Tuesday, January 30, 2007

i'M sO sAd.... :'(

I dunno wut I did or say dat was so wrong... He dun want 2 pick up d phone, or reply my text, or even reply my msgs in YM.

He really make me sad.... :'(

I'm so sorry if I did sumthing wrong or say sumthing dat hurt u. If u tell me wut I did wrong, I'll never do it again... U knoe how much u meant 2 me rite? Plz dun do dis 2 me.... *sob*sob*sob*

-fairy away... crying.........-

Monday, January 29, 2007

HeYa PpL ;)

Heya ppl! :)

I juz got my internet! At last! We decided 2 use Clearwire coz Eircom is juz wayyyyyy to slow wif their service.

Newayz, Happy New Year ppl! (Am I too late 2 wish it?) Hehehheheee.... Sorry... I misz updating in here n talk craps! Hahahahhaa..... Now u guyz r juz gonna start reading my craps again ;)

Well well well..... Wuts d latest huh? I met 2 really nice happy gurlz named Surya n Rynn. I like them both. Wut else? Owh yeah... Last Saturday we (me, Nana, Surya n Rynn) went to Malahide Castle. It was a nice place. I like it. Juz dat we didn't go inside d castle. We had a picnic outside d castle, in d park of course. D weather dat day is not so good. But at least we had fun there.

U knoe wut? It's like I lost words. I juz dunno wut 2 update or blog nemore. Wuts happening 2 me huh? Damn! C u guyz around....