Saturday, August 22, 2009

i feel like screaming!

At this very moment, I do feel like screaming!

It is hard to accept the fact that you are losing someone to certain circumstances. I move forward each day as hard as I can. But sometimes I slipped. Going back there is painfull. It makes my life miserable and sad.

I guess this is another phase of my miserable life that I have to deal with. I don't think I can forget it easily or ever. Thanks for the sweet memories, but losing you as a friend is very hard for me to accept.

I guess you are right. Things aren't always the way they seem.

Nobody knows what is really happening inside. One thing for sure, I feel like screaming or maybe crying can make me feel better? Who knows... I tried that before, it seems to work for a while. Will my tears make me feel better this time? I hope it will...

P/s: Mixed emotions lead to this entry. Happy Ramadhan all!

Monday, August 17, 2009

good news!!! :D

OK! So I might over-react or wutever. But I'm really happy! :D

I took 2 papers on my last exam, and I pass 1! I got really good marks! Yippee!!!! Eventho I only pass 1 out of 2, I'm still jumping up and down!!!! Gosh! I'm really happy after a very loooong time!

Congrats to my friends who pass all papers, and one of them is already affiliate! Wait for me girl!!! I'm going to be next! hehehehee...

another movie i love :)

Yes! I can't stop watching romantic movies! I'm a sucker for romantic movies :)

It's another old movie which I love to watch and will never get bored.

Sleepless in Seattle (1993)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I just finished watching Pretty Woman. I love this movie! It was a movie made in 1990 (when I was only 6 yrs old!). I remember watching it when I was in primary school with my big sis. I love it straight away. And I keep watching it all through out my teenage yrs!

I download it a couple days ago and watched it just now. I had this butterfly feelings whenever I watched it, and I still do have it, tonight! I just love the movie!

Gosh! I know I'm a romantic-movie-freak this past weeks. But I just can't help it!

You know what people always say... When you are happy, you want the whole world to know. Well I am happy :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

plz watch this movie!

This post is entirely for a movie I just finished watching!

I'm totally in love with this movie. Plz buy the dvd, or just download it, or whatever. But to girlz out there, this movie is the best romantic movie ever!


Tuesday, August 04, 2009

a great weekend i had :)

How was ur long weekend ppl? 3 days of holiday must be fully utilised! Despite the fact I'm on holiday every day! I had so much fun for straight 3 days with my crazeeee friends.

Serene, Nuar & Tasha sleepover the whole weekend. Saturday was great fun. We watched horror movies, a few rounds of uno, more horror stories, groceries shopping for our BBQ the next day,wedding pics/vids of Serene & Nuar, more stories of friends getting married practically every weekend!!! (kinda stressing me out a little :p) Hehe...

Sunday was super fun!!! BBQ at my place. Lotsa food consumed. Yummy food including ice-cream! We had a few round of uno again! Hehehehehe.. It was really fun :) The funniest part was the karaoke+dancing=my place was turned into a club by my beloved housemate Muntaz! Hahahaa.. But everyone had a blast ;) MIA was Dila (who is on her loooong holiday in KL), Suria & Mex (on holiday at Prague).

Today was a bit slow. We woke up really late. Lazying around, eating instant noodle, watched another horror movie! :p More horror stories from Serene! She have really good horror stories! Cool eh? ;)

Oh yeah... We had a 2 hour drama session to close up our great weekend. Thanks for spicing up our weekend!

Moving on....

I'm really happy with what I have now. I have great friends & great housemates in Dublin. I'm thankful that I have them to turn too when I'm sad, happy, crazy, just whatever! And I try my best to be someone they can rely on as well. This friendship that I found, the memories I had with you girls/guys, all the things that we went through together make our friendship stronger. InsyaAllah with His permission, we will continue to grow this friendship that we have until the end.

Another thing, I freak out when I saw all the wedding invitations & pictures of my friends every week in FB. Either they are married, engaged or thinking too. Some of them even have their own kids now! Looking at myself, I'm single, 25 years old, jobless, unfinish ACCA, I should feel sad. I have the rights to feel sad. And I did! I feel like I'm stuck in some sort of loserland. I'm not saying that I want to get married now. But it would be nice to have someone by my side in long-term.

But when I think about it again... WTH! I should enjoy my freedom. After telling my close friends how I feel, they said it is normal to feel this way. It is the 25-years-old-syndrome! (maybe i should google this!) I'm stuck in middle 20s now when most ppl are deciding on their next BIG step. That BIG step could be anything. So I made up my mind to focus on what I have now & be thankful.

I have loving family who support me all the way, great friends & housemates, that 'mystery' person that I call/text now & then, & of course I have myself. With all of this in mind, I'm happy with the fact that I can now move on & just be happy with my life :)

I'm really happy that my next destination will be Kuala Lumpur in Dec. Home sweet home... I can't wait to hug my mom, dad, sis, bros, nephews & niece! I can't wait to meet that 'mystery' person live. I can't wait to catch up with my friends back home. I just can't wait to be home.