Thursday, November 29, 2007

E.X.A.M is finally here! grrrr.........

Yes it is true. My exam is next week! And for the very 1st time, I have ZerO knowledge! o_O
No time to regret or wutsoever! heheheheee... I'll study HARD this weekend! :) Wish me luck peeps!

Wutelse? I got a new prezzy from my bf! :) There's no specific reason on why he bought it for me. But I'm glad he did. I LOVE my new Ipod Classic. Right now I have ALL my musics, my favourite movies and my pics in my pocket! (Well... not exactly in MY pocket. More like in my bag :P) How great is that? ;)

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And two weeks ago is my long-promise night outings to Tripod with the peeps. DJ for the night is the famous DeepDish. The music is great and the place is overly full! I grab this pic from Akma's FS. Teheheheee....

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And yesterday while I was browsing Topshop online, I saw this tea neck dress which I fall in love instantly. I need this dress!!!

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Need to go now. More work to do!!!! Till the next entry! XD

Friday, November 16, 2007

What's up? ;)

Oh gosh... I feel so bad coz I didn't post up the Halloween pics! Honestly, the pics is still in my digicam :P yeah... I know I'm very lazy.. hehehehee.... Even the pics from last weekend Raya Makan-makan is still in the digicam. I'll do it this weekend! :)

I'll give the pics to you this weekend ok Akma :P

Neway, I've been bz working and my weekends is super-pack with classes and the Raya Makan-makan. My exam is like in 2 weeks time and I haven't study a thing!!!! I'm so unprepared this time! Note to myself:- Need to study!

And now I'm addicted to Facebook! Totally cool! Way cooler than Friendster or Myspace (they have lots of SPAM!).

Wutelse? Oh yeah... I'm definitely gonna gain back 2-3kgs by this Saturday :P Why?!!! Coz Nico is here!!!! Last 2 nights, he cooked yummylicious Chicken Rice! And last night he cook Italian noodles, he used pesto sauce, prawns and some other ingredients I don't know. Hehehehehee.... And for tonight, I HOPE he will cook something different! ;)

I think I better go now. Need to start doing my work! :P Til the next entry!!!!! Take care peeps!!!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! (updated!)

Yikes! Am I too late to wish everyone Happy Halloween? ;)

Neway, I went out last night to Temple Bar with the girls. We met lots of 'creatures'!!! Teheheheheee.... I'll post the pics ASAP! XD

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