Monday, December 26, 2005

bOXiNg DaY!!!

Woke up early-late, eventho I hardly sleep last nite. Been talking n chatting wif MyNn n Mira. Really haf lotsa fun ;)

Neway, we took d bus 2 d tube. Then off we went 2 Oxford Street. We went 2 almost allllllll of d shops! 2 namea a few, Gap, Jane Norman, Selfridge, Topshop, Esprit, Zara, Morgan, etc..... 2 many.... We took sum pics, but we were juz 2 bz shopping!!!! :P

MyNn bring us 2 Malaysian Hall London, 2 haf our lunch. It was delicious!!!! :D :D :D

I bought lotsa stuff, n I'm practically broke! From long coat, boots, sneakers, baby-t, jumper+pant, bag, name it!!! I like every single thing dat I bought n thanx 2 MyNn n Mira who helped me a lot in choosing d stuff ;)

Rite now I'm soOOoooOO tired. Wanna haf my dinner. Dinner of wut? Maggi? Or baked beans? ahhahahahaaa........ I'll decide after dis... :)

Sunday, December 25, 2005

i'M hErE aT LasT!!!

HoLa pPL... ;)

Y'day me n my gurlz off 2 d airport around 2pm. We arrived at Stansted airport around 6.15pm, our flight was at 5pm. Then we took d bus 2 d station bus, then we took another bus 2 another station, n another bus, hahahahaa.... I dun even remember where :P

Then we met MyNn n Pi'e, they bring us 2 University Of East London where MyNn stay at d hostel. We kinda crash at her place.

2day we woke up late coz we've been talking n chatting all nite long :D

Juz had my breakfast tho :P

We won't b doing anything 2day coz it's xmas. No transportation, no nothing. It's like a dead city here....

Can't wait 2 go shopping 2moro!!!!! It's boxing day!!! Wut shud I buy huh? Hurmmm..... I wanna get everything! :P But I do haf limited cash, damn!!! But wut d heck :P

Gotta go.... Will update everyday if I'm able too.

Friday, December 23, 2005

aLoNe + LoNeLy...

I feel so lonely rite now...... It's not bcoz I'm here at home alone coz d gurlz went out.

I juz dunno how 2 explain it.

I called Ameer juz now. Misz him..... Hope I can c him b4 I went off 2 London 2moro. But he's at Cork. Nvm.... We'll meet in a week time :) Lotsa stuff 2 talk about n hope everything will b okie.

Back 2 reality...... I've been downloading songs from Kevon Edmonds, n he haf a really good voice :) Discovered him in Save The Last Dance soundtrack.

I'm sooooOOooooo lonely....... Hope my trip 2 London will make me feel a lot better.
I feel so empty, n I dun knoe y I feel like dat. Izit bcoz I'm in my own world? D world dat I Farizah rule? I dun think sooooo......

Called mama n ayah juz now. I told them I wanna go back next winter n it's my final decision. I'm not going back dis summer. My dad been thinking about it, coz it's his money tho.. LOL...

Misz my family so much!!!!! Hope 2 c them soon....


2 nites ago, Haizy came over 2 sleepover. Sorry gurl, I didn't talk dat much wif ya. I'm kinda in d middle of sumthing. I mean I haf stuff in my mind. Damn!

Y'day I went out wif Mira. I can't believe it dat I shop! I mean I'm off 2 London 2moro 4 boxing day n I still shop here!!!!!!!! I can't resist it, it's juz too cheap :P :P :P

After dat we met Roy n Jalie at Spar n followed them back home. Pok Lah cooked a delicious dinner. Then we watched Pride until d final episod. But in between d boyz went out, study, play pool n wutever...... Me n Mira watched till d end.

Then we watched other movies. Lastly around 6am we went back 2 sleep. I'm soOOooOOO tired but dis holiday is really wut I'm looking 4ward :D

Gotta go n take my shower ;)

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


My body is aching.... I'm sooOooo tired!

It's been 2 nites hanging out at No. 36 watching Pride. N it's not finish yet! Hahahhahaaa....

Neway, y'day me n Mira went out wif Haizy. We had lots of fun tho ;)
We went 2 watched The Family Stone, had our lunch at Epicurean n our dessert at Eddie's. Fudge Brownies never failed me!!!

D day b4, I went 2 watched Narnia wif Mira, Jimmy, Roy n Pok Lah. I like it tho ;) Eventho d boyz almost sleep n been arguing wif me dat d movie is boring, hahahahha.... :P

Wuts my plan 4 2day huh? Mayb squash then off 2 Alia's houz (Sahak's gf).

I'm tired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 19, 2005

LaTe NiTe In?

Y'day I woke up late coz we had a late nite in wif d boyz.....

Even last nite we had a late nite in wif d boyz again! Hahahhahaa.....

Me, Mira n Pok Lah watched 2 DVD's > Without A Paddle , n Red Eye. Then Pok Lah went back coz he's sleepy.

