Friday, September 30, 2005


I woke up early eventho I slept around 1am last nite!!!! Now I’m still yawning :P

D thing is we haf class at 9am!!!! So damn early…… So, I took my shower, walked 2 college, n find good seat 4 me n my frenz. Then 1 of d Chinese gurl from Beijing told every1 dat d class was cancelled!!!!! Damn!!!

Then we walked back home, take our documents n st8 away 2 PPS. Went we arrived, d guy said dat we need 2 go 2 Bank of Ireland 1st, then GARDA, then only PPS. Gosh!!!! Dis whole thing about being foreigners is really difficult……

My skin especially at my nose is peeling off!!!! Still can’t take d weather I guess….

Juz now called home. Talked 2 mom, dad, sis, 1st bro n Hakim nephew. Really misz them…… :’( :’( :’(

Neway, Fadly sms me 2day :)
So, I’m not DAT sad or boring, hahahahahaa….. He said he’s coming over on Sunday to cook! N also fixing my study table! N also my dearest laptop Kuro!
He said we’ll go 2 d market n buy stuff dat we (me + houzmates) dun haf, which is practically everything!!!!! Hahahahahahahaha…………… :P :P :P :P :P
He said he’s gonna teach me how 2 cook it, meaning I haf 2 do it on my own??? :P
But he’s gonna cook it 4 us if I’m too afraid 2 do it myself (which I’m good in pretending :P :P :P)

P/S : I bought 5 Kinder Bueno for only EU2!!!!! Which cost me almost RM3 each packet in KL. Damn!!! Chocolates here is really cheap…. :D :D :D

Thursday, September 29, 2005


Elis cook a nice dinner ;) Then we karaoke using my laptop, hahahahahaa…. :P :P :P
D 4 of us keep on singing like mad gurlz…. N keep on laughing n dancing n taking pics ;)

Then d boyz (Amer, Izwan, Mat Le, Razlan n Ayin) came. They wanna play UNO cards wif us. We had lots of fun tho ;)

They went back around 12.30am. I’m soooooooo sleepy, st8 away 2 bed.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

AnOThEr DaY...

Fadly called in d morning telling dat he’s gonna meet us at college after class. He wanna return Elis’s laptop.

I almost sleep in class!!!!!! Damn!!!!! I didn’t get much sleep n too tired I guess…..

Around 4pm he meet us. D girlz wanna go 2 Jervis again! Hahahahahhaa…. Off they go n left me wif Fadly n d laptop. Fadly asked me for a drink tho. So we walked 4 a while until we found d Butler’s Chocolate CafĂ©. I didn’t drink coffee, so I drink Hot Choc, n he get himself a cappuccino (he’s a coffee addict like Mira). We talked n talked n talked. It was nice.

After dat off he go 2 work, n I was left wif Elis’s laptop. Walking home ALONE!!!!! :P Brave lil gurl…. ;)

Owh… Did I mention 2day is my turn 2 cook???!!!! Hehehehehehehe………
I cook Tom Yam n d gurlz love it!!!!!! :D :D :D

P/S : Fadly said he wanna helped me out wif cooking later on. I hope it will b dis Sunday (coz it’s my turn n Mira’s 2gether).

I dun knoe y but 2day I really misz my sis!!!! :’( :’( :’(

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

1sT dAY of cLaSs ;)

1st day of class, YAY!!!!!
2day we went 2 Aboy’s houz, wanna borrow dat thing. We walked around 4 a while at Jervis. Then off we go 2 Oriental 2 buy rice ;)

I met Kiki n Hana on my way 2 Oriental. I almost get lost (coz I separated from my houzmates, hahahahahaha…) . But I manage 2 get there wif d help of Nasha n Zai my seniors.

Bee suppose 2 cook 2day :P :P :P She got soooooo lucky coz Boss our guy senior came n help her out, hahahahaa…. N it was sooooo delicious… :D :D :D
Then we played cards wif Aboy, Amer n all (Boss went back already).

