Tuesday, May 23, 2006

i'M iN a BiG mEsS!

Hurmmm....... I dun even knoe where 2 begin.

1st, about going back 2 KL. Few of my frenz went back already. I haf d ticket. But can't make up my mind about going back.

Giler tul. Org lg nak balik. Aku ade tiket bole lak tepikir x nak balik. Bukan x nak balik.... Tp ade byk sebab nape aku patut stay je sini.

But only after a week of holiday, I feel damn bored! I dunno wut 2 do. Feel like going back now! I'm seriously in a mess.

Serabut! Kusut!

My life is seriously in a BIG mess.

D thing dat make me smile nowdayz is knowing dat cute face is coming over next week 2 c me :) Can't wait 2 c him!!!!! :D :D :D

Other than dat, it's a mess! If only I can type out everything here.... If only... Hurmm....
I can't coz it wud hurt sum ppl, n Dublin is small, n Malaysian over here is all connected. If 1 person knoes, dun b surprise if every1 knoes about it d next day. D ppl I trusted so much is obviously my gurlz n another person/gurl dat is not in my usual frenz. I'm so glad I knoe her. U knoe who u r, I dun need 2 mention it here.

Hurmmm..... Can sum1 or sumthing make me feel better?

I think I better stop now b4 I type out wutever dat is suppose 2 b kept as secret. Damn!

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