Then Mamat n Roy came n watched House of Wax with me n Mira. D funny thing is, we watched it in my room dat I shared wif Mira :) n they asked me 2 lie down, coz they can't c d screen. N I sleep half of d movie, hehehehee..... I dun even knoe wuts d ending :P

Neway, I woke up 2 d sounds of Bee n Elis who were late 4 Bee's doctor's appointment :)

Wut shud I do 2day? Mira, wut shud we do huh? Narnia any1? ;)

Saturday, December 17, 2005

No TitLe...

I woke up late, shower, eat, get ready n went 2 d library. I know I sounds like a total ultimate loser. But I juz dunno wut else 2 do. I met Hoo n Haizy there, dunno wut they doing. I guess studying or doing assignment or sumthing like dat....

On9 wif Kak Anne n Hakim, webcam n mic n all..... Really misz them!!!!!

Then went off 2 my neighbours' houz. Had our dinner, they cook, really yummy!!!!! :) :) :)
Rite now using Pok Lah's laptop typing all dis thingy craps....

Waiting 4 them 2 decide wut movie 2 watch 2nite. I feel a bit lost 2day..... Dis make me really lost.... Hurm.... I knoe it's confusing n complicated, n even me myself dun understand my own feelings.

Wut d heck!

Friday, December 16, 2005

BaD gUrL.... ;)

2day me, Bee n Elis skipped class, hahahahahahhaa.........!!!!! We skipped d last 1 n half hrs. We juz can't take it anymore, plus we were soOooOOo hungry. We had our lunch at K-Bab K-Lub. Meet up wif Hadi, Alia n Faiq.

Hadi is actually in London rite now. He's gonna arrived in KL on Monday. He's wif Bert by d way. If only I cud follow them n go back home..... Wut d heck! I'll c them in January :) Juz dat I wanna go back home!!!!!!! Waaaaaa........!!!!!!!!!!!!

We went out wif our frenz > Pok Loh, Roy, Mamat, Jimmy, Uma n d 4 of us. We went 2 watched King Kong. It was a nice story. Worth it shud I say ;)

Our movie at 8.45pm, n we were a lil bit early by 2 hrs, hahahaha!!!! So we decided 2 haf dinner at Epicurean. Then we had a vewy delicious ice-cream at Jervis. They bought it, 4 diff type n flavour, n I juz eat theirs, hahahaaa..... :P :P :P

Neway, I juz got home, change 2 pyjamas, washed my leg, my face n all..... Rite now stuck infront of my laptop, waiting 4 d boyz 2 come up. Not sure if they coming or not coz Bee is not feeling vewy well.

They all wanna play squash 2moro at RCSI. Tot of following them :) We will c.......

Thursday, December 15, 2005


Nice dinner we had 2gether (me n my gurlz wif Din).

Rite now I'm bored. Feel like going out but it's freaking cold outside. Wut d hell am I talking about??? Hurmmmm...............

If only sum1 ask me out? ;) U knoe.... Like going out on a real n really nice date. It's been like 8 mths since I broke up wif my x-bF. N I didn't go out on dates. Sumtimes I feel like a loser.... Damn....

My fren said I shud b thankful coz I'm single n available. Coz I can do everything I want n dun haf 2 worry a thing. I can flirt n I'm not tied up. I wonder if it's true.....

Juz 1 really nice date wud do :)

FeELiNg a LOT bEtTeR...

I woke up feeling a lot better....

Last nite I really am homesick :'(
Rite after :'( , I chat wif Daniel. Chatting wif him makes me feel better. Even better when he actually called me all d way from German. He's really a good fren. Thanx Daniel, it means a lot 2 me when u can make me laugh :)

Not 4getting Hadi who cheer me up by texting me sum funny jokes, hahahahahaa......
He said his bag is still empty if I wanna follow him back 2 KL :P :P :P Thanx Hadi but no thanx. I wanna b in d flight back home but not in ur bag!!!!! Heehehehehe.....

Chain also asked me 2 calm down n stuff. Misz dat guy a lot! U shud come here :)

Then my neighbours, d medic student > Mamat, Roy, Pok Loh n Jimmy came over. Dat makes thing even better. We had fun, a lot!

Neway, dis morning d Recruitment ppl called. They said they received my CV which I didn't send. I'm kinda shockk rite now...... Hurmmm.... Wut really happened huh?

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


I feel sooOOooo down 2day... I think I'm homesick....

I wanna go home... :'( :'( :'(

I feel so lonely n sad......

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

rEaLeASeD? ;)

2day's class was okie.... But as usual I sleep half of d time, hahahahahahaa...... :P :P :P

Then me n my gurlz went st8 2 Eddie's 2 haf sum fun ;) We had cheese fries, nachos, fries combo, choc malt, vanilla malt, YuMmy!!!!!

Hadi came over n join us. We had lots of fun talking, jokin around n all :)
Then we all decided 2 go 2 UGC, wanna watched movie. We watched Doom. Elissa n Hadi dun like it at all, Mira love it, Baby haf no say coz she choose d story :P, n 2 me it's average but I almost sleep in there!!!! Hhahahahahahaa.......... I'm juz soOoOo sleepy lately... Wonder y....

