Thursday, June 30, 2005

h!p HiP hOoRaYyyy!!!!! ;)

I pretend 2 b sick 2 my dad coz I dun wanna go 2 work!!!! :P

N it worked!!!!! :D :D :D

Eventhough he suspected dat I'm juz plain lazy :P :P :P

I enjoy sitting at home knowing dat other ppl have stuff 2 do like going 2 work!!! :P
I watched TV, play on9 games, helped my mom cook..... It's nice :)

Actually 2day is my pay day , heheheheheee... I misz it!! :P
Nvm... I'll take mine 2moro ;)

Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Now I knew d feeling n d needs of sanctuary... :)

I think I found mine....

It's my room... Which I have 2 let go in Sept coz I'm going 2 Dublin. N there in Dublin, I have 2 share room!!!!! Can u believe it??!!!

I have 2 find my sanctuary once I'm there.... Or I'll b crazee maniac gurL..... ;)

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

NoT iN d MoOd....

I wonder y I'm not in d mood 2day.....

I came 2 d office early, around 9.30 am. I get really pissed off wif 1 of my officemate. Feel like slapping his face!!! I never like him though. But he never make me really pissed off like he did 2day. I juz ignore him after dat. Then he actually quarrel/have sum issues wif 1 of d female officemate. I was like.... wut d fuckk??!!! Can u like shut ur mouth n dun ever think dat guyz r sooooo much better than girlz!!! I hate it when guyz look down on girlz! WUT??!!! They think we r BIMBO huh??!!!!

Think again dude!!! U dun even know english! How stupid is dat?!!!! I dun say I'm good in english. But at least I know how 2 speak n write english. GOSH!!!! I hate it when dis kinda guy who think dat guyz r so fucking damn good then girlz, n they have all dis power over girlz! THINK ABOUT IT AGAIN!!!!

NEVER EVER EVER LOOK DOWN ON PEOPLE!!!! N speak nicely 2 ppl!!! U dun have 2 raise ur voice when trying 2 point out ur issues!!! STOOOOPID!!!!!

DAMN!!!!! Seriously 2day at d office I feel like shouting 2 every single of them!!! It's like working wif stoopid ppl who likes 2 talk crap!!! Okay okay okay... I talk craps too... But when u working/at d office, concentrate on ur work, damn it!!! N never ever interfere ppl's conversation, especially when I'm talking/discussing work wif d boss!!!! Dun make stoopidd jokes when I'm actually having my serious face, talking 2 d boss, n having a bad day!!!


I never feel like dis b4!!! I mean bursting like dis in here!!! But I juz have no other place 2 go!

My sis keep on talking about her new piece of top she bought it at British India for RM400++++ which I think is not worth it! She can find d same piece at other shop, which wud b cheaper n ppl can't tell where u bought it. Ah.... Wutever... It's her money...

My mom not feeling well, my dad as usual >>> do his own thing, my nephew had fever, my bro >>> who knows??? he had dinner wif us juz now

I know I'm fucking lonely!!!!!! But I know I can tell wutever I want in here.

I think I'm gonna get sick.... fever or sumthing... I got headache since morning.... I dun get enough sleep dis few days... But last nite was d worst!!!! I keep on waking up in d middle of d nite n I had a really BADDDDD dream.... :'( :'( :'(

Hope 2nite wud b better..... I hope sooooooo much....

Monday, June 27, 2005


Soooo... 2day I went 2 work as usual. Send my nephew Hakim 2 d clinic coz he's sick. Work is boring as usual, ahahahahahaa...

I had lunch wif Ayyum 2day at d cafe he works. D cafe is so damn near wif my office. It's like 5 minutes walk. Talked 2 him a lot n all about stuff :)

Seriously I think 2day really make me realize of d routines I alwiz have (like almost everyday).

Wake up, iron my work cloth, take shower, wait 4 my dad 2 take shower, have breakfast at home while waiting my dad, dad send me 2 work, I buy d newspaper The Star, read it, open d pc, take d files, start doing my work, in between I get crazee (tease ppl or sleep or juz play games), wait 4 my sis or dad 2 pick me up from work, arrive at home (I'll open d door, n my dad or sis wud close d house gates, walk in, talk 2 my mom a bit, watch tv wif my nephew for few minutes, go 2 my room, on9, take shower, on9, have dinner, continue on9, if good shows on I'll watch TV, then go 2 sleep...... D next day, d same thing starts again n over n over n over again!!!!!!

