Monday, May 29, 2006

d BeSt b'DaY eVeR :D

OpS! My b'day is actually 2moro :P

But I already celebrate it twice! :D :D :D

Saturday was d BIG celebration. Coz it was my + EpoL + iSa b'day celebration 2gether :)
It was super fun! We did it at Epol's houz. D best houz ever 2 hang out n haf party :P
So we haf dis decent BBQ party during d day. N around 10pm, Dj Shah put on his stuff n d houz was changed 2 club ;) Cool huh? A LOT of pppl came. I think it's d BEST b'day celebration ever! Every1 enjoy it so much, n as usual we party really hard! :)

Sunday was my 2nd b'day celebration. Hahahahaaaa..... I knoe u guyz think it's wayyyyy toooo much! It was me + Aleph's b'day celebration 2gether. But d 2nd b'day celebration was Nana's idea. Dat lil gurl is such a sweetheart.... Love u so much gurl! Akib cooked a really nice chicken chop 4 us. N d b'day boy Aleph sing a song, how sweet! :) They forced me 2 sing, but I did not sing :P :P :P I don't posses a good voice, only my gurlz knew how it sounded like coz I sing at home :P

Okies.... 2day is MOnday. I woke up late. I cleaned d whole houz coz he's coming 2moro. Who? Cute face is coming 2moro!!!!!! :D :D :D He's gonna stay here in Dublin 4 a week! Me myself can't believe it! But I'm very much glad he's coming :)

Less than 2 weeks 2 go b4 I'm back safely at my houz in KL. At least I haf cute face 2 spend my time wif :) Elissa is going back dis Sunday, n Bee is going back wif me. Miera gonna stay here in Dublin n work (Good luck gurl!!!).

By d way, I got a monkey wif BIG scary eyes from sum1. I named it MunKy :P
N thanx 2 Intan 4 d cute mug! I'm gonna misz u terribly when I go back dis summer.... Can't wait 4 d baby 2 come out of ur stomach! So dat I can play wif him/her :)

I mite haf no time 2 update my blog after dis. So good luck 2 my RCSI's frenz (Roy, Pok Lah n others) who's gonna haf their final examination next month. Good luck 2 Faizal 4 his coming exam, n Shihab too. I knoe u guyz can do it! :)

N also lotsa luck 2 ALL my seniors n frenz who's gonna haf their ACCA exam in June. All d best!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

i'M iN a BiG mEsS!

Hurmmm....... I dun even knoe where 2 begin.

1st, about going back 2 KL. Few of my frenz went back already. I haf d ticket. But can't make up my mind about going back.

Giler tul. Org lg nak balik. Aku ade tiket bole lak tepikir x nak balik. Bukan x nak balik.... Tp ade byk sebab nape aku patut stay je sini.

But only after a week of holiday, I feel damn bored! I dunno wut 2 do. Feel like going back now! I'm seriously in a mess.

Serabut! Kusut!

My life is seriously in a BIG mess.

D thing dat make me smile nowdayz is knowing dat cute face is coming over next week 2 c me :) Can't wait 2 c him!!!!! :D :D :D

Other than dat, it's a mess! If only I can type out everything here.... If only... Hurmm....
I can't coz it wud hurt sum ppl, n Dublin is small, n Malaysian over here is all connected. If 1 person knoes, dun b surprise if every1 knoes about it d next day. D ppl I trusted so much is obviously my gurlz n another person/gurl dat is not in my usual frenz. I'm so glad I knoe her. U knoe who u r, I dun need 2 mention it here.

Hurmmm..... Can sum1 or sumthing make me feel better?

I think I better stop now b4 I type out wutever dat is suppose 2 b kept as secret. Damn!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

........ 2 bZ? :P

Hurmm...... Tired of partying. I went 2 Belfast last Wednesday wif Candy, Fuad n Falah, n d rest. It was fun I think. I shop 4 my nephews n niece, n sum stuff 4 myself. Nothing much.

Wut I did on Thursday? Hurmmm...... Nothing. I had migrain dat nite. Hang out at Ameer's coz he went back. Then had a really looooonnnnggggggggg talk wif Meira :) It's been a while since we had our pillow talk :P

Friday, they went 2 Belfast. I didn't follow coz I'm outta cash n I juz dun haf d heart 2 go. Enuff saying..... Hang out at 36 like old times, til I fall asleep (Takut nak tido sowang2 kat umah. Tido kat kerusi pon jadi laaa.... Mcm x biase lak :p) . But around 4.30am I went back coz it's no more dark outside (Awal betul siang skang niee..... hurmmm....).

Saturday. Went out 4 a movie wif sum1 :) We watched Da Vincci Code. I dun really like it. It's a vewyyy slow movie. Neway, we had fun. Eat a nice lunch n delicious dessert. Love it!

Then Faizal n Shihab stop by. Faizal lose d game!!!!! hahahahhahahahaa........ :P
D gurlz come back earlier than expected. Their plan was til Sunday nite. But they r home!!!!! Miszing them already!!!! :P I'm afraid sleeping alone in dis houz..... Yay!!! Meira n Elissa is home! :D :D :D

Neway, I'm worried about cute face. He's studying 4 his exam. But he dun wanna eat, x de selera, dats wut he said. Rite now I feel like going 2 London n cook 4 him anything n juz take care of him. I checked d flight ticket for May, it's too expensive. If in June, it's cheap. But June is tooo LATE!!!!! :(

Hurmmm.... Talking about food n cooking. I'm hungry myself.

Mamat bila nak masak? Fairy lapar niee.....

Monday, May 15, 2006

aT LaSt!!!! eXaM iS oVeR!!!


At last final is over... :) But honestly I'm not sure whether I can pass or not. Wuetever la... Dah lepas......

Neway, my last paper on Saturday. Dat nite we went 2 Spirit. It's really great, coz we really enjoy dat nite :) It's like dancing 2 d max, having fun n all. Every1 was there dat nite. We had a blast dat nite rite people? ;)

N after party is great too. It was Razi's b'day dat nite. Happy belated b'day dear..... :)
N Julie..... Y u haf 2 go back tooooo fast eh? Juz starting 2 go out n party wif ya gurl... Neway, send my regards 2 ur mom aite? Hope I'm in Melawati as soon as u r. Waaaaa!!!!!!!

Wut shud I do huh? Cute face is studying 4 his exam. N I'm bored 2 d max wif no money, hahahahhaa...... I shud get a job. Damn!

Can't wait 4 my+Epul b'day bash next weekend :D Party hard ppl!!!!! Exam is over! ;)