Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Life is Ok!E...

I guess my life is okie now. There's lots of things happening since Feb!

Study Life :
Since my result is not good. I haf 2 re-enter d same class n 1 extra class 4 attendance. Dat really sux. I feel like a zombie going 2 a class which I'm not taking d exam now. I will later.... BUT not now! N d yucky thing is I haf 2 pay d extra fees! College n money n college n money n college, can't b seperate! N I hate going 2 my night classes. It's really cold walking during night. Hurmmm.... Summer.. Come here quick! N save us all Dubliners from d cold weather..... :P

Well... I've been studying n preparing myself 4 my June sitting examination. I hope.... hurmmm... Let me rephrase it. I MUST PASS dis time! or I'll die! God plz help me!!!

Love Life:
FYI, me n Zarl haf become frenz since we broke up 2 months ago. N I guess it's better dis way wif d distance n all. I'm not telling d details here coz I think it's better kept btwn me n him n mayb few of my close frenz who knows wut we been through. Well.... Both of us r much more happier now :)

N yeah.... 2 d Dubliners who already knew.... I'm dating sum1 rite now. But no details or wut-so-ever in here rite now. Too much gossips haf been going on n all. If u knoe nothing on wuts really going on, plz dun assume. I hate dis kinda ppl who juz loves 2 assume about other ppl lifes n actually tell every1 about it! Goshhhh... Get ur own life plzzzz.......... ;)

My Family:
I misz them a lot! Mama's b'day is coming!!!!! 26 April n dat means 2 more days!!!!! N I haven't bought her anything, not even a card! I'll get a card 2moro! But she'll receive it 5 days after I post it! It's better than nothing I guess. N yeah, reminder 2 myself dat I shud call her on her b'day! :)

My sis, kak Anne bought herself a new houz in Nilai. She e-mail me d pics of her houz. It's HUGE!!!! hehehehehe.... N she got a new job! Dats really a good news! :) I hope I'm in KL rite now so dat I can celebrate it wif her. We'll either go 2 Dome Cafe or Chilli's wif Hakim 2 eat til we bcome fat! ehehehheehee.... Rite sis? ;) I misz those moments!!!!

My ayah is so cute! He juz learned 2 text/sms me! Can u believe it? heheheheee.... Coz I rarely called home now coz I dun haf any houz phone here. I only haf mobile. So he learned from my sis on how 2 text me. He text me almost everyday now! :)

Miszing d whole family too much!

My Frenzzz:
FYI, Isa is now in KL. He went back last month for holiday. I think he'll b back next month if I'm not mistaken. Come back quick! We all misz u!!!!! Me, Nico, Gee, Nana, Bard, abg Gee, Joseph n Tommy really misz partying wif u *wink*wink*wink*....

-I'm off now... Gotta study!!!!! :P papai!!!!-

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