Monday, June 18, 2007


After a week n a half, d sunshine came back juz now! XD weeeeeeeeeeeee............... d rain is gone! I hope we gonna haf a hot n sunny summer from now on!

Neway, my boss is back from Spain wif a LOT of tan on his face! He look.... different? Shud I say burned? Heheheheeee.... :P

I juz ordered NTL Max Digital TV + Movie pack + free Disney pack! N d price is not bad at all... For d 1st 3 month we only haf 2 pay around EU40.99 for d whole thing. On d months onward we haf 2 pay EU56.99, not bad eh? We got 130 channels MAX!!!! :P n also 10 movie pack n 4 Disney channel for dat price. Me n Bee r sooOOoooOOo bored at home watching d same DVDs over n over again! Dats y we decided 2 subscribe NTL :D Nana wud b surprise by our drastic actions out of boredom! :P D NTL ppl will install it next Saturday! YiPpEe!!!!!! Our days won't b bored DAT much! ;)

Owh yeah... 2day is Gee's b'day!

HAPPY 26TH B'DAY GEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope she haf a good celebration ;)

Hurmm... Wut shud I do 2day after work? Instead of watching yet another DVD, I think I shud start reading The Da Vincci Code book I bought in January! :P It's a good bargain tho. I bought it for EU1.00 at Chapters! I'm gonna head off 2 Chapters dis weekend n grab more cheap books!!!! Yups! I love reading story books. I shud haf bought books instead of tons of magz last week. Heheheheheheeeee..........

Wut else?

*looking outside the window*

Wow!!!!!!!! I love d sunshine!!!!!! I wanna go out n play! XD hehheheeee.......

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