Tuesday, December 23, 2008

my 2008

2008 is ending. 2009 is coming. I have been wanting to do this post for quite sometime. It is the fortunate/unfortunate events that happened to me in 2008. I wish 2009 will be better and happier for me :)

One of my housemate moved out giving me less than 2 days noticed. I was shocked and hurt at the same time. But life goes on... Trying to figure out how and where to get the money to pay the Feb rental. The saddest thing is not she-moved-out, but more like she-did-not-tell-me-at-all. I guess the friendship never matters to her. I have to move on...

I had to forked out money from my savings to pay the rental. I was worried that I don't have enough cash to pay my tuition fees. But my company is very generous, they offered to pay my fees. Yay! :) I guess everything happened for a reason.

I was busy with classes and work. Had the worst fever ever! I was on MC for a week! And Nico left for MiddleEast. He got a better job there, and I'm happy for him :)

The new housemate arrived at last! She is very nice and friendly. This is the month where my financial is back to normal.

I turned 24 on 30th May.

Exam!!!! hahaha...
I went to Glasgow for few days with Muntaz (my new housemate). She was great fun :) Get to know her better during the trip.
I met Nico in London for less than 24 hours!, after 3 months not seeing each other. He bought me the best b'day pressie ever!
My bos quits the company, he got a better job. He was the best bos ever! He teached me a lot and I wished him good luck on the new job.

I bought the ticket to Malaysia in the very last minute! Eventhough it was very expensive, it was worth every cents. I did my shopping and I was very very broke! tehehehee...

I was in KL for 2 weeks, and it was the best! It has been 2 years since I last went back. Nico was in KL too. We had meet-the-parent-session. Hehehe....
I got back to Dublin, and I got the worst news ever! I was cheated by my other housemate. She was a good liar I guess. I was trying to stay strong for my own sake! But thanks to mr.landlord who helped me a lot during this time, and also Muntaz. We survived.

I got 2 new housemates. Rina and Dila. They are nice, and I like them :)
We went for a housemate trip to Kildare Village, and it was fun!
Oh yeah... It was the fasting month too...

Happy Eid to all the muslims! I was working half day on first Eid. I cooked Soto Ayam with the help of my housemates. And it was delicious!!! :D But not as good as my mom's (obviously!).
We (me and Muntaz) went to Frankfurt for a mini-break. Just to clear our minds and have some fun, after all that we been through for the past 2 months.
I went to London again to meet Nico :)

I can't remember if there was anything important happened this month. But what I do remember, I'm deleting all the memories of her. I hope she's happy with her life which is full of lies...

Exam again! Hahaha...
Nico was here for 9 days. I got a pressie from him :) It was nice and I got to spend more time with him.
P'e came all the way from Sheffield to visit me. It was a fun weekend for us. It's been a year since we last hang out together. He is a great friend, and hopefully we will still be in future.
Rina family is here. This mean yummy food served by the mom every day! :D Thanks aunty!
Hani went back for good. I missed her already...
Xmas Party
Xmas Eve Party for the employees kids (I don't have any kids, but I'm the organizer)
I've been invited to a pot luck! I need to figure out what to bring!
Ice skating maybe?

I guess that's it. I'm hoping that 2009 will be a better year for me. I also hope that everyone should stop assuming that they know what happened in my life, when they have no idea what I've been through. I lost 2 of my good friends, but I don't have any regrets. I wished them all the best in life.

Neways, I'm very happy to have the chance knowing Muntaz, Rina and Dila because they are great fun :) I'm also happy to have Akma who is there for me as a friend. I hope our friendship will grow stronger and thicker by the year.

Goodbye 2008...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Goodbye my 'friend'

I've been quiet since my last mini vacation post (which only include pics of me, no writing whatsoever). I just don't feel like writing nowdays. The mini vacation is to put my mind at ease for a while. Which helps a little. I had fun with Muntaz, and Frankfurt is beautiful.

And why I don't blog that much?

