Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Hurrmmm.... Wut did I do 2day?

After class went 2 Mehran bought chicken, Hadi drive us there. Send d chicken n d gurlz home. Me n Hadi went 2 Tesco n shop a lil. We met Fadzil n haf lunch at Epicurean, n it was nice :)

Then picked Alia from college n st8 2 Hadi's place. We watched 2Pac life story n Honey. Hadi cook!!!! :) He really knoe how 2 cook! Then he send Alia home, n me. He hang aorund 4 a while, played JoEy Jr. n he lose!!!! :P :P :P Gonna tell Nick, Fara, Saiful, Intan n every1 about it!!!! Hhahahahahahahaha............. *eViL gRiN* ;)

Now doing nothing..... Owh yeah.. Chatting wif Alep....

Monday, November 28, 2005

mOnDaY bLuEs.... ;)

Juz came back from Akib's houz. He n his houzmate cook a delicious meal 4 us! Yummy! ;)

They came 2 our houz around 3pm n played JoEy Jr. n we all really haf fun :)
Even our neighbour d medic student came 2 joined us 4 a while. We even played Uno! Juz dat we were too tired 2 play Twister, hahahahahaa............

After all d fun we had, they invited us 2 their houz coz they wanna cook dinner or shud we say supper? heheheee... ;)

Wutever it is, MoNdAY been a good day 4 me n my gurLz. We got d chance 2 get 2 knoe Akib, Alep, Qaiyum, Deli n Hoo. They r nice guyz n ppl we can haf fun wif n also b a good frenz :)

ZzzZzzzz.......... Guess I better get sum rest after all d battles ;)

Sunday, November 27, 2005

a NeW ThiNg ;)

I juz got out from shower.... Mannn... It was nice :)

Hurmmm.... Wut did I do y'day huh?
i went out alone, walking n took pictures, LoVe every moment of it. Then Faiq called, saying dat he n Hadi wanna go 2 Blanchard's Town, play bowling. To make long story short, we went there d 4 of us (myself, Naqi, Faiq n Hadi). I lose obviously coz I dunno how 2 play bowling :P

Then they send me at Christchurch 2gether wif Naqi. I met Mira n both of us had dinner at Iskander n it was nice too :) Then I went 4 my phototaking again, n Mira tag along.

After a while, we feel like having ice-cream, we went 2 Eddie's Rocket. At dat time I realize dat Hadi text me. He n all d other ppl (mostly my seniors who works here) were at Starbuck. So off we go 2 Starbuck n meet them. There were 10 of us n it was fun tho, getting 2 knoe all dis ppl. They r nice ppl :)

Hadi bring us 2 his houz n damn it was nice. Meet up wif 'anak2 Hj Uma' (Fara+her husband, Nick). Then meet Dr. Intan + soon 2 b husband, n sum other ppl. We hang out, watch movies, play UNO, n lastly Hadi asked us 2 sleep in his room coz he's too sleepy 2 send us back home.

Around 10.20 am, Haizy text me. Damn!!!!! I 4got!!!!! I promised her 2 go out wif her. Gotta cancel gurl, am sooooooOOoooo sorry. I'll make it up 2 u next time, I promise :)

Now I'm writting dis, waiting 4 Mira 2 get ready, coz we wanna go out again coz I wanna take more pics! ;)

Later ppl.......

Friday, November 25, 2005

NiCe ;)

As usual I woke up late :P

On d way 2 college, we will pass tru St. Patrick park. N it was covered by snow!!!!!! It's snowing!!!!!! :P :P :P

Neway, rite after class went back home. Rizal n Naqi wanna come 4 lunch+dinner kinda thing. Dis is gonna b their last visit b4 they went back home a.k.a Malaysia.

Mira cook 'nasi lemak' which is soooOOOoo yUmMy!!!! :D

We played JoEy Jr. n aLso uNo. All of us had fun :)

They went back around 8pm. We can't send them 2 airport next week coz they haf early flight at 6am!!!!! So, d visit was a goodbye visit. But they coming back 2 study in London starting Feb next yr. Hopefully they'll haf time 2 drop by n visit us sumtime.