Gosh!!!! It's like a routine!!!! N I hate routines!!!!

I juz can't wait 2 start my new semester at d new college!!!! I'm bored!!!!

I better go n take my shower now or my routines wud ruin!!! :P

Sunday, June 26, 2005


I'm bored!!!!

I juz took dis pics. It's my RoXy baby trench coat!!!!! D 1 I told u guyz earlier... ;) N i actually learned how 2 make d pics wayyyyyy smaller ;)

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

iT'S HoT 2dAy....

It's vewy hot 2day...

I juz came back from Baby's sis wedding. Yeah.... Baby 1st sis get married, yeah.. Ein... who else ;) wif of course her bf (now husband), abg Ain.

I met Mira, Elissa n also Zamira at d wedding :) I met Nek Wan (misz her so much!!! She's like my own grandma), Baby's mak long who have alwiz been funny n bubbly at d same time :) N Baby's parents. Not 4getting Baby lil sis CT n also older sis, who else? Adeq of course :)

By d way... I juz download LIMEWIRE :D :D :D
I knew dis thing exist coz Adura once told me. But last nite I was thinking n talking 2 myself, I juz can't stand it anymore dat it's been difficult 4 me 2 download mp3s at d usual websites coz d old songs is alwiz not there.

So I download d software... Since then, I can't stop thinking of wut songs next? ehehehehe.. ;)

P/S : My bestfren Nazira/P-Ta is back in Malaysia!!!!!!!! She arrived at 7am n she called me juz now around 11am ( she woke me up!!!! :P) Can't wait 2 c her!!! Its been almost 2 yrs since we last meet ;)

Saturday, June 25, 2005

mY mOM

My mom n sis went 2 Carrefour juz now...
They saw 2 last piece of GAP sweaters. So they bought it 4 me. Supposedly I have 2 pay back 2 my sis, but I said 2 mom "Maa belanja eh? ;) X yah la mama belikan jumper coz jumper lg mahal...." hehehehehee.... Notty me! :P

Neway d sweaters r damn cheap! They bought d last 2 piece, purple n brown color. I like it! Its d turtleneck sweater. It looks good wif my RoXy pink baby trench coat :D n not 4getting my Benetton jeans jacket!

I'm a hopeless shopaholic!!!!! I juz can't stop shopping! :P

Dis is my last entry 4 2day :)


I'm speechless.... Dunno y...

Dis morning I bring my nephew Hakim 2 d Tae Kwon Do class. At 1st he didn't want 2 join n all. Coz he's shy of everyone there coz he didn't know a soul. But after I talk 2 him n all, he agreed n got all xcited again :)

So, I met master Jason, Azhan n Arian. Its been almost 3 yrs since I really sit down n talk 2 them. It's nice 2 c dat they r okie, n I misz d Tae Kwon Do training sooooo much ;) But didn't have d chance 2 really talk a LOT coz I have 2 go back home.

At home I helped my mom cook lunch n d Astro guy came n put on our Astro... Owh yeah, I 4got 2 tell u guyz. I never had Astro. I know it's kinda an old news (having Astro), but it's not at my house... Coz my dad alwiz complained about us sitting infront of TV non-stop, hahahaaa... So he refused 2 subscribe. Dis Astro, my sis subscribe it n it's 4 my dad ;)

Well.... At least I got 2 enjoy Astro 4 like 3 more months :D

I juz finished watching d cartoons, 1 of it is Kim Possible (I like dis cartoon :P), n I watched V Channel n MTV juz now. I watche Power Girls on MTV juz now.... If only I got d confidence n also d style 2 b like d Power Girls. They organise a really Fabolous party for d well known ppl. On next episode, they have 2 organise an opening of a new club. I have 2 watch it... ;)

I dun know y.... Recently I seriously think dat Accountancy is soooooo NOT 4 me... I really like phototaking=photography n d way they make all those video clips like Black Eyed Peas, Jamiroquai, n others.... n I also like doing d PR work. I think it's really challenging n also xciting at d same time! :D Coz accountancy is more of d BOOK SMART thingy... N I'm soooo NOT BOOK SMART! I didn't say dat I'm STREET SMART either. I'm in between, undecided n LOST!!!!!

I think I gotta find myself.......

Friday, June 24, 2005

MaLaYsiAn iDoL...