I'm kinda lost of words... There are too many things to tell. But I don't think it is appropriate for me to blog it in here. But I lost another 'friend'. How? Let just say, I will never ever believe any of my friends regarding money, not anymore. There! I said it! Never ever show your face to me ever again. Don't call/text me. (I know you read my blog,so here is a msg for you). It has been months since it happen, and I'm letting the issue go away now...

Goodbye so-called-lying-bitchy-'friend'. I hope you are happy with your fantasy life.

Monday, September 29, 2008

my raya preparation :)

Heya peeps! How's your raya preparation? Mine is doing well. Great actually! :) I can't believe that I'm actually preparing my own raya dish this year. Yeah.. I know this is my 4th raya in Dublin. But I never cook raya dish on Eid itself. Neways, I tried doing my own begedil (or is it pegedil?) last night. It was a success!!! :) Thanx to my ever-loyal helpers, it was a really mouth-watering delicious begedil (pegedil?).

Can't wait to prepare my raya dish tomorrow night. It's going to be a good Eid for us :)

Selamat Hari Raya to my family and friends (far and near).
Maaf Zahir Batin...


Thursday, September 11, 2008


Nope. I haven't found out how or where to get the Laksa Johor that I've been craving this past few days. I'll call my mom and ask her how to do it later. I saw her making it few weeks back when I was in M'sia. It looks difficult! Or is it just my imagination? Hahahaa... FYI, I don't really cook. So my cooking skills (if there is any..) is very very limited :p

I can't wait to get my yearly kuih raya Fedex to me next week! Dad said that he's going to arrange for the pick-up on Monday. Yay! So I don't have to bake my own cakes and cookies for Raya. Errrr..... Ok. I have to admit that I never bake a cake before. Oh yeah.. Once when I was in High School for a cooking project. I think I bake it, or is it my friend? Hahahaaa...

But I always bake my own Chocolate Chip cookies during Raya with the help of my bro. I pour all the ingredients into a big bowl (under my mom's supervision!), then my bro will mix it, and I'll do the round shapes on the oven plates (whatever it is..) and put it in the oven. Hahaa.. Easy peasy measy.... ;)

Neways... I'm sooooo looking forward for the mini trip with the girlz next weekend! :) fun fun fun!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

i'm craving for this particular food...

I really really really want to eat this. Where can I get it here in Dublin?

Laksa Johor


Wednesday, September 03, 2008

update at last!

It’s been a while since I last update my blog. My life has been very busy and hectic. Referring my previous post, I went back to Malaysia for 2 weeks holiday (1st-16th Aug). It was great to be home after 2 long years without family hugs & kisses, good food, good friends, nice sunny weather and not forgetting great bargain with sales all over the place (it was really cheap!).

I met few of my good friends and it was great seeing you guys. Congrats to Omar
and wife for the great news! He is actually going to be a father! Best of luck to Aleph with the job/love hunting *wink*. Dina, please please please continue your studies here! To Chain and his gf, good luck for your future plans (you know what I mean), I will try not to miss it. To my friends who I didn’t have the time to meet (Ameer, Adura, Naz, Arian), I’ll see you guys next time aite?

Mr.nico a.k.a mr.bf was in Malaysia too! It was great seeing him after few months not seeing him. Hehehe… We had ‘meet the family’ session and I’m glad that they all like him. I can’t wait to see him again, preferably this month! (Is it possible sayang? :p)

Ok. Now back to reality. My exam result was out few weeks back and it’s bad (I didn’t expect it at all!). I was mad and I blame it all to myself (who else can I blame huh?). I just need to study the right way this time.

The day after I got my result, I got even worst news and my heart almost stop! I can’t talk about this here. It’s too personal and I’m trying to save that person face from shame.

My work? As usual, very busy for the past 2 weeks. And right now with nothing to do, I’m really bored.

Oh yeah. Happy Ramadan to all my Muslim friends
(Walau pon kiter di Dublin buka puasa pukul 8 lebih, jgn x puasa pulak yea.. hehehe..).

