Sunday, July 31, 2005

ShOpPiNg DaY!!!!! :D

Me, sis, her son Hakim, n mom went out 2 shop!!!! My dad gave my mom d money of course :P

Around 11am my sis drive us 2 Subang Parade. We went there coz she said there's a really cheap bag shop. She's rite! :) I bought d bags already. It's d usual black color, 1 big bag 2 fit in my stuff, around 30kg I think, n d small hand carry dat can fit in around 6kg. After dat we went 2 Guess Kids, bought Hakim lotsa stuff! n also bought sum 4 Aiman n Amira :)

Rite after dat we decided 2 go 2 Sunway Pyramid coz Subang Parade is a bit boring..... :P
We ate at Laksa Shack, yummy!!!!! :) I bought a white/cream turtleneck sweater at Winter Time. But i dun like dat shop! I prefer Traver For All shop a LOT better. Bought Hakim stuff from Nike n Esprit! I looked around for sling bags at Esprit. But it's kinda boring n usual design. We walked around n around looking 4 Levi's! I bought 2 Levi's jeans which is not d latest design, but I like it :) Neway d latest designs is all low rise or super low rise or wutever low they called it! Dat kind of design is only 4 thin ppl!!!! Come on, get new designs 4 fat ppl plz..... :P I try a super low juz now n I look fat!!! I hate super low... hahahahhahaa.... Coz I dun look good in it :P Beside Levi's there's a bag shop. My sis bought herself an Elle hand carry bag RED color, heheheheee.... They have Elle new sling bags, but I think it's kinda boring n it can b dirty easily (knowing it's ME who's gonna use it! :P) So, I decided 2 buy a leather sling bag, which I like soooooooo much! It's REAL leather by d way :) I think dats gonna b my bag 4EVER!!!!!! We had a drink/eat at Long John Silver. I bought d chocolate marshmallow from d chocolate shop! YUMMY!!!!!! :D :D :D

On d way back, my sis decided 2 go 2 KLCC. So we went there 4 a while. She bought sum stuff at Mark & Spencer. I bought myself sum panties (it's important :P, hahahahahaa...) at ISetan. N then we went 2 Osh Kosh n bought Hakim sum stuff AGAIN!!!! hurmmm.....

My mom were so tired!!!!! So we went back home :) Showed my dad d stuff I bought using his money... LOL :P He said okie n asked me 2 leave d big bag in his room. Coz my room is d only room upstairs. If I pack my stuff upstairs, who's gonna bring it down? It's gonna b SUPER HEAVY n not practical 2 bring it down using stairs. Wut he said make sense :)

I took bath, n here I am :) Actually I wanna post sum pics I took 2day, but I'm too tired. I'll do it 2moro if I have d time....

Now I gtg n have my dinner, n watch Malaysian Idol result show!!!!!! N also Tru Calling :)

Saturday, July 30, 2005

hEr B'dAy :)

I type it in red coz she loves red :)

It's her b'day 2day...


My sis :P

Friday, July 29, 2005

MaLaYsiAn iDoL... d rEaL tHiNg StArTs.... :)

I juz finished watching Malaysian Idol :)
Let c.... There r 11 of them, n only 9 will survive 2 d next round ...

Out of all 11 of them, I seriously dun like Ash n Ejay. Ash voice is terrible, n he's kinda I-like-2-boost-coz-i'm-good style. On which he didn't posses!!! As 4 Ejay, her diction is terrible!!!!! It's like singing an english song using her own language!

I think d rest is okie n shud proceed 2 d next round :D
I'm not so sure who I wanna vote. My sis told me dat she's gonna vote 4 all xcept 4 Ash n Ejay, ahahahahaa..... :P

Neway, good luck 2 all of them!!!! :)

I can't wait 4 Sunday!!! I wanna know d result! :P

I feel like going out 2moro. I'm getting bored n bored sitting at home infront of Kuro, TV, play wif my nephew..... etc...
I need sum break!

I juz got my salary 2day!!!! WooOhOoo!!!!!
But I dun really feel good about it coz I dun do much work dis mth coz they didn't give me any work! LOL :P

I need 2 go out! Even if I have 2 do it myself n alone....

