Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I managed.... :D

Hye peeps!

Last nite I managed 2 eat balanced good food. I ate rice wif chicken curry (cooked n frozen by Nico), sum salads, and egg+mushroom. I sleep at 10pm! I managed 2 do all d stuff dat I said I wud! :D a BIG A plus 4 me! ;)

Neway, remember I did blog about reading The Da Vincci Code? I only read til Chapter 3, then I stop. Wanna know y? Coz I bought 4 new books from d store around d corner near my office. D store is having a closing down sales. So I grab 3 for 2 book deal, and also a book which I got a 30% discount on! Isn't it great? I paid EU24 for 4 brand new books! Eventho d original publication of d book is few yrs back, but wutever... I got a NEW book 2 add 2 my collection XD

I finished reading d 1st book tho ;) It's Blindsighted by Karin Slaughter. It was good. She haf few more titles wif d same characters involved. I wud love 2 search 4 them! Now I'm starting on d 2nd book. Surprisingly I can't remember d book n the author, hummmppphhhh!!!! Probably bcoz I only get tru 2-3 pages n I'm gone into a very deep sleep last nite! :P

Hurmm... Wut a day... Can't do my job coz there's a problem wif d server in USA. I can't access d software. I can't even receive/send e-mails! Wut shud I do? Bored! Bored! Bored!

Can't wait 4 d NTL ppl 2 come over dis Saturday! I wanna watch TV all day long! XD N at least my mashimaro won't b bored during his long holidays. He can watch TV while I'm at work.

I wanna go back now! I wanna watch Manjalara on YouTube. I watched til Episode 19. But Nana told me dat in M'sia it's already Episode 28. Hurmm... I hope hang19 n sue417 will upload Episode 20 onwards fast! I can't wait 2 watch it! It's very addictive! :P

N yeah, I watched Chermin 2 weeks ago in YouTube. It was a good story, juz dat d ghosts is too pweeeetttyyy, not scary at all :P

Haih... Wut other Malay movie is available in YouTube? I really am missing M'sia! I'll go back n do sum research on YouTube 2nite! hehehheeee........

Take care. Muaxxxxxxxx!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I'm having a really bad headache rite now. GoSh!!!

I think I need to eat sum heavy food like RICE! I had my last rice dish last Friday. Mayb I juz cud not survive without eating rice eventho I prefer other things 2 eat.

Well..... I'm too lazy too cook and dats d REAL reason on y I'm lack of food in my body. I eat junk foods, n those salads I bought in Spar, instant noodles/foods, n those sandwiches! I can't take it anymore! I need 2 eat heavy stuff 2day.

I need 2 sleep early 2nite. Coz I knoe for sum unknown reason, for d past 6 weeks, whenever I sleep, I'll either woke up at 3am or 5am or both time everyday! Even during weekends!

I'm having headache n feel like banging my head 2 d nearest wall! N it's all bcoz of lack of sleep/rest n lack of healthy food as well! I need 2 re-stock my fridge wif good food instead of junk food. I gotta do it quick!


*Plz dun b sick. I wanna go 2 Liverpool. I need 2 go 2 work. I need myself 2 stay healthy*

Friday, June 22, 2007

WhAt tYpE oF fAirY r U?

I'm sleepy... So I played dis quiz 2 keep me awake :P

You scored as naughty or regretful fairy, hmmm looks like we have a lot in commen! well remember, we cant undo things, but we can have fun and not worry about them!

naughty or regretful fairy


innocent, good fairy


sad fairy


what kind of fairy are you(great pics)
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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

NaUgHtY cHoCoLatE?

Following d title, my post dis time wud b using choc color! XD

I got an e-mail from my dearest sis dis morning. She said dat Nico's name as in NICO reminds her of naughty chocolate. Isn't it funny? Heheheheeee.... It sounds kinda cute tho. How on earth did she get d idea neway ;)

*fAirY is oFf tHiNkiNg AbOuT nAuGhTy ChOcOLatE*

Monday, June 18, 2007


After a week n a half, d sunshine came back juz now! XD weeeeeeeeeeeee............... d rain is gone! I hope we gonna haf a hot n sunny summer from now on!

Neway, my boss is back from Spain wif a LOT of tan on his face! He look.... different? Shud I say burned? Heheheheeee.... :P

I juz ordered NTL Max Digital TV + Movie pack + free Disney pack! N d price is not bad at all... For d 1st 3 month we only haf 2 pay around EU40.99 for d whole thing. On d months onward we haf 2 pay EU56.99, not bad eh? We got 130 channels MAX!!!! :P n also 10 movie pack n 4 Disney channel for dat price. Me n Bee r sooOOoooOOo bored at home watching d same DVDs over n over again! Dats y we decided 2 subscribe NTL :D Nana wud b surprise by our drastic actions out of boredom! :P D NTL ppl will install it next Saturday! YiPpEe!!!!!! Our days won't b bored DAT much! ;)

Owh yeah... 2day is Gee's b'day!