Juz finished watching Malaysian Idol 2nd season... WoOhOoooOOo.... ;)

They choose d top 24 already. N I agree wif d judges. All of d contestants r damn good ;)
I seriously like d pink hair girl (I think her name is Hamizah), n I like Nita too (d cute lil girl), n also d Malay rockers from kampung (he roCk!!!!), n 2 Indian guy (1 who duet wif d Malay rocker, n another 1 likes 2 wear d snowcap=craig david kinda style). Can't wait 2 watch next week episode!!!! :D :D :D

YAY!!!!!!! :D mY s!S i$ d bEsT!!!

Hehehehheee... Really... She's d best!!! :P

She bought me 2 pairs of matching socks n mittens!!!!! 1 is blue+green color, n another 1 is pink+white. It is soooooooo cuTe!!!! She bought it as Soxworld. It's not dat cheap though... Wutever it is I'm gLad she bought it 4 me :D

At least it cheered me up 2day. Work is BORING!!!!!!! I came late 2day, n I started doing my work after lunch, heheheheheheee..... N d big boss wants d end report around 4.30pm.... Glad I finished it up on time :P :P :P

Wutever it is, I'm glad dat my 2nd bro give me back my precious lil baby > my LaPToP!!!! :P He borrowed it y'day n I seriously worried about my baby...

By d way, I wanna name my laptop n my digicam. But still dunno wut 2 name them. I mean dis laptop is almost 3yrs old n no name :P

Any suggestions? Drop by ur ideas okie ;)

Thursday, June 23, 2005

wOrK mAkE m3 s!cK ....

Seriously I hate working!!!!! D only thing dat make me feel like working is d salary. If not, I'll juz quit. Plus I need d money 4 ALL d stuff dat I need 2 prepare 4 Dublin...

Argh!!!! If only I can work in any shop, I mean which didn't require me 2 think!!!! N also answer all d questions my boss asked!!! Y did I study accounting??!!! N y did I work as dis Account Assistant!!!!! GoSh!!!!!!! :'(

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

FeeL LiKe dOiNg iT >>> WriTe!!! :P

I juz finished chatting wif faiq who is in Dublin rite now (my senior). Been chatting wif him dis past few weeks. He gaves me a lot of tips ;)

But y'day n 2day is much much nicer. He actually send me sum songs which he like a LOT n wanna me 2 rate it :) N he showed me d cat pic which look like Doraemon!!! real cute cat :D

He also showed me his 1st crush pics :) Cute n pretty girl....

We talked craps all d time, hheheheheheeee... He is actually a nice guy though. I never talked 2 him b4 dis coz he looked like a stuck-up rich guy :P :P :P Well I was wrong.....

By d way, we sort of had an agreement. I'll give him free cigarattes from M'sia, n he will helped me out in Dublin later on... hehehehee...

D good thing is, his good fren Hana is Kiki's housemates :D So, I told him dat he, Hana (I haven't met) n Kiki have 2 helped me out in Dublin. Coz I'm so blur n lost :)

Gonna get my beauty sleep now.... I have 2 go 2 work!!!! I hate going 2 work everyday!!! I wanna start class now!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P :P :P


I dun feel like writing 2day...

Currently I'm listening 2 Hotel California by Eagles. An old song, but I love it :)

Monday, June 20, 2005

Am i FaT?!!!

Damn!!!! Am I fat?!!!

2day Iskandar said dat I look fat!!! He said compare 2 me when I 1st started working.

I'm soooooo stressed!!!! Am I fat?!!!!! :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

Saturday, June 18, 2005

JuZ cAmE bAcK ...

So, I actually went 2 kLcC 2day wif my sis n her son. She shopped 4 herself n also her son. I juz bought myself undergarments from ELLE. I like d color ;) Pink, Orange etc...

Owh yeah.. I went 2 Quiksilver n met dat cute guy I told u guyz about b4 :D So, talk 2 him n all. But somehow he's not dat cute anymore, but okie n not bad ;)
So, I didn't asked his no, or gave mine 2 him. Plus he knows dat I'm gonna come 2 dat shop again next mth :D Gonna buy d black hooded jacket, wOoHoOoooOO...... ;)

I checked out d RoXy bag, d canvas bag wif d hoLder, DAMN EXPENSIVE!!!!!! But it is very good n it's canvas. Canvas is better than fiber-made bag, coz lighter. But neway gotta ask my dad about d bag. He will decide coz gonna use his money lorrrr... ;)

But d guy in Esprit is good looking too. BUt I'm not interested. Juz get a bit bored of guyz, hehehehehehee.....