Thursday, July 28, 2005

mY wiNaMp

I decided 2 upgrade my winamp player....
N guess wut? I lost all my fav skins!!!
Coz d upgraded winamp player cant use d old skins!
Now I have 2 search for new skins.... *sigh*

I feel so empty.... :'(

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

i'M aT hOmE...

I didn't go 2 work 2day...

N rite now I'm writting dis from my laptop Kuro, in my room...

I got headache actually. So I didn't go 2 work.

I'm juz sick of going 2 work! Can I quit now? I can't!!!

Listen fAirY.... U only have 2 go 2 work until end of August! Dats another month 2 go! After dat u got 3 more weeks b4 u fly 2 Dublin. In dat 3 weeks, u can meet up ur frenz n also spend more quality time wif ur family. Coz u r not coming back next yr 4 summer rite? Neway, think about all d stuff u can do wif ur August salary. If u quit now, u won't have d August salary rite? U dun have 2 use ur dad's money DAT much. Everything dat u already bought is using ur own money. U feel good about it isn't it? Keep ur spirit going gurl.... U can do it... :)

Okie... I'll remember dat. Thanx 2 myself....

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


I feel soooo -ve 2day... Not really d whole day!
Juz dat I'm kinda pissed off wif a fren of mine...
I dun know wuts wrong wif my fren... It's alwiz about her/him (dun wanna give any hints!). All of sudden I remembered... It make me sick! Really sick!
I guess I'm tired of her/him.

D day is getting nearer.... Less than 2 months.

D juniors r organizing an annual dinner 4 us seniors. At 1st I dun feel like going. But after thinking it back, y not? They do it 4 us, we shud appreciate it by joining d dinner. Not sure who am I going 2 sit wif...... *sigh*

All dis stuff make me tired... Plus I'm still working!!! Elisa told me 2day dat her last working day is dis Friday. After dat she's on hols b4 d day come. How nice.... I wish I cud say d same 2 her....

I gotta work still.... I need d damn money! Y am I soooooooo poor? Gosh I wish I knew d answer!

Wutever it is, I promise myself 2 study n get good result (d usual stuff parents want from their kidz!!!!), get good job, highly paid if possible!!! :P n I'll alwiz have my own money!!!

Than I can buy all those xpensive stuff I alwiz wanted!!! :) Like a good BMW car! Eventhough I dun even remember how 2 drive a car! (I got a license by d way :P)

Sunday, July 24, 2005

nOThiNg MuCh...

It's sunday... Nothing much 2 do...

I woke up late, watched Malaysian Idol repeat, AF repeat.
I actually learned how 2 cook CHICKEN RICE!!!!!! :P
I can cook it on my own after dis when I'm in Dublin ;)

I chat wif Kiddo juz now. He promised 2 go 2 Ireland next yr 2 visit me :)
Dats cool isn't it?

I feel hungry rite now... neway I wanna watch Mentor, Malaysian Idol result show, Tru Calling, The O.C after dis :D :D :D

Take care n have fun ppl ;)

Saturday, July 23, 2005

i CuT mY HAIR!!!!!!!!!!


At last I cut my hair! My very very very long hair!!!! :)
I met Bard n Deja dis morning coz we have sum stuff going on. After dat I went st8 2 d saloon n cut my hair! :P

My sis think dat I look like school kidz! hahahaa.. :P
Wut do u think? ;)

Image hosted by

Friday, July 22, 2005

i FeEL hApPy 2DaY :)

U know y? Coz at last they gave me sum work 2 do!!!! I mean accounts work! Coz they let me rest fro almost 3 weeks already. I came 2 office n hang out! 2day I start my work again coz they fixed d computer already :D

Baby called juz now... :) We talked sooooo much! More than 1 hr :D
She told me dat rumours saying dat graduation is gonna b on d 25th Sept. N I'm kinda shocked! n hurt too! I mean our flight r few days b4 d graduation! N we can't change d flight coz our class starts on 26th Sept. I seriously think KYPM dun think about d students! B a lil bit considerate 4 us who's going abroad. I mean we studied like crazee, or wutever way we used. We deserved 2 get d scroll n wear those robes, wutever they call it! N take graduation pics n all, meeting d whole batch 4 d last time n all..... DAMN!

