Monday, April 30, 2007

.... no title :P

2day I feel like blogging but I haf no idea wut 2 put 4 d title. Hehehehehheeee.....

I can't stop smiling since last nite. Sumone special surprise me last nite by coming over 2 visit me n bring me delicious choc cake, cheese cake n 'kueh teow goreng'. Yummy!!!! :D I feel so loved n fat at d same time! Hahahahahhaaa.... Coz I ate 'kueh teow goreng' at 1 o'clock in d morning!!!!! :P Dat special sumone came to surprise me coz I haf my migraine d whole day n I'm moody most of d time. He make me smile n keep on smiling.... :)

Dis morning I woke up late, n start updating my CV. I got an interview dis Wed n I am unprepared! I'll prepare myself 2moro. Reminder 2 myself, prepare prepare n prepare. Insyaallah everything will b okie. Wish me luck peeps!

Hurmmm.... Wut else eh? My brain can't work properly rite now. Everything is mixing like 'air batu campur (ABC)'. Talking about ABC, I misz it! So yummy!!!!! I wish I'm in KL rite now n ordering 1 of those original/special ABC at d mamak stall! If only there's mamak stall here n open til 3am! Heheheheee... A dream which will never come true........ :P

I feel like playing games now. I wanna take a really loooooooooonnnnnngggggggg break after studying juz now. Play sum games n then sleep! :P I'll continue wif my studies 2moro. Another reminder 2 myself, dun 4get 2 study, exam is juz around d corner!

Alrite peeps! Take care n til d next update! ;)

-Love from fAirY-

Friday, April 27, 2007

Am I wasting my time????!!!!

Hurmm.... Am I wasting my time??? I dunno wut 2 think off.... I've been thinking n keep on thinking each day. Day by day, I feel like I waste lots of my time. Y am I still here? Gimme a reason on y I shud still b here.... My mind juz can't stop thinking.

I'm afraid 2 make a decision. Coz I knoe my decision is gonna b a drastic one. I think my studies sux. N I can't get myself a job. N I'm still living sponsored by my dad. N I'm gonna b 23 yrs old next month. Most of my frenz r working n haf their own cash! Even sum of them r already married! Goshhhh..............!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wut am I doing rite now?

I'm still studying n I dun even knoe when I can finish up my ACCA. Coz it's really hard n I hate it! I haf no job eventho hundreds of my CVs haf been send all over Dublin! Mayb I shud juz settle down wif retails job after all. Hurmmm.... I shud prepare a retail CV n try out 4 summer job. I'm desperate 4 job! Help me god....

I'm really pressured rite now.... I think I need 2 call my sis. She knoe d rite thing 2 tell me n make me more comfy. I misz her.... She's my bestfren.... d best among all....

I think I shud stop now or I'll juz type away more craps...


Thursday, April 26, 2007

I feel so f*cked up rite now.... :'(

I'm so stressed!!!! Dis morning I haf class wif JB. I'm starting 2 hate him. At least I'm not taking d paper dis June. So, I dun need 2 concentrate on him every Wed n Thurs. Juz...... Wutever.... I've decided 2 change college when I'm actually taking paper 3.6! Not going 2 JB class nemore!

When 2 Reads n bought lots of A4 paper, envelopes, n sum other stationeries. My intention is to post my CV 2 all accounts/audit firms in Dublin. N I was shocked when d lady at Post told me 4 each letter send anywhere in Dublin wud cost me 55cents! Dats expensive! So I juz bought 3 stamps n went back home by bus. Juz can't walk back home coz I'm really tired at dat time.

I arrived at home, haf my lunch which is yummy! :) Dis lunch actually make me smile ... eeheheh... After dat haf a chat wif Nana, hit d shower, play sum games, n off I am 2 my night class. I was kinda xcited 2nite coz I really wanted 2 concentrate in class. But sumhow I got my migrain. I left early around 9pm juz now. Had burger 4 dinner. Eat my medicine n still got dat funny feeling in my head. I'm not feeling so well..... :'( I guess dats d reason on y I feel so f*cked up rite now...