It was a fun day tho.. ;)

Thursday, September 22, 2005

d DaY

I feel a bit nervous, but mostly I feel empty…. I wonder y…
Neway, I went 2 d airport around 6.30pm. I arrived at KLIA around 8.30pm, st8 away 2 d check-in point. Dats when I knew my flight was delayed. Supposedly around 11.30pm, but it was delayed until 2.30pm. Dis is d starting point of d AMAZING RACE.

Neway, sum of my frenz came 2 d airport. 2 name a few, Ajan who came all d way ALONE from Subang, Chain who said he didn’t wanna come coz he’s too sad, Gope, Irman, n lots more………

I cried at d airport coz I can’t take it when I saw Hakim my nephew cried. I misz him badly……….. :’( :’( :’( :’( :’(

In d flight I got d best sit. U knoe y? Coz I sit at d exit door. Nobody infront of me. I can stretch my legs. When we arrived at Amsterdam airport, we got d news dat our agent didn’t book d flight 2 Dublin 4 us coz of d delayed. We did it ourselves. I got d last flight, around 4.35pm local time. We haf 2 wait around 8 hrs. I called home. I almost cried when I talked 2 Hakim…… I misz him badly………..

We got on our flight 2 Paris. We gonna haf 2 take another flight 2 Dublin. Isn’t it like a race????? We ran all d way after we got off at Paris. We almost misz our flight 2 Dublin. We arrived at Dublin around 8.30pm ( we r suppose 2 arrived around 9.20am!!!!!!!!!)

I called home st8 away. D seniors send us 2 Swifthall, 2 Amer’s houz 2 put our bags. We took sum of our stuff n off 2 Naily’s houz. We sleep over there on our 1st nite.

D next day, Naily n her frenz (Erin n Dot) bring us out SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!! :P
Mayb u think I’ll b so damn happy!!!! But I’m not!!!

We bought a LOT of stuff until we can’t even bring it ourselves. The stuff dat we bought were pillows, duvet, duvet cover, blower, blender, rice cooker, kettle, stuff 2 d bathroom (they dun haf water like KL!!!!), n lots more…. Damn tired wif all d walking n dragging d stuff we bought. We took a cab back home.

D 2nd nite was in our own SWEET home :P :P :P
Elis n Bee took d big room wif small wardrobe. Me n Mira took d small room wif d BIG wardrobe, hahahahahahhahahahaha……….. :P :P :P I can stash in d stuff I’m gonna buy over here!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

It was so damn cold!!!!!!!!

D next day was outing day 4 ALL of us. We went 2 Dunnes Store 2 shop 4 our food, mainly breakfast stuff. Then we walk back home n quickly prepare breakfast which we had around 1pm!!!!! :P

Then we went out again 2 shop!!!! I bought a long sleeve thermal n also 3 sleeveless thermal at Mark n Spencer (which is so damn cheaper than in KL!!!!!!!). We got ourselves hangers 4 our cloths n also sum other stuff ;)

We went back home. Bee cooked Chinese fried rice 4 us which is yummy!!!! :)
Then we talked n talked n talked :P

Knock knock knock!!!!! Who’s there???? All of us r so afraid 2 open d door. Then we asked who’s there n he said, ‘Fadly laa….’. At last I meet him, hahahahahhaa….. We alwiz chat in MSN Msgr like almost everyday.

He sold us his study table, study lamp, n he also give us 2 free lugz n also sum chicken n french fries ;)

All of us clean up d houz A.S.A.P. They (Fadly, Boss, Amin) came 2 our houz after they clean up their houz which is infront of us.
They helped out wif Bee n Elis’s laptop. Bee’s r okie, only Elis’s still waiting.

After dat Amer, Razlan n Izwan came by 2 hang out, Their houz r so near 2 ours. 1 min walking ;)

After they went back, st8 away we went 2 sleep.

By d way Chain called around 20 min from KL n talk 2 all of us. I kinda misz him :P We r so damn close back in KL, even tho we alwiz fight, hahahahahhaa….. Frenz 4ever :)

Rite now I’m sitting infront of my laptop hoping dat I’m actually typing dis stuff while I on9. But I haf 2 hold on 1st coz I need 2 apply 4 d broadband line which will take 1-2 mths. Damn!!!! I misz internet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-I’m outta here-

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

i DuN kNoE wHeN....

