Thursday, December 06, 2007

When everything crumbles down on you!!!

This is what happen to me NOW!!!! EVERYTHING crumbles down!!!

My exam sux! Not talking about it!

My I-thought-you-are-a-good-friend-to-me turns out to be a shitty friend. I guess I'm not meant to have friends. Fuck it! I dun care anymore...

My work is like super-busy-crazy situation right now. Xmas is in 2 weeks. Gotta dig out the Xmas tree and put it in the reception. I have to get THE gift for this whole Secret Santa thingy we are having in the office. And I can't skip Xmas party next Friday! And I have tonnes of REAL work to do on my desk! (Yeah.. I know I'm blogging from office... So what?)

My toes hurt from wearing those shoes! I want to wear slippers!!!

It's either raining or too windy in Dublin. I hate walking everyday to work and back home in this kind of weather.

I'm really homesick now. Feel like going back to KL, and not coming back to this shitty place. It really sux!


The ONLY thing that make my day everyday is HIM.

I better go now before I start cursing more in this entry. I'm just so pissed!

1 comment:

yanny said...

hi hun! i noe the feeling...
been der done dat!
when that kinda shitty stuffs happen to me, me like to go shopping! :)