Monday, December 26, 2005

bOXiNg DaY!!!

Woke up early-late, eventho I hardly sleep last nite. Been talking n chatting wif MyNn n Mira. Really haf lotsa fun ;)

Neway, we took d bus 2 d tube. Then off we went 2 Oxford Street. We went 2 almost allllllll of d shops! 2 namea a few, Gap, Jane Norman, Selfridge, Topshop, Esprit, Zara, Morgan, etc..... 2 many.... We took sum pics, but we were juz 2 bz shopping!!!! :P

MyNn bring us 2 Malaysian Hall London, 2 haf our lunch. It was delicious!!!! :D :D :D

I bought lotsa stuff, n I'm practically broke! From long coat, boots, sneakers, baby-t, jumper+pant, bag, name it!!! I like every single thing dat I bought n thanx 2 MyNn n Mira who helped me a lot in choosing d stuff ;)

Rite now I'm soOOoooOO tired. Wanna haf my dinner. Dinner of wut? Maggi? Or baked beans? ahhahahahaaa........ I'll decide after dis... :)

Sunday, December 25, 2005

i'M hErE aT LasT!!!

HoLa pPL... ;)

Y'day me n my gurlz off 2 d airport around 2pm. We arrived at Stansted airport around 6.15pm, our flight was at 5pm. Then we took d bus 2 d station bus, then we took another bus 2 another station, n another bus, hahahahaa.... I dun even remember where :P

Then we met MyNn n Pi'e, they bring us 2 University Of East London where MyNn stay at d hostel. We kinda crash at her place.

2day we woke up late coz we've been talking n chatting all nite long :D

Juz had my breakfast tho :P

We won't b doing anything 2day coz it's xmas. No transportation, no nothing. It's like a dead city here....

Can't wait 2 go shopping 2moro!!!!! It's boxing day!!! Wut shud I buy huh? Hurmmm..... I wanna get everything! :P But I do haf limited cash, damn!!! But wut d heck :P

Gotta go.... Will update everyday if I'm able too.

Friday, December 23, 2005

aLoNe + LoNeLy...

I feel so lonely rite now...... It's not bcoz I'm here at home alone coz d gurlz went out.

I juz dunno how 2 explain it.

I called Ameer juz now. Misz him..... Hope I can c him b4 I went off 2 London 2moro. But he's at Cork. Nvm.... We'll meet in a week time :) Lotsa stuff 2 talk about n hope everything will b okie.

Back 2 reality...... I've been downloading songs from Kevon Edmonds, n he haf a really good voice :) Discovered him in Save The Last Dance soundtrack.

I'm sooooOOooooo lonely....... Hope my trip 2 London will make me feel a lot better.
I feel so empty, n I dun knoe y I feel like dat. Izit bcoz I'm in my own world? D world dat I Farizah rule? I dun think sooooo......

Called mama n ayah juz now. I told them I wanna go back next winter n it's my final decision. I'm not going back dis summer. My dad been thinking about it, coz it's his money tho.. LOL...

Misz my family so much!!!!! Hope 2 c them soon....


2 nites ago, Haizy came over 2 sleepover. Sorry gurl, I didn't talk dat much wif ya. I'm kinda in d middle of sumthing. I mean I haf stuff in my mind. Damn!

Y'day I went out wif Mira. I can't believe it dat I shop! I mean I'm off 2 London 2moro 4 boxing day n I still shop here!!!!!!!! I can't resist it, it's juz too cheap :P :P :P

After dat we met Roy n Jalie at Spar n followed them back home. Pok Lah cooked a delicious dinner. Then we watched Pride until d final episod. But in between d boyz went out, study, play pool n wutever...... Me n Mira watched till d end.

Then we watched other movies. Lastly around 6am we went back 2 sleep. I'm soOOooOOO tired but dis holiday is really wut I'm looking 4ward :D

Gotta go n take my shower ;)

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


My body is aching.... I'm sooOooo tired!

It's been 2 nites hanging out at No. 36 watching Pride. N it's not finish yet! Hahahhahaaa....

Neway, y'day me n Mira went out wif Haizy. We had lots of fun tho ;)
We went 2 watched The Family Stone, had our lunch at Epicurean n our dessert at Eddie's. Fudge Brownies never failed me!!!

D day b4, I went 2 watched Narnia wif Mira, Jimmy, Roy n Pok Lah. I like it tho ;) Eventho d boyz almost sleep n been arguing wif me dat d movie is boring, hahahahha.... :P

Wuts my plan 4 2day huh? Mayb squash then off 2 Alia's houz (Sahak's gf).

I'm tired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 19, 2005

LaTe NiTe In?

Y'day I woke up late coz we had a late nite in wif d boyz.....

Even last nite we had a late nite in wif d boyz again! Hahahhahaa.....

Me, Mira n Pok Lah watched 2 DVD's > Without A Paddle , n Red Eye. Then Pok Lah went back coz he's sleepy.

Then Mamat n Roy came n watched House of Wax with me n Mira. D funny thing is, we watched it in my room dat I shared wif Mira :) n they asked me 2 lie down, coz they can't c d screen. N I sleep half of d movie, hehehehee..... I dun even knoe wuts d ending :P

Neway, I woke up 2 d sounds of Bee n Elis who were late 4 Bee's doctor's appointment :)

Wut shud I do 2day? Mira, wut shud we do huh? Narnia any1? ;)

Saturday, December 17, 2005

No TitLe...

I woke up late, shower, eat, get ready n went 2 d library. I know I sounds like a total ultimate loser. But I juz dunno wut else 2 do. I met Hoo n Haizy there, dunno wut they doing. I guess studying or doing assignment or sumthing like dat....

On9 wif Kak Anne n Hakim, webcam n mic n all..... Really misz them!!!!!

Then went off 2 my neighbours' houz. Had our dinner, they cook, really yummy!!!!! :) :) :)
Rite now using Pok Lah's laptop typing all dis thingy craps....

Waiting 4 them 2 decide wut movie 2 watch 2nite. I feel a bit lost 2day..... Dis make me really lost.... Hurm.... I knoe it's confusing n complicated, n even me myself dun understand my own feelings.

Wut d heck!

Friday, December 16, 2005

BaD gUrL.... ;)

2day me, Bee n Elis skipped class, hahahahahahhaa.........!!!!! We skipped d last 1 n half hrs. We juz can't take it anymore, plus we were soOooOOo hungry. We had our lunch at K-Bab K-Lub. Meet up wif Hadi, Alia n Faiq.

Hadi is actually in London rite now. He's gonna arrived in KL on Monday. He's wif Bert by d way. If only I cud follow them n go back home..... Wut d heck! I'll c them in January :) Juz dat I wanna go back home!!!!!!! Waaaaaa........!!!!!!!!!!!!

We went out wif our frenz > Pok Loh, Roy, Mamat, Jimmy, Uma n d 4 of us. We went 2 watched King Kong. It was a nice story. Worth it shud I say ;)

Our movie at 8.45pm, n we were a lil bit early by 2 hrs, hahahaha!!!! So we decided 2 haf dinner at Epicurean. Then we had a vewy delicious ice-cream at Jervis. They bought it, 4 diff type n flavour, n I juz eat theirs, hahahaaa..... :P :P :P

Neway, I juz got home, change 2 pyjamas, washed my leg, my face n all..... Rite now stuck infront of my laptop, waiting 4 d boyz 2 come up. Not sure if they coming or not coz Bee is not feeling vewy well.

They all wanna play squash 2moro at RCSI. Tot of following them :) We will c.......

Thursday, December 15, 2005


Nice dinner we had 2gether (me n my gurlz wif Din).

Rite now I'm bored. Feel like going out but it's freaking cold outside. Wut d hell am I talking about??? Hurmmmm...............

If only sum1 ask me out? ;) U knoe.... Like going out on a real n really nice date. It's been like 8 mths since I broke up wif my x-bF. N I didn't go out on dates. Sumtimes I feel like a loser.... Damn....

My fren said I shud b thankful coz I'm single n available. Coz I can do everything I want n dun haf 2 worry a thing. I can flirt n I'm not tied up. I wonder if it's true.....

Juz 1 really nice date wud do :)

FeELiNg a LOT bEtTeR...

I woke up feeling a lot better....

Last nite I really am homesick :'(
Rite after :'( , I chat wif Daniel. Chatting wif him makes me feel better. Even better when he actually called me all d way from German. He's really a good fren. Thanx Daniel, it means a lot 2 me when u can make me laugh :)

Not 4getting Hadi who cheer me up by texting me sum funny jokes, hahahahahaa......
He said his bag is still empty if I wanna follow him back 2 KL :P :P :P Thanx Hadi but no thanx. I wanna b in d flight back home but not in ur bag!!!!! Heehehehehe.....

Chain also asked me 2 calm down n stuff. Misz dat guy a lot! U shud come here :)

Then my neighbours, d medic student > Mamat, Roy, Pok Loh n Jimmy came over. Dat makes thing even better. We had fun, a lot!

Neway, dis morning d Recruitment ppl called. They said they received my CV which I didn't send. I'm kinda shockk rite now...... Hurmmm.... Wut really happened huh?

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


I feel sooOOooo down 2day... I think I'm homesick....

I wanna go home... :'( :'( :'(

I feel so lonely n sad......

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

rEaLeASeD? ;)

2day's class was okie.... But as usual I sleep half of d time, hahahahahahaa...... :P :P :P

Then me n my gurlz went st8 2 Eddie's 2 haf sum fun ;) We had cheese fries, nachos, fries combo, choc malt, vanilla malt, YuMmy!!!!!

Hadi came over n join us. We had lots of fun talking, jokin around n all :)
Then we all decided 2 go 2 UGC, wanna watched movie. We watched Doom. Elissa n Hadi dun like it at all, Mira love it, Baby haf no say coz she choose d story :P, n 2 me it's average but I almost sleep in there!!!! Hhahahahahahaa.......... I'm juz soOoOo sleepy lately... Wonder y....