Gonna misz them a LOT!!!! Take care guyz.... ;)

Thursday, November 24, 2005

sNoWiNg!!!!!! ;)

It's snowing outside juz now!!!! :D :D :D
Soooooo xcited!!!!! :P

Akib called n told me about it. N d whole houz was soOOoo xcited! Even d boyz :P
Hurrmmmm.... Hopefully it wud b snowing 2moro again!!!! ;)


Juz got back from class which ended around 5pm (according 2 Dublin weather forecast its nite already!!!!). It's so dark outside. We walked wif Akib n Haizy. Imagine, class till nite!!!! Hhahahahahahaaa.....

Neway, 2day is my 2nd day of fasting ;) But gonna continue next week :P

Hurmmm... Hurmmm... Hurmmm.... Wut else?

Owh yeah.. Last nite Sahak n Mamat from No.36 (our neighbour) came n play JoEy Jr. They lose!!!! hhahahaha ... :P They wanna fight back but after dis at their houz, they haf pool table. Mayb dis weekend we'll drop by n learn how 2 play pool ;)

Wut shud I do 2moro? Study? Movie? Shopping? Hurmmm......... Can't decide tho :P

1 thing 4 sure, it's damn cold over here!!!!!!!!!! OuCh!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Fadly likes dat icon tho, hahahaa... (",)

Neway, 2day I went 2 watched Elizabethtown wif Elissa. It was a really cute story!!!! I like it a lot.... If only there's a guy like dat here ;)

It would b really great 2 fall in love here (coz it's boring here, hahahaha.....)
I juz hope I'll find sum1 sumday :)

Rite now I'm downloading songs. trying 2 download old songs. Alep makes me in2 oldies rite now n also slow rock :P

He did gave me lots of great songs!!! N there r few which I still trying 2 download. Hurmmm.... Been waiting 4 him 2 on9 so dat he can send me d songs dat I can't download :P :P :P

Wut else huh?!! I've been wondering...... Can I take d coldness of winter? Now is juz d starting of winter, n I can't take it coz it's really cold! Feels like wrapping myself wif my duvet n fleece! N Rizal gave bad news saying dat d weather forecast xpected dat dis wud b d worst winter ever!!! OuCh!!!! I'm worried now.......... Hurmm....

Monday, November 21, 2005

My DaY

Hurmmm.... I woke up around 10.15am, n dats when I knew dat I'm gonna b late AGAIN! :P

I sleep around 3.30am last nite, voice chat at YM wif Alep. Been downloading lots of songs :)

After class, me n Baby study a lil (hahahahaa..... as if) :P
Then both of us decided 2 go 2 UGC. We watched diff movie. N I end up watching a sToOpiD movie which I dun wanna mention, hahahahahhaa...... :P

On our way back, Uma called baby saying dat they wanna come over n play JoEy Jr. While waiting 4 them near Bertham Court, Faiq called n asked me out 4 a drink wif his frenz.

He n his fren Ady picked me up using Ady's car (I think). N dats when I realized it's been 2 months since my last ride on a real car!!! Hahahahhaaa...... A bit weird tho.

Then we meet up 2 of their frenz which is my super duper seniors n haf a drink at CaffeMoca. Talk talk talk ....... Then they send me back home.

Now I'm at home, n d ppl outside screaming of joy, hahahahahaha..... They really like JoEy Jr. n our Twister ;)

Feel tired but can't sleep........... *sigh*

Sunday, November 20, 2005

hE's GoNe BaCk...

Woke up around 7am. Take my shower, had breakfast n off we go 2 d bus station. D bus was late! I'm so afraid dat I'm late n can't c him b4 he went off.

But we managed :) He looks sad, but a LOT better than y'day n few days back (when he came back from London).

I dun know how I feel actually. Coz he's a good fren 2 me since we started chatting n when I came here, he helped a LOT. I mean a LOT.

When he's at d gate, he shake hands wif every1, n say his last word. D ONLY thing dat he said 2 me is 'take care'. I guess he's worried I'll haf nobody 2 turn 2 went I'm sad over here (which is true).

On my way back, I juz haf 2 text him. So I did, which I'm not sure whether he's gonna get it or not. But he did reply me :) We text 4 a while, d details no need 2 b mention here.

