Wednesday, July 19, 2006

TirEd... bUt WorTh iT :)

Been feeling so tired since Sunday. Well... Sunday. Me, mom, sis, sis-in-law, nephews n niece, we went 2 Sunway Lagoon. Hheheehheheee..... It was fun! All of us end up having a darker skin now coz it was a hot Sun-day :)

Monday. I barely awake. Sleep all day... Hehehehehee...

Tuesday. I went 2 ACCA place n settle everything. Juz hope it went well :)
Bought my graduation 'kebaya'. I love it! Thanx mama n ayah.

Rite now I'm so nervous waiting 4 my ZarL 2 come back home. He's on his flight rite now. Haf a safe journey sayang :) can't wait 2 c u!!!!!

N yeah... I feel tired. N I haf 2 get ready 2 go back 2 Dublin. 2 n half weeks more n I'll b back in Dublin. Wut shud I bring back huh? LOTSA FOOD!!!!! Hahahahhaa... :P :P :P Wut else? Hurmmm..... I'll think of it later.

D most important thing now is ZarL on his way back to Malaysia! :D
I'm juz too xcited!!!! N nervous too. I wonder y I feel so nervous. I can't think of nothing other than ZarL coming back home. Knock me, pinch me or wutever.... :P

I love u sayang!!! :)

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