I watched Malaysian Idol after dat... :)

Ameer called n we talked for an hr! :D He's such a nice guy. He's really a girlz' bestfren... :)
We talked about wut 2 buy, wut 2 do, d latest gossips, n all.....
We mite go out next weekend 2 shop 2gether :) We r gonna ask our close frenz 2 join us!
Ameer n I trying 2 get houz which is nearby wif each other when we r abroad.
By d way, Ameer is NOT bf material 2 me.... :) mayb sum of u think dat me n Ameer have sumthing going on. Well.... U shud asked my frenz about it, n they will laugh!!!! :P
I luv him coz he understand girlz N boyz...

N now I feel happy coz I got 2 talk 2 Baby n Ameer :)

I tot of going out 2moro, alone...... But think of it again, I need 2 arrange my books! I got d box already, n I need 2 arrange it. Mayb I'll juz stay home n c wut i can do wif my books n notes... Neway, I dun have d money, hahahahaa... :P

I shud get sum sleep :) Or shud I? ;)

Thursday, July 21, 2005

i NeEd SuM TiMe oUT...

A senior of mine called asking if there's any of my gurlfrenz who need a house in Dublin. Coz they need housemate.

I talked 2 Ameer 2day :) Lotsa fun as usual.. hehehee..
Can't wait 2 c him next weekend. Mayb I'll bring Nazira (my gurlfren who juz came back from Birmingham), n not 4getting Baby :)
I knew all of us wud have soooooo much fun ;)

I need 2 get my shower.. :)
Dats all 4 now..

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


I juz came back from work, n I haven't had my shower....

I feel tired lately...

I seriously need sum boost up!!!!!

I feel like my life is gone n I'm all alone.... I juz can't accept d fact dat I'm going abroad wif my frenz. I'M ACTUALLY GOING!!!!!!!!!! I'm suppose 2 b super-duper happy!!!!

I guess d feeling of leaving my family here hurts. I need them ALL D TIME!!!!! My frenz can't replace them! Especially not my mom, dad n sis!

Or izit bcoz I'm juz a sad lonely gurl who dun have any bf, n nobody asking me out.
Okie okie okie... Dats a lie, hahaha... Of course guyz asked me out! Juz dat, d guy I like didn't ask me out! N I'm going abroad, n I wonder when I'll meet him again!

Y did I think of him too much lately?!!! Izit bcoz he's d only guy I like since god knows when! I never actually had a crush on a guy DAT long okie... I never really had a crush on any1 xcept 4 dis guy! Mayb it's juz an old crush feeling coming back 2 me.

I think I'll b fine wif Sakura n Kuro wif me as alwiz n as loyal they r :)

CHEER UP!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I'm BaCk... ;)

I tot I lost myself dis past few days...

But I'm back being myself 2day (I think...)

GoSh!!!!!! Gotta b myself!!!!!!

Sunday, July 17, 2005

I GoT iT!!!!!

:D :D :D I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At last I've decided d names I shud give 2 my toys :)

Earlier I told u guyz dat I'm gonna name my digicam ZIGGY rite? Well.... I rename her again. I wanna call her by my japanese name > SAKURA

N I'm gonna call my laptop > KURO , coz she's black ;)

I LOVE IT!!!!! :D :D :D

I know u think I'm a lunatic! :P But I dun care!!! *dancing around*

I hAd A dReAm....

I had a dream.. :)
I dreamed of him (whom I never realize I alwiz had a crush on)
Y he never look at my way? He thinks I'm close wif him coz we enter d same club since god knows when.....
Gosh.... I never knew I had a BIG crush on him!
Well.... He never show any interest on me neway.... dAmN!

It's okie...

Saturday, July 16, 2005

OuT oF bOrEdOoM... ;)

I'm soooo bored!!!! So I decided 2 take sum pics instead. Well, from d pic I realize sum stuff.

1. I need 2 do sumthing wif my hair!!! It's wayyyyyy toooo long, n I need 2 straighten it again! It look soooo messy!!!

2. I do look tired n sleepy.... So, wut am I doing rite now??!!! I shud b sleeping n having sweet dreamz!!!

3. I need 2 buy Vitamin E n really use it! I still got d scar on my left eyebrow, dAmN!!!

4. My left eye is smaller than my rite eye..... hurmmm...

5. My face is even worst!!! I need 2 do sumthing wif it! I wash it, use d moisturizer n stuff. Looks like it doesn't work well..... Mayb I shud go 4 facial (never been 2 any), dAmN!!!!

