Tuesday, July 25, 2006

MiXeD fEeLiNg.... HurM....

I think dis is d worst ever feeling I ever had.


1. I'm kinda xcited 2 go back 2 Dublin next weekend coz I misz my frenz over there. But at d same time I dun wanna leave home where my family lives. I knoe I'm gonna misz them terribly. N I'm not sure when I'm coming back again, n wut wud change when I do come back. Plus I dun even meet all of my goodfrenz back in M'sia. Hurmm.... yeah, they live far away from me who's staying in KL. Damn! If only I came back 2 M'sia earlier, n going back 2 Dublin as late as I can. My ticket too early!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :'(

2. As I told u b4, my sayang ZarL is back here in M'sia. I'm all xcited about him coming back home n all. Me n him at d same country, same weather, same everything! But d weird thing is.... We didn't meet up yet. N I dun think we will do dat here in M'sia. There's juz sum issues dat I think is really testing our relationship. Me trying 2 b strong eventho I do sumtime think dat me n him r both weak when it comes 2 miszing each other.

If I dun c him here in M'sia, I guess both of us haf 2 really save up our money 2 travel Dublin-London or vice versa juz 2 c each other. Hurmmmm....... Juz when I tot it's gonna b a bit easy 4 both of us, I was wrong, totally wrong.

I dun knoe y.... But all my heart was saying 2 me d past few days was 'Stay strong n focus. U guyz can do it eventho it's hard'. I hope it's true... I'm staying focus. I hope he is too.


Dis is 2 of d biggest issues in my life now. N both make me haf dat mixed feeling which I dun like at all......... I feel like Screaming! Crying! Running away!

I dun wanna feel anything!!!!!


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

TirEd... bUt WorTh iT :)

Been feeling so tired since Sunday. Well... Sunday. Me, mom, sis, sis-in-law, nephews n niece, we went 2 Sunway Lagoon. Hheheehheheee..... It was fun! All of us end up having a darker skin now coz it was a hot Sun-day :)

Monday. I barely awake. Sleep all day... Hehehehehee...

Tuesday. I went 2 ACCA place n settle everything. Juz hope it went well :)
Bought my graduation 'kebaya'. I love it! Thanx mama n ayah.

Rite now I'm so nervous waiting 4 my ZarL 2 come back home. He's on his flight rite now. Haf a safe journey sayang :) can't wait 2 c u!!!!!

N yeah... I feel tired. N I haf 2 get ready 2 go back 2 Dublin. 2 n half weeks more n I'll b back in Dublin. Wut shud I bring back huh? LOTSA FOOD!!!!! Hahahahhaa... :P :P :P Wut else? Hurmmm..... I'll think of it later.

D most important thing now is ZarL on his way back to Malaysia! :D
I'm juz too xcited!!!! N nervous too. I wonder y I feel so nervous. I can't think of nothing other than ZarL coming back home. Knock me, pinch me or wutever.... :P

I love u sayang!!! :)

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Okay I knoe wut I said on my last blog... I'm gonna send off d registration form ASAP. But I juz finish filling d form. Hurmm..... I'll send it off after I woke up from sleep 2nite. I haf everything wif me, xcept for my latest result transcript. Mira post it 2 me d photocopies, still waiting 4 it. I guess I'll settle d 6 exemptions 1st, n upgrade another 3 exemptions (IF I get 3... hurmm... dun give me only 2. I knoe my result is bad). Hurmmmm.........

I cut my hair 2day at last! After those months, n those long hair, n having 2 wash DAT long hair. Hurmmmmm.......... Now it's shorter.

Texting wif ZarL 2day. Misz him so much! He called juz now. Talked 2 him 4 a while. Whenever I picked up d phone, n listening 2 his voice on d other line, make my heart beat so fast... :) I'm alwiz ALL xcited whenever I'm wif him. Which is basically tru YM, Skype, texting each other, calling each other, n even better when we spend those 8days 2gether. I can still remember everything we did during dat time. I can't wait 4 him 2 come back home. Yeah. He's coming back. He's coming back soon.......... :)

But I'm going back 2 Dublin pretty soon myself. I juz hope I get 2 c him once or twice b4 I go back 2 Dublin.

U knoe wut? I think finding sum1 2 live wif is easier than finding sum1 u can't live without. Dis relationship teach me a LOT. Coz it's definitely different from my past relationships. I'm juz gonna keep on moving 4ward n appreciating every moment of dis relation :) Wish me luck ppl!

Sunday, July 09, 2006


6 JuLy - Amira's b'DaY :) She's 4 yrs old now. She's my niece.

I met Nana n Alia on tHursDaY. Congrats 2 Alia coz she managed 2 get a GOOD job in KL. Proud of u gurL ;) I watched dis chinese horror movie >>> Re-Cycle. Kinda ok I think.

Actually I dun really haf d mood 2 bLog. But I dunno y I'm here now..... Hurmm....

Juz now we had a family bbq thingy celebrating Amira's b'Day. She looked happy :)
Now she's 4 yrs old. But she's still d baby of d family coz she's d smallest, hehehehehee...


Owh yeah.... Selamat Pengantin Baru 2 Lan Helmi n wife. Thanx 4 d wedding invitation both from e-mail n d card u posted :) But I can't make it 2 d wedding coz I haf transportation probs, n d place is not nearby. Hope u guyz haf a happy wedding, n a longgggggggg marriage :)

Wut else 2 blog? Hurmmm..........

I shud blog about how boring I am rite now. I shud do sumthing.... I shud fill d ACCA registration form, go n take a nice n decent passport size pic, n send off d whole thing 2 d ACCA office Monday or Tuesday or ASAP. Hurmmm.... I'll do it 2moro.


I misz my ZarL...

Saturday, July 01, 2006

:) aLhamduLiLLah......

Alhamdulillah.......... :)

I pass my exam.

Eventho my result not so good. But I'm thanking Allah 4 giving me d strength n everything! Thanking mom n dad coz they haf faith in me. Thanking my sis 4 supporting me all dis while. Thanking my frenz 4 heLping me out. Thanking ZarL my sayang coz he helped me a LOT during dat difficult time (b4 n during exam).

N not 4getting, thanking MYSELF coz wutever I get is wut I deserved :)
I didn't study hard or smart... I juz study my own way. N it still works 4 me :P

But I gotta start serious in my studies 4 my coming future ACCA exam+classes.