Friday, May 25, 2007

Job ReViewS!

Shud I say d job is fine n I like the office, d other employees, n d fact I'm d youngest n spoilt by Roberto! (He's not my boss neway). Hhahahahaaaa...

My boss is Stuart, n he's fine. Now he's not in d office. He went home early coz he need 2 catch his flight 2 Birmingham. Every1 in dis office can't stop travelling!

I've been in d office for 2 whole weeks including 2day. I'm glad I'm 1 of d employee. Even the big boss Noel is friendly. At first I tot I can't blend in with them. Surprisingly, there r half foreigners in this company including me! :D So, I'm not dat scared being d only 1 having other skin color ;)

Stuart teach me the accounts payable job dat I'm responsible, during my 1st week. N my 2nd week goes scarier coz I need to deal wif the travel agents n also those employee who work from home 4 their flights! Stuart got angry once or twice wif me 4 doing sum mistakes! Thank god the mistakes dat I made didn't actually make any damage.

2day, 1 of the employee who work from home pissed me off! Asking me 2 book the flights which is not recommended by the travel agents! I juz haf 2 request it from d agent n c how it goes. I'm still waiting now. N Stuart is not here 2 help me out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stuart told me dat now n Monday wud b like a test 4 me, coz I haf 2 manage my work alone! N if there's any enquiries 4 him, I haf 2 deal wif it. Luckily he gave me his private no. juz in case nobody in dis office can help me :)

Hurmmm..... Wut else? I took an annual leave 4 my study+exam on 1st week of June. N I'm only entitle to 13days til Dec coz I start working in May. Dat sux! So now I'm left wif 10 more days! I'm gonna take 2 days in July coz I need 2 attend Jai's wedding in Liverpool. N few days during 'Hari Raya'. I dun wanna celebrate 'Hari Raya' in d office! :P Too bad dat I haf 2 celebrate my 23rd b'day in d office! *MY B'DAY IS ON 30TH MAY!!!!!!!!!*

Wut else..... I'm gonna meet up wif my mashimaro after dis :) Y'day he cooked Chicken Kurma n it's soooooooooooOOOOoooooooo delicious! Thanx sayang :D I've been wondering wut he's gonna cook 2day. I've been spoiled by him n Nana on food! They cooked wutever dat I want 2 eat! :P

Owh yeah. Nana went back home as in Johor Baru,Malaysia on Wed. Her luggage bag's zip stuck or sumthing 2hours b4 her taxi came. So she borrowed mine. Thank god I'm not gonna use it. or else she juz haf 2 find other alternatives. She arrived safely n she told me dat she ate 'Sate' when she arrived. I'm sooOOoooOOo jealous of her! Coz she can eat REAL MALAYSIAN SATE! I misz Malaysian food.

well.... wut else? I'm so bored now. No e-mails from d agents n I feel like going home in half an hour. Later peeps!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Never ending story..... :P

Let me tell u how I spend my day 2day.

Let c..... I woke up around 7am (I forced myself back 2 sleep! It's wayyyyy too early! :P). I took a shower around 8.15am, get ready n off I went 2 college. Yup! I haf class 2day from 9.30am til 5.30pm! Wut a way 2 spend my day...... *sigh*

After class, which is soooooo looooooooonnnnnnnnggggggggggggggg (I even sleep in d class! hahahahaaa.... :P), I went 2 Topshop. I was looking 4 working cloth. Eventho d company I'm working 4 doesn't haf any dress code, coz it's an American co.,how cool is dat? ;) Neway, working cloth is expensive! Hurmmm....

Thanx 2 my dad who loan me sum money 2 shop! :) He's more xcited than I am. Heheheheee... He texted me twice 2day saying how proud he is of me, n giving me d best advice I needed. How I wish he is here 2 read d contract 2gether wif me. Yeah... Talking about d contract, I haf not sign it yet. Coz I'm reading it 2gether 2nite wif Nico. I forced him 2 come 2nite 2 read d contract wif me, hahahahaaa.... N I forced him not 2 come last nite, coz I'm having morning class 2day :P Gosh.... I think I'm a bad gf! :P Or juz a bit naughty? I wonder..... hehehe....

Neway, back 2 shopping on work cloth. Last Wed, I went shopping wif Nico. He choose sum really nice work cloth n I knoe he got good taste :) I like all d work cloth he choose, n I bought it! As 4 2day, I bought a pump shoe n sum tiny jacket at Topshop. Pump shoe in Topshop is cheaper than Barrats. I'm so lucky 4 not buying dat black n silver pump shoe at Barrats, it's a lot more expensive. For sum1 who's juz starting work, I think I haf 2 b careful wif my money. Dun overspend or I'll b broke.

Hurmmm.... There's lots in my mind actually rite now. I'm kinda nervous 2 start working. I think I'm d only Asian in d company. Not so sure, coz I have not yet met d others. My boss told me dat I can wear anything I want 2 work even jeans! (coz certain co. allows their worker 2 wear anything ONLY on casual Friday). I haf told u dat already isn't it? :P I'm juz too xcited n also nervous at d same time! Wut if I dun understand their english? Wut if they dun understand me? Not 4getting their thick accents! Argghhhhh!!!!!! I'm scared!!!!!!! So scared!!!!!!

I juz hope I'll b fine. At least I understand everything dat my boss said. He's d only person dat matters d most 4 me in d co. coz I work only wif him. Am I? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I 4got my admin duties!!!!! Now I remember, I haf 2 knoe every single person in d office. B calm! I'll b okie... I hope so...

