Thursday, August 30, 2007

Instant FOOD!

How good or bad is instant food? Eventhough home-cook-food is a LOT healthier than instants, we still and always rely on instant food. I'm 1 of those peeps who always settle wif instant food. Hehehhehee...

I knoe I knoe.. I got ALL xcited wif cooking last week. And now I'm no longer in the cooking mode. Not bcoz I hate it. Just that, cooking alone is ok. BUT eating alone??? Everynight??? I rather NOT eat at all. I guess I miss him too much... Hurmm.. But I'm gonna try more recipes, so at least I can cook for him everytime I visit him :)

Neway, back to the topic!

I had instant Vegetable Lasagna from Mark & Spencer (M&S) for lunch. It was on sale. Buy 1, get another half price! Good deal eh? ;) They are promoting new Italian instant food. Just pop in your microwave or oven for few minutes, and waaallaaaaa... You are all done! :)

Surprisingly, it was the most delicious instant food ever! Thumbs-up to M&S for providing a good healthy instant food! XD Compared to instant food from Tesco, Spar or Dunnes... M&S did a GREAT job! I sounds like M&S promoter or something, don't I? hehehehhee...

Not only that, I grab the delicious Mini Bites. I just love them! It's only eu10 for 3 tubs! YUP! The promotion is back! XD I also bought the Classic Walnut Whip. It look so yummy I just can't resist to try. And it is yummy!!!! :) Worth my money.

GOSH! M&S is really spoiling their customer! I just love the Food Hall, and will grab everything in there. Love the cereals, milk, tea, crisps, cookies!!! OMG... I gotta stop now or I will not stop saying it! :P

I guess you know why this entry is here. It's all about M&S yummy food that I love! XD hehehehehehehee.....

Sunday, August 26, 2007

My trip to Ennis, Clare

Heya peeps! I'm back! Well... The good news is I didn't cry at all at the train station. I feel like crying... But somehow I didn't. I'm being a good girl. HIS good girl :) I don't mind the 3 hrs journey on train, or having to change train (need 2 trains to get to Ennis,Clare), or having the chance to see cows and horses on my way to Ennis! :) I took some videos! I'm so xcited looking at the cows and horses. Hehhehehheee.... I know I know... I'm not 5yrs old :P

Neway, to tell you the truth, Ennis is a really really really small town. The first night we arrived which is on Friday night, his friend Shukri drag both of us to the most HIP club in Ennis. It was BIG and I'm impressed with the size. HOWEVER, they have a totally different songs than we used to have in Dublin. And they have the lights on! I mean not completely dark like in Dublin. I was like.... Hahahahahhahaaa........ I can actually see each and every person face! Dancing and singing to the tune!

I was really enjoying myself looking at those Ennis peeps! Me n Nico feel tired, so we didn't dance. We enjoyed ourself by the way, looking at those peeps! :P

On Saturday, I helped him out unpack his stuff. We went to Dunnes Store (which is open 24 hrs!!!). Oh yeah, we went to Dunnes Stores the night we arrived to get some toiletries before we went to his place. How cool is that? Shopping after 9pm??? XD Yeah. I know. It is cool. You have to admit! :)

He rented a single room, sharing the apartment with his friends. His room is as big as mine, but he paid half of what I'm paying! Houses/Apartments/Flats in Ennis is so much cheaper! Later that day he cooked chicken rice and his friend Wan cooked a really to-die-for fish baba nyonya style! I'm so liking it! My mom used to cook it! I feel so fat after eating all those yummy food! Hehehehehee... I'm so very much spoiled by my bf :)

Sunday, which is today, is a slow day for us. Last day before I went back to Dublin. We went to Dunnes Store again! It's like a minute walk from his place :P Bought some room-stuff for him. EVERYTHING is on sale! I'm glad I can help him out with his whole moving thingy.

But I really miss him.... Bcoz I know his not nearby. I'm soooo looking forward for my next visit!


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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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Friday, August 24, 2007

i feel better today :)

For some unknown reason, I feel better today than last night.

I've finished packing my stuff which includes shirts, skirts, under garments *wink*, hair straightener, toiletries, polka-dots socks!, my Euphoria CK perfume is a must! XD, my PJ's, hurmm... wut else???

Oh! I should bring some earings and my hair clips!!! *NOTE to myself*

Not forgetting my digicam. So I can take lotsa yummy pics :) Come on... I NEVER EVER go to THAT side of Ireland. I'm going to Ennis, Clare (Thats where he's going to live from now on). I might get the chance to visit Limerick as well. It's nearby, like 30min by train. If I'm not mistaken, Galway is also nearby and that beautiful Cliff of Moher!

