Thursday, August 31, 2006

LiFe iS hArD, bUt i HoPe i'LL sUrViVe...

Life is pretty hard on me lately. I guess trying 2 help/think of other ppl is bad. Coz it make myself where I am now, which is homeless, broke, unavailable, tired n wutever I'm feeling rite now. Juz too tired thinking, walking, searching n helping. Sumtimes I feel like giving up. But I can't, I haf 2 stay strong. I guess dis is 1 of those things every1 wud feel when they r living on their own without their family, n so damn far away... Is dis y I shud stay here longer? Or shud I juz go back as soon as I finish my studies? Hurmm.... I dun haf d answer now. I hope I will when d time comes.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

HaPpY b'DaY!!!! :)

So.... Y'day was Hadi's b'day n now he's 21 yrs old :)

WE (a LOT of ppl involved) throw him a surprise party at our (me+bEe+mEiRa) place. Every1 was there :) I mean every single person who's close 2 Hadi. Thanx 2 every1 n d organizer, u guyz rock! ;) I knoe Hadi loves it n he didn't xpect it at all from his frenz.

N 2day, surprisingly my dad's b'day!!!!! Yay!!!! ;)

HaPpY b'DaY oLd MaN :P

I text him once I get up from sleep dis morning. He was on top of our houz roof when he received my text, cleaning it up. BUT he did bring his hp wif him (Hahahhaa.... I knoe, it's kinda funny. 4 safety reason I guess :P). He was surprised by my text coz he said I'm d 1st person 2 wish him dat day-minus my mom of course ;) He asked my sis who's at d office 2 text me saying tq n he loves me! :D :D :D Owh yeah... He doesn't knoe how 2 text me back eventho he used hp for few yrs already. A BIG HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAAA for him in his lack of knowledge in technology. He's 64 2day, wut u xpect? Hehehehhehe .... Kidding dad :P Neway I did called him afterwards 2 wish him 'LIVE'. Dats all I can do 4 him while I'm away.

Then I woke up, had my shower, brunch n off 2 Grafton 4 a job hunting!!! :D Cross fingers n hope I get a part-time job!!!!! :D I'm juz SUPER-BORED!

I bought ice-cream n off 2 Mambe's place. He cook dinner!!! as alwiz~~~~~ :P okie, I gtg. I'm starving!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 14, 2006

hE's BaCk!!!!! i'M nO LoNgEr aLoNe! Hahahaha....

Hahahahahaaa.... ;)

My bestie Mambe is back! :D He arrived yesterday morning n gave me a surprise call!!!!! I'm glad he's back n safe in 1 piece (Coz of dat London bomb thingy, everyone knoes it!). Now I haf my fren back!, I'm no longer gonna b bored or alone DAT much :P

Can't wait 4 d others 2 come back too!

Roy!!! Mamat!!! Sahak!!! Pok Lah!!! Cepat la balik wei! Ader Mambe n fAirY je nie! X complete lagik !!!! :P :P :P

Owh yeah... Yesterday went shopping wif Baby. She got everything she need n ALL of it was a good buy! BUt yeah.... Tired walking around d city.

N back 2 Mambe, met him already. Had dinner n sum tv-watching wif him. Mane daa org lain nie? Cepat la balik korang!!!!! :P

Humph.... I think I shud call my mom n dad. It's been a few days I guess. Dun worry, I'm no longer DAT homesick. Now dat I haf my usual ppl ;)

Friday, August 11, 2006

LaDy iN d WaTeR...

It was a nice great movie! I watched it wif Ameer. Both of us love it so much!!!!!!!!! U guyz shud watch it! :D

I guess dats d only thing dat made my day 2day :)

Called tOmaToMan 2day. Misz him so much! Cepat la balik sayang!!!!! Nanti bAbY tOmAtO bole g London :P tRyiNg 2 find reasons 2 go there AGAIN! :P :P :P Well... London is a LOT bigger than Dublin. Can't wait 2 get out of Dublin n haf sum real fun! :D

Then I called Kak Anne. Misz her so much too!!!!!!! We talked more than an hour! She is truly my one n only BIG sis n BESTFREN. Eventho we fight, yell at each other, we knoe we haf each other 4ever! Sumtimes wut she said hurts me, coz I think she's rite. D same thing goes 2 her. I knoe sumtimes my opinions/says hurt u sis, but dats wut I think. I guess WE haf each other 4ever coz we r true 2 each other.

Well dats wut frenz r 4 :) Not suppose 2 haf any secrets, back-stabbing, talking behind them, pretending coz wanna look NICE when actually d EVIL/BAD one, n etc etc etc.... LOtsa more. I guess each n every1 of us haf sum others in mind. Juz look deep in urself n think, "R u a nice fren? Or u r juz a pretender?".

I'm juz glad I haf Kak Anne. Love u sis! :)

After looking back n do some thinking. I'm sooOOooOOoo Loving my life! I pass my degree, haf a great bf who loves me :), I haf my FAMILY n I'm starting my ACCA class very soon. Insyaallah I can do it! ;)

Wednesday, August 09, 2006



dUnNo WuT 2 dO
m!sZ mY fAmiLy
WhErE iS zArL?
fEeL a BiT f***Ed Up
CrAzEe WeAtHeR
No MoNeY


Tuesday, August 08, 2006

bOrEd..... hUrm... BuT sO mUcH 2 dO!!!

Hurmm...... I tot of blogging on how I get myself 2 Dublin. yeah I'm back in Dublin after 2 whole months in KL wif my family... *sigh*

Then I tot I wanna blog on how I misz home already. N I'm home-sick. Huh? Can u believe it? Home-sick again? After 8 long months staying in Dublin without my family? Yeah.. I did feel it AGAIN!!!!!

I'm so bored! Eventho I juz arrived for few days. But I haf so much things 2 do.

1. Go 2 d bank n settle everything!
2. Go 2 college n settle everything!
3. Still waiting 4 my student pack 2 arrive n can't wait 2 settle d exemptions/exam fees wif ACCA
4. Find new place 2 stay
5. Find a job!!! Retail I guess... Office job wud definitely b a bonus :)
6. Start packing
7. Do my laundry... Like NOW!

Dats all I can think of now.

I wanna go back home n sleep now.