Tuesday, July 25, 2006

MiXeD fEeLiNg.... HurM....

I think dis is d worst ever feeling I ever had.


1. I'm kinda xcited 2 go back 2 Dublin next weekend coz I misz my frenz over there. But at d same time I dun wanna leave home where my family lives. I knoe I'm gonna misz them terribly. N I'm not sure when I'm coming back again, n wut wud change when I do come back. Plus I dun even meet all of my goodfrenz back in M'sia. Hurmm.... yeah, they live far away from me who's staying in KL. Damn! If only I came back 2 M'sia earlier, n going back 2 Dublin as late as I can. My ticket too early!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :'(

2. As I told u b4, my sayang ZarL is back here in M'sia. I'm all xcited about him coming back home n all. Me n him at d same country, same weather, same everything! But d weird thing is.... We didn't meet up yet. N I dun think we will do dat here in M'sia. There's juz sum issues dat I think is really testing our relationship. Me trying 2 b strong eventho I do sumtime think dat me n him r both weak when it comes 2 miszing each other.

If I dun c him here in M'sia, I guess both of us haf 2 really save up our money 2 travel Dublin-London or vice versa juz 2 c each other. Hurmmmm....... Juz when I tot it's gonna b a bit easy 4 both of us, I was wrong, totally wrong.

I dun knoe y.... But all my heart was saying 2 me d past few days was 'Stay strong n focus. U guyz can do it eventho it's hard'. I hope it's true... I'm staying focus. I hope he is too.


Dis is 2 of d biggest issues in my life now. N both make me haf dat mixed feeling which I dun like at all......... I feel like Screaming! Crying! Running away!

I dun wanna feel anything!!!!!


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