Friday, August 11, 2006

LaDy iN d WaTeR...

It was a nice great movie! I watched it wif Ameer. Both of us love it so much!!!!!!!!! U guyz shud watch it! :D

I guess dats d only thing dat made my day 2day :)

Called tOmaToMan 2day. Misz him so much! Cepat la balik sayang!!!!! Nanti bAbY tOmAtO bole g London :P tRyiNg 2 find reasons 2 go there AGAIN! :P :P :P Well... London is a LOT bigger than Dublin. Can't wait 2 get out of Dublin n haf sum real fun! :D

Then I called Kak Anne. Misz her so much too!!!!!!! We talked more than an hour! She is truly my one n only BIG sis n BESTFREN. Eventho we fight, yell at each other, we knoe we haf each other 4ever! Sumtimes wut she said hurts me, coz I think she's rite. D same thing goes 2 her. I knoe sumtimes my opinions/says hurt u sis, but dats wut I think. I guess WE haf each other 4ever coz we r true 2 each other.

Well dats wut frenz r 4 :) Not suppose 2 haf any secrets, back-stabbing, talking behind them, pretending coz wanna look NICE when actually d EVIL/BAD one, n etc etc etc.... LOtsa more. I guess each n every1 of us haf sum others in mind. Juz look deep in urself n think, "R u a nice fren? Or u r juz a pretender?".

I'm juz glad I haf Kak Anne. Love u sis! :)

After looking back n do some thinking. I'm sooOOooOOoo Loving my life! I pass my degree, haf a great bf who loves me :), I haf my FAMILY n I'm starting my ACCA class very soon. Insyaallah I can do it! ;)

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