I dun knoe when I'm gonna update my blog.

Coz I'm going 2moro, n haf no idea when my broadband over there will b on.

I knoe I'll misz blogging in here. I'll b back ppl... I'll b back once I get my broadband ;)

Wish me luck on my new journey!!!! :D :D :D

Monday, September 19, 2005

It'S gETTiNg NeAr........

2day I went 2 d college, 2 attend d small ceremony 4 us. Photo taking actually.

Went back home n relax :P

Then I packed AGAIN!!!!!! D handcarry is so damn difficult! I mean we r only allowed 6kgs. D bag itself weight 3kg. I put in my laptop, it's around 7kgs!!!!!

After trying n trying,n do sum thinking, I decided 2 bring a separate laptop bag. So I put other stuff in handcarry. But I haf 2 4get about d sling bag I wanna bring 2gether, I dump it in d handcarry.

So, all my documents, tickets, wutsoever related wud b in my laptop bag (which is actually my bro's bag, heheehehehehhee......). It's a bagpack laptop, not d sling laptop bag.

Now I'm waiting 4 my dad's fren 2 come. He wanna meet me 1st b4 I go off.

Naily called 2day again :) She really helps me out ;) Thanx a lot gurl.....

Now I think I'm ready 2 go........ Am I? ;)

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Naz came on Friday around 4pm. We went 2 KLCC 2 meet up my frenz (Bee, Elis, Mira Joy, Bard n CT). B4 we meet them, we went 2 c Norman. He is Naz’s fren back in London.

We went back around 11.30pm. We chat wif Ameer till 5am!!!!!!!!!! Hahahhahahaha…. We woke up late :P

After dat, we went 2 d saloon 2 wash our hair ;)
Then we met her fren Zaheer at KL Sentral. He’s in my MSN list :D
He’s really nice n fun 2 b wif :)
We took lots of pics dat day. Check it out will ya ;)

We also got a chance 2 meet up wif Krel our frenz back in skool. He’s wif his gf n her siblings.

We went 2 Starhill new restaurants place. It is sooooo damn cool n nice. All of us were so tired!!!!!!!! Went back n sleep ;)

Woke up late again!!!!! :P :P :P
Naz went back around 1pm, her mom picked her up. She went back 2 Ipoh!!!!!!
:’( :’( :’( :’( :’(
I’m so sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But I’m sure glad dat she made it 2 KL n 2 my houz n spend d WHOLE weekend wif me!!!!! :D :D :D

P/S : Glad dat I meet Norman n Zaheer :)

Thursday, September 15, 2005

rOcKsTaR INXS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

Gosh!!!!!!!!!! I'm sooooooooooooooooooo super addicted wif dis show!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

Glad dat JD Fortune made it 2 d final!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;) I knew u didn't need it coz u r tooooooooo damn good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Marty is good too, n also Mig. Suzie is not so bad.... :) But I juz got d feeling dat INXS dun want a gurl in their band.

So d final 3 is Mig, Marty n JD Fortune!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

SaLoOn.... ?

I learn from mom how 2 fried chicken. I mean her own recipe ;) It's really yummy u knoe.. :P

I went 2 d saloon 2 do my hair... Hurmm..... I've been thinking 2 do sumthing new. I mean a new haircut. Mayb a fringe wud look nice ;)

Neway, haf 2 wait 3 days n it's ok 2 wash my hair. Or else everything will b wasted! D money, d hours sitting in d saloon...... Only ppl who straighten their hair wud knoe how it feels... ahahhahahahahaha... :P :P :P

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

EmPTy...... :'(

I feel sooooo empty.... :'( :'( :'(

I juz finished cleaning up my room 98% . Another 2% is d stuff I wanna give 2 ppl, but I haf not bring it down. Too tired.....

My room is almost empty.... I gave my 1st ever radio bought by my dad 2 my sis, she wants 2 put it in her office room. All d new books/diaries I never use, I gave it 2 my mom n dad. My collection of bags........ Hurmm... I juz put it down 1st. I knew my sis n mom wud love 2 use it. Wut else??