I guess that’s my update for now. I will try and update more often. Becoming more and more lazy now days to update. Blame Ms.Saito, Couple or Trouble and Green Rose for my laziness please….

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

going home... :)

Heya peeps! I'm back with more energy and enthusiasm :)

I have a really good news. Remember I've been blogging about wanting to go home?? Yup! I got myself a return ticket to Malaysia!!!! Yay!!! I'm going back next week for 2 weeks. Isn't it great?!! I'm so excited coz the last time I went back home was summer 2006! That was 2 years ago. Heheheheee.... I've been shopping like a mad girl this past few months (not for myself!). I'm just too excited to go home for holiday, even though it is only for 2 weeks.

*I packed my bags last weekend. tehehehehe....* too excited i guess! * ;)

Anyways, enough about that. It is someone's birthday today. Hurmm... Who is the birthday girl?

I hope you have a good celebration with your love ones *wink* and wishing you lots of happiness and smiles. You have been a good friend to me and others too. You are definitely a star! Love you to bits! Muaxxxxx!!!!!
p/s: I just noticed that I didn't update my blog that much nowdays.... I wonder why...

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

when my mind is no longer sane...

i guess i think too much...

should stop thinking about it

but i couldn't stop

i am just f***ing pissed off!

what should i do now?

Thursday, June 26, 2008

holiday no more...

Heya! It's been a while eh? :)

I'm at the office right now. Yup, blogging from the office! Haha...

Neway, my trip to London last week was fun. I met mr.nico for less than 24 hours!!! But we did lots of things together. We went shopping at Selfridges! He bought me a handbag *insert really really BIG smile here*

We walked around London for a while, more shopping and eating too. The time is too short but I can't be too greedy can I? ;) I hope to meet him again in August and this time for more than 24 hours!

I spend my weekend lazying around at Nadia's place :) Had lunch with Usop and Ali at Tokyo Diner nearby Piccadilly Circus. The food was yummy but the portion is a bit too small for us! I'm going to miss the eating session with them... Usop went back for good yesterday (even though I got the feeling he's coming back!). And Nadia is going back too!

I guess London trip will not be meaningful anymore if I can't see them. *sigh*

On other issue.

I can't wait for this weekend! More shopping need to be done. My list is getting shorter now :)

I better get going.... work work work and more work!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Glasgow trip was great!!!!


I just came back from a weekend trip to Glasgow. It was super-fun!!! I'll post some pics later on aite :)

I'm off to London on Thursday to meet mr.nico!!! At last! Can't wait to see him! And I'll be staying for the weekend as well. I have reserved the whole weekend to hang out with Nadia!

U'uhh... I'll update more with pics from home aite!

Friday, May 30, 2008

HaPpY b'DaY tO mE!!!! XD


Thanks to my family, mr.bf and friends for the wishes. I'm definitely a BIG girl now ;)

Friday, May 09, 2008

i'm still alive :)

Heya peeps! I'm still alive if some of you were wondering (or not?). Hehehehee...

There's nothing much to blog. My life... should we say... in an O.K. stage. Work is not as busy as I expected. Classes was great and I still have few more to attend before the exam day. Yup! Another round of ACCA examination. When am I gonna finish it??? urghh!!

Oh yeah. Ms.new housemate arrived middle of last month. At last we got a replacement for the extra room (after an extremely short noticed). Blahhh.. I don't want to be remind of those months, and don't ask who pays all the rent on those months. Whatever it is we survived :) Neway, Ms.newbies is really nice and a fun person.

On my love life... I miss mr.nico a lot! It's been 2 months++ since he left Dublin. His new job is great and he loves it. It just that me being in Dublin without him around, makes it a bit lonely. Haihhhh... Can't wait to see him after exam! (Maybe I should pray upon the stars???)

And I'm going back for holiday!!! Yay! ^-^

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Plz watch Step Up 2, 27 Dresses & The Orphanage. I love all of it! :)

Next stop is My Girl & My Sassy Girl collection - given by my sis.

