Friday, December 21, 2007

I'm LeaVinG 2moro.... :)

I'm leaving tomorrow for London AGAIN! :) For the past 2++ years, I spend every Xmas in London. I don't celebrate Xmas, but what I do celebrate is the heavenly BOXING DAY!!!! It means crazee shopping spree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeeehaaaaa!!!!!!!!! ;)

Can't wait to go shopping! :P

And yeah, can't wait to meet my friends as well. It's been a year people, A YEAR! Tehehehe...

I better go now. Will update as soon as I'm back in Dublin! :) With lots of holiday pics and at least 10kgs of goodies!!!! :P

P/S:- I got 2 Xmas present from my boss this morning! :)

Monday, December 17, 2007

GOLDEN Nugget!

The Rocking Martini Santa (RMS) in my office gave a Gnome Name to each one of us. They named me the GOLDEN Nugget! It sounds really cute to me! :)

Neway, The Xmas Party was awesome!!!! It's like no-working day on Friday for us! Starts at 10.45am when we played the RMS quizzes, then the Secret Santa gifts! I got a really cute pink slippers, a pink robe and body scrubs. Love it! Thanx Fiona!!!! XD

Around 12.30pm, we head out to the Guinness StoreHouse in Thomas St. for our Xmas Lunch. The food was superb!!!!! After that we did the Guiness tour, and the place is HUGE! We went up to the Gravity Bar on the 7th floor. I can actually see 14 important views from up there! I saw Bray, Wicklow, Phoenix Park, City Centre, and others. The view is magnificent!

At 5.45pm, we walked to O'Neils. I say my goodbyes at 8.15pm. It was a good Xmas party overall :)

Met Gee and Kat afterwards and sleepover at Gee's place.

Saturday I went out for lunch with my friends at Han Yang korean restaurant. The food was really good. I love kembap! I eat kembap twice a week! Hehehehehheee.... Han Yang sell it in the Spar nearby my office. That's how I got my kembap supply twice a week! XD

On Sunday, I had my looooooooooooooooooooonnggggg sleep! :) I was so happy sleeping and waking up late, with all the lazy mood in me. Hehehehee... Around 4.30pm I went to Sis Rahena's place for her yummylicious Curry Noodles! Gosh! All those fishballs and chicken! I love it! And I definitely love her place :)

Weeeeeeeeeeeee........................ My last Friday, Saturday and Sunday was so good! All the food consumed within this 3 days is really yummy and make me gain kgsss!!!!!! XD

But this weekend I was on the phone with Nico everynight more than 2 hours! I miss him like crazy!

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Monday, December 10, 2007

Last weekend.... I..

Last weekend I was in Ennis. I was hoping that the weather will be nice. At least I can take a walk by the river, while eating my fav Subway, or have pasta at the Vegetarian Italian restaurant happily alone. (Coz he was working the whole weekend!)

But it rained non-stop since I arrived in Ennis. So I'm stuck in his room with my PSP and Ipod (thanks to my stick-notes, I remember to bring my baby gadgets!). Nothing much to do other than play games, watch movie and lots and lots of sleep!!!! XD

And I bought a gift for the Secret Santa thingy. I'm going to wrap it tonight. Hope he likes it! :) I've been wondering what I'll get from my Secret Santa. Huhuhuuuu....

The Christmas party is this Friday! Everyone in the office is so excited about it. And next week, half of them will be going home to celebrate Christmas with their family.

And I'm off to London again this Christmas for Boxing Day!!!!! XD More and more shopping!!! I loooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvveeeeeee shopping!!!!

Gotta go now. Work! Work! Work!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

When everything crumbles down on you!!!

This is what happen to me NOW!!!! EVERYTHING crumbles down!!!

My exam sux! Not talking about it!

My I-thought-you-are-a-good-friend-to-me turns out to be a shitty friend. I guess I'm not meant to have friends. Fuck it! I dun care anymore...

My work is like super-busy-crazy situation right now. Xmas is in 2 weeks. Gotta dig out the Xmas tree and put it in the reception. I have to get THE gift for this whole Secret Santa thingy we are having in the office. And I can't skip Xmas party next Friday! And I have tonnes of REAL work to do on my desk! (Yeah.. I know I'm blogging from office... So what?)

My toes hurt from wearing those shoes! I want to wear slippers!!!

It's either raining or too windy in Dublin. I hate walking everyday to work and back home in this kind of weather.

I'm really homesick now. Feel like going back to KL, and not coming back to this shitty place. It really sux!


The ONLY thing that make my day everyday is HIM.

I better go now before I start cursing more in this entry. I'm just so pissed!