I misz my mom,dad n sis so badly........... Whenever I'm not feeling well, I alwiz remember them coz I knoe how they pampered me like a lil baby everytime I'm sick. Hurmmm..... I really can't think much now. I think d pills make it worst! Uwaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :'(

I need my mashimaro............ :'(

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Life is Ok!E...

I guess my life is okie now. There's lots of things happening since Feb!

Study Life :
Since my result is not good. I haf 2 re-enter d same class n 1 extra class 4 attendance. Dat really sux. I feel like a zombie going 2 a class which I'm not taking d exam now. I will later.... BUT not now! N d yucky thing is I haf 2 pay d extra fees! College n money n college n money n college, can't b seperate! N I hate going 2 my night classes. It's really cold walking during night. Hurmmm.... Summer.. Come here quick! N save us all Dubliners from d cold weather..... :P

Well... I've been studying n preparing myself 4 my June sitting examination. I hope.... hurmmm... Let me rephrase it. I MUST PASS dis time! or I'll die! God plz help me!!!

Love Life:
FYI, me n Zarl haf become frenz since we broke up 2 months ago. N I guess it's better dis way wif d distance n all. I'm not telling d details here coz I think it's better kept btwn me n him n mayb few of my close frenz who knows wut we been through. Well.... Both of us r much more happier now :)

N yeah.... 2 d Dubliners who already knew.... I'm dating sum1 rite now. But no details or wut-so-ever in here rite now. Too much gossips haf been going on n all. If u knoe nothing on wuts really going on, plz dun assume. I hate dis kinda ppl who juz loves 2 assume about other ppl lifes n actually tell every1 about it! Goshhhh... Get ur own life plzzzz.......... ;)

My Family:
I misz them a lot! Mama's b'day is coming!!!!! 26 April n dat means 2 more days!!!!! N I haven't bought her anything, not even a card! I'll get a card 2moro! But she'll receive it 5 days after I post it! It's better than nothing I guess. N yeah, reminder 2 myself dat I shud call her on her b'day! :)

My sis, kak Anne bought herself a new houz in Nilai. She e-mail me d pics of her houz. It's HUGE!!!! hehehehehe.... N she got a new job! Dats really a good news! :) I hope I'm in KL rite now so dat I can celebrate it wif her. We'll either go 2 Dome Cafe or Chilli's wif Hakim 2 eat til we bcome fat! ehehehheehee.... Rite sis? ;) I misz those moments!!!!

My ayah is so cute! He juz learned 2 text/sms me! Can u believe it? heheheheee.... Coz I rarely called home now coz I dun haf any houz phone here. I only haf mobile. So he learned from my sis on how 2 text me. He text me almost everyday now! :)

Miszing d whole family too much!

My Frenzzz:
FYI, Isa is now in KL. He went back last month for holiday. I think he'll b back next month if I'm not mistaken. Come back quick! We all misz u!!!!! Me, Nico, Gee, Nana, Bard, abg Gee, Joseph n Tommy really misz partying wif u *wink*wink*wink*....

-I'm off now... Gotta study!!!!! :P papai!!!!-

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Hello peeps! :)

Hello peeps! :) Misz me? hehheheheheheee........... It's like my 1st time blogging! I'm so clueless! :P D reason I'm here again is bcoz there is sum1 sending me such a sweet msg saying dat she misz reading my craps! hehehheee....

Thanx Put3, u make me realize how much I misz my blog. It used 2 b my life! I promise I'm gonna update as much as I can. I'm kinda bz lately wif studies, classes, frenz, life!!! Hurrmmmm.... I'm gonna update my life here, I promise! :D How many time haf I made my promises? hehehe...

Neway, while I'm blogging, my 2 gurlfrenz r laughing over some ugly models in Glamour magazine, hahahahahhahaaaa..... 2 crazee gurl! :P I like! I guess I'm off now 2 join them!

take care peeps! :)