Oh oh oh.... XD Now I can cheer up myself! Whenever I visit him, it's going to be like a weekend get-away for me! I can visit all the other big towns in Ireland. Good idea.

So, anyone wants to follow me??? ;) You are most welcome.

And one more thing. I just can't wait to start class as usuals! Can you believe it? Is this me blogging??? hehehehhee... I'm so xcited of starting a new class, new subject (not so new, been doing it for the past 3yrs during Degrees). Anyway, me myself just don't get it why I choose to do P7 Advanced Audit and Assurance. I'm NEVER good in audit. But what the heck... :P I'm taking 1 paper for Dec 2007 exam sitting. Just hope I can focus on P7 and Insyaallah pass it! :)

Alritez peeps. I'll update more after the weekend and prob with some yummy pics of me n my bf :) Have fun this weekend and I'm loving the Dublin weather today!


Thursday, August 23, 2007

another story to tell.... :'(

He's going away... He's leaving me all alone in Dublin... :'(

Why? Why? Why????!!!!

I know I'm suppose to be happy for him bcoz he got a better job offer, higher wages, more benefits, cheaper cost of living and such! But instead I feel so mad! It's unfair! After 6 wonderful months, he's going far away from me! And we have to start a long-distance r/ship! It's just unfair!

I'm so sad... :'( So sad.... :'(

I still can't accept it! I knew about this few weeks ago. But I only blog it 2nite bcoz now I found the courage and trying hard to accept the fact, the real thing, that he's moving somewhere else.

I guess I'm used to have him around most of the time. He took care of me when I was sick. He cook for me. He watched movies with me. He talk to me. He listens to me. He's alwiz there for me. He hug me when I need it. He....

Is it me? Bcoz I never have luck with r/ship. There is alwiz something and another something going on in ALL my r/ship.

I want US to be like usuals. I don't want him to move away. I just can't accept not having him around. From now on we might see each other once or twice a month. Instead of most of the days every week.

Goshhh..I feel so lonely now. I can't stop crying and I know I'll cry even more when he's gone from my sights.

Plz give me the strenght.... Plz.... :'(


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Alritez... Update on the gurlz.

I went to visit them on Tuesday at Naas General Hospital. Adie was still in the same state, unconscious, and they trasfered her to Tallaght Hospital. I only see her for a few seconds coz the doctors were preparing to transfer her at that time. The parents was there as well, juz arrived. They were suppose to operate her legs and some joints which is broken due to the accident. I have no other updates on Adie since then.

As for Hani, she looks ok but she told me she's in pain. Y'day they change her to the normal ward, no more scary ICU. I talked for like 10-15min with her. She still haf the energy to make some jokes with me! :) She's alwiz a fun easy-going person. Her bf was there taking care of her. The parents might be coming this weekend. They can't get their hands on flight tickets!!! It's FULLY BOOKED! Neway, congrats to Hani coz she passed BOTH 3.3 and 3.4! XD I'm so proud of her! She's xcited to register for classes already! Teheheheee...

As for Kerol, Adie's husband, he's in good condition. He have some difficulties to breath on Sunday after the accident. But there's no broken bones or anything.

So thats the updates! I might visit them some time next week. Coz I'm going somewhere this weekend. And it's another story to tell...

I hope and pray for both Adie and Hani to get well soon.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My rEsuLt

I'm happy with my result XD Eventhough I only pass paper 3.3 which I xpect to fail. I fail paper 3.4 again! (by 2 marks! 2 marks! gosh!) I hate that paper. I studied like crazee and still fail? I juz dun get it. Thanx to ACCA, paper 3.4 is NO LONGER AVAILABLE! There goes a yr of studying it!

Wutever... I'm happy enough that I can now proceed with a NEW paper. No more repeating the same stuff, dragging myself to class like a zombie :P lol

Oh yeah. bcoz I was so f*cked up y'day morning, I didn't go to Naas and visit Hani n Adie. I'm going today. I hope both of them are feeling better. I'll update more after visiting them.

Alritezzz... Gtg and work work work! :P

Monday, August 20, 2007

A TOTALLY f*cked up Monday!

A TOTALLY f*cked up Monday for me!

Woke up late, and it was raining heavily!!!! I was late to the office by 15min! I actually dress-up like a working lady today coz I have meeting with the hotel ppl. I have to cancel the meeting coz I'm in a LOT of pain! N alllllllllllllllll bcoz of PERIOD PAIN! And for some unknown reason, my right hand is swollen!!! My legs feel wobbly (and I'm wearing the stupid boot!)