Oh yeah, not forgetting Finale season of The O.C. Never got the chance to finish it.

Til next time...

Saturday, March 22, 2008

hye peeps!

It's almost a month since I last update. Sorry for 'MIA' this past few weeks. Nico went somewhere 3 hours ahead from Dublin for a new job. I've been missing him like crazee! FYI we are doing great :)

The only thing keeping me sane was to bury myself into my work. Which turn out to be very stressfull for straight 2 weeks!!! By the end of it, I got the worst flu and coughing like a grandpa! I'm still not 100% fresh if that's what you want to know.

Class have been great, love it! I've been making promises to myself that I need to pass my papers this time. Then I'll reward myself with something really special (designer bags, mini vacation to Paris, OR a return ticket to Malaysia for 3 weeks!!!!). Still keeping my reward options open XD

I'm stuck at home, doing nothing because of the sickness. I did went out to watched the parade on St.Patrick Day and to the super-mini funfair (compared to the ones we had back home). Maybe that's what make me even worst. It is very cold here nowdays. I thought Spring is here. It didn't feel like spring at all!

Neways, I've been watching lots of One Tree Hill (season 4 & 5), Gilmore Girls (season 7), and Gossip Girl (season 1). It really occupies me during this sickness. I haven't sing for almost 2 weeks now. I miss my singstar! Maybe I should get 'serious' with my latest Need For Speed Pro Street game instead ;) I always have this 'thing' for fast cars. Heheheheeee.....

I better go now. It suppose to be a quickie. As usual it ends up more than 5 sentences! Hahahaa.... Hope you guys have better weekends than me :)

Thursday, February 28, 2008


I bought it! I bought it! I bought it! AT LAST!!!!! :D

Me and Nico tested it last night and guess what? We can't sing! Hahahahaaa.... We keep on laughing instead of singing! I should have snap some pics of him singing last night *evil grin*. I'll snap some tonight if I can get him to sing again with me! :)

The TV-buying need to be put on hold for now. Coz I need the extra cash for visa renewal, ACCA exam fees and my long-hold-shopping-spreeeee!!!! Plus we got a HUGE Plasma TV in the living room (provided by the generous landlord). So the TV I've been wanting to buy can be put on hold for maybe a month or so. I'll let u know once I get it!

*Loving the White Samsung TV!* heheheee...

So.... I'll snap some pics of me, Nico, and my friends singing later on aite? ;)



Thursday, February 21, 2008

my laptop is back! :)

My laptop is back safely in my hands! :D I send it to the Toshiba service centre 3 weeks ago. After few phone calls to the service centre, yesterday I went to picked it up! Nothing serious happened. They changed the Wi-Fi card (It can't detect wireless signal for some reason), and I got a new power adapter. The previous adapter was broken and not useable. I actually bought the universal adapter few months ago. I didn't know I can get a new one!!! Hahahahaaa... I'm just glad my laptop is back with me now :)

So, I'll be updating from home starting 'tomorrow' ;) I'm super-happy with my new NTL wireless 6mb! It's super-fast! I don't have to wait (AGES!!!) for the youtube videos to buffer at all!

And yeah, my class starts next week. This time I need to study! Like REAL-STUDYING! I have to decrease my intake of TV-watching, weekend-sleeping, internet-surfing, partying, shopping?, holiday-ing, and whatever that falls in the category of 'This things make me lazy to study'. Hahahaa... And not forgetting to be a good employee (no more updating from the office!!!). Eventho I'm the GOLDEN NUGGET, I still have to perform well :)

Good luck to me!!! ^-^

Monday, February 18, 2008


14th Feb

Happy Valentine's Day to all! :), and

Happy 1st Birthday to me n mr.nico! Yay!!!! WE survive our 1st year ;)

And there was a BIG news from him. I will blog about it later, whenever I'm ready. Hurmm...