After d movie, off we went 4 dinner at Epicurean n it's not our 1st time there, n even d guy knew us :) Coz Hadi is regular customer. Bert came n join us 4 dinner. Bert told us a really really really funny story during his time in college. By d way, Bert is our super duper senior who works here. He's really nice n cool, fun 2 b wif ;)

They send us back. I went 2 meet Falah 2 take my stuff dat my mom n dad passed 2 his fren who passed it 2 Falah, hahahahahhaa...... complicated :P
Juz say it dis way..... We r family frenz, our parents knew each other.

Wutever it is I feel so released.... :) At last it's out in d air ;)
U knoe wut I mean didn't u? ;) (2 my dearest n loveliest gurlz whom I love soOooOo much!!!)

Monday, December 12, 2005

i DuN kNoE wUT i Did?!

I dun even knoe wut I did d whole weekend starting from Friday till 2day. I had a LoOoOoNg weekend ppl.

But wut I'm sure of was, I watched Battle Royale 1 n 2. A Japanese movie n it's a terrible horrible story. Pity those kidz in d movie. All in all, dis is d 1st war movie I watched n I finished it. I never like war movie. It make me sad coz too many ppl dying. Well dis is my 1st :)

Owh yeah.... Saturday nite went 2 All Millenium Chinese Restaurant next to d Gaiety Theater. D food is soOOo nice. I like it tho ;) But it's sOoOo out of my budget rite now. 1 of my super-duper senior took us there.

Y'day went 2 d Thai Restaurant dat Faiq works. We had free lunch ;) n it was nice :)

I've been eating non-stop 4 d past 2 weeks. N I think my body is definitely changing!!!!! GoSh!!!! I need 2 go 4 an immediate diet!!!!!!!! :P :P :P

Hurmm..... I juz remembered I watched White Chicks n t was funny :)
D fav. words r > I'm soOo freaking pissed! n Wutever n Squeeze me..... ;)
Dis words remind me of those ppl.... Or shud I say DAT person. Feel like saying it 2 d person. I think I definitely shud use it!!!!! ;) I'm soOOOoooOo bad :P :P :P

Sunday, December 11, 2005

NiCe DiNnEr ;)

YuMmY!!!!! ;)
I juz had my dinner n it was so yUmMy!!!! Akib cooked a delicious dinner 4 all of us (me+my gurLz+akib+his boyz)
Seriously, I'm sOoOOoooo fuLL!!!!!! :D :D :D

Wut else huh? Hurmmm.......... Guess I shud go off n haf fun wif my frenz ;)

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

WuT sHuD i Do Huh?

Juz had my dinner, which I cook (coz 2day is my turn). I'm 'kinda' full, hahahahaha...... Can't stop eating :P

If u asked Mira, she wud say dat I keep on saying dis > I think I'm officially FAT!!!!!!

Yesh, it's true!!!!! I dun even haf d courage 2 go n check my weight! I'm scared!!!!! Hurmm..... I think shud stop eating, hahahahhahahaa............. Which I can't!

Wut shud I do huh? I'm bored, so I keep on eating. I'm lonely, n I dun knoe wut 2 do. It's cold outside, so nothing much I can do outside either.......

Hurmmm............... Bored..........

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

bEeN bZzZzzzzzz................ ;)

I've been bz since last Friday! I dun even knoe y I'm bz, wut I'm bz wif or wutever.... Hahahhahaaa...

Been hanging out wif my LoVeLY houzmates! N Hadi n also his frenz n houzmates! I'm too tired 2 type every single thing dat I did since Friday which only includes d ppl I mentioned up there ;)
It's a really looooOOOooonggGGgggg n FuN n SuPeR fUn N sUpEr DuPeR fUn weekend 2 me.

Neway, I'm too full, eat at Sufi's juz now wif sum frenz. Hurrmmmm... Looks like I'm gonna misz Intan n Saiful for a while (they went back 2 get married!!!!!) :D :D :D I'll c them in January by d way :P

Wut else huh? Owhhhhhh.... B4 I 4get, I'm juz wondering y do sum ppl seems 2 b sOooOOo nice 2 sum ppl? Or shud I say, suddenly wanna knoe who d person hang out wif, n where d person go, or wut d person do, or wutever........??!!! I think they shud mind their own business n it's really up 2 d person wut he/she wanna do or 2 hang out wif. N it's up 2 he/she 2 intro d ppl he/she knew 2 other ppl. It's not about being selfish or not sharing frenz or wutever shit. Juz dat everyone haf their own plans, frenz, stuff 2 do which we call it PRIVACY (check it in dictionary if u dun knoe wut it means).

Dis issue juz pop up in my mind out of bLue..... I'm not pointing fingers 2 anyOne. But if u think u r like dat, better change urself.

I better get sum rest ;)

Thursday, December 01, 2005

ToO dArK?

I finished class at 5pm n I was like, damn..... It's really TOO DARK outside n it's still early...

Hurmmm..... Bored....

After dinner, Hadi came, bring us (me n Mira) out. We when 2 Starbuck again, n hang out wif sum other ppl n we haf fun tho ;)

Now I'm back at home, bored wif nothing 2 do. Other than eating!!! N waiting 4 Ameer 2 come over wif Smyth catalogue, hahahahaha.........

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Hurrmmm.... Wut did I do 2day?

After class went 2 Mehran bought chicken, Hadi drive us there. Send d chicken n d gurlz home. Me n Hadi went 2 Tesco n shop a lil. We met Fadzil n haf lunch at Epicurean, n it was nice :)

Then picked Alia from college n st8 2 Hadi's place. We watched 2Pac life story n Honey. Hadi cook!!!! :) He really knoe how 2 cook! Then he send Alia home, n me. He hang aorund 4 a while, played JoEy Jr. n he lose!!!! :P :P :P Gonna tell Nick, Fara, Saiful, Intan n every1 about it!!!! Hhahahahahahahaha............. *eViL gRiN* ;)

Now doing nothing..... Owh yeah.. Chatting wif Alep....

Monday, November 28, 2005

mOnDaY bLuEs.... ;)

Juz came back from Akib's houz. He n his houzmate cook a delicious meal 4 us! Yummy! ;)

They came 2 our houz around 3pm n played JoEy Jr. n we all really haf fun :)
Even our neighbour d medic student came 2 joined us 4 a while. We even played Uno! Juz dat we were too tired 2 play Twister, hahahahahaa............

After all d fun we had, they invited us 2 their houz coz they wanna cook dinner or shud we say supper? heheheee... ;)

Wutever it is, MoNdAY been a good day 4 me n my gurLz. We got d chance 2 get 2 knoe Akib, Alep, Qaiyum, Deli n Hoo. They r nice guyz n ppl we can haf fun wif n also b a good frenz :)

ZzzZzzzz.......... Guess I better get sum rest after all d battles ;)

Sunday, November 27, 2005

a NeW ThiNg ;)

I juz got out from shower.... Mannn... It was nice :)

Hurmmm.... Wut did I do y'day huh?
i went out alone, walking n took pictures, LoVe every moment of it. Then Faiq called, saying dat he n Hadi wanna go 2 Blanchard's Town, play bowling. To make long story short, we went there d 4 of us (myself, Naqi, Faiq n Hadi). I lose obviously coz I dunno how 2 play bowling :P

Then they send me at Christchurch 2gether wif Naqi. I met Mira n both of us had dinner at Iskander n it was nice too :) Then I went 4 my phototaking again, n Mira tag along.

After a while, we feel like having ice-cream, we went 2 Eddie's Rocket. At dat time I realize dat Hadi text me. He n all d other ppl (mostly my seniors who works here) were at Starbuck. So off we go 2 Starbuck n meet them. There were 10 of us n it was fun tho, getting 2 knoe all dis ppl. They r nice ppl :)

Hadi bring us 2 his houz n damn it was nice. Meet up wif 'anak2 Hj Uma' (Fara+her husband, Nick). Then meet Dr. Intan + soon 2 b husband, n sum other ppl. We hang out, watch movies, play UNO, n lastly Hadi asked us 2 sleep in his room coz he's too sleepy 2 send us back home.

Around 10.20 am, Haizy text me. Damn!!!!! I 4got!!!!! I promised her 2 go out wif her. Gotta cancel gurl, am sooooooOOoooo sorry. I'll make it up 2 u next time, I promise :)

Now I'm writting dis, waiting 4 Mira 2 get ready, coz we wanna go out again coz I wanna take more pics! ;)

Later ppl.......

Friday, November 25, 2005

NiCe ;)

As usual I woke up late :P

On d way 2 college, we will pass tru St. Patrick park. N it was covered by snow!!!!!! It's snowing!!!!!! :P :P :P

Neway, rite after class went back home. Rizal n Naqi wanna come 4 lunch+dinner kinda thing. Dis is gonna b their last visit b4 they went back home a.k.a Malaysia.

Mira cook 'nasi lemak' which is soooOOOoo yUmMy!!!! :D

We played JoEy Jr. n aLso uNo. All of us had fun :)

They went back around 8pm. We can't send them 2 airport next week coz they haf early flight at 6am!!!!! So, d visit was a goodbye visit. But they coming back 2 study in London starting Feb next yr. Hopefully they'll haf time 2 drop by n visit us sumtime.

Gonna misz them a LOT!!!! Take care guyz.... ;)

Thursday, November 24, 2005

sNoWiNg!!!!!! ;)

It's snowing outside juz now!!!! :D :D :D
Soooooo xcited!!!!! :P

Akib called n told me about it. N d whole houz was soOOoo xcited! Even d boyz :P
Hurrmmmm.... Hopefully it wud b snowing 2moro again!!!! ;)


Juz got back from class which ended around 5pm (according 2 Dublin weather forecast its nite already!!!!). It's so dark outside. We walked wif Akib n Haizy. Imagine, class till nite!!!! Hhahahahahahaaa.....

