okie okie.... I knoe I've been blogging wayyyy tooo much 2day :P :P :P

But I juz checked my msg in Friendster. It was given by my classmate here in DBS. Her name is Alia. Wut she wrote did manage make me smile. Coz she's not dat close 2 me, n yet she can make me smile. Isn't dat amazing? Let c wut she wrote 2 me.....

well sweety, just to let u know i'm always around if u need a friend =) n ur damn rite! boys will always be boys huh?? hey, i read ur blog.. n i definitely dont agree with the part bout u saying ur not beautiful n u'll never get d perfect guy... thats soo not true! coz u know wut, a senior told me that ur d hot stuff in dbs =) no kidding... maybe u dont realize it but ur d centre of attention gurl ;) *wink* just promise u'll be careful when u choose after this eh? well, get sum sleep dear.. u need it.. *hugs* muah...

Hahahahhaa.... :P :P :P I hope it's true Alia *dancing around* :P :P :P (perasan siut! hahahahaa... ). But she did make me smile 2day :) :) :)

AsTrOLoGy : GeMiNi

Yeah... I'm a true Gemini gurl... :) Everything dat it says really represent myself. I guess it's juz a coincidence huh? Coz I'm a Muslim, I'm not suppose 2 believe dis kinda thing. Neway, I juz read my forecast 4 d day.

You've always been voted chattiest, friendliest and most outgoing of all the signs out there. You've never been afraid to say exactly what's on your mind, and you're quite good at saying it in most entertaining fashion. What's in your heart is another matter -- and that's what friends are there for. You need trusted company to talk to. Even though you'll be more than happy to express your feelings to just about anyone for the next couple of days, what you're really after is a confidante -- not a round of applause.

C.... Voted as d chattiest, friendliest and most outgoing of all signs :) I guess I'm like dat. I juz can't stop talking 2 ppl eventho I juz knew them. N I'm never afraid 2 say wuts on my mind. But I do need trusted ppl 2 talk 2, which I found it in my gurLz.

Daily Singles:
If you want to get something started, there's no time like the present -- any little arrows of love you aim are sure to find their mark. If you don't have any immediately exciting prospects, get online and shop around!

Yeah.... I dun haf any immediate prospects or aim. Dats y I keep on on9 and shopping around (eventho I'm officially broke!)

Monthly Love:
If you have any odd dreams in the early hours of the 1st, make an extra effort to write them down when you wake up. If you don't remember any dreams, take a few moments before you roll out of bed to let your mind wander -- you could discover something interesting about what you really want from a potential romantic partner. On the 5th, 6th and 7th, you may notice that this early-in-the-month insight into your subconscious leads to some very direct flirting. But would you flirt with just anybody? No way -- the new you, the one who knows exactly what they want, flirts with the best potential partner. Yep, you're using all your charms on the future Mr. or Ms. Right. On the 13th, your new energy-efficient flirting skills impress even you. Then, on the 18th and 19th, you head into totally new romantic territory. On the 23rd, make sure people in your vicinity (especially your 'maybe baby') don't have something up their sleeves. Get some 'love, etc.' advice from your friends on the 29th.

Am I a good flirt huh? :P :P :P I dunno... hahahahaha.... Mayb... :P I hope my skills will improve each day ;) *dancing around*. But I dun think I'll head 2 any new romantic territory. Shud I get any advice from my frenz? My sis is d best place 2 get LoVe advice tho. Coz most of d time, me n my gurLz, we discuss about LoVe, advising each other. So, I'm not sure who's d pro :P

Owh well...... Am I d only person in dis houz who r awake? Hehehehehhehee.... GurLz!!!!!! Wake up!!!!!! :P :P :P