Another issue:

I've been 'rob' in my own house. Hahahahaaa... It is actually funny ;) WE finally have a good reason to buy new stuffs for the house. Right now I have a new shining blender, new DVD player (given by mr.nico), and a new DVD rack. I love the new stuff and really glad that I can actually get rid off the old ones :)

I can't wait to buy the TV I've been eyeing for quite sometime and the PS2. I know PS2 is so last season. But I want to play Singstars!!! Heheheheeee... There are more than 10 Singstars game for PS2. Plus PS3 is too expensive and I'm not a hard-core gamer. I already have PSP, so it's like an upgrade ;) What you guys think? And the TV will be one of those High Definition LCD! Just can't decide which of the three (3) TV should I get.

I'll update more about it once I bring the whole thing back home into my new room :) Oh yeah, I got myself a new room. It's really nice and super-cosy. I promised myself to fully utilise the room with lots of singing, dancing and not forgetting studying! :D and no eating Maggi or rice in the room! teheheheee.....

Ok peeps! Gotta start packing and go home.

The end for yet another Monday ;)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Bumper stickers! :)

I came across lots of funny/cute/rude bumper stickers. But this is my favourite!!!! :) Assassin sounds scary isn't it? Hahahahaaa... This is THE Sweet Assassin! Let me kick your ass! Hahahahahahaaa.... :P

Thursday, February 07, 2008

tired oh so sleepy....

For the past few days it has been the most tiring sleepy days..... Stressfull days as well. Thanx to **** who make my life miserable NOW yet happier for future :)

Anyway, been thinking to get myself a small LCD Tv. It's freaking expensive!!!! And it's in eurosss!!!! And I want to get myself the next generation PlayStation 3! But it's wayyyy too expensive! I'll probably settle down with Playstation 2 instead. I don't really mind... As long as I can play the SingStar games! :D Music always make me feels better whenever I'm tired, stress or just plain bored. So Singstar should be a fun game because it's like karaoke, teheheheee... I'm very shy to sing infront of people, so getting my own SingStar, singing in the room? Sounds perfect eh? ;)

Goshh.. What a boring sleepy day... I can't wait for 14 Feb! :D :D :D Yup! It is THE Valentine Day! Love is in the air... And our 1st annivessary.... tehehehehee...

What a boring entry! BOO!

P/S:- I will update with a proper entry next time ;)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

VERY angry


I have so much anger in me right now! And I can blow any seconds!


Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Is it true that you can be friends forever? With your playmates when you were little, school days, college days and working days. Or is it just pure myth?

When I was 6 years old, I'm happy enough having friends from the kindergarden I went to and my playmates at home. School concerts, trip to the zoo, picnics!!!! Gosh! I still remember those days. I still remember few of my playmates. Adly, Ain, Amanda, Shoma and Aaron (We went to the same school until we were 17!!!!)

When I was 10 years old, I start believing on this friends forever thingy. I have few goodfriends at that time who I love to be with all the time. Wahidah, Adly, Zulaikha, Fatima, Liyana, Premraj, Wazzan, Dina, goshhh... I miss them all! It's been ages since I last talk to them!

Then I became 13, and started my high school. Most of my friends were still in the same school, just different classes. That's when I started to hang out with different people. Hang out with other kids. Most of my primary school friends were in the top 4 class, and I'm not. It's weird hanging out with them, because they start hanging out with the genius/brilliant kids.

5 years of high school teached me that friends might not last forever. I'm one of those people who hated my own high school years. Seriously... I hate my high school years, I hate the person I become because of it. The only thing that make me strong those days was having Nazira during form 4 and 5 :) She is a good friend until now. And Adly is always there for me as well, he's been a goodfriend since I was 6! Not forgetting Dina, Mazida and Arian (Miss this peeps!)

Then came my 18 birthday. WE (High School friends) go to different colleges/universities. We see each other occasionally for get-together, farewell parties, and few others. NOT that I care more or less. Coz like I said, I have a pretty f*cked up high school years... Being fat, ugly and not rich at that time is not a good thing. And your so-called popular friends talking bad things about you behind your back is not really a good memory. But it is ok. Happy that I start getting to know new people who I was hoping to call friends as well.