Neway, 2day is my 2nd day of fasting ;) But gonna continue next week :P

Hurmmm... Hurmmm... Hurmmm.... Wut else?

Owh yeah.. Last nite Sahak n Mamat from No.36 (our neighbour) came n play JoEy Jr. They lose!!!! hhahahaha ... :P They wanna fight back but after dis at their houz, they haf pool table. Mayb dis weekend we'll drop by n learn how 2 play pool ;)

Wut shud I do 2moro? Study? Movie? Shopping? Hurmmm......... Can't decide tho :P

1 thing 4 sure, it's damn cold over here!!!!!!!!!! OuCh!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Fadly likes dat icon tho, hahahaa... (",)

Neway, 2day I went 2 watched Elizabethtown wif Elissa. It was a really cute story!!!! I like it a lot.... If only there's a guy like dat here ;)

It would b really great 2 fall in love here (coz it's boring here, hahahaha.....)
I juz hope I'll find sum1 sumday :)

Rite now I'm downloading songs. trying 2 download old songs. Alep makes me in2 oldies rite now n also slow rock :P

He did gave me lots of great songs!!! N there r few which I still trying 2 download. Hurmmm.... Been waiting 4 him 2 on9 so dat he can send me d songs dat I can't download :P :P :P

Wut else huh?!! I've been wondering...... Can I take d coldness of winter? Now is juz d starting of winter, n I can't take it coz it's really cold! Feels like wrapping myself wif my duvet n fleece! N Rizal gave bad news saying dat d weather forecast xpected dat dis wud b d worst winter ever!!! OuCh!!!! I'm worried now.......... Hurmm....

Monday, November 21, 2005

My DaY

Hurmmm.... I woke up around 10.15am, n dats when I knew dat I'm gonna b late AGAIN! :P

I sleep around 3.30am last nite, voice chat at YM wif Alep. Been downloading lots of songs :)

After class, me n Baby study a lil (hahahahaa..... as if) :P
Then both of us decided 2 go 2 UGC. We watched diff movie. N I end up watching a sToOpiD movie which I dun wanna mention, hahahahahhaa...... :P

On our way back, Uma called baby saying dat they wanna come over n play JoEy Jr. While waiting 4 them near Bertham Court, Faiq called n asked me out 4 a drink wif his frenz.

He n his fren Ady picked me up using Ady's car (I think). N dats when I realized it's been 2 months since my last ride on a real car!!! Hahahahhaaa...... A bit weird tho.

Then we meet up 2 of their frenz which is my super duper seniors n haf a drink at CaffeMoca. Talk talk talk ....... Then they send me back home.

Now I'm at home, n d ppl outside screaming of joy, hahahahahaha..... They really like JoEy Jr. n our Twister ;)

Feel tired but can't sleep........... *sigh*

Sunday, November 20, 2005

hE's GoNe BaCk...

Woke up around 7am. Take my shower, had breakfast n off we go 2 d bus station. D bus was late! I'm so afraid dat I'm late n can't c him b4 he went off.

But we managed :) He looks sad, but a LOT better than y'day n few days back (when he came back from London).

I dun know how I feel actually. Coz he's a good fren 2 me since we started chatting n when I came here, he helped a LOT. I mean a LOT.

When he's at d gate, he shake hands wif every1, n say his last word. D ONLY thing dat he said 2 me is 'take care'. I guess he's worried I'll haf nobody 2 turn 2 went I'm sad over here (which is true).

On my way back, I juz haf 2 text him. So I did, which I'm not sure whether he's gonna get it or not. But he did reply me :) We text 4 a while, d details no need 2 b mention here.

Neway, I did cried a lil in d bus on my way home. I juz feel so sad, coz I lost a good fren. Not exactly lost 4ever! Juz dat I'm not gonna c him again, unless I went back 2 KL, or he decided 2 come here or sumthing like dat.

Rite now I dun even care wut ppl think of me, or even my gurlz. I knoe dat I love them, n we got each other. We r our own family here. We haf nobody here, only frenz. N I juz lost a good fren who teached me how 2 cook chicken rice, who bring me out 4 a drink, who I became his shopping partner, who make me laugh when I'm feeling down, who put spyware in my laptop, who fix stuff 4 me, who text me, who wakes me up, who talked 2 me, who.... who... whoo.. who is my fren over here.....

Seriously gonna misz him... :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

Saturday, November 19, 2005

HaRrY pOtTeR... ;)

We went 2 watched Harry Potter 2day n I like it a lot.. :)

B4 we went inside, meet up wif Fadly n Kak Sue at Jervis 4 a while... He's going back 2 Malaysia 2moro......

After d movie, Din came home wif us. Mira cooked, Baby n Elis in their room, me n Din on9 n eat pringles n we had fun tho, hahahahhaaa....

Wut else? Me n Fadly text 4 a while, then I'm off 2 sleep. Gotta get up early coz gonna send him off 2moro.


Friday, November 18, 2005

dUnDrUM...... 3rD eDiTiOn ;)

Okie... After class I cook, eat n get ready, hehehehehehee......

Went 2 AIB n took d ATM card. Then off we (me+mira) go 2 Dundrum. Bee n Elis went 2 watch movie.

So..... I didn't buy anything.........

Hahahahahhahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I lied!!!!
I bought few stuff :P
Since I'm here, I can't stop shopping!
Knowing dat I'm a shopaholic! Make it even worst!!!

Damn! I Love shopping!!! muahahahahhaa............... :P

Neway, we went 2 No.7 2day. They do sum gathering between DBS n RCSI ppl, gurlz only ;)
1 of d gurlz is my senior back in Melawati. We had fun n talk n talk n eat delicious food.

Now I'm at home, chatting wif Alep n Akib. As if their houz so farrrr away... ehheehhe ;)

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

MoViE triP aGAiN?!!!

Rite after class, me n d gurLz wif Ummar, when 2 UGC. We register for d Unlimited Cinema Card. We can now watch everything for only EU17.50 per month. It's worth it when u live here n nothing's here! hahahahahhaa.......... ;)

We watch The Brother's Grimm, then we continue wif another movie which is Abnormal Beauty. Let me say......... Both movies r not soo good... hahahahhaa.......
The 1st one is funny, I kinda like it. But d 2nd movie is a lil bit StOoPid... ;)

Too tired now... Gotta go n sleep

Saturday, November 12, 2005

CrAzEe ThAnG wE diD ;)

2day we suppose 2 go 2 M'sian Hall open houz. D 4 of us get ready n all. Then we got 2 knoe dat Akib n his houzy not going, n Izwan's too.

So we decided not 2 go, hahahahaha.......... But we went 2 Tesco n buy sum food, get in a DART n went 2 Howth!!!!! Wut a great place!!!!! It was so beautiful............... We wanna go there again :)

Then we went 2 watch movie > In Her Shoes, n dis is our 2nd trip 2 UGC ;)
D movie was great!!! Like it tho...

Then we went back home, n eat n talk, n sleep :D

Lotsa pics taken by us!!!! Check it at my fotopages k? ;)

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


At last we decidedd 2 catched a movie 2day ;)

Rizal came 2 take his bag , n he bring breakfast 4 us... :)

As planned, I'm suppose 2 go out wif Fadly 2day. But had 2 drag him (hahahahahaha...) joined us watched movies... We watched Saw 2, which is waaayyyyyyy 2 violent!!!

Rite after dat, me n my gurLz accompany Fadly shopping!!!! :D It's like dream come true, hahahahahahaha..... Coz me n my gurLz r d GOD of shopping!!!! ;)

Wut else? We went back n I cook dinner. Then Izwan came by, but d gurLz too sleepy already. N here I am updating my blog.

N I juz realize sum1, or sumthing been sharing my blog!!!! Damn!!!! It's not up for buying, selling, ratings or wutever!!!! It's mine! N mine alone!!!! Damn u!!!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

WuT a DaY!!!! :)

Hurmmm.... It was a boring day... hahahaha...

We chatted wif naqi n Rizal d whole morning, until they decided 2 come over, hahahahaha...

They like JoEY jR. ;) N they enjoyed playing it.

We went 2 Nad's open houze wif Din, Uma, n Zhu's gurLz. D houze was nice :)

As usual, we will feel hungry eventho we ate at Nad's. So Baby cook fried rice for us, n a lil bit xtra for Din ;) He went home wif us. Rite after dat we watched Eiffel I'm in Love. It was soooooOOo cold 2nite!!!

We haf 2 drag our duvet n fleece outside wif us while watching d movie. Din used mine.
I did chat wif Fadly a lil ..

Gotta go now... sLeEpY

Monday, November 07, 2005


It's reading week !!!!! Y do I haf 2 go 2 class??????

Fadly called dis morning. He asked me 2 call back. Newayz we talked a lot.
He asked whether I'm free dis evening, coz he wanna buy stuff AGAIN!!!!

I met him after class. We went 2 d travel agent n took his flight ticket. Then st8 away 2 Grafton Grant, n buy souvenirs 4 his family. Did I tell u he's going back soon? Dats y he need 2 buy stuff 4 his family. He's going back 4 good tho :)

After dat, we went 2 Dunnes coz I need 2 buy my food stocks! hahhahaa... ;)
We walked home, n d wind were soooOOoo STRONG!

Newayz, he was a bit shocked when he saw JoEY jR. (our latest obsession). He hang around for a while.

It's getting colder n colder by days.....

Sunday, November 06, 2005

rAYa aT uCd

Okie... So, 2day is d BIG raya event at UCD. We went there 2gether wof d WHOLE batch!!!! :D
It was okie I think. Meet ppl, hahahahaa..

