Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Miszing HIM too much :'(

I send him off yesterday at d airport. Rite after he went inside, I knew dat it's gonna take few more months before I meet him again. I cried non-stop :'( I called Meira 4 comfort, n she asked me 2 come back home.

I juz can't go back at dat time. The smell of his perfume is still in d room. I can't stay there coz I knoe I'll cry n cry n cry :'(

So I went 2 watched a movie, Prime. It was a nice movie. However, in d movie, I can't wait 2 go back n on9. Juz wanna b wif him. Damn! I hate d distance!

I reached home, Meira was at home. Talked 2 her n cried again. She told me it's ok.....
I misz him so much!!!

No more him wif me after a week together. I feel weird being alone. No more him 2 fight wif me, no more him 2 make me laugh, no more him 2 talk 2 me like I'm a lil baby, no more him calling me baby tomato, no more him asking me to cook 4 him, no more him around d box room, no more him.... no more him..... no more him around me..... *sob*sob*sob*sob*sob*

I juz woke up. I sleep wearing his jumper. I knoe it's hot, but I juz misz him too much. Can't stop looking at me+him pics. I misz him!!!!!!

I never felt dis way like how u make me feel. I'm glad I met u. I knoe I wanna b wif u. It's hard 2 b far away from each other. But dis is wut I choose, n like I said -there's alwiz 1st time in everything-

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