College years in DBS,KL was good. I met few friends. We have our ups and downs but everything turns out to be good at the end. I miss Adura and Mohsein, my partner in crime :) Sadly they didn't make it to DBS,Dublin. How I always wish they are here..... It is going to be a LOT more fun and I'll have more boogy weekends! Teheheheheee.....

Now at the age of 23 going 24 (heheheee......), how I desperately want to believe in friends forever. It is easy to find friends to laugh and party with. But it is hard to find a real friend who will be there during your difficult time, when you broke up with your bf, or having family problems, or in need of money/job, or let you sleep at their place when you have no place to stay....

Life is hard. Having a so-called friend will make life even more complicated. Don't you think so?

Congratulations to those people who still believe in friends forever. But I'm 110% sure that right now, at this moment, I no longer believe in it (Eventho I desperately want to).

I'm just glad to have few friends with me right now :) They are great! Probably in 5-10 years time I might change my mind and says I believe in it!

P/S:- Do leave some comment my dearest silent readers ;)

Monday, January 21, 2008

I GOT IT!!!! :) :P XD ^-^


Yay!!!!!! I got it like 5 minutes ago! I was so excited over it! I bought it online at Amazon.co.uk and the delivery is super-quick! It is due to arrive on Wed, but I got it today! Yippee!!!!!

It is The OC: The Complete Seasons 1-4 (Limited Edition 28 Disc Box set). It is a lot cheaper than HMV. Can't wait to go home, slip under my warm duvet with my laptop watching it! Yay!

F.U.N! ;)

My weekend was great!!! :D Eventho the weather was very gloomy! Heheheee..

On Saturday, me and Akma went for her another job-hunting session around Grafton Street and Henry Street. SALES is still everywhere!!!!!! Gosh!!! believe it or not, I managed to keep my purse in my bag allll the time! No money was spend on Saturday except on food. Yummy!

Had Mc'D for brunch, so boring.... I hate fastfood nowdays...

Met Aisyah, Wahid and Adik for Debenhams shopping session! hahahahahaaa... The girlz shop like crazee! But seriously, everything was so cheap and worth every euros :) Yup, I didn't buy anything (good girl) :P

We went to Han Yang, a korean restaurant which serves yummylicious korean food, and we spend hours in there eating and talking and laughing. Then we move to Lemon Jelly for coffee and cakes! Hot chocolate for me :D More talking and laughing, hahahahahaaa.... Off to my place for short DVD session, we watched Lizard Woman. I don't recommend this movie to anyone! It was not-so-scary-but-more-yucky kind of movie.

It was a great outing with the girls :) We should have more coffee session!

Sunday was a good day as well. Woke up early and I cleaned up my super-messy room. It looks clean, shining and well organize now :D Eventho it is just a single tiny room, I love it to bits! After having my daily shower, called my mom (talk, talk, talk) :P I went to Akma's place. Elina cooked yummylicious blueberry pancakes. This tiny little girl really know how to cook. Lucky Akma to have her as a roomie ;)

Then, me and Akma went to Topshop on Grafton St. to settle some stuff. Looks like they don't have the thing that I want. So we had to go to the Topshop in Dundrum to get it. Off we went to Dundrum. It's been ages since I step my feet in Dundrum Shopping Centre. Too many people in the mall yesterday, and everyone was enjoying the sales. After grabbing my stuff, and some few new other stuff, hahahahaaa... Ok Ok.. Today I did spend some money on something. I bought a Sisley belt and Pull & Bear bag. It was on sale!!! I got them really cheap ;)

And congratulation to Akma for *tut*tut*tut*. She wants me to keep it as a secret! I had too! lol :P Anyway, we got bored and went straight home. Heheheee...

My weekend was well spend ;) Had great outings with the girls, new goodies, Akma's great news and yummylicious food!