Newayz, on our way back, we went 2 City Center. We bought Twister n our new obsession > JoEY jR. ;) Only ppl who come over 2 our houze knew about it! It's kinda secret tho :P :P :P
I knew u guyz gonna kill me if u knoe me n my gurLz owned dat thing!!!! Hahhahahahahaa....

Saturday, November 05, 2005

HaiZiE's oPeN hOuZe ;)

We woke up late :P

Fadly called n asked me whether I can follow him find stuff for his family. So I agreed 2 meet him after class. We meet at Dunnes n st8 away we went 2 d travel agent n took his flight ticket. Then off we went 2 Grafton n take a look at d souvenirs shops. He didn't buy anything yet.

He walked me 2 Akib's houz which is near 2 Haizie's. Coz I need 2 b at d open houz around 6pm. D gurlz went wif Razlan n Ayin. D open houze was okie.

We went back home still hungry, hahahahahahhaa.......... We cook instant noodles, eat 'kuih raya', when suddenly sum1 knocked d door. It was Rizal, wif a box of pizza ;) He's soOOOooo adorable!

Newayz, dat nite, me n my gurLz were sOOoooOo fuLL!!! Thanx 2 Rizal ;)

Friday, November 04, 2005

bLaNcHarD's ToWn ;)

I knoe it's d 2nd day of raya!!!! hahahahahaa...

Rite after class, me n my gurlz when 2 Blanchard's Town shopping centre. It was soooooOOooo big!!!

We shop a LOT!!!! ;) Baby n Elis bought d bubble jacket which is soOO nice n it's worth it.
Me n Baby get ourselves a Dorothy Perkins jeans jacket. Elis got herself a new handbag, hahahahaha... (me n Baby bought tote bag n handbag 1 day b4 Raya :P). N mira got herself sum stuff 4 home :)

Newayz d trip was fun ;)

It was f*cking cold outside!!!!!!

Thursday, November 03, 2005


Selamat Hari Raya ppl!!!!! :)

2day we went 2 Malaysian Hall, n meet lots of ppl. Then we went back home n prepare d houze 4 d BIG open houze which was organize by d WHOLE BATCH!!!! It was a success ;)

Nothing much 2 tell.... Actually 2 much 2 tell.... hhahahahha ;)

Sunday, October 30, 2005

a LaZy DaY.......

I woke up late n start doing nothing.... I'm DAT lazy, hahahahahahahhaa.........

I on9 4 a while, chat wif sum frenz.

Mira decided 2 cook 'nasi lemak'. So I helped her out. We had a delicious dinner u knoe ;)

Eventho we dun knoe how 2 cook but we try. Hurmmm.... I think d 4 of us gonna b a great cook after dis :P :P :P

Then we get bored. I text Uma, Amer n Izwan, n ask them out! Then all of us when 2 Eddie's Rocket AGAIN!!!! hahhahaahhahahhaa.............. N rite after dat 2 Temple Bar coz we wanna c d Halloween celebration. We do meet sum weird costumes ;) But I guess 2moro (2day actually) is d REAL celebration.

Thank god we on hols. It's d bank holiday or sumthing. Not sure whether I'm going or not 2moro. But college ppl gonna go out 2moro. Hurmmm....... Think fAirY, think! hahahahaa...

P/S : I called Kiddo 2day n we haf a nice chat.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

EdDiE's RoCkET ;)

Rizal called Elis n said dat he wanna take us 4 an ice-cream treat at Eddie's Rocket. Nice huh?

Rizal came wif Boss n also Naqi. We had ice-cream - Fudge Brownies, Kit Kat, Banana Split. N we also had a choc shake & malts, cheese fries n garlic mushrooms. YuMmY!!!!!! :D :D :D

Rizal gave us a small TV. He said it's a loan only, hahahahahaa......... But sadly we can only watch 1 channel. Stupid huh? But thanx a lot Rizal ;)

Then we went 2 Amer's 2 watch Halloween H2o. Scary movie......... hehehhehehee..... D most eeeeeeeerrryyyyyy part was went she cut his bro head! Euwww.....

At LasT!!!! i GoT mY iNTeRneT!!!!!!! :D :D :D

Hehehehehehehe.......... Too happy!!!!! ;)

I updated DIS bLoG juz now. Dats y I haf lots of new entries. Dun 4get 2 read it!!!!! :P :P :P

Rite now I'm on my bed typing all dis things!!! Supposedly using wireless, but sumhow it doesn't work yet! So we haf 2 use d LAN thingy, juz like streamyx. But we call all use it at d same time. If only I took my houz pics! I will take it later n paste it here.

I knoe u guyz misz me... hehehehehehee....... :P :P :P

SoOoooOOoo HaPpY!!!!!

Friday, October 28, 2005

bUkA pUaSa 2gETheR :)

We haf our 1st ever 'buka puasa' 2gether :)

We invited d boyz from Amer's houz n also Din's houz. It's really fun tho ;)

We (d gUrLz) cook a really delicious dinner, hehehehehehe.....

Rite after dat we played UNO 1 round, n decided 2 go 2 Bewley's again! :)
Then walked around at Temple Bar n decided 2 take some pics. Then off we went back home.

Tired..... ;)

Sunday, October 23, 2005


I feel like shit!!!! Seriously I hate everything!!!!!

cHiCKeN riCe ;)

I woke up coz Chain sms me telling me he called juz now but I’m asleep. So I called him back. I called Fadly n woke him up. He starts work at 12 2day. I called dad n talk 2 him 4 a while. I called my bro Joe too. Really misz them all.

After shower, I haf dis CRAZEE idea dat I wanna cook chicken rice! So I sms Fadly n ask him 2 sms me back during his break. When he did, I called him up n asked 4 d recipe.

Mira helped me out wif d cooking. Elis n Bee went out n buy red chilli 4 me. I cooked wif d fear of failing. But I didn’t :P :P :P

D gurlz love it n eat soooooOOooo much! I cook a lot by d way ;)

Still waiting 4 d chicken rice guru 2 come (If he feel like coming laa…)

Gotta go n calculate my EXPENSES!!!!!! I’m broke!

Saturday, October 22, 2005


Woke up late. Dats when Elis said d boyz r ready. St8 away I went 2 d shower. After meeting d boyz (Amer, Izwan, Ayin, Razlan, Mat Le, Din n Ummar), we decided 2 go 2 Dundrum (1 more time 2 me!!!!). So I became their guide coz they never go there.
We did think of watching movie. But we decided against it coz we can’t decided which movie 2 watch :P :P :P At last all of us went separately n SHOP!!!!!!!!! Imagine?!!! ME??? SHOP????? Damn!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m broke!!!!

I did met Fadly 4 a while during his break.

Neway, we did haf fun dat day ;) We decided 2 ‘buka puasa’ at K-Bab K-Lub. But Mat Le went back really early coz he’s not feeling well, n Ummar didn’t ‘buka’ wif us, coz he went 2 Zue’s 2 eat.

Other than shopping n finishing up my money, I’m still breathing n alive! :P :P :P

Friday, October 21, 2005


Rite after class I went 2 d library. I send 2 more online application. Pray 4 me ppl!!!! Wish I’ll get d practice next yr!!!!! :D :D :D

After dat I study a lil of tax, which I took almost 2 hrs 2 finish up d 1st class syllabus. I haf not study d new stuff yet! Crazee isn’t it? I knoe I’m playful :P :P :P

Fadly called around 4pm n ask me whether I’m free 2 follow him find a belt. I met him at Dunnes, n we walked 2 Grafton. Nothing much by d way. He dun like anything! So we decided 2 go 2 Dundrum where he works at d M&S. Dis is my 1st visit 2 Dundrum shopping mall n also my 1st ride of LUAS.

We walked 4 a while. I found a really nice belt, I think its Ted Baker. He likes it, at last!!! But I told him 2 look around 4 others. He agreed ;)

Then off he went 2 work, n I went back ALONE!!!!! I’m kinda scared but I’m okie :)
D gurlz really worried! Dat showed me, they LoVe me LOTS :P :P :P

I knoe I knoe I’m sooooooOOooooo notty :P Sorry gurLz…. LoVe u gurLz LoTs ToO!!!!!

We went 2 Amer’s 2 watch Scream. Din was there too. Scary + Funny movie tho ;)

Saturday, October 15, 2005


We woke up around 8.30am, but we sleep around 5am, hahahahaa…. :)
Coz we went 2 Bewley’s café last nite, meet up wif Fahd. He helped out Amer wif sum stuff. Last nite we took nice pics. There’s me n my gurlz, Amer, Razlan, Izwan n Din.

2day we went 2 Bray using DART (it’s d commuter over here). There’s me n my gurlz, Din, Leang, Julie n her gurlz (12 of us!). We had lots of fun! ;) Even tho it’s like jungle tracking!!!! We went up 2 d top hill, n we can actually c d WHOLE Bray n d beach!!!!! It was awesome!!!!! :D :D :D

Seriously d whole hiking thingy make us really tired. Thank god we had Din wif us. He’s really patient wif us, hahahahaha….

Not 4getting, we took lots of pics!!! We planned 2 send it 2 d newspaper back at home for Salam Perantauan for Raya dis yr. Check it out! ;)

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

MiSziNg Her.....

Rite now I’m sitting infront of Kuro. Juz now I did sum stuff wif d pics. I used Photostitch n play around wif it. I did sum great work wif d pics ;)

I dun knoe y, but I can’t let go dis song… Have You Ever by Brandy. My sis text me juz now. She said she misz me, n also her son Hakim. They talked about me almost everynite! I misz them too…..badly… I guess d song really suits me. But not between me n a guy. But between me n my family.