I met Kiki 2day (she's my senior in Dublin). We talked n talked like hell, ehehhehe... She saw my sis, n went 2 talked 2 her 1st. Then only I saw her. She had grown bigger!!!!!! B4 she fly last yr, she's so thin n now she's fat! She said dat happened coz there's nothing much 2 do in Dublin. So when she wanna released tension or sumthing, she turned 2 cooking! (B4 dis she never cooked!!!) I like dis girl ;) She gaves me lotsa tips like bring ur own medicine coz clinics over there is expensive n she told me 2 bring my own hair thingy (hair dryer, straightener, gel, wutsoever concern on hair). But she did warned me dat nite life in Dublin is not like in KL. They only go 2 clubs on friday.

Wutever it is I'm so xcited n in my mind I have all d list of things 2 bring over there :)

YAY!!!!!!! :D

Juz came back from d meeting :)
So, I already paid d flight ticket (deposit la...)

Confirm going on d 21st September, n my houzemates r me myself, Baby, Elisa n Amira :)

ToO xCiTeD!!!! ;)

I saw Julie, Nad, Et, Aishah, Ada, Ummar, Ameer, Khairil, Din, Soyat, Leang, n LoTs more!!! :D
D senior who gave d talk is really good. I mean he knows wut d issues dat all of us been talking about ;)

But still I get helps from Faiq, Fadly n Naili too :) They gave me lots of tips. N Faiq even helped me 2 choose d rite jacket... hehehee... D RoXy jacket I told u guyz b4,I showed d pic 2 Faiq. He said it was nice n good, very reliable :)

P/S : Where is my sis? We planned 2 go 2 kLcC 2day ;)

Friday, June 17, 2005

....... wuT?!

Hehheheheeee... I dunno wut I did at office 2day...

I'm juz plain LazY n BorEd :P :P :P

Plus I'm soooo damn sleepy, coz sleep late last nite chatting wif Ameer!!! hehehehheee... Luv 2 taLk 2 dat guy ;) We talked about housemates in Dublin, stuff 2 prepare n all d gossips there shud b! :P Hope 2 c him 2moro at d meeting.

P/S : Going out 2moro 2 window shopping wif my deary sis n her son Hakim :D

Thursday, June 16, 2005


No work at all 4 me 2day....

I shud b happy... But sum how I feel dumb, hahahaa... :P
Juz pLaiN bOrEd...

Wednesday, June 15, 2005



Juz now Allison (Richard's secretary called). She asked me a couple of questions saying dat Richard wanna know. She asked whether I wanna continue ACCA here or go 2 Dublin n do my degree + ACCA. So I told her my decision is Dublin.

So she told me d BAD NEWZ!!!! She said ACCA here wud b conducted by KYPM, no more DBS. So I sms Julie, Irman n Elisa 2 confirm. Elisa n Irman seems 2 agree d news is true.

Julie called n we talked about it. Eventhough it didn't effect us, but there will b no more DBS!!!!! DBS rOcK n it's my college! Julie told me dat there's no more year 1 student. Only year 2 n year 3. They r gonna b d last batch! Damn!!!! Y KYPM is soooooooo.... I dun know how 2 say it! I'm juz mad n angry!

Thank god I make decision 2 go 2 Dublin. Or else I'm stuck studying ACCA under KYPM. Gosh!!!! I juz dunno how 2 say it or how 2 xpress it..... I'm sure gonna misz everything about DBS.... :'(

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

bZ buT sTiLL gOT sOmE TiMe ;)

Gosh!!!! I'm soooooo bz y'day n 2day!!! Thank god I finished my work rite on time, so dat I dun have 2 stay back n finich it! Yay!!!! :D :D :D

Eventhough I'm super bz.... I still have few minutes 2 spare last nite 2 try out my new digicam!!!! I wanna name her, but dunno wut... Fadly suggested Leya dis morning :) Been thinking about it ;)

Dis r few of d pics!!! D digicam is good! I like it! :D
D pics is too big n wud ruin my page. So I attached it! Juz click to it, no worries. It won't hurt u :P

Sunday, June 12, 2005

aT LaSt!!!!! :D :D :D

At last I got it!!!! :D :D :D

Juz came back from d fair. I went there 2 purchase d digicam!!! :)
It costs me a LOT!!!!! I'm so broke now n I owe my mom n sis half price of d digicam. I have 2 find money n pay them back!