After d movie, off we went 4 dinner at Epicurean n it's not our 1st time there, n even d guy knew us :) Coz Hadi is regular customer. Bert came n join us 4 dinner. Bert told us a really really really funny story during his time in college. By d way, Bert is our super duper senior who works here. He's really nice n cool, fun 2 b wif ;)

They send us back. I went 2 meet Falah 2 take my stuff dat my mom n dad passed 2 his fren who passed it 2 Falah, hahahahahhaa...... complicated :P
Juz say it dis way..... We r family frenz, our parents knew each other.

Wutever it is I feel so released.... :) At last it's out in d air ;)
U knoe wut I mean didn't u? ;) (2 my dearest n loveliest gurlz whom I love soOooOo much!!!)

Monday, December 12, 2005

i DuN kNoE wUT i Did?!

I dun even knoe wut I did d whole weekend starting from Friday till 2day. I had a LoOoOoNg weekend ppl.

But wut I'm sure of was, I watched Battle Royale 1 n 2. A Japanese movie n it's a terrible horrible story. Pity those kidz in d movie. All in all, dis is d 1st war movie I watched n I finished it. I never like war movie. It make me sad coz too many ppl dying. Well dis is my 1st :)

Owh yeah.... Saturday nite went 2 All Millenium Chinese Restaurant next to d Gaiety Theater. D food is soOOo nice. I like it tho ;) But it's sOoOo out of my budget rite now. 1 of my super-duper senior took us there.

Y'day went 2 d Thai Restaurant dat Faiq works. We had free lunch ;) n it was nice :)

I've been eating non-stop 4 d past 2 weeks. N I think my body is definitely changing!!!!! GoSh!!!! I need 2 go 4 an immediate diet!!!!!!!! :P :P :P

Hurmm..... I juz remembered I watched White Chicks n t was funny :)
D fav. words r > I'm soOo freaking pissed! n Wutever n Squeeze me..... ;)
Dis words remind me of those ppl.... Or shud I say DAT person. Feel like saying it 2 d person. I think I definitely shud use it!!!!! ;) I'm soOOOoooOo bad :P :P :P

Sunday, December 11, 2005

NiCe DiNnEr ;)

YuMmY!!!!! ;)
I juz had my dinner n it was so yUmMy!!!! Akib cooked a delicious dinner 4 all of us (me+my gurLz+akib+his boyz)
Seriously, I'm sOoOOoooo fuLL!!!!!! :D :D :D

Wut else huh? Hurmmm.......... Guess I shud go off n haf fun wif my frenz ;)

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

WuT sHuD i Do Huh?

Juz had my dinner, which I cook (coz 2day is my turn). I'm 'kinda' full, hahahahaha...... Can't stop eating :P

If u asked Mira, she wud say dat I keep on saying dis > I think I'm officially FAT!!!!!!

Yesh, it's true!!!!! I dun even haf d courage 2 go n check my weight! I'm scared!!!!! Hurmm..... I think shud stop eating, hahahahhahahaa............. Which I can't!

Wut shud I do huh? I'm bored, so I keep on eating. I'm lonely, n I dun knoe wut 2 do. It's cold outside, so nothing much I can do outside either.......

Hurmmm............... Bored..........

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

bEeN bZzZzzzzzz................ ;)

I've been bz since last Friday! I dun even knoe y I'm bz, wut I'm bz wif or wutever.... Hahahhahaaa...

Been hanging out wif my LoVeLY houzmates! N Hadi n also his frenz n houzmates! I'm too tired 2 type every single thing dat I did since Friday which only includes d ppl I mentioned up there ;)
It's a really looooOOOooonggGGgggg n FuN n SuPeR fUn N sUpEr DuPeR fUn weekend 2 me.

Neway, I'm too full, eat at Sufi's juz now wif sum frenz. Hurrmmmm... Looks like I'm gonna misz Intan n Saiful for a while (they went back 2 get married!!!!!) :D :D :D I'll c them in January by d way :P

Wut else huh? Owhhhhhh.... B4 I 4get, I'm juz wondering y do sum ppl seems 2 b sOooOOo nice 2 sum ppl? Or shud I say, suddenly wanna knoe who d person hang out wif, n where d person go, or wut d person do, or wutever........??!!! I think they shud mind their own business n it's really up 2 d person wut he/she wanna do or 2 hang out wif. N it's up 2 he/she 2 intro d ppl he/she knew 2 other ppl. It's not about being selfish or not sharing frenz or wutever shit. Juz dat everyone haf their own plans, frenz, stuff 2 do which we call it PRIVACY (check it in dictionary if u dun knoe wut it means).

Dis issue juz pop up in my mind out of bLue..... I'm not pointing fingers 2 anyOne. But if u think u r like dat, better change urself.

I better get sum rest ;)

Thursday, December 01, 2005

ToO dArK?

I finished class at 5pm n I was like, damn..... It's really TOO DARK outside n it's still early...

Hurmmm..... Bored....

After dinner, Hadi came, bring us (me n Mira) out. We when 2 Starbuck again, n hang out wif sum other ppl n we haf fun tho ;)

Now I'm back at home, bored wif nothing 2 do. Other than eating!!! N waiting 4 Ameer 2 come over wif Smyth catalogue, hahahahaha.........