Saturday, May 12, 2007

Never ending story..... :P

Let me tell u how I spend my day 2day.

Let c..... I woke up around 7am (I forced myself back 2 sleep! It's wayyyyy too early! :P). I took a shower around 8.15am, get ready n off I went 2 college. Yup! I haf class 2day from 9.30am til 5.30pm! Wut a way 2 spend my day...... *sigh*

After class, which is soooooo looooooooonnnnnnnnggggggggggggggg (I even sleep in d class! hahahahaaa.... :P), I went 2 Topshop. I was looking 4 working cloth. Eventho d company I'm working 4 doesn't haf any dress code, coz it's an American co.,how cool is dat? ;) Neway, working cloth is expensive! Hurmmm....

Thanx 2 my dad who loan me sum money 2 shop! :) He's more xcited than I am. Heheheheee... He texted me twice 2day saying how proud he is of me, n giving me d best advice I needed. How I wish he is here 2 read d contract 2gether wif me. Yeah... Talking about d contract, I haf not sign it yet. Coz I'm reading it 2gether 2nite wif Nico. I forced him 2 come 2nite 2 read d contract wif me, hahahahaaa.... N I forced him not 2 come last nite, coz I'm having morning class 2day :P Gosh.... I think I'm a bad gf! :P Or juz a bit naughty? I wonder..... hehehe....

Neway, back 2 shopping on work cloth. Last Wed, I went shopping wif Nico. He choose sum really nice work cloth n I knoe he got good taste :) I like all d work cloth he choose, n I bought it! As 4 2day, I bought a pump shoe n sum tiny jacket at Topshop. Pump shoe in Topshop is cheaper than Barrats. I'm so lucky 4 not buying dat black n silver pump shoe at Barrats, it's a lot more expensive. For sum1 who's juz starting work, I think I haf 2 b careful wif my money. Dun overspend or I'll b broke.

Hurmmm.... There's lots in my mind actually rite now. I'm kinda nervous 2 start working. I think I'm d only Asian in d company. Not so sure, coz I have not yet met d others. My boss told me dat I can wear anything I want 2 work even jeans! (coz certain co. allows their worker 2 wear anything ONLY on casual Friday). I haf told u dat already isn't it? :P I'm juz too xcited n also nervous at d same time! Wut if I dun understand their english? Wut if they dun understand me? Not 4getting their thick accents! Argghhhhh!!!!!! I'm scared!!!!!!! So scared!!!!!!

I juz hope I'll b fine. At least I understand everything dat my boss said. He's d only person dat matters d most 4 me in d co. coz I work only wif him. Am I? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I 4got my admin duties!!!!! Now I remember, I haf 2 knoe every single person in d office. B calm! I'll b okie... I hope so...

Wish me luck peeps!

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