Monday, May 29, 2006

d BeSt b'DaY eVeR :D

OpS! My b'day is actually 2moro :P

But I already celebrate it twice! :D :D :D

Saturday was d BIG celebration. Coz it was my + EpoL + iSa b'day celebration 2gether :)
It was super fun! We did it at Epol's houz. D best houz ever 2 hang out n haf party :P
So we haf dis decent BBQ party during d day. N around 10pm, Dj Shah put on his stuff n d houz was changed 2 club ;) Cool huh? A LOT of pppl came. I think it's d BEST b'day celebration ever! Every1 enjoy it so much, n as usual we party really hard! :)

Sunday was my 2nd b'day celebration. Hahahahaaaa..... I knoe u guyz think it's wayyyyy toooo much! It was me + Aleph's b'day celebration 2gether. But d 2nd b'day celebration was Nana's idea. Dat lil gurl is such a sweetheart.... Love u so much gurl! Akib cooked a really nice chicken chop 4 us. N d b'day boy Aleph sing a song, how sweet! :) They forced me 2 sing, but I did not sing :P :P :P I don't posses a good voice, only my gurlz knew how it sounded like coz I sing at home :P

Okies.... 2day is MOnday. I woke up late. I cleaned d whole houz coz he's coming 2moro. Who? Cute face is coming 2moro!!!!!! :D :D :D He's gonna stay here in Dublin 4 a week! Me myself can't believe it! But I'm very much glad he's coming :)

Less than 2 weeks 2 go b4 I'm back safely at my houz in KL. At least I haf cute face 2 spend my time wif :) Elissa is going back dis Sunday, n Bee is going back wif me. Miera gonna stay here in Dublin n work (Good luck gurl!!!).

By d way, I got a monkey wif BIG scary eyes from sum1. I named it MunKy :P
N thanx 2 Intan 4 d cute mug! I'm gonna misz u terribly when I go back dis summer.... Can't wait 4 d baby 2 come out of ur stomach! So dat I can play wif him/her :)

I mite haf no time 2 update my blog after dis. So good luck 2 my RCSI's frenz (Roy, Pok Lah n others) who's gonna haf their final examination next month. Good luck 2 Faizal 4 his coming exam, n Shihab too. I knoe u guyz can do it! :)

N also lotsa luck 2 ALL my seniors n frenz who's gonna haf their ACCA exam in June. All d best!

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