Wutever it is I got it, I'm soooooooooooooooooo happy!!! Now I'm charging d battery :)
I wanna read d user's guide now. Chiow!!!

P/s : I bought Canon Ixus 30 coz d guy said Canon Ixus 40 wud have probs when d place I visit have cold weather. N he said Ixus 30 wud not have dat much prob. He explained sum stuff but too long 2 explain. Plus lotsa thing happened at d fair :) By d way, d chinese guy who sold me d digicam is CUTE!!!! n I think I've c him b4 sumwhere... ;)

Saturday, June 11, 2005

GoSh.... I wAnT iT!!!!

GoSh..... I want it badly!!!! :P

Okie okie... Like I told u guyz earlier, I went 2 d pc+digicam fair at pwtc/icts. So, I went 2 Canon booth. I saw d digicam I wanna buy. It's Canon Ixus 40, original price is RM1699, but at d fair they selling it for RM1399. But I can't afford it!!!! Damn!!!

But I saw another model Canon Ixus 30. The original price is RM1299, they selling it now for RM999 only! The fair ends 2moro...... So I have 2 made up my mind...

I saw sony models n all. But I think Canon is d best. Coz I've been searching n surveying n most websites I checked have highest ratings for canon models.

Hmmmm...... The difference is juz d megapixels. Ixus 40 is 4 megapixels, while Ixus 30 is 3.2 megapixels. I dun care much about d pixels. I juz wanna have a good camera n also compact design.

I guess I have 2 settle down wif Canon Ixus 30. But it's okie..... I alwiz settle down wif d 2nd best, hahahahaaa... 2nd best in my list of course ;)

Coz last time I really wanna buy Nokia 6230, but too xpensive, I can only afford Nokia 6220. So d same thing is repeating itself!

But like d Malay saying, "Dari x de, baik beli aje..." :) Neway, all features is d same. Juz d pixels......

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm............ I wud let u guyz know if I actually gonna bought it 2moro. Well, 2moro is d last day of fair. Have 2 made up my mind fast!!!!! :P


I juz got my teeth cleaned by d dentist named Benjamin, real cute guy :)

It doesn't hurt but feels a bit weird..

By d way I'm writting dis from my sis's office. Coz d dental clinic at d 1st floor, n my sis's office at d 16 floor. It's at d John Hancock building in Damansara Heights.

I feel cleaned!!!! :D :D :D

P/S : Chain sms me telling me dat he have weird dream. I think it's weird. He said dat he dreamed I hired ppl 2 knocked him down (belasah dia), after dat he himself went 2 kill me! Can u imagine dat???!!!! So weird....

After dis am going 2 PWTC. Wanna visit d pc + digicam fair... :)
I wanna get myself a digicam. I've been thinking.... Either Canon sd300, or sony dsc-p200. Both r good n not 4getting EXPENSIVE!!!!!!! Mayb I'll settle down wif cheaper ones. Maybe other model/brand which is cheaper. Any tips??? I've been searching/survey fro d past days wif helped from Syaf n my senior Fadly...

Friday, June 10, 2005

bOr!nK ....

Uhuhhh..... I'm sooooo bored wif my job rite now... :'( Too many jobs which i dun even know how 2 do it! Can't wait 2 start class. I luv going 2 my classes compared 2 going 2 work everyday...

I called Julie 2day :) Talked 2 her about houses in Dublin. Dat we actually have 2 share rooms!!!!!! hahahhahaa.. She dun wanna share room, n me too, n not 4getting Baby too... How r we gonna solve dis prob? No idea.... Juz share d rooms :P I think it'll b ok, no worries ;)

Pics of my workstation n also my work 2day!!!! Euuwwww.... Hate it! Too many work!!!!

The Pc they give me, which is an old 1, but it's ok. Juz dat it makes noisy sounds. Sum sort like it's gonna blow up. Hahahahahhaaa.....

Image hosted by

My work!!! I have 2 check all of d files n more 2 come... *sigh*

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

I better take my shower now :) It's raining outside...
Not 4getting, I have dental appointment 2moro at 11am... Scary man....

Thursday, June 09, 2005

TaLk 2 NaiLy oN9

Chatted wif naily juz now..
She told me lotsa thing :)

Like how happy she was wehn she 1st arrived in Dublin coz it's like a shopping heaven :)

She juz bought a Ralph Lauren jeans at Belfast for 15pound!!!! Gosh!!! I wanna go there n buy it too!!!! Hahahahahhaa...

