Monday, December 17, 2007

GOLDEN Nugget!

The Rocking Martini Santa (RMS) in my office gave a Gnome Name to each one of us. They named me the GOLDEN Nugget! It sounds really cute to me! :)

Neway, The Xmas Party was awesome!!!! It's like no-working day on Friday for us! Starts at 10.45am when we played the RMS quizzes, then the Secret Santa gifts! I got a really cute pink slippers, a pink robe and body scrubs. Love it! Thanx Fiona!!!! XD

Around 12.30pm, we head out to the Guinness StoreHouse in Thomas St. for our Xmas Lunch. The food was superb!!!!! After that we did the Guiness tour, and the place is HUGE! We went up to the Gravity Bar on the 7th floor. I can actually see 14 important views from up there! I saw Bray, Wicklow, Phoenix Park, City Centre, and others. The view is magnificent!

At 5.45pm, we walked to O'Neils. I say my goodbyes at 8.15pm. It was a good Xmas party overall :)

Met Gee and Kat afterwards and sleepover at Gee's place.

Saturday I went out for lunch with my friends at Han Yang korean restaurant. The food was really good. I love kembap! I eat kembap twice a week! Hehehehehheee.... Han Yang sell it in the Spar nearby my office. That's how I got my kembap supply twice a week! XD

On Sunday, I had my looooooooooooooooooooonnggggg sleep! :) I was so happy sleeping and waking up late, with all the lazy mood in me. Hehehehee... Around 4.30pm I went to Sis Rahena's place for her yummylicious Curry Noodles! Gosh! All those fishballs and chicken! I love it! And I definitely love her place :)

Weeeeeeeeeeeee........................ My last Friday, Saturday and Sunday was so good! All the food consumed within this 3 days is really yummy and make me gain kgsss!!!!!! XD

But this weekend I was on the phone with Nico everynight more than 2 hours! I miss him like crazy!

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