Wednesday, June 28, 2006

LiFe oO0 LiFe....

LiFe OoO0o LiFe....

After 2weeks staying home n spend time wif family, I did start going out :)

Met Dina, haf a drink at N'z. I saw Hadi n Bee. Hadi is in KL too. I tot he postponed his flight. I guess he came back coz it was Bee's b'day on d 25June. Happy B'day Bee!!!! :D

Dat nite I went out wif my sis n her bf, n also Hakim. We went 2 TGV Suria KLCC watched Cars. Wut a funny movie :) It's a cartoon movie. We all love it! :)

Lunch at my sis's fren place. Then off we went 2 KLCC. It's sale rite now. Interesting aite... hehehehe.... I bought a very nice short skirt from MNG. It's worth d money. I won't get DAT price for a MNG skirt in Dublin. So I'm happy :) Had dinner at Dome (our all-time favourite place 2 eat).

I came back home, n Adura came 2 sleepover. Yay!!!! :D :D :D
We had our long-talk-gossips-catching-up thingy :)
We had fun. But it was juz a short time. Hurmm... We shud do it again.

Went out wif Chain to OneUtama. Adura n jep joined us. We watche Fast and Furious 3: Tokyo drift. It was awesome! I like it! :)

Then me n Chain went 2 Subang section 14. Meet up wif Boy n Ar-Bear. Been a while since I last hang out wif d boyz :) We had fun. Boy is so funny... hehehee... N Ar-Bear, thanx 4 coming eventho u looked so damn tired after 1 whole day working.

Came back home. Feel so tired. Sleep st8 away!

Louise called! asked me out 2moro.

Louise a.k.a May Ling, my chinese fren, studied in Scotland :)
Met her at Kinokuniya cafe. Hadi, Bee n 2 of Hadi's frenz was there too. Well, Louise is Hadi's fren who I get 2 knoe in January when she came 2 visit Dublin. I took her n Clament her bf tour Dublin :)

She's going back 2 Aberdeen, Scotland dis Sunday. She invited us 2 her place. N I promised her dat I'll visit her dis year or mayb early next year.

I came back n called my sayang :) Misz him so much!
I did tell him about d promised I made 2 Louise. Lets go sayang! ehehehehee.....
Once I haf d money, I'll visit u Louise ;)

Woke up late. Feel so damn tired. I guess d weather here = HOT, actually suck out my energy. I did went out 4 days st8. So I decided 2 stay home 2day. My bro wanna bring me 2 Low Yatt 2 buy my laptop stuff, but I juz dun haf d mood n energy.

Even Chain asked me 2 bring my nephews n niece 2 OneUtama, 2gether wif his nephew, I said nope. Juz too tired n dun haf d mood. Sorry Chain...

Hurmm...... Where is d ToMaToMaN? Misz chatting wif him.... 4 days, no ym, no skype wif him. At least there's a thing called handphones which helps us a LOT. YeAp! texting n calling each other. Can't wait 2 c him again! Which I dunno when n where..... *sigh*

Well well well BaBy ToMaTo.... Dis is wut u choose. He's d guy u choose 2 b wif. U haf 2 accept d fact dat u guyz r not near wif each other. Accept d fact dat it's a long-distance relationship. I knoe it's ur 1st long-distance relationship, but u promised urself 2 b strong rite? :) U do Love him rite? ;)

Okay..... Yes, I choose 2 b wif him. Yes, I accept d fact dat I'm far from him. Yes, I accept d fact dat it's a long-distance relationship n nothing would change it. Yes, I did promised myself 2 stay strong wif his help :) .

Yes, I do LoVe him.....

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

i MiSz...

I misz ZarL my sayang, my toMaToMan, my sWeEtHeArT.... *sob*sob*sob*

I misz walking at St. Patrick park everyday, n c all those pretty flowers n green park, n all those happy faces enjoying d park

I misz going 2 Spar n buy my favourite choc drink, Yazoo n Avonmore

I misz going 2 no.36 n hang out wif d guyz (rOy, MaMbE, mAmAt, pOk LaH, SaHAk)

I misz my teddies!!!!!! (dAniEL, rOmEo, MuNkY, cHarLiE, miKeY)

I misz lazying around at my houz, in my room in DubLin

I misz having lunch at K-Bab K-Lub, Sufi's, Epicurean, Momo's, n other places dat I love

I misz having my hot choc n ice-blended at KaffeMoka, Bewleys, Mc'D cafe, n ...... lotsa more!

I misz having my gUrLz (bEe, MeiRa, eLiSsA) around all d time

I misz Dr. InTaN 2 d max!!!! N also her beLoveD husband ePoL

I misz NiCk n Had!

I misz NaNa tOo!!!!!!!!!!

I misz going 2 UGC 2 watch d movies, either alone or wif frenz

I misz Stephen Green's park too! (damn! i LovE parKs! :P)

I misz d fact dat I dun haf 2 top-up my hp credits everytime I need it coz I used Meteor billing

I misz being independent.... heheheheheee.... ( Is dis really coming out from my head???!!!! :P)

P/S: I dun even knoe wuts up wif me when I type out dis entry. Layankan jeeee....

