Thursday, June 26, 2008

holiday no more...

Heya! It's been a while eh? :)

I'm at the office right now. Yup, blogging from the office! Haha...

Neway, my trip to London last week was fun. I met for less than 24 hours!!! But we did lots of things together. We went shopping at Selfridges! He bought me a handbag *insert really really BIG smile here*

We walked around London for a while, more shopping and eating too. The time is too short but I can't be too greedy can I? ;) I hope to meet him again in August and this time for more than 24 hours!

I spend my weekend lazying around at Nadia's place :) Had lunch with Usop and Ali at Tokyo Diner nearby Piccadilly Circus. The food was yummy but the portion is a bit too small for us! I'm going to miss the eating session with them... Usop went back for good yesterday (even though I got the feeling he's coming back!). And Nadia is going back too!

I guess London trip will not be meaningful anymore if I can't see them. *sigh*

On other issue.

I can't wait for this weekend! More shopping need to be done. My list is getting shorter now :)

I better get going.... work work work and more work!


yanny said...

london sounds like FUN!!!!

hope will b able to fly over for a vacation sometime next yer!!!!

fAirY said...

London is fun :) A lot bigger than Dublin definitely!