I didn’t knoe dat I’ll misz them so bad…. I tot going far away from them is d best. Coz I can’t stop arguing wif mom n dad. D 1st week I’m here, I almost cried when I talked 2 dad. Listening 2 his voice consoling me tru d phone, really make me sad… Even now I still cry whenever I look at their pics , or juz plain writing dis damn blog!!! :’( :’( :’(

My sis haf been my bestfren for d past yrs…. When she’s not here wif me, I feel different. She’s alwiz wif me, shopping, gossiping, juz wutever, we do it 2gether n really haf fun. I really misz fighting wif her……

Hakim, Amira n Aiman who I will alwiz love…. I’m juz scared dat they will 4get me when they grew up. I’m still not sure when I’ll go back HOME. Looking again, I hate aeroplanes, dun wanna get in2 any….

My frenz…. Chain is d person I misz so much. We’ve been frenz for d past yrs. Hope he’ll come n join us in Feb. Whoelse? Hurmm…. Kiddo said dat he wanna come next yr during summer break. He got a bro here in Cork. Can’t wait 4 him 2 come n visit :)
Even Ajan wanna come over next yr (I’m praying 4 dat).

Owh yeah… My couz Hafiz is homesick! He went 2 Russia a week earlier than me. Pity him coz my uncle said his houz condition r terrible! It wud b fun if my uncle decide 2 change him HERE in Dublin. Mayb 2 RCSI or Uni of Trinity. But thinking of it again, I dun think it will happen…….

Hurm… I’m suppose 2 study coz dats wut d gurlz do EVERYDAY!!!! I dun really study coz I’m lazy. But I gotta read sum Financial Reporting theories coz d lecturer really like on-d-spot-quiz n also i-ask-u-last-class-theories.

-I’m outta here-

Sunday, October 09, 2005

i'M NoT aT hOmE... :'(

2day d gurlz woke up really late, around 11.30am. I woke up around 8.30am, but when I realized I’m d only 1 who’s awake, I sleep again till 10.30am. Then I took my shower.

St8 after dat, I quickly upload ALL d pics we took y’day. Owh yeah… Y’day we went 2 Malaysian Hall (which is small), n met new ppl ;) There were 2 cute guyz who I talked 2 ;) I think it’s Fahd n Faizal. After dat we went back home. But we took lots of pics during nite at Grafton Street n d street beside it (dunno wut, hahahahhaa…). At home, we ordered Chicken Hut. There’s 10 of us (me+gurLz+amer+izwan+razlan+ayin+din+krel). It was fun tho ;) As usual we played UNO till midnite :P :P :P

Back 2 2day :D We went 2 Tesco, Jervis 2 buy stuff 4 home. N then we met Fadly 4 a while coz I had 2 give him sum official stuff. Then we went 2 Oriental n also Asia Market 2 get all d stuff. Then off we go home :)

Me n Mira cook 2day. D gurlz love it eventho it’s juz instant food, hahahahhaa…. ;)

I did sum merging wif d Canon Photostich s/ware. I’ve done few of it n I like doing it. Then I start decorating d walls infront of my study table n start copying Finance notes from Baby’s :P :P :P As usual, I sleep in class………… hahahhahaa…

D gurlz (Baby+ELis) bcame craze rite after they eat lolly pop they bought at d EU2 shop. I wonder wuts d ingredients, hahahahhaa…. Or they simply do it ;)

Rite now I’m all alone infront of KurO coz they went 2 bed already, even Mira.

Hmmph…. I feel so all alone… I knoe I had fun wif my frenz, taking pics, walking around, meet new ppl, shop, wutever u call it…… But I do feel lonely….

I still can’t believe dat I’m HERE in Dublin n not Malaysia where my family r. I really misz them….. :’( :’( :’(

Nobody can really treat me like how they treat me. If only I meet sum1, mayb a guy, who can make me feel alive again. If only…. If only….. I wonder……..

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

After class we went 2 Jervis which is 30min walk! Hahahahaha….. I get use 2 d walking already. Juz dat my shoulder is really painful coz I’m not use walking n carrying bag.

While Amer n Mira wondering around, me n Elis n Bee went 2 Topshop. When Elis tried d boots there, sum1 said hai… It was Fadly. He’s trying 2 find himself a graduation suit. So he followed us walking here n there.

Then all of us separate, browsing on our own. Me n Fadly browse 4 his suit. Then we went 2 Penney’s 2 find fleece, coz I need a fleece, kinda cold u knoe over here…. It’s 13 celcius during day, n 11 celcius during nite.

B4 I 4got, 2day is d 1st day of Muslim here in Dublin fasting. Yeah…It’s d 1st day of Ramadhan :)

Fadly showed us d shortest way 2 go back 2 our apartment n off he go 2 work.

2day we eat Bee’s cooking ;) It was nice n it’s our 1st day of fasting (did I tell u guyz already??? :P)

Now I’m here infront of Kuro n still sick (flu, cough, etc….), can’t study coz I’m lazy :P :P :P

I wanna call home……. But my voice is so bad coz I’m sick, I haf 2 hold it. I dun want my mom n dad worried. I misz mom n dad n sis…….. :’( :’( :’(

pUaSA!!!!!!!! :D

After class we went 2 Jervis which is 30min walk! Hahahahaha….. I get use 2 d walking already. Juz dat my shoulder is really painful coz I’m not use walking n carrying bag.

While Amer n Mira wondering around, me n Elis n Bee went 2 Topshop. When Elis tried d boots there, sum1 said hai… It was Fadly. He’s trying 2 find himself a graduation suit. So he followed us walking here n there.

Then all of us separate, browsing on our own. Me n Fadly browse 4 his suit. Then we went 2 Penney’s 2 find fleece, coz I need a fleece, kinda cold u knoe over here…. It’s 13 celcius during day, n 11 celcius during nite.

B4 I 4got, 2day is d 1st day of Muslim here in Dublin fasting. Yeah…It’s d 1st day of Ramadhan :)

Fadly showed us d shortest way 2 go back 2 our apartment n off he go 2 work.

2day we eat Bee’s cooking ;) It was nice n it’s our 1st day of fasting (did I tell u guyz already??? :P)

Now I’m here infront of Kuro n still sick (flu, cough, etc….), can’t study coz I’m lazy :P :P :P

I wanna call home……. But my voice is so bad coz I’m sick, I haf 2 hold it. I dun want my mom n dad worried. I misz mom n dad n sis…….. :’( :’( :’(

Monday, October 03, 2005

bOrEd..... hUrm...

Class as usual. Sumtimes I’m okie… But most of d time, I’m lost………. Hurm….. I’m not sure whether I can do it or not……

Sunday, October 02, 2005

miSz MOm

I woke up n I’m totally sick!!!! I cried coz I’m sick n also I really misz mom…. :’( :’( :’( Bee n Elis went 2 Amer’s n get me sum medicine from d doc which is d same as Panadol. I took d Panadol n start cleaning d kitchen. I haf 2 clean it coz Fadly wanna cook chicken rice 4 us ;) he’s suppose 2 teach me :P

He came around 3pm. We went 2 Asia Market n get sum ingredients. He bought 4 us Soymilk which he said is really tasty n good 4 health (coz I’m sick!!!! :P )

Rite after we arrived, he fixed my laptop (adding up d stuff I deleted :P) n also install spyware 4 me.

Then we start cooking around 5pm. He said it’s gonna take 2 hrs 2 prepare d chicken rice. He asked me 2 clean d chicken, while he make d soup, rice, n other stuff. It was fun tho. I never really knew him. Juz from chatroom. But he’s my senior :) He’s really nice 2 me n my frenz.

After everything settled, me n Mira served it. We all eat it 2gether n get 2 knoe each other better. I knew he haf lots of fun coz Bee knew how 2 entertain ppl who come 2 our houz ;)

He went back around 10.30pm. D gurlz including myself really like d chicken rice, YUMMY!!!!! ;) He knew how 2 cook!!! Hoping 4 him 2 come again n cook :P :P :P

P/S : Fadly remind me 2 eat Panadol!!!!!! Hope I’ll recover soon…… :’(

Saturday, October 01, 2005

sHoP hEre..... :P

2day we went 4 a walk ;) Actually browsing ALL d shops we like. Me n Bee try 2 find ourselves a bagpack. Neway, all of us bought 2 postcards 2 send back home….

I bought 1 wif a pic of Grafton Street, Dublin (which we alwiz go), n d other 1 is a pic of St. Patrick park nearby my apartment (which I share wif d gurlz). Can’t wait 2 send it back home…. Really misz my familia…..

Neway, I’m sick coz we were in d rain juz now from our apartment 2 Kebab Klub. I took 2 panadol n hoping I’ll b okie 2moro coz Fadly is coming over…

Friday, September 30, 2005


I woke up early eventho I slept around 1am last nite!!!! Now I’m still yawning :P

D thing is we haf class at 9am!!!! So damn early…… So, I took my shower, walked 2 college, n find good seat 4 me n my frenz. Then 1 of d Chinese gurl from Beijing told every1 dat d class was cancelled!!!!! Damn!!!

Then we walked back home, take our documents n st8 away 2 PPS. Went we arrived, d guy said dat we need 2 go 2 Bank of Ireland 1st, then GARDA, then only PPS. Gosh!!!! Dis whole thing about being foreigners is really difficult……

My skin especially at my nose is peeling off!!!! Still can’t take d weather I guess….