My purple coffe table I bought at IKEA, I give it 2 mom. My round pillow which I haf 4, I gave it 2 my nephew, sis n mom, n also my BIG square pillow. I only take 1 side 2 put all d stuff (my books, notes, teddy :'(, juz wutever I still want 4 myself. I think my 2nd bro will take over my room n I knew he can't take care of it.

Dats y I clean it up 1st. I dun want him 2 throw things dat I like, or simply gives my stuff 2 ppl. I wanna give it 2 d ppl I like.

Neway, I haf 8 small teddy. Dis teddies can b a keychain, put in a car or wutever. It can b a lucky charm too. I've been thinking I wanna give it 2 ALL d ppl I like, or shud I say my frenz dat I'm gonna leave coz I choose Dublin..... :'( :'( :'(

Damn!!!!!! I almost cry when I talked 2 my nephew Hakim. He asked me y I clean up my room. I told him I'm moving 2 a new houz. Then he asked me back, for how long? 10 days??? At dat point I really wanna cry!!!!!!!!!!!!! :'( :'( :'(
I told him I'll b gone more than hundred days.....
N then he said it's ok, coz he can dream of me when I'm gone..... :'( :'( :'(

I can't take d feelings anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go RoUnD n RoUnD n RoUnD..........

I'm dizzy rite now... hahahahahahaa..... Around n around n around........ ;)

Neway, I'm sooooooo tired rite now!!!!!

I sleep around 3am last nite. Woke up at 6.45am. Took bath n off I go wif my dad 2 his frenz' office. We need his signature n stuff for d JPA thingy. But he's not there!!!!!

So we decided 2 go 2 MSL instead. I took my flight ticket, ask LOTS of question!!!!!!!

1. Every extra 1kg of baggage, we haf 2 pay around RM146
2. Only 2 piece bag we can bring 2gether wif us.
For example : i. laptop bag + handcarry
ii. handcarry + slingbag/handbag
iii. laptop bag + slingbag/handbag
3. Muslim food r gonna b serve, so dun worry a thing!!! ;)
4. Better use courier if u haf lots of things instead of paying d extra baggage. She told us d stuff
in detail

After dat we went 2 JPN 2 settle d stamping stuff.
Then off we go 2 my dad's frenz' office AGAIN!!!!

Dad decided 2 go back home 1st, so dat he can haf his prayer n I can take my lunch.

Around 2pm, off we go 2 Putrajaya. 2 b exact, we went 2 JPA 2 send d whole agreement thingy.

N now I'm at home, wanna take sum sleep.........


I haf 2 clean up my room!! It's been hit by a tornado!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P

Monday, September 12, 2005

WuTs WrOnG???

I juz dun understand wut juz happened....

I can't open/log in here!!!!!! Now I'm here I juz wanna knoe y???!!!!!!!!

Hurmmm...... Is dat over reaction or wut?

I guess I'm juz tired + sleepy + sick + wutever u wanna call me....

Sunday, September 11, 2005

i JuZ diD iT..

I dun knoe y....

I think it's out of my curiosity (which is vewyy high!!!!) hurmm.... ;)

I juz starts my own msn space!!!!! It's like a combination of everything I haf!!!!
Multiply, Bloggers, Fotopages... etc...

I think it's out of boredoom n also curiosity n also juz plain net-tech-gurL (as if... ehhehehe..)

Neway it's connected 2 my MSN messenger. Dats y I Like it... :)
ALL my frenz in my MSN messenger can view it...

But of course I'll never 4get ALL d stuff I pour in here!!!! N I'll keep on pouring!!!!!! :D :D :D

Saturday, September 10, 2005

MoM iS mY LiFe SaVeR!!!!!

Imagine? She woke me up early, saying dat we r gonna get food n toiletries 4 my BIG STUDY ADVENTURE!!!!! :D

So we went 2 Giant. We bought lots of foods n toiletries :)

When we came back, take a look at d stuff n packed it in d wrapping bag. Then I realize dat d stuff I juz bought can't possibly fit in my bag!!!!!! Damn!!!!