Friday, June 16, 2006

oVeRdUe PiCs... :)

YeaP! It's d overdue pics of d b'day party of me+EpoL+iSa.
I took around 200 pics dat nite. N I only put up my favourite pics here.
Enjoy it!!! :)

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mE + mY gUrLz + iZwAn ChOyEsT!!! :P

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

bEauTy sHiRa + cUtiE iNtAn

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

iNtAn + sHiRa + kOjAcK + mE + ePoL wiF d CaKe DaT wE sHaReD :P

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

mE + iNtAn (i LuRvE hEr So mUcH!!!)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

fAiQ + mE + iSa

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

d CuTeSt MarRiEd CoUpLe!!!! :)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

rAz!N + sHuBbY dArLiNg + mE

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

3 bEaUtY gUrL (iNtAn + bEe + sHeiLa)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

HaTtA (hiS bEsT piC i ThiNk)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

mE + iNtAn + mArYaM + sHeiLa

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

NiCk + aZhAr

Thursday, June 15, 2006

mOrNinG mOrNinG .... ;)

Morning morning.... :)

I woke up early after only 2 hours sleep!!!! Damn! Y? Y? Y?!!!!

Nvm... Gotta get ready by d way... I'm suppose 2 meet Chain 2day wif Bee 4 lunch. Where to eat? Lets go to our all time fav. Sharezma!!! :P :P :P

Mcm x de tempat lain nak mkn. Mcm x de tempat jauh skit dr Sharezma. Guling2 pon bole sampai kedai mkn tu wooo... :P

Neway, frenz, I didn't used my old hp no. I'm using Celcom now, new no. I'm sorry if I didn't text u d no. I didn't tell EVERYONE d new no. coz I'm only gonna use it while I'm in KL which is around 2months only.

Hurmm..... When is ZarL coming back huh? July? Wuts up wif World Cup? It makes him stay in London longer................. N he'll b back in July........ N I already misz him like so damn much!

Balik la cepat!!!! Baby Tomato sudah windu nie!!!!!


Who u think would win d fight? Hehehehehehehee........... Still in battlefield u knoe... :P :P :P

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

JuZ sUmThiNg 2 TeLL :)

Hurmm.... I guess it's time to tell d people here.

D guy in d pic wif me, dats cuteface, d guy I've been blogging 4 quite sumtime. I knew him back in Dec when I was in London. He's not sum guy I juz knew n get 2gether wif. I knew him 4 quite sumtime. N people, plz dun make any assumptions on me+him relationship. Both of us is trying hard 2 make it work. Plus d distances between us, n those people in between. Pray 4 us 2 last as long as we can..... :)

N yeah, my grammar sux. So wut? I'm not a writer. I'm juz 1 of those usual bloggers who's here 4 d fun of it. Dun kill d fun of me writting, n people reading my blogs. If u haf any dislikes on my blog, or mayb u hate me (eventho I dun knoe y), u can alwiz STAY AWAY from my blog. Dat will definitely make u happy rite? :) U dun haf 2 read my blog if u hate me.

Kalau x suke, tapi bace gak, pas2 kutuk2, namenye penyibuk n suke dengki kat org. Betul x? Terase ke si pengutuk? Hehehehehehee......

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Miszing HIM too much :'(

I send him off yesterday at d airport. Rite after he went inside, I knew dat it's gonna take few more months before I meet him again. I cried non-stop :'( I called Meira 4 comfort, n she asked me 2 come back home.

I juz can't go back at dat time. The smell of his perfume is still in d room. I can't stay there coz I knoe I'll cry n cry n cry :'(

So I went 2 watched a movie, Prime. It was a nice movie. However, in d movie, I can't wait 2 go back n on9. Juz wanna b wif him. Damn! I hate d distance!

I reached home, Meira was at home. Talked 2 her n cried again. She told me it's ok.....
I misz him so much!!!

No more him wif me after a week together. I feel weird being alone. No more him 2 fight wif me, no more him 2 make me laugh, no more him 2 talk 2 me like I'm a lil baby, no more him calling me baby tomato, no more him asking me to cook 4 him, no more him around d box room, no more him.... no more him..... no more him around me..... *sob*sob*sob*sob*sob*

I juz woke up. I sleep wearing his jumper. I knoe it's hot, but I juz misz him too much. Can't stop looking at me+him pics. I misz him!!!!!!

I never felt dis way like how u make me feel. I'm glad I met u. I knoe I wanna b wif u. It's hard 2 b far away from each other. But dis is wut I choose, n like I said -there's alwiz 1st time in everything-

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Saturday, June 03, 2006

bZ wiF hiM :)

YeAh i'M bZ....

i DuN eVeN hAf d TiMe 2 uPdAtE :P

aT LeAsT i'M haPpY bEiNg WiF hiM. oNLy a WeEk. ThEn i'M oFf 2 kL :)

bUbYe dUbLiN......

mcm nak baLik 4 goOd puLak :P