Juz now called home. Talked 2 mom, dad, sis, 1st bro n Hakim nephew. Really misz them…… :’( :’( :’(

Neway, Fadly sms me 2day :)
So, I’m not DAT sad or boring, hahahahahaa….. He said he’s coming over on Sunday to cook! N also fixing my study table! N also my dearest laptop Kuro!
He said we’ll go 2 d market n buy stuff dat we (me + houzmates) dun haf, which is practically everything!!!!! Hahahahahahahaha…………… :P :P :P :P :P
He said he’s gonna teach me how 2 cook it, meaning I haf 2 do it on my own??? :P
But he’s gonna cook it 4 us if I’m too afraid 2 do it myself (which I’m good in pretending :P :P :P)

P/S : I bought 5 Kinder Bueno for only EU2!!!!! Which cost me almost RM3 each packet in KL. Damn!!! Chocolates here is really cheap…. :D :D :D

Thursday, September 29, 2005


Elis cook a nice dinner ;) Then we karaoke using my laptop, hahahahahaa…. :P :P :P
D 4 of us keep on singing like mad gurlz…. N keep on laughing n dancing n taking pics ;)

Then d boyz (Amer, Izwan, Mat Le, Razlan n Ayin) came. They wanna play UNO cards wif us. We had lots of fun tho ;)

They went back around 12.30am. I’m soooooooo sleepy, st8 away 2 bed.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

AnOThEr DaY...

Fadly called in d morning telling dat he’s gonna meet us at college after class. He wanna return Elis’s laptop.

I almost sleep in class!!!!!! Damn!!!!! I didn’t get much sleep n too tired I guess…..

Around 4pm he meet us. D girlz wanna go 2 Jervis again! Hahahahahhaa…. Off they go n left me wif Fadly n d laptop. Fadly asked me for a drink tho. So we walked 4 a while until we found d Butler’s Chocolate Café. I didn’t drink coffee, so I drink Hot Choc, n he get himself a cappuccino (he’s a coffee addict like Mira). We talked n talked n talked. It was nice.

After dat off he go 2 work, n I was left wif Elis’s laptop. Walking home ALONE!!!!! :P Brave lil gurl…. ;)

Owh… Did I mention 2day is my turn 2 cook???!!!! Hehehehehehehe………
I cook Tom Yam n d gurlz love it!!!!!! :D :D :D

P/S : Fadly said he wanna helped me out wif cooking later on. I hope it will b dis Sunday (coz it’s my turn n Mira’s 2gether).

I dun knoe y but 2day I really misz my sis!!!! :’( :’( :’(

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

1sT dAY of cLaSs ;)

1st day of class, YAY!!!!!
2day we went 2 Aboy’s houz, wanna borrow dat thing. We walked around 4 a while at Jervis. Then off we go 2 Oriental 2 buy rice ;)

I met Kiki n Hana on my way 2 Oriental. I almost get lost (coz I separated from my houzmates, hahahahahaha…) . But I manage 2 get there wif d help of Nasha n Zai my seniors.

Bee suppose 2 cook 2day :P :P :P She got soooooo lucky coz Boss our guy senior came n help her out, hahahahaa…. N it was sooooo delicious… :D :D :D
Then we played cards wif Aboy, Amer n all (Boss went back already).

It was a fun day tho.. ;)

Thursday, September 22, 2005

d DaY

I feel a bit nervous, but mostly I feel empty…. I wonder y…
Neway, I went 2 d airport around 6.30pm. I arrived at KLIA around 8.30pm, st8 away 2 d check-in point. Dats when I knew my flight was delayed. Supposedly around 11.30pm, but it was delayed until 2.30pm. Dis is d starting point of d AMAZING RACE.

Neway, sum of my frenz came 2 d airport. 2 name a few, Ajan who came all d way ALONE from Subang, Chain who said he didn’t wanna come coz he’s too sad, Gope, Irman, n lots more………

I cried at d airport coz I can’t take it when I saw Hakim my nephew cried. I misz him badly……….. :’( :’( :’( :’( :’(

In d flight I got d best sit. U knoe y? Coz I sit at d exit door. Nobody infront of me. I can stretch my legs. When we arrived at Amsterdam airport, we got d news dat our agent didn’t book d flight 2 Dublin 4 us coz of d delayed. We did it ourselves. I got d last flight, around 4.35pm local time. We haf 2 wait around 8 hrs. I called home. I almost cried when I talked 2 Hakim…… I misz him badly………..

We got on our flight 2 Paris. We gonna haf 2 take another flight 2 Dublin. Isn’t it like a race????? We ran all d way after we got off at Paris. We almost misz our flight 2 Dublin. We arrived at Dublin around 8.30pm ( we r suppose 2 arrived around 9.20am!!!!!!!!!)

I called home st8 away. D seniors send us 2 Swifthall, 2 Amer’s houz 2 put our bags. We took sum of our stuff n off 2 Naily’s houz. We sleep over there on our 1st nite.

D next day, Naily n her frenz (Erin n Dot) bring us out SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!! :P
Mayb u think I’ll b so damn happy!!!! But I’m not!!!

We bought a LOT of stuff until we can’t even bring it ourselves. The stuff dat we bought were pillows, duvet, duvet cover, blower, blender, rice cooker, kettle, stuff 2 d bathroom (they dun haf water like KL!!!!), n lots more…. Damn tired wif all d walking n dragging d stuff we bought. We took a cab back home.

D 2nd nite was in our own SWEET home :P :P :P
Elis n Bee took d big room wif small wardrobe. Me n Mira took d small room wif d BIG wardrobe, hahahahahahhahahahaha……….. :P :P :P I can stash in d stuff I’m gonna buy over here!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

It was so damn cold!!!!!!!!

D next day was outing day 4 ALL of us. We went 2 Dunnes Store 2 shop 4 our food, mainly breakfast stuff. Then we walk back home n quickly prepare breakfast which we had around 1pm!!!!! :P

Then we went out again 2 shop!!!! I bought a long sleeve thermal n also 3 sleeveless thermal at Mark n Spencer (which is so damn cheaper than in KL!!!!!!!). We got ourselves hangers 4 our cloths n also sum other stuff ;)

We went back home. Bee cooked Chinese fried rice 4 us which is yummy!!!! :)
Then we talked n talked n talked :P

Knock knock knock!!!!! Who’s there???? All of us r so afraid 2 open d door. Then we asked who’s there n he said, ‘Fadly laa….’. At last I meet him, hahahahahhaa….. We alwiz chat in MSN Msgr like almost everyday.

He sold us his study table, study lamp, n he also give us 2 free lugz n also sum chicken n french fries ;)

All of us clean up d houz A.S.A.P. They (Fadly, Boss, Amin) came 2 our houz after they clean up their houz which is infront of us.
They helped out wif Bee n Elis’s laptop. Bee’s r okie, only Elis’s still waiting.

After dat Amer, Razlan n Izwan came by 2 hang out, Their houz r so near 2 ours. 1 min walking ;)

After they went back, st8 away we went 2 sleep.

By d way Chain called around 20 min from KL n talk 2 all of us. I kinda misz him :P We r so damn close back in KL, even tho we alwiz fight, hahahahahhaa….. Frenz 4ever :)

Rite now I’m sitting infront of my laptop hoping dat I’m actually typing dis stuff while I on9. But I haf 2 hold on 1st coz I need 2 apply 4 d broadband line which will take 1-2 mths. Damn!!!! I misz internet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-I’m outta here-

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

i DuN kNoE wHeN....

I dun knoe when I'm gonna update my blog.

Coz I'm going 2moro, n haf no idea when my broadband over there will b on.

I knoe I'll misz blogging in here. I'll b back ppl... I'll b back once I get my broadband ;)

Wish me luck on my new journey!!!! :D :D :D

Monday, September 19, 2005

It'S gETTiNg NeAr........

2day I went 2 d college, 2 attend d small ceremony 4 us. Photo taking actually.

Went back home n relax :P

Then I packed AGAIN!!!!!! D handcarry is so damn difficult! I mean we r only allowed 6kgs. D bag itself weight 3kg. I put in my laptop, it's around 7kgs!!!!!

After trying n trying,n do sum thinking, I decided 2 bring a separate laptop bag. So I put other stuff in handcarry. But I haf 2 4get about d sling bag I wanna bring 2gether, I dump it in d handcarry.

So, all my documents, tickets, wutsoever related wud b in my laptop bag (which is actually my bro's bag, heheehehehehhee......). It's a bagpack laptop, not d sling laptop bag.

Now I'm waiting 4 my dad's fren 2 come. He wanna meet me 1st b4 I go off.

Naily called 2day again :) She really helps me out ;) Thanx a lot gurl.....

Now I think I'm ready 2 go........ Am I? ;)

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Naz came on Friday around 4pm. We went 2 KLCC 2 meet up my frenz (Bee, Elis, Mira Joy, Bard n CT). B4 we meet them, we went 2 c Norman. He is Naz’s fren back in London.

We went back around 11.30pm. We chat wif Ameer till 5am!!!!!!!!!! Hahahhahahaha…. We woke up late :P

After dat, we went 2 d saloon 2 wash our hair ;)
Then we met her fren Zaheer at KL Sentral. He’s in my MSN list :D
He’s really nice n fun 2 b wif :)
We took lots of pics dat day. Check it out will ya ;)

We also got a chance 2 meet up wif Krel our frenz back in skool. He’s wif his gf n her siblings.

We went 2 Starhill new restaurants place. It is sooooo damn cool n nice. All of us were so tired!!!!!!!! Went back n sleep ;)

Woke up late again!!!!! :P :P :P
Naz went back around 1pm, her mom picked her up. She went back 2 Ipoh!!!!!!
:’( :’( :’( :’( :’(
I’m so sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But I’m sure glad dat she made it 2 KL n 2 my houz n spend d WHOLE weekend wif me!!!!! :D :D :D

P/S : Glad dat I meet Norman n Zaheer :)

Thursday, September 15, 2005

rOcKsTaR INXS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

Gosh!!!!!!!!!! I'm sooooooooooooooooooo super addicted wif dis show!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

Glad dat JD Fortune made it 2 d final!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;) I knew u didn't need it coz u r tooooooooo damn good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Marty is good too, n also Mig. Suzie is not so bad.... :) But I juz got d feeling dat INXS dun want a gurl in their band.

So d final 3 is Mig, Marty n JD Fortune!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

SaLoOn.... ?