I'm tired n sick in my stomach, I decided 2 sleep in my mom's room. Around 6pm she woke me up. She said dat she managed 2 put ALL d stuff in my SMALL bag!!!!!!!! N she weighted d bag n it reach 30kgs!!!!! :D :D :D

But still my jeans, 10 shirts n 3 'baju raya' can't fit in!!!!!! Waaa!!!!!!!!!!

N then my dad said he will courier my books WIF my clothing which can't fit in d bag!!! YAY!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

So, I'm going only wif my 30 kgs bag, my hand carry n my sling bag :)
Damn it's heavy!!!!

Friday, September 09, 2005


I pack my big bag. N guess wut? My bag is waaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy toooooooooo SMALL 4 my stuff!!!!!!

I had 2 roll my shirts, n still lots of my stuff still can't fit in. Coz I make space 4 foods n toiletries. I still haf 1 jeans, 10 shirts n 3 'baju raya' !!!!!! Wut shud I do???!!!!

I'm too tired 2 think rite now................ :'(

Thursday, September 08, 2005

KeNdUr! DoA sELaMaT :)

2day is my 'kenduri doa selamat'.

Everything goes well..... But we r soooooooooo tired!!!!!! :P :P :P

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


D word came 2 me suddenly.... I wonder y...

Neway, my uncle n aunt went back already. I saw my uncle (my mom younger bro) hug my mom n kiss both of her cheek. He really love my mom, I saw him do it everytime they meet. I only kiss my sis, not my 2 bros. I really respect their closeness n d love they pour 2 each other as good siblings. i dun think i can do d same 2 my bros or they do it 2 me. Hurmmm.... I'm jealous actually.. :P

My cousin is getting a LOT better. Good 4 her.

I watched One Tree Hill juz now. N also Rockstar INXS competition. They all rock!!!!! ;)

Now I'm here chatting wif my frenz Nazira n Ajan. Gonna misz them!!!!!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


I got d bad news juz now around 5pm.

My cousin tried 2 commit suicide!!!!! She took 30 pills of ponstan!!!!!!!!

She's okie I guess. My parents n sis went 2 visit her. She's in a difficult situation. Pity her 4 doing it... I dun know wuts in her mind when she took it.

Neway her parents drive all d way from Johor 2 visit her. Now they r here at my houz sleeping wif their other kids....

Hurmm..... Thank god she's okie... Thank god...

P/S : Neway I went 4 medical check-up, n need 2 go again *sigh* I hate going 2 hospitals!!!

Sunday, September 04, 2005

SeNdiNg HiM..... :'(

Not my bf tho.... I dun have any, remember?

I send my cousin Hafiz at KLIA juz now. I juz get back home...

He's going 2 Russsia for 6 yrs!!!!! He's taking medical, coz he wanna b a doctor. Isn't it great? :)

Honestly, I dun even sure when I'm gonna c him again :'(
Me n him r really close since small. He's going 2 b in Russia for d next 6 yrs, n I'm gonna b in Dublin. Damn!!! I'm gonna misz him!

I knew he's sad coz all of us can c it from his face. But he act cool :)
Lotsa luck 4 him lil bro! ;)

As usual, I took sum pics.

My cousin Harith, my uncle Chik Din, my cousin Hafiz (he's on his way 2 Russia!!!!), ME!!! :P, my FAT bro Joe

Image hosted by

Same ppl as above, additional of my other cousin Boy

Image hosted by

Dis is me n my dearest cousin Lina (Isn't she cute? :P) I love her LIKE A LOT!!!!! ;)

Image hosted by

Saturday, September 03, 2005


I went 2 kLcC 2day. Coz I’m desperate!!!!!! I need 2 get myself a walking shoe, n 2moro is d last day of SALE!!!!!!!

After all d shops n searches, I met d walking shoe ;) n it’s cheap. After dat I met my sis n his son Hakim. I bought 4 him a shirt from Quiksilver as his b’day present which is on d 3rd of Dec (I’m not gonna b here tho at dat time).

I also get a pair of slipper from Reef, n also 2 socks from Roxy.

Not much xcept d word SHOPPING in my forehead!!!! Hahahahahaha… :P

P/S : juz dat I’m a bit disappointed coz d Nike shoe dat I like have no size or shud I say finish? Coz it’s 1 of those new designs. Damn!!!