Saturday, March 22, 2008

hye peeps!

It's almost a month since I last update. Sorry for 'MIA' this past few weeks. Nico went somewhere 3 hours ahead from Dublin for a new job. I've been missing him like crazee! FYI we are doing great :)

The only thing keeping me sane was to bury myself into my work. Which turn out to be very stressfull for straight 2 weeks!!! By the end of it, I got the worst flu and coughing like a grandpa! I'm still not 100% fresh if that's what you want to know.

Class have been great, love it! I've been making promises to myself that I need to pass my papers this time. Then I'll reward myself with something really special (designer bags, mini vacation to Paris, OR a return ticket to Malaysia for 3 weeks!!!!). Still keeping my reward options open XD

I'm stuck at home, doing nothing because of the sickness. I did went out to watched the parade on St.Patrick Day and to the super-mini funfair (compared to the ones we had back home). Maybe that's what make me even worst. It is very cold here nowdays. I thought Spring is here. It didn't feel like spring at all!

Neways, I've been watching lots of One Tree Hill (season 4 & 5), Gilmore Girls (season 7), and Gossip Girl (season 1). It really occupies me during this sickness. I haven't sing for almost 2 weeks now. I miss my singstar! Maybe I should get 'serious' with my latest Need For Speed Pro Street game instead ;) I always have this 'thing' for fast cars. Heheheheeee.....

I better go now. It suppose to be a quickie. As usual it ends up more than 5 sentences! Hahahaa.... Hope you guys have better weekends than me :)