Wednesday, August 16, 2006

HaPpY b'DaY!!!! :)

So.... Y'day was Hadi's b'day n now he's 21 yrs old :)

WE (a LOT of ppl involved) throw him a surprise party at our (me+bEe+mEiRa) place. Every1 was there :) I mean every single person who's close 2 Hadi. Thanx 2 every1 n d organizer, u guyz rock! ;) I knoe Hadi loves it n he didn't xpect it at all from his frenz.

N 2day, surprisingly my dad's b'day!!!!! Yay!!!! ;)

HaPpY b'DaY oLd MaN :P

I text him once I get up from sleep dis morning. He was on top of our houz roof when he received my text, cleaning it up. BUT he did bring his hp wif him (Hahahhaa.... I knoe, it's kinda funny. 4 safety reason I guess :P). He was surprised by my text coz he said I'm d 1st person 2 wish him dat day-minus my mom of course ;) He asked my sis who's at d office 2 text me saying tq n he loves me! :D :D :D Owh yeah... He doesn't knoe how 2 text me back eventho he used hp for few yrs already. A BIG HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAAA for him in his lack of knowledge in technology. He's 64 2day, wut u xpect? Hehehehhehe .... Kidding dad :P Neway I did called him afterwards 2 wish him 'LIVE'. Dats all I can do 4 him while I'm away.

Then I woke up, had my shower, brunch n off 2 Grafton 4 a job hunting!!! :D Cross fingers n hope I get a part-time job!!!!! :D I'm juz SUPER-BORED!

I bought ice-cream n off 2 Mambe's place. He cook dinner!!! as alwiz~~~~~ :P okie, I gtg. I'm starving!!!!!!!!!

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