I learn from mom how 2 fried chicken. I mean her own recipe ;) It's really yummy u knoe.. :P

I went 2 d saloon 2 do my hair... Hurmm..... I've been thinking 2 do sumthing new. I mean a new haircut. Mayb a fringe wud look nice ;)

Neway, haf 2 wait 3 days n it's ok 2 wash my hair. Or else everything will b wasted! D money, d hours sitting in d saloon...... Only ppl who straighten their hair wud knoe how it feels... ahahhahahahahaha... :P :P :P

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

EmPTy...... :'(

I feel sooooo empty.... :'( :'( :'(

I juz finished cleaning up my room 98% . Another 2% is d stuff I wanna give 2 ppl, but I haf not bring it down. Too tired.....

My room is almost empty.... I gave my 1st ever radio bought by my dad 2 my sis, she wants 2 put it in her office room. All d new books/diaries I never use, I gave it 2 my mom n dad. My collection of bags........ Hurmm... I juz put it down 1st. I knew my sis n mom wud love 2 use it. Wut else??

My purple coffe table I bought at IKEA, I give it 2 mom. My round pillow which I haf 4, I gave it 2 my nephew, sis n mom, n also my BIG square pillow. I only take 1 side 2 put all d stuff (my books, notes, teddy :'(, juz wutever I still want 4 myself. I think my 2nd bro will take over my room n I knew he can't take care of it.

Dats y I clean it up 1st. I dun want him 2 throw things dat I like, or simply gives my stuff 2 ppl. I wanna give it 2 d ppl I like.

Neway, I haf 8 small teddy. Dis teddies can b a keychain, put in a car or wutever. It can b a lucky charm too. I've been thinking I wanna give it 2 ALL d ppl I like, or shud I say my frenz dat I'm gonna leave coz I choose Dublin..... :'( :'( :'(

Damn!!!!!! I almost cry when I talked 2 my nephew Hakim. He asked me y I clean up my room. I told him I'm moving 2 a new houz. Then he asked me back, for how long? 10 days??? At dat point I really wanna cry!!!!!!!!!!!!! :'( :'( :'(
I told him I'll b gone more than hundred days.....
N then he said it's ok, coz he can dream of me when I'm gone..... :'( :'( :'(

I can't take d feelings anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go RoUnD n RoUnD n RoUnD..........

I'm dizzy rite now... hahahahahahaa..... Around n around n around........ ;)

Neway, I'm sooooooo tired rite now!!!!!

I sleep around 3am last nite. Woke up at 6.45am. Took bath n off I go wif my dad 2 his frenz' office. We need his signature n stuff for d JPA thingy. But he's not there!!!!!

So we decided 2 go 2 MSL instead. I took my flight ticket, ask LOTS of question!!!!!!!

1. Every extra 1kg of baggage, we haf 2 pay around RM146
2. Only 2 piece bag we can bring 2gether wif us.
For example : i. laptop bag + handcarry
ii. handcarry + slingbag/handbag
iii. laptop bag + slingbag/handbag
3. Muslim food r gonna b serve, so dun worry a thing!!! ;)
4. Better use courier if u haf lots of things instead of paying d extra baggage. She told us d stuff
in detail

After dat we went 2 JPN 2 settle d stamping stuff.
Then off we go 2 my dad's frenz' office AGAIN!!!!

Dad decided 2 go back home 1st, so dat he can haf his prayer n I can take my lunch.

Around 2pm, off we go 2 Putrajaya. 2 b exact, we went 2 JPA 2 send d whole agreement thingy.

N now I'm at home, wanna take sum sleep.........


I haf 2 clean up my room!! It's been hit by a tornado!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P

Monday, September 12, 2005

WuTs WrOnG???

I juz dun understand wut juz happened....

I can't open/log in here!!!!!! Now I'm here I juz wanna knoe y???!!!!!!!!

Hurmmm...... Is dat over reaction or wut?

I guess I'm juz tired + sleepy + sick + wutever u wanna call me....

Sunday, September 11, 2005

i JuZ diD iT..

I dun knoe y....

I think it's out of my curiosity (which is vewyy high!!!!) hurmm.... ;)

I juz starts my own msn space!!!!! It's like a combination of everything I haf!!!!
Multiply, Bloggers, Fotopages... etc...

I think it's out of boredoom n also curiosity n also juz plain net-tech-gurL (as if... ehhehehe..)

Neway it's connected 2 my MSN messenger. Dats y I Like it... :)
ALL my frenz in my MSN messenger can view it...

But of course I'll never 4get ALL d stuff I pour in here!!!! N I'll keep on pouring!!!!!! :D :D :D

Saturday, September 10, 2005

MoM iS mY LiFe SaVeR!!!!!

Imagine? She woke me up early, saying dat we r gonna get food n toiletries 4 my BIG STUDY ADVENTURE!!!!! :D

So we went 2 Giant. We bought lots of foods n toiletries :)

When we came back, take a look at d stuff n packed it in d wrapping bag. Then I realize dat d stuff I juz bought can't possibly fit in my bag!!!!!! Damn!!!!

I'm tired n sick in my stomach, I decided 2 sleep in my mom's room. Around 6pm she woke me up. She said dat she managed 2 put ALL d stuff in my SMALL bag!!!!!!!! N she weighted d bag n it reach 30kgs!!!!! :D :D :D

But still my jeans, 10 shirts n 3 'baju raya' can't fit in!!!!!! Waaa!!!!!!!!!!

N then my dad said he will courier my books WIF my clothing which can't fit in d bag!!! YAY!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

So, I'm going only wif my 30 kgs bag, my hand carry n my sling bag :)
Damn it's heavy!!!!

Friday, September 09, 2005


I pack my big bag. N guess wut? My bag is waaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy toooooooooo SMALL 4 my stuff!!!!!!

I had 2 roll my shirts, n still lots of my stuff still can't fit in. Coz I make space 4 foods n toiletries. I still haf 1 jeans, 10 shirts n 3 'baju raya' !!!!!! Wut shud I do???!!!!

I'm too tired 2 think rite now................ :'(

Thursday, September 08, 2005

KeNdUr! DoA sELaMaT :)

2day is my 'kenduri doa selamat'.

Everything goes well..... But we r soooooooooo tired!!!!!! :P :P :P

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


D word came 2 me suddenly.... I wonder y...

Neway, my uncle n aunt went back already. I saw my uncle (my mom younger bro) hug my mom n kiss both of her cheek. He really love my mom, I saw him do it everytime they meet. I only kiss my sis, not my 2 bros. I really respect their closeness n d love they pour 2 each other as good siblings. i dun think i can do d same 2 my bros or they do it 2 me. Hurmmm.... I'm jealous actually.. :P

My cousin is getting a LOT better. Good 4 her.

I watched One Tree Hill juz now. N also Rockstar INXS competition. They all rock!!!!! ;)

Now I'm here chatting wif my frenz Nazira n Ajan. Gonna misz them!!!!!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


I got d bad news juz now around 5pm.

My cousin tried 2 commit suicide!!!!! She took 30 pills of ponstan!!!!!!!!

She's okie I guess. My parents n sis went 2 visit her. She's in a difficult situation. Pity her 4 doing it... I dun know wuts in her mind when she took it.

Neway her parents drive all d way from Johor 2 visit her. Now they r here at my houz sleeping wif their other kids....

Hurmm..... Thank god she's okie... Thank god...

P/S : Neway I went 4 medical check-up, n need 2 go again *sigh* I hate going 2 hospitals!!!

Sunday, September 04, 2005

SeNdiNg HiM..... :'(

Not my bf tho.... I dun have any, remember?

I send my cousin Hafiz at KLIA juz now. I juz get back home...

He's going 2 Russsia for 6 yrs!!!!! He's taking medical, coz he wanna b a doctor. Isn't it great? :)

Honestly, I dun even sure when I'm gonna c him again :'(
Me n him r really close since small. He's going 2 b in Russia for d next 6 yrs, n I'm gonna b in Dublin. Damn!!! I'm gonna misz him!

I knew he's sad coz all of us can c it from his face. But he act cool :)
Lotsa luck 4 him lil bro! ;)

As usual, I took sum pics.

My cousin Harith, my uncle Chik Din, my cousin Hafiz (he's on his way 2 Russia!!!!), ME!!! :P, my FAT bro Joe

Image hosted by

Same ppl as above, additional of my other cousin Boy

Image hosted by

Dis is me n my dearest cousin Lina (Isn't she cute? :P) I love her LIKE A LOT!!!!! ;)

Image hosted by

Saturday, September 03, 2005


I went 2 kLcC 2day. Coz I’m desperate!!!!!! I need 2 get myself a walking shoe, n 2moro is d last day of SALE!!!!!!!

After all d shops n searches, I met d walking shoe ;) n it’s cheap. After dat I met my sis n his son Hakim. I bought 4 him a shirt from Quiksilver as his b’day present which is on d 3rd of Dec (I’m not gonna b here tho at dat time).

I also get a pair of slipper from Reef, n also 2 socks from Roxy.

Not much xcept d word SHOPPING in my forehead!!!! Hahahahahaha… :P

P/S : juz dat I’m a bit disappointed coz d Nike shoe dat I like have no size or shud I say finish? Coz it’s 1 of those new designs. Damn!!!

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A dAY cALLeD FuN!!!!

My sis n I picked him up at KL Sentral around 3pm. She drive us to 1Utama. We were soooooo damn hungry!!!! We rushed to Nando’s n had a large lunch ;)

They r soooooo in2 each other!!! :P

After dat we went shopping!!!!!! I need to get myself a shoe, sneakers or sumthing….. He wanna get a boot. Both of us didn’t managed to get d stuff we want! But my sis got herself a pink pants from FCUK, n a baby-t from MNG (really cool shirt!!!!)

All of us get a LUCKY CHARM, but evil characters!!!! Hahahahahahahhahaa…….. Me n him put ours at our digicam. N my sis put hers at her Furla handbag.