6. I look FAT!!!!!!!!!!

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

mY jAPaNeSe NaMe ;)

Last nite I went out wif my sis. U know... as usual, hanging wif her bestfren Steph n Carol. Steph Japanese fren came 2 visit her, she's Kumiko ja :)

We had dinner at One Bangsar, Nine. Gosh!!!! It was soooooo nice!!! D food r delicious!!! YUM! ;)

So, we had all kind of conversation ;) Kumiko ja actually gave us Japanese name. She gave my sis > Ageha ja, meaning butterfly ;) , she gave Carol Aoi ja, means blue (if I'm not mistaken), but Carol wants 2 b Kuro ja, means black, hehehehehee.... She wanna b evil. Steph had her Japanese name long time ago. It's Simerese ja (not so sure about d spelling), means Samurai, hehehee...

At last it was my turn :D Kumiko ja gave me a long name. It's Sakura Bong ja, meaning a blossom cherry. But they shorten it 2 Sakura ja ;) I love it!!! She said when she looked at me, I'm juz like a cherry, cute!!! hahahahahaa...

Now u guyz can call me by my japanese name!!!! SAKURA!!!! :D :D :D

After dat, we paid n move on 2 Denise which is a few minutes walk from Nine. Then Bryan came ;) He likes Steph n dis is his 2nd time meeting her. ALL of us like Bryan at instant!!!! He's nice n all, kinda cute too! :) I'm happy 4 Steph! She's like my own sis :)

We came back home around 2.30 am, hehehehehehee.... Being notty!!!
I woke up late n my nephew missed his Tae Kwon Do class, hahahaaa.... So we need 2 go d evening class at 3.30pm.

I juz got off from shower :D Need 2 blow-dry my hair n eat!!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

aT LaSt!!!!! :D :D :D i GoT mY sTrEaMyX bAcK!!!!

I'm not sure whether any of u guyz notice it or not.....
But I didn't on9 2 days already n I didn't update my blog which I LOVE soooooooo much!!! heheheheheee...

Actually there's been sum prob wif it. I think it's wif d Telekom. So, it's okie already n I'm enjoying it again!!!! :D :D :D

Well... Dis past few days... I've been bz wif d loan applications. I went 2 college juz now, meet up wif Baby. Then both of us met Ummar accidentally :) Me n Baby told Ummar about d loan applications we try out. So Ummar wants 2 try it out 2. He called me a few times 2 asked about d JPA loan which close 2moro. We shared sum infos n he told us dat there's a girl senior who wants a housemate, only 1 girl, if any of us dun have housemate. So, any1??? U can contact Ummar n let him know, so dat he can work it out 4 u.

Other than dat, I went 2 Sg. Wang n Petama Complex wif my 1st bro. He wanna buy a new hp. So after a few hrs browsing n all, he bought a Sony Ericsson. Now he can take pics of his son n daughter :) Good 4 him....

Wutever it is... I'm juz sooooooooooooooooo happy dat my streamyx is back wif me!!!! :D :D :D

Monday, July 11, 2005

nOrMaL dAy...

1. Went 2 office after blow-drying my hair, resulted > late 2 office, hahahaha... ;)

2. Do nothing, juz read d newspaper, talked 2 Baby twice 2day

3. Went 2 d cafe Ayyum work, have lunch there, talk talk talk talk.... :D

4. Adura called from d cafe, saying dat she's there wif Jep n wanna c me. But I'm at d office doing sum work.

5. Offered Adura 2 sleepover at my place 2nite, but not sure whether she's coming or not. I think she's not coming...

6. Chat wif Kiddo at MSN, kinda misz him :) We usually talk craps, hahahaha.. :D :D :D

7. Now feeling hungry n wanna eat like d fat guy!!!!!! YAY!!!! heheheheheheee.... ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Y iS d!s HaPpEniNG???!!!

Gosh!!!! I'm soooooo tension rite now!!!

I juz watched d Malaysian Idol. N I really really xtrememly like Nita n Adam voice. They have d best performance on Friday, even d judges agreed on dat!

N d result sux!!!! Nita get through, but Adam didn't!!!!! N I voted for both of them!
Instead Ejay n Ash get through, which I dun like at all... I mean their performance n voice r not as good as Adam!!!


