Thursday, April 26, 2007

I feel so f*cked up rite now.... :'(

I'm so stressed!!!! Dis morning I haf class wif JB. I'm starting 2 hate him. At least I'm not taking d paper dis June. So, I dun need 2 concentrate on him every Wed n Thurs. Juz...... Wutever.... I've decided 2 change college when I'm actually taking paper 3.6! Not going 2 JB class nemore!

When 2 Reads n bought lots of A4 paper, envelopes, n sum other stationeries. My intention is to post my CV 2 all accounts/audit firms in Dublin. N I was shocked when d lady at Post told me 4 each letter send anywhere in Dublin wud cost me 55cents! Dats expensive! So I juz bought 3 stamps n went back home by bus. Juz can't walk back home coz I'm really tired at dat time.

I arrived at home, haf my lunch which is yummy! :) Dis lunch actually make me smile ... eeheheh... After dat haf a chat wif Nana, hit d shower, play sum games, n off I am 2 my night class. I was kinda xcited 2nite coz I really wanted 2 concentrate in class. But sumhow I got my migrain. I left early around 9pm juz now. Had burger 4 dinner. Eat my medicine n still got dat funny feeling in my head. I'm not feeling so well..... :'( I guess dats d reason on y I feel so f*cked up rite now...

I misz my mom,dad n sis so badly........... Whenever I'm not feeling well, I alwiz remember them coz I knoe how they pampered me like a lil baby everytime I'm sick. Hurmmm..... I really can't think much now. I think d pills make it worst! Uwaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :'(

I need my mashimaro............ :'(

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