I'm hungry and haven't had my lunch yet. I'm suppose to have lunch with HIM, but he's at home and decided not to come bcoz of the rain. If only I knew he's not coming, I'll bring lunch from home!

Now I'm in a LOT of pain, hungry and really mad! I feel like .... arghh!!!!

Sunday, August 19, 2007


I love this song and I can't stop listening to it. I found the original video in youtube. The song is about loneliness.

Kesepian by Dygta

The song lyric.

kurindu disayangi
sepenuh hati
sedalam cintaku
setulus hatiku

kuingin memiliki
kekasih hati
tanpa air mata
tanpa kesalahan

bukan cinta
yang melukai diriku
dan meninggalkan hidupku

tolonglah aku
dari kehampaan ini
selamatkan cintaku
dari hancurnya hatiku
hempaskan kesendirian
yang tak pernah berakhir

bebaskan aku
dari keadaan ini
sempurnakan hidupku
dari rapuhnya jiwaku
adakah seseorang
yang melepaskanku
dari kesepian ini

back to *

adakah seseorang
yang melepaskanku
dari kesepian ini

Source: LirikLaguIndonesia.Net

Friday, August 17, 2007


Another Friday for happy me! XD Yay!!!!!! No more work for 2 whole days! hehehehehee... What should I do this weekend eh?

I got a wedding to attend 2morrow. Oh yeah, two of my classmates are getting married 2morrow. Congratulation to both Isma and Wan (kahwin jugak korang akhirnye!!!!). I have to dig out my baju kurung somewhere in the store 2nite! :P What should I get them for a wedding gift? Hurmmm... I'll think about it later..

Oh yeah.. Surya got an interview on Tuesday. Congratulation to her as well! Hopefully this is THE interview :) I'll go and help her out on Sunday to prepare herself. She's nervous all over! I know she can do it. She's a smart girl! ;)

To Gee...... The girl who's having a BIG crush with a cute guy named .... Good luck 2nite at Fraser! XD

What else? Oh yeah... 2 days ago I watched A Walk To Remember for the 1st time! Can you believe it? lol.. The movie is soo sweet! Very girlish type of movie. I got another dvd title Not Another Teen Movie. Never watched it before. My guess is its a funny hilarious movie. Hope so! :) That's what I need right now.

I gtg and get some breakfast! More work to be done by 5.30pm 2day, and I'm off home happily!!!!! ;)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

my yummy dinner??? ;)

Well well well... I rushed back from work wanting to cook so badly! I don't know whats happening to me. I don't cook! Coz my bf is a chef. I don't rush back home and feel ALL xcited to cook! Hahahahahhaa.... Blame the internet! I got some recipes from internet. Of course, I change it and make it my own (as if I know how to cook). Hahahahhahaaa....

My yummy dinner! :)

Ayam Masak Merah
Chicken in Red Sauce (is this the correct English term for it? No idea..LOL)
It's a bit spicy, but yummy ;) I make few changes to the recipe due to lack of ingredients.

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Sayur Kangkung Goreng Belacan
Tong Choi in Asian Spice (thats the name of the veges I cooked, and I don't know the name of the spice in English, sorry...).
This is a bit salty for me. I know what he's going to say when he eat this one. But wutever... At least I tried ;) I'll perfect it the next time I cook again. By the way, it is my own recipe. Pakai campak je semua masuk :P

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Telur Goreng Masak Tuna
Fried Egg Tuna
It is surprisingly delicious. I got the recipe from the internet. I do not make any changes to the recipe :)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I'm happy with the result eventhough it is not as yummy as he usually cook, or Nana's cooking :P This is my first try cooking Ayam Masak Merah. This dish is suitable to eat with Tomato rice. Yummy!!!! Neway, I eat it with boiled rice. I have not yet add Tomato rice in my recipe book. I will... sooner or later ;)

There is few more noodles dishes that I wantedto try. And it is Malaysian food. I'm so missing my mom's cook! Ok ok.. My cooking is NOTHING compared to her. I'm juz starting to learn :)

That's it! I'll update again tomorrow or dayafter tomorrow or.... ;) Take care..

P/S:- I cut my fingers while cooking juz now... Heehehee... I really need to learn how to cook properly. I'm a big girl! I can do it! ;)

cloudy no more???

Can you believe it? It's no longer cloudy! Sunshine is everywhere!

I juz can't believe the weather here!

$*^%£"@**%^&$~~#.... Why on earth did I bring my pinky umbrella again?

cLoudY morNing...

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It is a very cloudy morning. I can feel the tiny drops of rain, very tiny. I walk everyday to my office. Even if it's raining heavily, I haf to walk. I'm lucky that it took me only 10-15 minutes from home. But still, during rainy days, I'll be soaking wet went I reached either office or home on my way back.