We had dinner at TGI Friday’s. Nice food dat we had :D >>> Buffalo Wings, Nachos, Mud Pie
TALK!!!!! TALK!!!!! TALK!!!!!

Send him 2 LRT Bangsar. He misz d last komuter. We met him back at KL Sentral. He called his parent n they picked him up at LRT putra nearby his uncle’s houz.

We had a LOT of fun!!!!! :D

Owh yeah…. It’s Ameer people… hehehehe… Who do u have in mind huh? ;)

P/S : He took LOTS of pics n videos 2day. Still waiting 4 him 2 send it 2 me :):)

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

!nDePeNdEnCe DaY!!!!!

CoOL huh? :) It's Malaysia 48th b'day!!!!!

I went 2 Putrajaya 2 watch d fireworks (which is nice, but not enough compare 2 d effort of KL ppl who drove all d way there).

Actually i was forced 2 go!!!! I hate crowded places!!!

Neway I went wif my 1st bro n his wife n his kidz, n also my sis n her son. Practically I'm there coz both my nephews n niece were going 2 :)

We grabbed Mc'D on our way home, n I eat like a pig!!! hahahahahahaa.... ;) I had my dinner at 2.30 in d morning!!!!!!! Thanx 2 d 24 hours drive-tru Mc'D at Projet :P :P :P

As usual I took sum pics n videos. But I still dunno how 2 transfer my videos in here , LOL...
Enjoy d pics.. ;)

1. D bridge in Putrajaya... Isn't it nice? :)

Image hosted by

2. My sis n her son Hakim :D

Image hosted by

3. My sis-in-law wif her son Aiman n daughter Amira

Image hosted by

4. I like dis pic tho.. ;) It's Aiman

Image hosted by

Monday, August 29, 2005

GoOd Or BaD?

I dun know whether dis is good or bad....

I juz knew dat Naz my fren move 2 Ipoh. N she's not going back 2 Birmingham. Damn!!! I misz her!

I'm not sure dis is a good news or bad, both 2 her n me...

But I really misz her!!!!!! I HAF 2 meet her b4 I'm off 2 Dublin!!!!!! I juz haf too...... :'(
Time is running out..... THINK!!!! THINK!!!!! THINK!!!!!!

:'( :'( :'(

Saturday, August 27, 2005

YuMmY!!!!! ;)


I juz had my dinner which I ordered from Mc'D.
I ate Chicken burger, 1 Mc'D chicken (d other chicken, I gave it 2 my FAT bro) :P, french fries n coke ;) N my yummy dessert >>> ChOcOLaTe SuNdAe!!!!!!!! (waiting 4 me in d fridge) :P :P

Actually Chain wanna send me Mc'd. But I figured, he's gonna b late coz he live far from my houz. N I'm sooooo hungry!!!! :P I ordered myself n tell him 2 send it 2 me next time ;)
Wut a pig? hahahahaa...

My sis called. She's at d hotel wif her son. She asked whether I wanna join them. Coz Hakim is sleeping n she get bored.. ahhahaa...

Nahh.... I dun wanna go coz I enjoy being at home, in my room ;)
Coz less than a month I'm gonna leave my room n houz....

My room is my sanctuary.... I'm gonna misz it sooooo much!!!!!! :'(

WoOp.. ;)

Grrrr.... I woke up late.. hehehhee..
Coz last nite I chat wif Amer, Zamira, Faiq n Khairul, n got carried away... hahaha...

Faiq gave me a website link which is cool ;) Neway Faiq, I've been thinking about wuts in d website.. I'll let u know as we go on... :)

Owy yeah... Woke up late, have 2 do d laundry, wash dishes n cook!!!! Hahahhaa.. :P
Coz my mom not at home rite now..

I wanna watch TV but dat stupid ASTRO alwiz have dat irritating sounds!!! I can't hear a thing!

I end up infront of Kuro :)

Friday, August 26, 2005

HaPp!EsT dAY!!!!

Can u believe it?????!!!

I got d JPA LOAN!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

It's like dream come true.....!!!! I never xpected dat I'll get it!
When d postman came, I was like >>> 'Did d JPA ppl give me back my resume?'
Coz d letter is thick! Actually when I open it, they gave me d agreement!!!!!!

I'm wif my mom at dat time. N I shouted!!!!!!!! :P She shouted too!!!! Too happy I guess :)

St8 away I called Baby n told her. Then get in touch wif Zamira too.
N guess wut???
All 4 of us (me, Baby, Zamira n Elisa) get d JPA LOAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Isn't it great? ;) I guess I'll get xtra pocket money from my dad every mth then :P :P :P

Thursday, August 25, 2005

TaLk = bEe

Bee/Baby called around 8.30pm, we talked till 11pm!!!!

We juz can't stop talking!!! Thank god we end up in d same houz! :P
We decided 2 share some of d toiletries, such as toothpaste, soap, n shampoo, coz we use d same brand.. :)

Neway, Faiq told me dat his houz in Dublin have ghost? Eeeeeee... scary.... He wanna tell me about it.. hahaha..

Chain sms me telling me he's going 2 sleep, n remind me 2 go 2 work 2moro!!!! hahahahaa...
I'm going.... seriously!!!! :P

sTaY aT hOmE

I didn't go 2 work!!! LOL ;)

Juz plain lazy..... Can't wait 4 my last day!!!!!!!!!!!

Chain said dat 1 word 2 describe me is NOTTY!!!! Am I? hahahahaa....
I'm gonna misz him sooo much!!! Hope he study well n come over in Feb ;)

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Monday after I type in d entry about Ayyum, he sms, hahahahaha....
He called n we talked :) , after dat I called until I finished up my credits, n he called back, damn! It's complicated! hahahahaaa....

We went out 4 dinner y'day at R&K Setiawangsa. He picked me up around 9pm n send me back around 12. Coz we can't STOP talking, hahahahahaa.... We juz LOVE 2 talk!!! :P Actually it was me who really talk a lot. We catch up on things. Neway, I knew dat when I'm not in KL anymore, I'll misz talking 2 Ayyum d gummy bear ;)

2day he picked me up from work coz I dun have any transport. He's from college, his class finish late I think.... N he told me he read my last entry about him! N he think dat ppl wud think dat he's such a bad guy... hahahahaha.... R u kidding me? Ayyum is d nicest guy ever! Well, misunderstanding happens :)

Neway, me n my frenz planning 2 do a BBQ party (yesh MyNn n DiRaH), it's for real ;)
But we have no idea where 2 do it. D thing is we want every1 2 come n mayb have 2 pay a lil, chip in money :) Hope it's okie wif all :D

Spread d words 2 d whole batch okie? ;) N plz do keep in touch either wif me, Baby, Chain, Amer or Elisa. Coz we been talking about it. Juz dat we xtremely need help here. THANX!!!!! :D :D :D

Monday, August 22, 2005

I jUz DuN gET iT...

I went 2 office 2day, n I dun have any work, n I play games all day!!!

So, I sms Ayyum asking where is he, if he's nearby, wanna lunch 2gether or not. No reply... I guess he dun have any credits left in his hp. So it's okie..

Around 6pm, while waiting 4 my officemate finished her work, coz I went back wif her, I called Ayyum. U know.. Juz wanna talk. But he didn't picked up his hp. ????? U wonder? I wonder too...

He said I alwiz ignore him n all, alwiz 4get about him... etc...
But now it looks like he's doing it 2 me.

I juz dun get it!

Sunday, August 21, 2005

I sHud ExpLaiN.... ;)


On Friday, I went out wif Adura but I didn't buy any dress or top!

I went out in d morning wif Elisa n Bee. We went 2 Naily's houz 2 settle our stuff :) Glad it goes well....
After dat bee drop me at d Setiawangsa LRT station, n off I go 2 KLCC again!!! I test d Esprit purple dress but it looked weird on me!!! So I went down n test d Topshop dress, n it fits well. I grab it, n went off 2 buy 1901 hotdogs! YUMMY!!!!

Adura came, n jep send us 2 d saloon. We wash our hair n blow dry. Then we went back 2 my houz n get ready 4 d DBS annual dinner.

Chain n Amer picked us up. Seriously we have lots of fun over there :D among ourselves of course ;)
In my table, there's me, Bee, Elisa, Adura, Zamira, Amer, Chain, Deja, Faizal, n abg Azrul. We took a LOT of pics!!!!!

I posted it on my fotopages :) If u wanna c it, juz click d link on d left of dis page ;)
FOTOPAGES!!!!!! :)

Friday, August 19, 2005

sHoP TiLL u DrOp ;)

I'm at home rite now.. hehehehehhee.... ;)

I took half day, coz I wanna go shop!!!!!! :P :P :P
Bad bad gurl..... ;)

I juz finished cleaning up my room, coz Adura said she wanna sleepover! Not sure whether it's gonna happen or not... hahahaa... But my room is a TOTAL mess....

I need 2 shop 4 my annual dinner top or mayb a dress... I dunno wut 2 wear... LOL...

But I think I'm gonna get d Roxy belts! Gonna get both pink n green belt! Hurmmm.... I think I wanna go 2 Naf Naf n get myself a nice dress... :) Coz last yr I bought my tube dress there n I love their designs!!!!! Or mayb Salabianca? I bought a dress there 2 yrs ago, cute pink short dress.... But Salabianca is a lot expensive than Naf Naf... I need 2 minimize d price!!! So dat I can buy other stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

I'll let u guyz know wut happen next ;)

Thursday, August 18, 2005

WuT 2 WeAr???

I have no idea on wut 2 wear 2 d annual dinner dis saturday!!!!!!!!

I gotta go n find a nice top! Or mayb a nice dress!!!!! Damn!!! Dat wud use up my money....

Hope I found d rite thing 2 wear!!!!

Wish me luck!!!!