I hope Adam wud get his 2nd chance in d wild card!!!!! He's good!!!!!! Help him!!!!!

mY wEeKeNdS

Hmmmm.... Well... Wut shud I say?
I'm broke n dun have any money 2 hang out... hahahaha...

Neway, y'day morning went 2 d Tae Kwon Do class. My nephew said he malu. Can u imagine??? Urgh!!!! I feel like slapping his face!!! I'm d 1 who's malu!!!! Well... I still have my anger under control. So I juz hang out wif Arian, abg Azhan n Sir (d masters who's also my frenz). But at last he joined from far.. hahahaha.... I guess he didn't know any1 there, dats y he's like dat :)

Arian send us back home :) Gosh!!! He's soooo cute!!! I mean he's cute since I 1st saw him :) Dat wud b 11 yrs ago or soo... ;) I knew him since I'm 9 yrs old!!! He's a yr older than me. His bro (abg Azhan) is actually my next door neighbour used-2-b bestfren, hehehehehee....

I have alwiz like Arian :) But he alwiz have his attention 2 my fren Dina (yeah.... I know I'm fat n ugly at dat time :P) Neway, Arian, if u r reading dis piece of sh*t, hehehehee... Yeah... I do like u :)

In d evening I went 2 kLcC wif my sis n her son, meet up wif her bestfren Pn. cT n her daughter Ily. I like them both :) I met Pn. cT lotsa time already n dis is my 2nd time meeting her daughter. She's joining KDU next mth, n she's beautiful!!! :) After dat we went 2 OneUtama n get a ROXY cap 4 my deary sis (d cap is soooooo cool!!!!) n also a post-poned b'day present 4 her bf!!! hahahahahahahaa...... ;)

2day I'm suppose 2 go out wif my frenz. But they got bz n I'm as usual make myself bz too :) It's not like I dun have anything 2 do... Juz dat they r bz n I can't force them 2 follow my way. So, it's okie :) :) :)

I juz cleaned up my room n it look a LOT nicer ;) :D

Friday, July 08, 2005

i HaVe DeCiDed... :)

I have decide on their names!!!!

I juz browse d net, n I caught it n I LOVE it!!!!!!

I'm gonna name my digicam ZIGGY!!!!!! :P

I still have no idea on wut 2 name my 3 yrs old laptop...huhuhuuu... Any helps? ;)

u GuYz ShUd WaTcH d!s... ;)

2day is okie... :) Juz dat I almost 4get about my nephew Tae Kwon Do class 2moro, hehehehee...
Not sure whether they having it or not. Gotta sms Arian n ask him.

I tried 2 put in video of funny Malaysian Idol 2 contestants. But I dun know y it can't appear here. Yeah... I used d codings.... I dun know y...

Neway, d guy who sang Britney's song is seriously funny... hahahahaa.. :D :D :D
He sang... "I'm not a girl......Not yet a woman...." (n he is actually a GUY!!!!) :P :P :P
He wore a yellow shirt n he sang Britney's too last yr on Malaysian Idol 1

U guyz can check it out at :

Juz now I watched d show. I think Adam n Nita wud have d votes!!!!! They have d best voice n performance of d nite!!! D rest is sooooo not original n borink, n out of tune or wutever bad things we can say, hahahahhahahhahahaha.................... ;)

Thursday, July 07, 2005

dAmN!!!! gOTTa LoOk aT oThEr StUfF..

I'm sooooooooo pissed off!!!!! Rite now I'm having a bad headache!!!!

Neway, y'day is my niece Mira b'day. She's now 3 yrs old...
Here r sum of d pics ...

I juz have 2 do dis 2 keep my mind off dat STOOOPID thing!!!

D cake which we bought it at Grand Season Hotel. It's a Baked Cheese Cake.. YUMMY!!!

Image hosted by

Dis is us wif d b'day girl who is actually having flu at dat time... pity d b'day girl ...

Image hosted by

Eventhough she's not feeling well... She juz gotta have 2 smile on dis 1!!!

