Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A dAY cALLeD FuN!!!!

My sis n I picked him up at KL Sentral around 3pm. She drive us to 1Utama. We were soooooo damn hungry!!!! We rushed to Nando’s n had a large lunch ;)

They r soooooo in2 each other!!! :P

After dat we went shopping!!!!!! I need to get myself a shoe, sneakers or sumthing….. He wanna get a boot. Both of us didn’t managed to get d stuff we want! But my sis got herself a pink pants from FCUK, n a baby-t from MNG (really cool shirt!!!!)

All of us get a LUCKY CHARM, but evil characters!!!! Hahahahahahahhahaa…….. Me n him put ours at our digicam. N my sis put hers at her Furla handbag.

We had dinner at TGI Friday’s. Nice food dat we had :D >>> Buffalo Wings, Nachos, Mud Pie
TALK!!!!! TALK!!!!! TALK!!!!!

Send him 2 LRT Bangsar. He misz d last komuter. We met him back at KL Sentral. He called his parent n they picked him up at LRT putra nearby his uncle’s houz.

We had a LOT of fun!!!!! :D

Owh yeah…. It’s Ameer people… hehehehe… Who do u have in mind huh? ;)

P/S : He took LOTS of pics n videos 2day. Still waiting 4 him 2 send it 2 me :):)

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

!nDePeNdEnCe DaY!!!!!

CoOL huh? :) It's Malaysia 48th b'day!!!!!

I went 2 Putrajaya 2 watch d fireworks (which is nice, but not enough compare 2 d effort of KL ppl who drove all d way there).

Actually i was forced 2 go!!!! I hate crowded places!!!

Neway I went wif my 1st bro n his wife n his kidz, n also my sis n her son. Practically I'm there coz both my nephews n niece were going 2 :)

We grabbed Mc'D on our way home, n I eat like a pig!!! hahahahahahaa.... ;) I had my dinner at 2.30 in d morning!!!!!!! Thanx 2 d 24 hours drive-tru Mc'D at Projet :P :P :P

As usual I took sum pics n videos. But I still dunno how 2 transfer my videos in here , LOL...
Enjoy d pics.. ;)

1. D bridge in Putrajaya... Isn't it nice? :)

Image hosted by

2. My sis n her son Hakim :D

Image hosted by

3. My sis-in-law wif her son Aiman n daughter Amira

Image hosted by

4. I like dis pic tho.. ;) It's Aiman

Image hosted by

Monday, August 29, 2005

GoOd Or BaD?

I dun know whether dis is good or bad....

I juz knew dat Naz my fren move 2 Ipoh. N she's not going back 2 Birmingham. Damn!!! I misz her!

I'm not sure dis is a good news or bad, both 2 her n me...

But I really misz her!!!!!! I HAF 2 meet her b4 I'm off 2 Dublin!!!!!! I juz haf too...... :'(
Time is running out..... THINK!!!! THINK!!!!! THINK!!!!!!

:'( :'( :'(

Saturday, August 27, 2005

YuMmY!!!!! ;)


I juz had my dinner which I ordered from Mc'D.
I ate Chicken burger, 1 Mc'D chicken (d other chicken, I gave it 2 my FAT bro) :P, french fries n coke ;) N my yummy dessert >>> ChOcOLaTe SuNdAe!!!!!!!! (waiting 4 me in d fridge) :P :P

Actually Chain wanna send me Mc'd. But I figured, he's gonna b late coz he live far from my houz. N I'm sooooo hungry!!!! :P I ordered myself n tell him 2 send it 2 me next time ;)
Wut a pig? hahahahaa...

My sis called. She's at d hotel wif her son. She asked whether I wanna join them. Coz Hakim is sleeping n she get bored.. ahhahaa...

Nahh.... I dun wanna go coz I enjoy being at home, in my room ;)
Coz less than a month I'm gonna leave my room n houz....

My room is my sanctuary.... I'm gonna misz it sooooo much!!!!!! :'(

WoOp.. ;)

Grrrr.... I woke up late.. hehehhee..
Coz last nite I chat wif Amer, Zamira, Faiq n Khairul, n got carried away... hahaha...

