Thursday, June 14, 2007

e.x.a.m is over! :D

Hi peeps!!!!!

My exam is sooooooOOOOooooo over now! :D
N d result is coming out in August. I hope my result is ok dis time :) Eventho I dun study dat much! :P :P :P Still hoping 4 d best! ;) +ve thinker, dats wut I am. Hahahahahahaa......

But I am still wondering, y did I end up taking ACCA?!!! Y? I think it's bcoz of wanting 2 haf a better life in the future. I wanna b rich! SUPER-RICH! :P But of course rich wif my own money. Dats wut I want. Wut am I talking now? CrAP!

Dis week I end up in d office alone! My boss went 2 Spain n he'll b back dis weekend. 1 whole week without work at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It shud b fun actually, but it turns out 2 b SUPER-BORED! I dun even knoe wut 2 do. Juz d usual/routines job, n d rest of d day juz playing wif my pc n I even fall asleep! Crazy!

Wut else.... Summer is here!!!!!! :D I like all d sunshines (eventho it make me a bit dizzy), n also d fact dat I dun haf 2 wear any HEAVY jackets! I juz love it! But sadly, 2day it starts 2 rain. While I'm getting ready 4 work, I look outside my bedroom window, n I cud not c d Skybar at all! Isn't it amazing? Every1 wud notice d Skybar, but d weather is so bad, I dun think any1 can c it. Even d tower in O'Connell can't b seen from my apartment. It's too grayish n windy as well. Is dis wut we call summer in Dublin? If it's true, it's gonna b a looooooooonnnnnnngggggg boring summer! I dun like!

Mayb I shud pack my bags n off 4 a trip to Spain juz like my boss. heheheheee.... But I can't, no money lorrrr.... :P :P :P I hope Liverpool's weather gonna b hot n sunny next month! Can't wait 2 go 2 Jai n Steph's wedding reception! I bet Steph's wedding dress must b gorgeous juz like her :) Now me n Nico shud start thinking about wedding presents 4 them! GoSH! Wut shud we give????!!!!! I'll crack my brain n surf d net 4 ideas. By d way, I haf nothing else 2 do better! :P

Hurmmm........ Wut shud I get 4 lunch huh? Sumthing from Spar wud b cheap. But my brain keep on asking 4 Eddie's Rocket nachos n garlic mushroom! d.a.m.n. Do they haf take-aways? I dun wanna eat there coz I'll end up ordering choc malts as well. Hurmm... Y can't I stop eating? I feel fat dis week! I gotta do sum workouts (as if! :P)

Oh gOsH! I think I better stop b4 I create more craps in dis entry.

Haf a nice day peeps! XD

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