Monday, February 18, 2008


14th Feb

Happy Valentine's Day to all! :), and

Happy 1st Birthday to me n! Yay!!!! WE survive our 1st year ;)

And there was a BIG news from him. I will blog about it later, whenever I'm ready. Hurmm...

Another issue:

I've been 'rob' in my own house. Hahahahaaa... It is actually funny ;) WE finally have a good reason to buy new stuffs for the house. Right now I have a new shining blender, new DVD player (given by, and a new DVD rack. I love the new stuff and really glad that I can actually get rid off the old ones :)

I can't wait to buy the TV I've been eyeing for quite sometime and the PS2. I know PS2 is so last season. But I want to play Singstars!!! Heheheheeee... There are more than 10 Singstars game for PS2. Plus PS3 is too expensive and I'm not a hard-core gamer. I already have PSP, so it's like an upgrade ;) What you guys think? And the TV will be one of those High Definition LCD! Just can't decide which of the three (3) TV should I get.

I'll update more about it once I bring the whole thing back home into my new room :) Oh yeah, I got myself a new room. It's really nice and super-cosy. I promised myself to fully utilise the room with lots of singing, dancing and not forgetting studying! :D and no eating Maggi or rice in the room! teheheheee.....

Ok peeps! Gotta start packing and go home.

The end for yet another Monday ;)


Lord Budak said...

I reckon PS2 would probably suits you. The extra money you have would probably buy you good HDLCD and my gut says it would SONY. Ehhhhh ada keeeeeee

fAirY said...

Yeah I think so.. Let u know once I get it! :)

Well SONY would be super-nice! But it is wayyy out of my budget. I'll probably settle with Philips or Samsung. Any good?