Faiq gave me a website link which is cool ;) Neway Faiq, I've been thinking about wuts in d website.. I'll let u know as we go on... :)

Owy yeah... Woke up late, have 2 do d laundry, wash dishes n cook!!!! Hahahhaa.. :P
Coz my mom not at home rite now..

I wanna watch TV but dat stupid ASTRO alwiz have dat irritating sounds!!! I can't hear a thing!

I end up infront of Kuro :)

Friday, August 26, 2005

HaPp!EsT dAY!!!!

Can u believe it?????!!!

I got d JPA LOAN!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

It's like dream come true.....!!!! I never xpected dat I'll get it!
When d postman came, I was like >>> 'Did d JPA ppl give me back my resume?'
Coz d letter is thick! Actually when I open it, they gave me d agreement!!!!!!

I'm wif my mom at dat time. N I shouted!!!!!!!! :P She shouted too!!!! Too happy I guess :)

St8 away I called Baby n told her. Then get in touch wif Zamira too.
N guess wut???
All 4 of us (me, Baby, Zamira n Elisa) get d JPA LOAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Isn't it great? ;) I guess I'll get xtra pocket money from my dad every mth then :P :P :P

Thursday, August 25, 2005

TaLk = bEe

Bee/Baby called around 8.30pm, we talked till 11pm!!!!

We juz can't stop talking!!! Thank god we end up in d same houz! :P
We decided 2 share some of d toiletries, such as toothpaste, soap, n shampoo, coz we use d same brand.. :)

Neway, Faiq told me dat his houz in Dublin have ghost? Eeeeeee... scary.... He wanna tell me about it.. hahaha..

Chain sms me telling me he's going 2 sleep, n remind me 2 go 2 work 2moro!!!! hahahahaa...
I'm going.... seriously!!!! :P

sTaY aT hOmE

I didn't go 2 work!!! LOL ;)

Juz plain lazy..... Can't wait 4 my last day!!!!!!!!!!!

Chain said dat 1 word 2 describe me is NOTTY!!!! Am I? hahahahaa....
I'm gonna misz him sooo much!!! Hope he study well n come over in Feb ;)

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Monday after I type in d entry about Ayyum, he sms, hahahahaha....
He called n we talked :) , after dat I called until I finished up my credits, n he called back, damn! It's complicated! hahahahaaa....

We went out 4 dinner y'day at R&K Setiawangsa. He picked me up around 9pm n send me back around 12. Coz we can't STOP talking, hahahahahaa.... We juz LOVE 2 talk!!! :P Actually it was me who really talk a lot. We catch up on things. Neway, I knew dat when I'm not in KL anymore, I'll misz talking 2 Ayyum d gummy bear ;)

2day he picked me up from work coz I dun have any transport. He's from college, his class finish late I think.... N he told me he read my last entry about him! N he think dat ppl wud think dat he's such a bad guy... hahahahaha.... R u kidding me? Ayyum is d nicest guy ever! Well, misunderstanding happens :)

Neway, me n my frenz planning 2 do a BBQ party (yesh MyNn n DiRaH), it's for real ;)
But we have no idea where 2 do it. D thing is we want every1 2 come n mayb have 2 pay a lil, chip in money :) Hope it's okie wif all :D

Spread d words 2 d whole batch okie? ;) N plz do keep in touch either wif me, Baby, Chain, Amer or Elisa. Coz we been talking about it. Juz dat we xtremely need help here. THANX!!!!! :D :D :D

Monday, August 22, 2005

I jUz DuN gET iT...

I went 2 office 2day, n I dun have any work, n I play games all day!!!

So, I sms Ayyum asking where is he, if he's nearby, wanna lunch 2gether or not. No reply... I guess he dun have any credits left in his hp. So it's okie..

Around 6pm, while waiting 4 my officemate finished her work, coz I went back wif her, I called Ayyum. U know.. Juz wanna talk. But he didn't picked up his hp. ????? U wonder? I wonder too...

He said I alwiz ignore him n all, alwiz 4get about him... etc...
But now it looks like he's doing it 2 me.

I juz dun get it!

Sunday, August 21, 2005

I sHud ExpLaiN.... ;)


On Friday, I went out wif Adura but I didn't buy any dress or top!

