Thursday, February 28, 2008


I bought it! I bought it! I bought it! AT LAST!!!!! :D

Me and Nico tested it last night and guess what? We can't sing! Hahahahaaa.... We keep on laughing instead of singing! I should have snap some pics of him singing last night *evil grin*. I'll snap some tonight if I can get him to sing again with me! :)

The TV-buying need to be put on hold for now. Coz I need the extra cash for visa renewal, ACCA exam fees and my long-hold-shopping-spreeeee!!!! Plus we got a HUGE Plasma TV in the living room (provided by the generous landlord). So the TV I've been wanting to buy can be put on hold for maybe a month or so. I'll let u know once I get it!

*Loving the White Samsung TV!* heheheee...

So.... I'll snap some pics of me, Nico, and my friends singing later on aite? ;)




Lord Budak said...

I only play PES 2008 with PS2, my son plays violent games and I have not stop him playing that game......damn me.

My Daughters play barbies game

Overall, my daughters defeat me and my sons as she always got the PS2.

fAirY said...

ahahahaaa.. Maybe u should get Singstar instead. At least u can sing/play it with them. Or maybe get the dance revolution game OR guitar hero! They are all great games that u can play with ur kids :)

I know I enjoy Singstar! :)

yanny said...

am getting one on my next payday!!!
i have worst singing voice that u do believe me...hahaha
snap some pix fairy!!!

fAirY said...

heya miss yanny :)
hehehee.. i now have 3 singstar games. there's like 90 songs altogether! it is FUN! u should get it.

i do have some pics/video to share :) i juz haf no time to update yet.

can't wait 4 u to sing as well! ;)

DeLinn said...

cik fairy

bilanya nak update baru nih... :D