She also gives me tips on wut 2 bring n wut not. N we talked about house n all. She's moving out from her current house. So, she mite asked d landlord of d possibilities of me moving in. It's gonna b easier dat way. But if can't, it's ok :) Find other house then...

P/S : Lotsa things in my mind.... Especially on accomodation in Dublin n also other issues... It really bothers me. Shud I go or not??? I shud, I shud..... :)

I GeT d OvErViEw Of ThiNgS..

WoOoHoooO... :P

Y'day I chat on9 wif Faiq. So as usual, I asked him like everything!!!!!!
So now I know dat d houze in Dublin is fully furnished, n d only thing we have 2 buy is d TV. When I get d news, I was soooo relieved!! I tot we have 2 buy our own bed n all...

By d way, Azam will arrived in KLIA 2moro. He gives his hp no 2 me, n I give mine 2 him. Coz we wanna meet up. I really need 2 talk face-2-face wif them :)

Mayb next week or next 2 weeks, I'll meet up wif Azam n Tem. From now on I have 2 really think of wut am I suppose 2 ask them. Hmmm.... Any tips? ;)

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

mY rOuTiNeS....

Argh!!!! I'm so bored n stuck wif my boring routines!!!!!

2day I woke up, took bath, get ready 4 work. My sis send me coz she went 2 office late. I did my work at d office until like 5. Then I played games until 5.40, my sis came n picked me up. Came back home, took bath, on9, helped my mom, on9, have my dinner, on9, n now on9 again....

How boring is dat???!!!! Grrrrr...

Monday, June 06, 2005

CuTe GuY nEeDeD!!!! :P

I'm on MC 2day coz I dun feel well :'(

But I seriously need a cute guy 2 hang out wif me!!! Juz 2 boost me up n make me happy :)
I'm soooooo bored wif my life rite now... Juz cud not wait 2 go 2 Dublin!!!!! Yay!!!

But hye, if I meet cute guyz b4 I go 2 Dublin, y not? ;) Juz wanna b frenz, hehehee...
I'm sooooo d devil!!!! :P :P :P

Sunday, June 05, 2005

ToO xCiTeD!!!!!! :D :D :D

Ppl!!!!! I'm overly xcited!!!! Wanna know y??

Coz I juz bought a PINK jacket at ROXY at klcc 2day!!!!!! :) :) :) It's d nicest piece I ever c, n it's vewy suitable 4 my Dublin study trip!!!! :) :) :)

By d way, my sis saw it. N she asked me 2 try d small size 1st. N it fit me alrite. But there's another 'tudung' girl wif her parents all of sudden try d medium size, when I tried it. B4 dat she dun even care about d jacket coz it's PINK I think. After dat she cud not decide whether she wants d small or medium size. Me n my sis was like, WTF??? We wanna buy it, but u over there trying it n dun know whether wanna buy it or not, but dun wanna give me try d medium size??!!!!

D salesgirl n salesguy was like, "Ok, we try n check at Midvalley if they have medium size 4 me". Then d 'tudung' girl let me 'borrow' d medium size jacket 4 me 2 try d size (coz she said she wanna buy it). But after I give it back 2 her through d salesgirl of course, she made up her mind dun wanna buy it. Hahahahahhahahahaa....

D salesgirl n salesguy gave me d jacket!!!!! :D :D :D n there's dis 1 salesguy named Eddie (a real cute guy :P) says it looks perfect on me :) n he helped me a lot about tips on taking care of sweaters n also jackets. He even asked 4 my name!!!! :) :) :) N asked whether I'm still single or not :P :P :P Hehehehheee.... But me as usual so stupid didn't give my hp no 2 him :P Seriously, he's cute!!!!!!! :P :P :P :P :P

Okay okay okay... Get back 2 d real thing :) After I paid 4 d pink jacket, d 'tudung' girl is still there not buying anything. N her mom keep on looking at my mom, dun know y.... But all d salesgirl n salesguy at ROXY klcc was super friendly n nice 2 me, my sis, my nephew n also my mom.