I can't wait for Wed, Thurs, Fri and Sat this week :D :D :D Nico is coming to Dublin!!!! Yay!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Schoolboy Blazer! :)

I saw this awesome jacket online, and decided to check it out at the shop itself! End up buying it because it is too nice and too cute and too awesome!!!! LOVE IT!!! I can't wait to wear it ;)



Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I'm craving ........


Right now my stomach craves for pizza! I'm going to get myself a pizza for dinner tonight :) This is the best part of my life. Deciding my own meals everyday!!! ^-^ I don't have to eat anything I dislikes. I'll either eat-out, take-away or cook-away my own breakfast, lunch and dinner. Isn't it wonderful? ;)

Gosh! Looking at this pics make me hungry! I'm off to lunch peeps! ;)

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The no. 5 :)

5 things in my bag:
  • Purse
  • handphone
  • umbrella
  • medicine
  • house keys

5 things in my wallet:
  • GNIB card, it's the National Identity Card for non-EU in Ireland
  • ATM card
  • Credit card
  • Expired student card(s), hahahahaaa... LOTS of it!
  • and no euros?? Damn! I'm broke!

5 favourite things in my bedroom:
  • My comfy bed
  • 2 BIG wardrobe FULL of my goodies :P
  • my laptop
  • my teddies (esp CoCo!!!)
  • my pink moo-moo slipper.

5 things I wish to do :
  • I wish for a long holiday with HIM around the world :)
  • I wish I could meet my mom and dad soon. Missing them too much!
  • I wish I'm home now and not stuck in the office doing THIS!
  • I wish it's not raining now coz it's going to be a hard-wet-walk back home (It's raining HEAVILY RIGHT NOW!)
  • I wish to be happy for as long as I live :)

5 things I’m doing now :
  • Doing THIS! lol
  • Listening to my boss discussing some development budget issues with a co-worker. How boring?!!!
  • Looking out the window and worry about how WET I'll be when I reach home an hour from now.
  • Trying to look busy infront of the boss :P teheheheee...
  • My mind can't stop from thinking about FOOD! I'm cooking 2nite!!! XD

Monday, January 07, 2008

new year resolution???

I hope it is not too late to wish all of u Happy New Year!!!

So any new year resolution people?

I know I never had one. So I don't even bother to create-think of one :o) And to those who make a list of it, work hard to achieve each one of your resolution! Good luck!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Morning morning... ;)

Morning people! :)

I'm too lazy to woke up this morning to shower and get my ass to the office. But here I am, being a good girl, I AM IN THE OFFICE! tehehehehee.... With ALL my tiny little strenght, I managed to woke up (after I knocked my alarm clock a couple of time :P) and went to my white shining bathroom and showered.

Walking to the office this morning was hard.... The wind can't stop blowing me away! Crazy Dublin weather! Hahahaaa...

Neway, last night I went out with Akma si gediks! :P I did went to Brown Thomas and most stuff was 50% off! It was suppose to be a good news to me. But it is NOT! ALL the 50% off stuff is either ugly or not my type at all. I'm sad! Nevermind... I'll save more money and get a new season designer bag next month or so.

We had our 3-course meal in Sufi's! Yummylicious! Baked potato with cheese for starter, chicken tandoori pizza for main course and chocolate cake for dessert!!!! Whatelse could I ask for? Heheheheee.... It was a great outing babe! We should do it more often aite? ;)

Now I better get going. Breakfast then work! Til the next entry... XD

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Girlz Trip!

It was the best Girlz trip ever! :)

I don't know where to start..... Geezzzz... I think I'll list down what, when, where and who.

  • We crashed at Nadia's place
  • We and the Londoners throw a surprise birthday party for P'e on Sunday 23rd
  • I met my friends! :) and make new ones
  • Me and Nadia became the unqualified tourist guide for Nana and Akma. Tehehehee....
  • Xmas day was a sleep+eat+gossips day.
  • Boxing Day was very tiring for me. I didn't shop much. There's too many people crashing every shop!
  • Dinner, hanging out, shopping and joking around with Usop and Ali was fun

I guess that's it!!!! My super short and sweet entry :P