I went out in d morning wif Elisa n Bee. We went 2 Naily's houz 2 settle our stuff :) Glad it goes well....
After dat bee drop me at d Setiawangsa LRT station, n off I go 2 KLCC again!!! I test d Esprit purple dress but it looked weird on me!!! So I went down n test d Topshop dress, n it fits well. I grab it, n went off 2 buy 1901 hotdogs! YUMMY!!!!

Adura came, n jep send us 2 d saloon. We wash our hair n blow dry. Then we went back 2 my houz n get ready 4 d DBS annual dinner.

Chain n Amer picked us up. Seriously we have lots of fun over there :D among ourselves of course ;)
In my table, there's me, Bee, Elisa, Adura, Zamira, Amer, Chain, Deja, Faizal, n abg Azrul. We took a LOT of pics!!!!!

I posted it on my fotopages :) If u wanna c it, juz click d link on d left of dis page ;)
FOTOPAGES!!!!!! :)

Friday, August 19, 2005

sHoP TiLL u DrOp ;)

I'm at home rite now.. hehehehehhee.... ;)

I took half day, coz I wanna go shop!!!!!! :P :P :P
Bad bad gurl..... ;)

I juz finished cleaning up my room, coz Adura said she wanna sleepover! Not sure whether it's gonna happen or not... hahahaa... But my room is a TOTAL mess....

I need 2 shop 4 my annual dinner top or mayb a dress... I dunno wut 2 wear... LOL...

But I think I'm gonna get d Roxy belts! Gonna get both pink n green belt! Hurmmm.... I think I wanna go 2 Naf Naf n get myself a nice dress... :) Coz last yr I bought my tube dress there n I love their designs!!!!! Or mayb Salabianca? I bought a dress there 2 yrs ago, cute pink short dress.... But Salabianca is a lot expensive than Naf Naf... I need 2 minimize d price!!! So dat I can buy other stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

I'll let u guyz know wut happen next ;)

Thursday, August 18, 2005

WuT 2 WeAr???

I have no idea on wut 2 wear 2 d annual dinner dis saturday!!!!!!!!

I gotta go n find a nice top! Or mayb a nice dress!!!!! Damn!!! Dat wud use up my money....

Hope I found d rite thing 2 wear!!!!

Wish me luck!!!!

DaD!!! :)

His b'day!!!!! (16 Aug) He's 63 yrs old!!!!!!!

HAPPY B'DAY DAD!!!!!!!!!!

As usual.... My sis n I throw a surprise party!!!!! :D
He was sooooo happy!!!!!!

Here r sum of d pics!!!! :) I took a video too... But I dunno how 2 put it here.....

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Sunday, August 14, 2005


Nothing much...

Juz dat I sleep late last nite n my across-d-big-road neighbour have their houz alarm on from 5am to 10am!!!!!!!! I think they went 4 a vacation or sumthing. N mayb a cat or wutever cross d stupid alarm!!!! It wakes d WHOLE neighbourhood!!!!!!!!

Neway, I haven't eat actually. Xcept for 3 cheese, a slice of bread, few spoon of vanilla ice-cream, plain water..... I juz dun feel like eating!!! Mayb I'll get my lunch n dinner after dis...

I watched CSI juz now, all of it. 3 hours in a row.... CSI, CSI NY, CSI MIAMI.... Then I watched dis movie called.... hurmm... I can't remember d title but I like d story... Owh yeah.. Last nite I watched Along Came Polly, cute story.. :)

After watching One Tree Hill, my nephew screamed at me!!!!! hahhahaaa.... He wanna watch his cartoon..... LOL :P

2nite at 10 Tru Calling.... :D n also Malaysian Idol result show.... Mayb watch The Apprentice after dat....


Saturday, August 13, 2005

BaD dReAmZ........

I dun know y or how or wut it is.....

I have a really bad dream last nite until I can't wake up early!!!!!

I dream of ....... DAMN!!! I dun wanna say it! I'm afraid it's gonna b true!

B STRONG!!!!!!! DAMN IT!!!!!

Friday, August 12, 2005


I went 2 pay d flight ticket dis morning wif my dad...