Neway, I did cried a lil in d bus on my way home. I juz feel so sad, coz I lost a good fren. Not exactly lost 4ever! Juz dat I'm not gonna c him again, unless I went back 2 KL, or he decided 2 come here or sumthing like dat.

Rite now I dun even care wut ppl think of me, or even my gurlz. I knoe dat I love them, n we got each other. We r our own family here. We haf nobody here, only frenz. N I juz lost a good fren who teached me how 2 cook chicken rice, who bring me out 4 a drink, who I became his shopping partner, who make me laugh when I'm feeling down, who put spyware in my laptop, who fix stuff 4 me, who text me, who wakes me up, who talked 2 me, who.... who... whoo.. who is my fren over here.....

Seriously gonna misz him... :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

Saturday, November 19, 2005

HaRrY pOtTeR... ;)

We went 2 watched Harry Potter 2day n I like it a lot.. :)

B4 we went inside, meet up wif Fadly n Kak Sue at Jervis 4 a while... He's going back 2 Malaysia 2moro......

After d movie, Din came home wif us. Mira cooked, Baby n Elis in their room, me n Din on9 n eat pringles n we had fun tho, hahahahhaaa....

Wut else? Me n Fadly text 4 a while, then I'm off 2 sleep. Gotta get up early coz gonna send him off 2moro.


Friday, November 18, 2005

dUnDrUM...... 3rD eDiTiOn ;)

Okie... After class I cook, eat n get ready, hehehehehehee......

Went 2 AIB n took d ATM card. Then off we (me+mira) go 2 Dundrum. Bee n Elis went 2 watch movie.

So..... I didn't buy anything.........

Hahahahahhahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I lied!!!!
I bought few stuff :P
Since I'm here, I can't stop shopping!
Knowing dat I'm a shopaholic! Make it even worst!!!

Damn! I Love shopping!!! muahahahahhaa............... :P

Neway, we went 2 No.7 2day. They do sum gathering between DBS n RCSI ppl, gurlz only ;)
1 of d gurlz is my senior back in Melawati. We had fun n talk n talk n eat delicious food.

Now I'm at home, chatting wif Alep n Akib. As if their houz so farrrr away... ehheehhe ;)

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

MoViE triP aGAiN?!!!

Rite after class, me n d gurLz wif Ummar, when 2 UGC. We register for d Unlimited Cinema Card. We can now watch everything for only EU17.50 per month. It's worth it when u live here n nothing's here! hahahahahhaa.......... ;)

We watch The Brother's Grimm, then we continue wif another movie which is Abnormal Beauty. Let me say......... Both movies r not soo good... hahahahhaa.......
The 1st one is funny, I kinda like it. But d 2nd movie is a lil bit StOoPid... ;)

Too tired now... Gotta go n sleep

Saturday, November 12, 2005

CrAzEe ThAnG wE diD ;)

2day we suppose 2 go 2 M'sian Hall open houz. D 4 of us get ready n all. Then we got 2 knoe dat Akib n his houzy not going, n Izwan's too.

So we decided not 2 go, hahahahaha.......... But we went 2 Tesco n buy sum food, get in a DART n went 2 Howth!!!!! Wut a great place!!!!! It was so beautiful............... We wanna go there again :)

Then we went 2 watch movie > In Her Shoes, n dis is our 2nd trip 2 UGC ;)
D movie was great!!! Like it tho...

Then we went back home, n eat n talk, n sleep :D

Lotsa pics taken by us!!!! Check it at my fotopages k? ;)

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


At last we decidedd 2 catched a movie 2day ;)

Rizal came 2 take his bag , n he bring breakfast 4 us... :)

As planned, I'm suppose 2 go out wif Fadly 2day. But had 2 drag him (hahahahahaha...) joined us watched movies... We watched Saw 2, which is waaayyyyyyy 2 violent!!!

Rite after dat, me n my gurLz accompany Fadly shopping!!!! :D It's like dream come true, hahahahahahaha..... Coz me n my gurLz r d GOD of shopping!!!! ;)

Wut else? We went back n I cook dinner. Then Izwan came by, but d gurLz too sleepy already. N here I am updating my blog.