Image hosted by

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

y'Day... ;)

I wanna tell u guyz about y'day.. ;)

Rite after work, went back home, had a shower n straight away 2 kLcC.. :)
My sis wanna buy me d jacket!!!! It's 4 my b'day present :D :D :D

I got myself a cute lil beanie n also a scarf... C it 4 urself!!! :)

Dis is d jacket, front

Image hosted by

The jacket at d back, I like d logo, kinda cool 2 me ;)

Image hosted by

The beanie.... It looks a lil ugly in here, but it's actually not!!! :P

Image hosted by

Last but not least.... D scarf ( I actually when 2 kLcC 2day again 2 change it coz they give me d wrong design y'day) :P

Image hosted by

I when 2 college dis morning wif Baby, trying 2 get d academic referee... heheheee..
But we have 2 settle d whole thing n come back coz Mdm is toooooo bz...

Owh well... Gotta get my shower n try out d new stuff!!! ;)

Sunday, July 03, 2005


Wut a SuNdAy.... ;)

I woke up late coz I watched LIVE8 on9 :) (not knowing dat my dad had gone 2 sleep, which means I can watched it from TV!!!!!)

I read d Crime Library too.... Scary.....Especially on d young killers...

I bring out my old LASY sets. It's like LEGO but bigger version... My dad got it 4 me when I was 6 yrs old n it cost him RM200++++, which is damn xpensive during dat time... I like it a lot!!! I actually manage 2 keep everything n didn't lose any of it :D :D :D

So, I give it 2 my nephew Hakim 2 play wif. I forced him 2 promised me not 2 lose any of it!!!! I keep for 15 yrs!!!!! Of course I like it a lot!!! :P :P :P
He like it 2 though... ;)

I played wif him all evening..... :)

Now I gotta continue reading Crime Library :)

Saturday, July 02, 2005

NiCe SaTuRdAy.. ;)

I said it nice coz I did wut I did :)

I woke up XTREMELY LATE :D :D :D
Took bath, cook d roti canai my mom made for myself n my nephews n niece :)
My bro came over wif his kidz...

After dat my dad wanna watch his show... So I went up 2 my room, d kidz tag along, then my mom n sis. After a while they get bored, hahahahaa...

I read CrimeLibrary all evening :D :D :D >>>>
They have true stories on crime. I luv reading it ;)

N then I watche Akademi Fantasia (AF)... hhahahaha...
Can u believe it??!!! I actually watch AF :P
I had too though (my sis wanna watch it)
My close frenz knew I dun watch AF..... :P
But I'm kinda enjoying it though
But of course I like MALAYSIAN IDOL more!!!!!! :D :D :D

I watched LIVE8 fro a while juz now >>> Green Day rock!!!!! ;)
Then my dad forced me 2 change 2 channel :P He wanna watched National Geographic..
I get bored n I'm now infront of my laptop typing here n continue reading CrimeLibarary ;)

Friday, July 01, 2005

1sT tiMe... ;)

Dis is d 1st time I'm being xtremely notty at d office :P
Not only me alone... But Kak Tini n also Bazilazzz...

I came late around 11am, hahahahaa... :P
Then when Kak Tini arrived around 12, she juz got back from supplier's office. So d 3 of us (d only girlz in d office) took off.... hahahahaa...

We went 2 Sg. Wang, we took d monorel :D
kak Tini wanna buy a handphone. After all d shops we went, at last she bought LG flip hp. It's good n d pics quality is good too, n damn cheap!!! ;)

We ate KFC (knowing dat ppl at d office want us 2 b back early!!!), hhhahahahahhaaaa....
So, we actually reach office around 4.15pm :P

Kak Tini n Bazilazz did their work, n I as usual goyang kaki :P
D bosses didn't give me anything 2 do... So I juz play games n talked 2 other ppl, d bosses :)

Actually I'm suppose 2 get my salary y'day, but I didn't come work (remember?? pretend 2 b sick, hahahaha...) Then d big boss actually used my salary 1st 2 buy stuff. So, I have 2 wait 4 d boss 2day until 7.45pm, coz he stucked wif d Korean ppl on their business meeting.

Wutever it is I got my salary :D I WANNA SPENDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P :P :P

OuCh!!!! I can't spend!!!! I have 2 pay my loans 2 my sis n mom!!!!! :'(

Nvm... I'll alwiz have next salary full 4 me :P Coz I'm gonna pay them full dis mth :)

Can't wait 2 get d new coat from ROXY, my sis gonna buy it 4 me (my late b'day present) ;)