Wish me luck peeps!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

BiG smiLe :D

2day I woke up n feel so nervous 2 check my e-mail. Coz I knoe my future depends on it! I keep on delaying n I feel like not wanting 2 check my e-mail, coz I'm afraid I'll b rejected yet again. At last around 12noon, I haf d courage 2 open my e-mail n check it. As I open it, there's no e-mail from dat particular company I've been waiting for. I feel a bit nervous. Coz he said he's gonna e-mail me 2day wif d answer whether or not I'll get d job. After sticking around my laptop for an hour, I decided 2 meet up wif Nana n haf lunch n also haf sum shopping spreee... (eventho I'm almost broke! :P).

Had lunch wif Nana, shop sum toiletries for myself n my mashimaro. Then we went 2 Topshop! I bought a really cute blue bikini top! Hahahahaa... Summer is juz around d corner! I wanna enjoy summer in Dublin dis yr :D Newayz, after dat I went 2 internet point in Stephen Green Mall coz I wanna check my e-mail again. N sadly no e-mail or wut-so-ever from dat company. N it was 4pm at dat time! I'm so afraid dat they won't send me any e-mails n juz ignore me. Regardless d fact dat I'm 50/50 of getting dis job, I start shopping! :P

I bought a gurl shrug in pink! Never had 1 b4. Nana insist me buying it 2 wear wif a darker pink dress I bought last 2 weeks (which I haf not wear it yet!). After dat we went 2 BT2 n I haf my eyes on a really pweeeeeettttttyyyyyyyyyyy GUESS handbag. I never had a nice handbag b4, coz I'm alwiz seen wif a sling bag or more sling bags! Hehehheeeee.... After Nana d 'devil' pushing me 2 buy it, I actually bought it! Gosh! There goes my xtra money 4 dis month! At least d bag is pweeeeeetttttttyyyyyyy n I love it! :D Knowing me who rarely wear handbags, dis is sumthing surprising :P

Then off we went home. At 1st I'm still not sure whether I shud check my e-mail again or not coz it was 7pm already. Coz offices close at 5.30pm,d latest is at 6pm or 6.30pm, depending on individual offices. Newayz, I check my e-mail without any hopes of getting an e-mail from them. BUT when I saw d e-mail I've been waiting for since morning actually arrived in my inbox, I feel scared 2 open it n read it! But wut d heck! I told myself, if I dun get it, I'll juz haf 2 move on n find another job as usual.

D company actually send me an offer e-mail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BIG SMILE :D :D :D
I'm suppose 2 call them 2moro in order 2 accept their offer. Of course I'm accepting it! I'm desperate 4 a job! Alhamdulillah..... My time has come n I'm really happy :D Now is d time 4 me 2 self-support n I'm so happy! :D I'm too happy dat I jump all d way 2 Nana's room! I called my mashimaro, then I texted my mom,dad n sis (eventho it was 2am in KL), then I actually called home n my mom pick up d phone wif a very sleepy voice :P Sorry ma, I'm juz too xcited n it can't wait til 2moro :P

At last, my waiting has ended. I got a job after all dis months searching 4 it here n there. I'm thanking god 4 giving me dis opportunity, thanx Stuart n Noel who's hiring me!, thanx 2 my mashimaro who support me all dis time, thanx Nana who listens 2 all my sad-job-hunting stories, thanx 2 another Nana (who recently got a job too!) who gave me all d interview tips, thanx 2 my parents n sis 4 believing in me, thanx 2 all my frenz who alwiz support me n u knoe who u r ;)

Now I can haf a really BiG smiLe :D :D :D

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Heya peeps! ;) I'm not blogging, but juz copying my 1 n only blog post in friendster. I'm closing my friendster blog coz I dun like it! Hahahahahahaaaa..... Dats y I only post once n now I'm re-posting it here. I wrote dis stuff on d 12 March 2007. Enjoy! ;) It's juz a general talk on Love.


Love is the subject of everyone's topic each day. But do we understand what it means? Is it love towards our family equals the love to our partners? Or even equals towards love we have to our friends? Love love love..... What is it???

I understand that love towards our family is unbreakable. At least it is true with my family :) So does that answer the question? What is love? I am still searching for clues and answers on what is love. What happens once I got the true definiton of love? Should I tied it down to my head and follow it with my heart? Hurmmm.....

Love towards our friends.... Will it last long? Friends that we have may be a very good friend, or opposite of it. We might love a deary friend and later on we learned that she/he does not deserved your love. I am not saying romatically in love with a friend. What I am saying is the closeness we have with our friends, which I called love. We might even called ourselves sisters and brothers because of the closeness. But is it the real thing? Is that love? I am still wondering.....

As I searched in my head and my heart, I stopped and think very long on love towards our partner. Partner is that special someone we like having around and the one we are in love. Does that answer the question on definition of love? I am confused now... Is it love when we feel our heart is popping-blooming-screaming whenever we saw that someone we like? Is it love?

As I think of it, love towards our partner can be a lust towards them too. So now the question change to, is it love or lust? I guess most people have the experience of both feelings. Lust is a good feeling we have but it does not stayed long. So I prefer love eventhough I am a bit confused now on what it means. Hahahahahaaa...

I guess love is that funny little feeling we have in our heart. Love cannot be define. But love can be feel and experienced. However, once I got the feeling of love, I will tied it down to my heart and never let it go. I will teach my head to keep love in me and never throw it away like I used too. Because love is what I am searching now and forever. And I know love is a real thing regardless the fact that there are no specific definition of it.

Hahahhahaa... ;) That's the fairytales in fairyland this time.

-fAirY is off thinking and searching for love in her fairyland...-