At dis moment I realized dat there'll b no turning back..... No more looking back n saying NO!

By d way, dis is d BIGGEST decision I made in my life. Dis is d turning point of my life. I knew it will change me a lot! I'll learn about life more than I usually did. I hope I'll b okie n I knew dis changes is 4 my own good......

Wish me luck! :)

Thursday, August 11, 2005


I get back as soon as I can. My 1st bro picked me up coz my sis is in Kuantan Port working until Sunday.

Neway I went 4 shopping! Not really shopping... I bought d safety mask prevent from d terrible haze! I bought 4 d kidz n also my parents.

Coz I get back b4 7pm, I got d chance 2 take some pics! It was taken from my room upstairs.

Dis pics was taken last mth....

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Dis pics was taken juz now wif all d haze! Compare n c d differences! N u wud know how I feel rite now!

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Y'day meet up wif d girlz n it was fun :)
But no belt 4 me... :'( waaa!!!!!!!!! I gotta find it!
But I manage 2 get myself d BOOK!!!!!!!!!


I read d 1st chapter already n I like it!!!! :D
I'll let u know all about it as I read it ;)

Neway, I work real hard 2day ;)
Coz I actually have work...
D haze is going from bad 2 worst!!!!!! I can't have lunch outside! I get myself some breads n chicken balls from 7-eleven n eat in d office. Hope it's going 2 rain soon......
I really wanna take some pics during dis haze time.... mayb during d weekends

Neway, Naily called my houz juz now, 5 minutes b4 i arrived from work! So she talked 2 my mom instead :) I juz have on9 chat wif her. It's regarding d houz payment. Damn!!!! Using toooooooooo much money!!!!!! I'm seriously broke!!!! Not me actually, my dad! :P

Faiq gave me his fotopage add. He juz bought a new digicam :) He took some nice pics n post it. If u guyz wanna check it out, click his name on d fav. section link! Dun 4get 2 visit Fadli's fotopage too... He's a pro ;)

I juz can't wait 2 start taking pics using Sakura n proudly post it at fotopage :)
Juz wait for it!!!!! :D :D

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

WuT a DaY!!!! :)

Last nite I chat wif Faiq until 2 am I think... hahahaa... It's been quite sumtime since our last chat. He told me he's going 2 move 2 Manchester after graduation. Lotsa luck! ;) Owh yeah... He want me 2 buy him 2 packs of Malboro as a present :) he said M'sian cigarrattes taste much better than in Ireland... I dun know about dat.. Coz I dun smoke!

Kiki also smsing me y'day asking me 2 buy her Dunhill.... hahahahahaa... N I can only bring in 2 packs! I guess I'll buy 4 both of them n put Kiki's at my frenz' bags! :P

Neway, I didn't go 2 work 2day. We went 2 d bank n do d bank draft n stuff. I went 2 c Allison 2day n pay d fees. She told me dat there's 40 people who booked flight ticket. But there mite b last minute people.... I think it's gonna b around 50-60 students.

I met d juniors (dinner committee) n pay d dinner money. So we talked about lots of things. I think they r sooo nice :) They flying end of January, for d February in-take. They took my e-mail n stuff coz they mite need my help over there. I'm more than willing 2 help :D

After dat we went back home n eat! :)

I need 2 get ready in few minutes..... Coz I'm meeting up d girlz at 8pm! I wanna go a lil bit early, so dat I can go n shop! :P I need 2 find myself a BELT!!!!!!!!!! N I wanna look around 4 a new sneakers... :)

Gosh!!!! I'm so lazy 2 take d bus n d lrt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wut a bitch! hahahahahahahahahaha ..... ;)

Monday, August 08, 2005


I hate confrontation n confession!!!

