Friday, May 25, 2007

Job ReViewS!

Shud I say d job is fine n I like the office, d other employees, n d fact I'm d youngest n spoilt by Roberto! (He's not my boss neway). Hhahahahaaaa...

My boss is Stuart, n he's fine. Now he's not in d office. He went home early coz he need 2 catch his flight 2 Birmingham. Every1 in dis office can't stop travelling!

I've been in d office for 2 whole weeks including 2day. I'm glad I'm 1 of d employee. Even the big boss Noel is friendly. At first I tot I can't blend in with them. Surprisingly, there r half foreigners in this company including me! :D So, I'm not dat scared being d only 1 having other skin color ;)

Stuart teach me the accounts payable job dat I'm responsible, during my 1st week. N my 2nd week goes scarier coz I need to deal wif the travel agents n also those employee who work from home 4 their flights! Stuart got angry once or twice wif me 4 doing sum mistakes! Thank god the mistakes dat I made didn't actually make any damage.

2day, 1 of the employee who work from home pissed me off! Asking me 2 book the flights which is not recommended by the travel agents! I juz haf 2 request it from d agent n c how it goes. I'm still waiting now. N Stuart is not here 2 help me out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stuart told me dat now n Monday wud b like a test 4 me, coz I haf 2 manage my work alone! N if there's any enquiries 4 him, I haf 2 deal wif it. Luckily he gave me his private no. juz in case nobody in dis office can help me :)

Hurmmm..... Wut else? I took an annual leave 4 my study+exam on 1st week of June. N I'm only entitle to 13days til Dec coz I start working in May. Dat sux! So now I'm left wif 10 more days! I'm gonna take 2 days in July coz I need 2 attend Jai's wedding in Liverpool. N few days during 'Hari Raya'. I dun wanna celebrate 'Hari Raya' in d office! :P Too bad dat I haf 2 celebrate my 23rd b'day in d office! *MY B'DAY IS ON 30TH MAY!!!!!!!!!*

Wut else..... I'm gonna meet up wif my mashimaro after dis :) Y'day he cooked Chicken Kurma n it's soooooooooooOOOOoooooooo delicious! Thanx sayang :D I've been wondering wut he's gonna cook 2day. I've been spoiled by him n Nana on food! They cooked wutever dat I want 2 eat! :P

Owh yeah. Nana went back home as in Johor Baru,Malaysia on Wed. Her luggage bag's zip stuck or sumthing 2hours b4 her taxi came. So she borrowed mine. Thank god I'm not gonna use it. or else she juz haf 2 find other alternatives. She arrived safely n she told me dat she ate 'Sate' when she arrived. I'm sooOOoooOOo jealous of her! Coz she can eat REAL MALAYSIAN SATE! I misz Malaysian food.

well.... wut else? I'm so bored now. No e-mails from d agents n I feel like going home in half an hour. Later peeps!

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