I got my trainers on everyday now. No more pump shoes or boots. Pump shoes is not realiable during rainy days. And boots hurt so bad! My Nike trainer is the most reliable shoe I had.

Neway, I found that pics on the internet while surfing juz now. Credits to the owner :)

Sunday, August 12, 2007

another weekend ;)

Heya peeps! Yes! Another weekend! :) Great weather! Lotsa fun! XD

Friday was pretty quiet for myself. Juz watching youtube and having him around was good enough. Coz I'm too tired wif d work loads on Friday. Friday is alwiz d most bz day wif Friday lunch n last minute flight bookings or cancellation. At least I got a LOT of rest dat nite :)

Saturday was full wif activities :) I went to watched a movie wif Bard, RUSH HOUR 3! I love it! It is worth watching for someone like me who don't have d monthly UGC card n haf to pay EU6.70 per movie (it's d student price by d way :P). After dat we went to Eddie's Rocket, my treat. Bard is going back for good dis coming Wednesday. He's a good friend n a fun person. Hope he will haf a better life back home after all he been through here. Start a NEW life in Malaysia :)

Dat nite (which is last nite :P), me n Gee went clubbing wif Bard, OUR treat for Bard our lil bro. We sure gonna misz him! I knoe he haf a good time by looking at his face! Hahahaha...

And today, like I said... D weather is so nice! Sunshine everywhere! XD But I let myself to be a couch potato coz I need to rest to face another 5 working days starting tomorrow morning at 9am! grrrr.... d fun weekend is ending in few more hours!

Nvm, at least I knoe I haf another good weekend ;) How's ur weekend people? Hope as good as mine! XD

Thursday, August 09, 2007

sunshine XD

It's very sunny dis past few days. I love d sunshine! XD

However I'm stuck in my office wif my boss! Doing nothing (coz I don't haf any payments to do), n trying my best to make myself look bz. Hahahahahaa...

Neway, I missed Abg Gie's wedding in Ennis,Clare on Tuesday coz I'm working! Nico went there alone, n he said it was great. Exactly like weddings in Malaysia. They even haf 'pelamin'!!! Can't wait 2 see d pics!

Haihhh.... I'm hungry! I dun feel like eating toast bread, or cereal for b'fast nemore! I want REAL b'fast! I want nasi lemak, roti canai, roti telur, kuih karipap!!!! If only I can have it right now! Nyum nyum! :)

Now I have 2 crack my brain n think of wut I should haf for my brunch! I'm going to get something at 12. Too hungry to even think!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


I knoe I'm gonna miss him so much. I can feel it in me right now. Lots of things happened during my summer in Dublin. Too many news, changes,etc... happening so fast!

Wutever it is.... I'm gonna miss him badly.... :'(

Friday, August 03, 2007

Last Weekend?

I feel guilty for not updating on what I did last weekend. Nothing much really... I went clubbing wif Gee on Friday night. It was super fun! It's been quite sometime since my last. We were at the Fraser, city centre with her frenz. Our original plan is to go to Tripod. But we decided to try Fraser (which we never been to). The music was great! The dj is cute! lol... The crowd is wonderful :) I don't mind going there again.

Saturday was fully pack! I had lunch wif Hani n d gurlz at the new Yamamori in city centre. Bigger place, better food, but as usual... pricey! After dat, me n Hani carry on wif our shopping mission! Hahahahahahaaa..... We went to d gurlz new apartment in Jervis Place. I love their new place. It is very homey! I want to go again! I hope next time I come, they'll be cooking for me! Hehehehee... Houz warming gurlz... ;)

As for Sunday, I stayed at home coz I'm too tired walking around town. I watched Emil Emilda at last! It's only 25 episodes. N I like it very much! XD

Well....... Dats my last weekend.... heheheee....

Starting from Monday, I've been sick. I got sore throat, high temperature during night, migraine, etc... like crazy! Since yesterday, I got toothache! My gum is swollen n my teeth feel funny! I can't eat hard food. I'm so hungry!!!!!!! Y am I sick again? I haf to blame it on Dubln's weather. Keep on changing, n my body can't take it nemore.

Wif all d sickness, I dun think I can enjoy my looooooooooooooong weekend. I've been wanting to go to Dundrum Cinema. I wanna watch Transformer, Harry Potter, Bratz, etccc... I want! I want! I want! It's been ages since I last watched movie in cinema! I need more outside entertaiment other than youtube!

P/S:- Watched the Cebu prisoner dance to Thriller, Algorithm march, YMCA, n lots more! They were fantastic!!!!

I'm out!