N I juz realize sum1, or sumthing been sharing my blog!!!! Damn!!!! It's not up for buying, selling, ratings or wutever!!!! It's mine! N mine alone!!!! Damn u!!!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

WuT a DaY!!!! :)

Hurmmm.... It was a boring day... hahahaha...

We chatted wif naqi n Rizal d whole morning, until they decided 2 come over, hahahahaha...

They like JoEY jR. ;) N they enjoyed playing it.

We went 2 Nad's open houze wif Din, Uma, n Zhu's gurLz. D houze was nice :)

As usual, we will feel hungry eventho we ate at Nad's. So Baby cook fried rice for us, n a lil bit xtra for Din ;) He went home wif us. Rite after dat we watched Eiffel I'm in Love. It was soooooOOo cold 2nite!!!

We haf 2 drag our duvet n fleece outside wif us while watching d movie. Din used mine.
I did chat wif Fadly a lil ..

Gotta go now... sLeEpY

Monday, November 07, 2005


It's reading week !!!!! Y do I haf 2 go 2 class??????

Fadly called dis morning. He asked me 2 call back. Newayz we talked a lot.
He asked whether I'm free dis evening, coz he wanna buy stuff AGAIN!!!!

I met him after class. We went 2 d travel agent n took his flight ticket. Then st8 away 2 Grafton Grant, n buy souvenirs 4 his family. Did I tell u he's going back soon? Dats y he need 2 buy stuff 4 his family. He's going back 4 good tho :)

After dat, we went 2 Dunnes coz I need 2 buy my food stocks! hahhahaa... ;)
We walked home, n d wind were soooOOoo STRONG!

Newayz, he was a bit shocked when he saw JoEY jR. (our latest obsession). He hang around for a while.

It's getting colder n colder by days.....

Sunday, November 06, 2005

rAYa aT uCd

Okie... So, 2day is d BIG raya event at UCD. We went there 2gether wof d WHOLE batch!!!! :D
It was okie I think. Meet ppl, hahahahaa..

Newayz, on our way back, we went 2 City Center. We bought Twister n our new obsession > JoEY jR. ;) Only ppl who come over 2 our houze knew about it! It's kinda secret tho :P :P :P
I knew u guyz gonna kill me if u knoe me n my gurLz owned dat thing!!!! Hahhahahahahaa....

Saturday, November 05, 2005

HaiZiE's oPeN hOuZe ;)

We woke up late :P

Fadly called n asked me whether I can follow him find stuff for his family. So I agreed 2 meet him after class. We meet at Dunnes n st8 away we went 2 d travel agent n took his flight ticket. Then off we went 2 Grafton n take a look at d souvenirs shops. He didn't buy anything yet.

He walked me 2 Akib's houz which is near 2 Haizie's. Coz I need 2 b at d open houz around 6pm. D gurlz went wif Razlan n Ayin. D open houze was okie.

We went back home still hungry, hahahahahahhaa.......... We cook instant noodles, eat 'kuih raya', when suddenly sum1 knocked d door. It was Rizal, wif a box of pizza ;) He's soOOOooo adorable!

Newayz, dat nite, me n my gurLz were sOOoooOo fuLL!!! Thanx 2 Rizal ;)

Friday, November 04, 2005

bLaNcHarD's ToWn ;)

I knoe it's d 2nd day of raya!!!! hahahahahaa...

Rite after class, me n my gurlz when 2 Blanchard's Town shopping centre. It was soooooOOooo big!!!

We shop a LOT!!!! ;) Baby n Elis bought d bubble jacket which is soOO nice n it's worth it.
Me n Baby get ourselves a Dorothy Perkins jeans jacket. Elis got herself a new handbag, hahahahaha... (me n Baby bought tote bag n handbag 1 day b4 Raya :P). N mira got herself sum stuff 4 home :)

Newayz d trip was fun ;)

It was f*cking cold outside!!!!!!

Thursday, November 03, 2005


Selamat Hari Raya ppl!!!!! :)

2day we went 2 Malaysian Hall, n meet lots of ppl. Then we went back home n prepare d houze 4 d BIG open houze which was organize by d WHOLE BATCH!!!! It was a success ;)

Nothing much 2 tell.... Actually 2 much 2 tell.... hhahahahha ;)