Tuesday, August 08, 2006

bOrEd..... hUrm... BuT sO mUcH 2 dO!!!

Hurmm...... I tot of blogging on how I get myself 2 Dublin. yeah I'm back in Dublin after 2 whole months in KL wif my family... *sigh*

Then I tot I wanna blog on how I misz home already. N I'm home-sick. Huh? Can u believe it? Home-sick again? After 8 long months staying in Dublin without my family? Yeah.. I did feel it AGAIN!!!!!

I'm so bored! Eventho I juz arrived for few days. But I haf so much things 2 do.

1. Go 2 d bank n settle everything!
2. Go 2 college n settle everything!
3. Still waiting 4 my student pack 2 arrive n can't wait 2 settle d exemptions/exam fees wif ACCA
4. Find new place 2 stay
5. Find a job!!! Retail I guess... Office job wud definitely b a bonus :)
6. Start packing
7. Do my laundry... Like NOW!

Dats all I can think of now.

I wanna go back home n sleep now.

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