Y'day I meet up wif Baby, Elisa n Zamira who's gonna b my houzmate. We got ourselves a beautiful houz :) Thanx 2 ME! :P LOL. I negotiate d whole thing n they all love d houz! I'm sooo glad n happy. We discussed about sum other stuff n also about all dis nonsense things we gonna do over there :P

We went 2 Deja's 2 take dinner money. We all talked a LOT n plan 2 go 2 d annual dinner 2gether :)

2day I went 2 work n I actually have work! :P

Jep, Ayyum n Aryl came 2 my houz juz now 2 give Adura's dinner money. Neway, Ummar have 2 cancel! Coz his dad plan 2 have his kenduri doa selamat on d same day as annual dinner... So, we actually have 1 more empty sit! Any1???? ;)

Kiki sms me from Dublin! :) She's so nice 2 me..... We smsing for quite sum time. Her houz is only 10 minutes walk from mine. For sure I'll go 2 her houz almost EVERYDAY!!!!! Get ready Kiki... :P

2moro I'm on holz... :D Not going 2 work! Coz I'm going out wif my parents 2 settle my bank draft 2 pay d tution fees n also flight n stuff. I have 2 go 2 college coz I need 2 pay d dinner money. N still I have 2 meet up wif d girlz at kLcC later dat day....

I think I wanna go n hunt 4 a belt! :) Wish me luck ;)

Saturday, August 06, 2005

I juZ rEmeMbEr DiS! ;)

I juz remembered dat I promised 2 upload some pics!

So... Here it goes...

My nephew Hakim on his 1st day of Tae Kwon Do class wif his new uniform :D

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

His pics again when we were out shopping last weekend!!!!!!

Image hosted by

Image hosted by


Am I? ehheheee...

Neway, I called d streamyx guy about my prob! He said it mite b cause by my phone line.... Hurmmmm.... Sumhow I dun believe him DAT much...

I think they been using my account! Or worst, sum1 hacked my houz phone line!

I talked 2 Baby, she said streamyx ppl sumtimes used users' accounts, like they did 2 hers last time...

Rite now I can on9 coz it's in d morning..... I'll try again in d evening....

Neway, I'm not going anywhere 2day....

GOSH!!! I need 2 get DAT book!

Title : He's Just Not That Into You

I watched d book promotion on Oprah. I read d previews at Amazon n I know I have 2 get dat book!!!!!!! :D Wish me luck!

Friday, August 05, 2005

uHuuHhhh.... WuT hApPeN?!!!

I'm not so sure wut happen 2 my streamyx... It's been crazee dis few dayz!

It keep connecting n disconnecting! It make me pissed off.... Juz now it disconnect for a while...

I guess too many using streamyx nowdayz, n they dun upgrade their stuff! They shud or I'll quit streamyx..

Neway, rite now I have a lot in my head!!! I juz got all dis news n I have 2 do sumthing about it! I dun c myself as d strongest person. But I got 2 do wut I got 2 do.... Wish me luck! :)

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

WuT a LaZy PeRsOn I aM :P

I didn't go 2 work y'day n also 2day.. hahahahaa... :P
I'm juz super lazy!!!!! Plus I hate d office!

Y'day I learned how 2 cook chicken curry :) My mom gave me around 11 recipes!!! Which I have 2 learn how 2 cook it! Sum of it is my fav n I know how 2 do it already :D

Neway, Ameer sms me n he told me dat he's gonna whoOp my ass!!!!! hahahahahaaaa... :P He juz finished reading my blog :)

2 dayz ago Chain also sms me telling me dat he juz finished reading my blog!

UuHuuHuu..... I better b careful wif wut I'm writting in here... heheheheh.... (yeah rite! :P)

I love my blog n glad dat u guyz enjoy reading my life! :)

Neway, I tried 2 put all my stuff : sweaters, shirts, jumper, bubble jacket, jeans, skirts n all in d big bag! Gosh.... It already weight 20kgs!!!! D only thing I need 2 add in is my undergarments, food n toiletries, my hair-dryer n hair-iron! Wutever it is, it can't b more than 30kgs! Still, I need 2 packed it nicely.... Juz now I juz put everything in it.. hehehehehheee....

Nvm... I still have 7 weeks 2 go... :D

Let c.... Stuff I need 2 get STILL!!!!! :P
1. Belt
2. Sneakers shoe
3. Undergarments
4. Socks
5. Mittens/Gloves
6. Toiletries
7. Stationery
8. Packet food
9. Hair-dryer

I guess dats all..... I gotta check my list!!!

P/S : Can u imagine I have 2 go 2 work 2moro??!!!! :P :P :P