My sis also asked me 2 try dis 1 jacket wif a hood, really cute!!!! There's black n white. My sis gonna buy it 4 me next mth after we got d membership card, so dat we will get 10% to 20% discounts. Yay!!!! :D

I wanna go there again 2 buy my bennies n mittens n also my socks!!! Plus, I wanna meet dat Eddie guy again :) :) :)

I bought a sleeveless sweater material at U2 b4 I 'meet' my PINK jacket :P :P :P

Owh... B4 I 4get, last nite I chatted at MSN msgr wif Faiq, Nazar n Azam (my seniors in Dublin). They gives me sum tips n will b giving more later as promised :) N they also wanna helped me out wif d house :)

I think I better go now... 2moro have 2 wake up early. Need 2 go 2 work, n b4 dat have 2 wash my hair n blow dry it!!! :)

Nite2 ppl

Saturday, June 04, 2005

ThE iN wUt?!!!

Hehehehehheee.... :D

2day went out wif Irman n d rest :) They (Irman, Imran n Yasri) picked me up around 4pm. Meet up wif Akmal n Norly at kLcC. We went 2 TGV, bought d tickets 4 The Interpreter.

After dat we went off 2 find b'day present 4 Irman n Imran's mom. After browsing through they made up their mind on a handbag, a nice 1 ;) B4 they managed 2 find it, Norly n Akmal wanna eat, so we went 2 Deli France.

After dat straight we went 2 d cinema. About d story.... Hmmmmm.... Too patriotic shud I say? In a way, I dun know y I kinda like it, while d rest of my frenz said they wanna sleep through it! Hahhaahhaaaa.... There r boring parts which I yawned 2 it too.. Out of 10 rating, I give a 4 1/2.

Then they wanna 'lepak2 minum'. So we decided 2 go 2 N'z. When we arrived, every1 was like watching Akademi Fantasia 3. We laughed at sum of d contestant n also yasir been making all dis funny stupid jokes :)

Irman n Yasir send me back. While Akmal, Norly n Imran went back in Norly's car.

I had fun 2day wif them eventhough not too much fun. Coz sum of their stories I dun know. Coz they knew each other 4 quite sum times n they live near 2 each other in Shah Alam. But I like them all, n really glad 2 get 2 know Norly n Yasir 2day :)

P/s : My sis n Hakim at Steph's 2nite. I shud have followed them coz they went 2 have dinner at a nice Korean restaurant (I miss it!!!!) But I already told kak Steph 2 'belanja' me eat there b4 I fly :D :D :D

Friday, June 03, 2005

! wEnT 2 wAtCh MoViE... :D

Juz came back from d cinema :D :D :D

My sis n I went 2 kLcC during lunch 2day 2 bought d tickets. We didn't tell Hakim about it. Suppose 2 b a surprise 2 him. Coz y'day he really badly wanna watch it. By d way, its Madagascar!!!! :) 1 hell of a good story ;)

We ate Mc'D, went inside d cinema, Hakim still didn't know wut movie we wanna watch. He close his eyes coz he taught it's a monster story or horror or sumthing like dat... But when he opened his eyes, he saw it!!!! He was smiling n sooooo happy!!! :)

D story was good :) I like it sooo much. My sis agreed too. Wanna watch it again. Gotta buy d DVD.

I already booked tickets 4 The Interpreter. Gonna watch it wif Irman n his twin bro n another person which I dun know who yet... I wud tell u guyz how good/bad d story is :) N of course about everything else ;)

Rite now my nephew n my sis in my room. They wanna sleep here 2nite....

My nephew wif d car displayed at kLcC (d pic not so clear due 2 my poor camera phone :P)

Thursday, June 02, 2005

sTuCk aT hOmE

I'm suppose 2 follow my parents went back 2 Johor. Becoz they r doing d 'kenduri arwah' after 7 days. But I didn't coz I told them I'm not feeling well, so I'm stuck wif my nephew....

Actually I really dun feel well if I went back 2 Johor. Coz thinking dat d only reason I alwiz go back is becoz of my grandma, n now she's not there anymore, make me feel sick n really..... I dun know how 2 say it... Shud I say d house have no meaning at all? Without her, there'll b no more 'kampung' 4 me... ENOUGH! :'(

Neway, me n Hakim had Mc'd 4 our lunch. I bought d cd, kinda okie ;) (my dad called, he's on his way back 2 KL)

Then my sis came back around 6pm, bring us out 2 buy our dinner (coz she's going out on a date! :P)

We played PS 4 a while, n I lose everytime, sooooooo bad luck :P
Now writting my blog, next 2 my nephew who's playing my teddies which he treats as street fighters' ?!! Gosh..... 'Habis rosak semuanye....' :P