Tuesday, May 08, 2007

BiG smiLe :D

2day I woke up n feel so nervous 2 check my e-mail. Coz I knoe my future depends on it! I keep on delaying n I feel like not wanting 2 check my e-mail, coz I'm afraid I'll b rejected yet again. At last around 12noon, I haf d courage 2 open my e-mail n check it. As I open it, there's no e-mail from dat particular company I've been waiting for. I feel a bit nervous. Coz he said he's gonna e-mail me 2day wif d answer whether or not I'll get d job. After sticking around my laptop for an hour, I decided 2 meet up wif Nana n haf lunch n also haf sum shopping spreee... (eventho I'm almost broke! :P).

Had lunch wif Nana, shop sum toiletries for myself n my mashimaro. Then we went 2 Topshop! I bought a really cute blue bikini top! Hahahahaa... Summer is juz around d corner! I wanna enjoy summer in Dublin dis yr :D Newayz, after dat I went 2 internet point in Stephen Green Mall coz I wanna check my e-mail again. N sadly no e-mail or wut-so-ever from dat company. N it was 4pm at dat time! I'm so afraid dat they won't send me any e-mails n juz ignore me. Regardless d fact dat I'm 50/50 of getting dis job, I start shopping! :P

I bought a gurl shrug in pink! Never had 1 b4. Nana insist me buying it 2 wear wif a darker pink dress I bought last 2 weeks (which I haf not wear it yet!). After dat we went 2 BT2 n I haf my eyes on a really pweeeeeettttttyyyyyyyyyyy GUESS handbag. I never had a nice handbag b4, coz I'm alwiz seen wif a sling bag or more sling bags! Hehehheeeee.... After Nana d 'devil' pushing me 2 buy it, I actually bought it! Gosh! There goes my xtra money 4 dis month! At least d bag is pweeeeeetttttttyyyyyyy n I love it! :D Knowing me who rarely wear handbags, dis is sumthing surprising :P

Then off we went home. At 1st I'm still not sure whether I shud check my e-mail again or not coz it was 7pm already. Coz offices close at 5.30pm,d latest is at 6pm or 6.30pm, depending on individual offices. Newayz, I check my e-mail without any hopes of getting an e-mail from them. BUT when I saw d e-mail I've been waiting for since morning actually arrived in my inbox, I feel scared 2 open it n read it! But wut d heck! I told myself, if I dun get it, I'll juz haf 2 move on n find another job as usual.

D company actually send me an offer e-mail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BIG SMILE :D :D :D
I'm suppose 2 call them 2moro in order 2 accept their offer. Of course I'm accepting it! I'm desperate 4 a job! Alhamdulillah..... My time has come n I'm really happy :D Now is d time 4 me 2 self-support n I'm so happy! :D I'm too happy dat I jump all d way 2 Nana's room! I called my mashimaro, then I texted my mom,dad n sis (eventho it was 2am in KL), then I actually called home n my mom pick up d phone wif a very sleepy voice :P Sorry ma, I'm juz too xcited n it can't wait til 2moro :P

At last, my waiting has ended. I got a job after all dis months searching 4 it here n there. I'm thanking god 4 giving me dis opportunity, thanx Stuart n Noel who's hiring me!, thanx 2 my mashimaro who support me all dis time, thanx Nana who listens 2 all my sad-job-hunting stories, thanx 2 another Nana (who recently got a job too!) who gave me all d interview tips, thanx 2 my parents n sis 4 believing in me, thanx 2 all my frenz who alwiz support me n u knoe who u r ;)

Now I can haf a really BiG smiLe :D :D :D

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