Thursday, February 28, 2008


I bought it! I bought it! I bought it! AT LAST!!!!! :D

Me and Nico tested it last night and guess what? We can't sing! Hahahahaaa.... We keep on laughing instead of singing! I should have snap some pics of him singing last night *evil grin*. I'll snap some tonight if I can get him to sing again with me! :)

The TV-buying need to be put on hold for now. Coz I need the extra cash for visa renewal, ACCA exam fees and my long-hold-shopping-spreeeee!!!! Plus we got a HUGE Plasma TV in the living room (provided by the generous landlord). So the TV I've been wanting to buy can be put on hold for maybe a month or so. I'll let u know once I get it!

*Loving the White Samsung TV!* heheheee...

So.... I'll snap some pics of me, Nico, and my friends singing later on aite? ;)



Thursday, February 21, 2008

my laptop is back! :)

My laptop is back safely in my hands! :D I send it to the Toshiba service centre 3 weeks ago. After few phone calls to the service centre, yesterday I went to picked it up! Nothing serious happened. They changed the Wi-Fi card (It can't detect wireless signal for some reason), and I got a new power adapter. The previous adapter was broken and not useable. I actually bought the universal adapter few months ago. I didn't know I can get a new one!!! Hahahahaaa... I'm just glad my laptop is back with me now :)

So, I'll be updating from home starting 'tomorrow' ;) I'm super-happy with my new NTL wireless 6mb! It's super-fast! I don't have to wait (AGES!!!) for the youtube videos to buffer at all!

And yeah, my class starts next week. This time I need to study! Like REAL-STUDYING! I have to decrease my intake of TV-watching, weekend-sleeping, internet-surfing, partying, shopping?, holiday-ing, and whatever that falls in the category of 'This things make me lazy to study'. Hahahaa... And not forgetting to be a good employee (no more updating from the office!!!). Eventho I'm the GOLDEN NUGGET, I still have to perform well :)

Good luck to me!!! ^-^

Monday, February 18, 2008


14th Feb

Happy Valentine's Day to all! :), and

Happy 1st Birthday to me n! Yay!!!! WE survive our 1st year ;)

And there was a BIG news from him. I will blog about it later, whenever I'm ready. Hurmm...

Another issue:

I've been 'rob' in my own house. Hahahahaaa... It is actually funny ;) WE finally have a good reason to buy new stuffs for the house. Right now I have a new shining blender, new DVD player (given by, and a new DVD rack. I love the new stuff and really glad that I can actually get rid off the old ones :)

I can't wait to buy the TV I've been eyeing for quite sometime and the PS2. I know PS2 is so last season. But I want to play Singstars!!! Heheheheeee... There are more than 10 Singstars game for PS2. Plus PS3 is too expensive and I'm not a hard-core gamer. I already have PSP, so it's like an upgrade ;) What you guys think? And the TV will be one of those High Definition LCD! Just can't decide which of the three (3) TV should I get.

I'll update more about it once I bring the whole thing back home into my new room :) Oh yeah, I got myself a new room. It's really nice and super-cosy. I promised myself to fully utilise the room with lots of singing, dancing and not forgetting studying! :D and no eating Maggi or rice in the room! teheheheee.....

Ok peeps! Gotta start packing and go home.

The end for yet another Monday ;)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Bumper stickers! :)

I came across lots of funny/cute/rude bumper stickers. But this is my favourite!!!! :) Assassin sounds scary isn't it? Hahahahaaa... This is THE Sweet Assassin! Let me kick your ass! Hahahahahahaaa.... :P

Thursday, February 07, 2008

tired oh so sleepy....

For the past few days it has been the most tiring sleepy days..... Stressfull days as well. Thanx to **** who make my life miserable NOW yet happier for future :)

Anyway, been thinking to get myself a small LCD Tv. It's freaking expensive!!!! And it's in eurosss!!!! And I want to get myself the next generation PlayStation 3! But it's wayyyy too expensive! I'll probably settle down with Playstation 2 instead. I don't really mind... As long as I can play the SingStar games! :D Music always make me feels better whenever I'm tired, stress or just plain bored. So Singstar should be a fun game because it's like karaoke, teheheheee... I'm very shy to sing infront of people, so getting my own SingStar, singing in the room? Sounds perfect eh? ;)

Goshh.. What a boring sleepy day... I can't wait for 14 Feb! :D :D :D Yup! It is THE Valentine Day! Love is in the air... And our 1st annivessary.... tehehehehee...

What a boring entry! BOO!

P/S:- I will update with a proper entry next time ;)