HAPPY 26TH B'DAY GEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope she haf a good celebration ;)

Hurmm... Wut shud I do 2day after work? Instead of watching yet another DVD, I think I shud start reading The Da Vincci Code book I bought in January! :P It's a good bargain tho. I bought it for EU1.00 at Chapters! I'm gonna head off 2 Chapters dis weekend n grab more cheap books!!!! Yups! I love reading story books. I shud haf bought books instead of tons of magz last week. Heheheheheheeeee..........

Wut else?

*looking outside the window*

Wow!!!!!!!! I love d sunshine!!!!!! I wanna go out n play! XD hehheheeee.......

Friday, June 15, 2007

I shud write a book!

I think I shud write a book! A book on 'Unlucky people during rainy days!!!!'

I'm alwiz unlucky during rainy days! I broke my 9th umbrella 2day! AGAIN! Neway it's not mine. It's Nana's! I knoe she's gonna scream at me for broking her 4th or 5th umbrella? I lost count!

I broke at least 5 of my own umbrella. I juz never haf luck wif umbrella here in Dublin! D rains n winds making my umbrella becomes a squash mushroom! mayb I shud really write dat book! It's a survival kit thingy 4 Dubliners.

1. Do not buy those cheap umbrella, coz it's gonna b like a squash mushroom, n u will b soaking wet!
2. Do not use ANY sort of umbrella, coz u gonna b soaking WET neway.
3. Do not buy expensive umbrella, coz when it's broken, u feel like u throwing ur money in a garbage can!
4. Do not use umbrella when it's too windy 4 u 2 hold coz it's gonna fly away from u!
5. Do not... Juz dun use d thing called UMBRELLA!!!!!!!

Hahahahahaaaaaaaa............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess all d umbrella manufacturer will hunt 4 me once I got a deal wif book publisher 2 publish d book talking negatively on umbrella!

Mayb all Dubliners shud start buying raincoats instead of umbrella. I saw raincoats in A-Wear, Topshop and also Pennys. I'm gonna get 1 for myself ASAP! Coz I'm so unlucky wif umbrella!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

e.x.a.m is over! :D

Hi peeps!!!!!

My exam is sooooooOOOOooooo over now! :D
N d result is coming out in August. I hope my result is ok dis time :) Eventho I dun study dat much! :P :P :P Still hoping 4 d best! ;) +ve thinker, dats wut I am. Hahahahahahaa......

But I am still wondering, y did I end up taking ACCA?!!! Y? I think it's bcoz of wanting 2 haf a better life in the future. I wanna b rich! SUPER-RICH! :P But of course rich wif my own money. Dats wut I want. Wut am I talking now? CrAP!

Dis week I end up in d office alone! My boss went 2 Spain n he'll b back dis weekend. 1 whole week without work at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It shud b fun actually, but it turns out 2 b SUPER-BORED! I dun even knoe wut 2 do. Juz d usual/routines job, n d rest of d day juz playing wif my pc n I even fall asleep! Crazy!

Wut else.... Summer is here!!!!!! :D I like all d sunshines (eventho it make me a bit dizzy), n also d fact dat I dun haf 2 wear any HEAVY jackets! I juz love it! But sadly, 2day it starts 2 rain. While I'm getting ready 4 work, I look outside my bedroom window, n I cud not c d Skybar at all! Isn't it amazing? Every1 wud notice d Skybar, but d weather is so bad, I dun think any1 can c it. Even d tower in O'Connell can't b seen from my apartment. It's too grayish n windy as well. Is dis wut we call summer in Dublin? If it's true, it's gonna b a looooooooonnnnnnngggggg boring summer! I dun like!

Mayb I shud pack my bags n off 4 a trip to Spain juz like my boss. heheheheee.... But I can't, no money lorrrr.... :P :P :P I hope Liverpool's weather gonna b hot n sunny next month! Can't wait 2 go 2 Jai n Steph's wedding reception! I bet Steph's wedding dress must b gorgeous juz like her :) Now me n Nico shud start thinking about wedding presents 4 them! GoSH! Wut shud we give????!!!!! I'll crack my brain n surf d net 4 ideas. By d way, I haf nothing else 2 do better! :P

Hurmmm........ Wut shud I get 4 lunch huh? Sumthing from Spar wud b cheap. But my brain keep on asking 4 Eddie's Rocket nachos n garlic mushroom! d.a.m.n. Do they haf take-aways? I dun wanna eat there coz I'll end up ordering choc malts as well. Hurmm... Y can't I stop eating? I feel fat dis week! I gotta do sum workouts (as if! :P)

Oh gOsH! I think I better stop b4 I create more craps in dis entry.

Haf a nice day peeps! XD