Friday, January 20, 2012

A good start

Happy new year! I hope it's not too late :D I've been busy (obviously!) with stuff (weee!!!).

I had a good start for 2012 and hopefully this will be the year of joy :)) urmm...

I'M ENGAGED!!! Yay!!!! :D :D :D Congratulations to MEEEEEEE!!! & him (of course).

Enjoy the pics!


More pics on (the awesome photographer) (the fiancee :D)

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Monday, November 28, 2011

33 days :)

33 days to go before we step into a different phase of our relationship :)

InsyaAllah everything will go on smoothly.

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Tourist for the day

I've been working here in Singapore for 10 months & I never really been anywhere that much. So I'm trying to be a 'tourist for the day' along with my nephew who follows his mom (my sis) for a work trip.

So y'day we start off early thinking that we can probably cover few places. We decided to visit the Science Centre Singapore (keep in mind that he's only 12!) & buy the 3-in-1 package. So I bought the tix which include Science Centre admission + Dinosaur Live! Exhibition + iMax movie-Flying Monsters. Adult tix $30, children under 12 is $22 for the whole thing. We spend approx. 5 hours there! Plus it was raining like crazee outside so we were basically stuck in there.

Around 4pm we decided to headback to the hotel where my sis is staying & just sleep! We were wayyyy too tired to go anywhere else!

But around 8pm we set off again to Little India to visit the ever famous Mustafa Centre. We have my sis, my sis's friend & my ever loyal 'cinta hati' with us. We had the best Chicken & Mutton Briyani at Tandoori Restaurant just beside Mustafa Centre entrance (the first entrance if you are walking from Farrer Park MRT station). The mint sauce they served is the bomb y'all! :)

But the funniest thing was we couldn't find the exit door at Mustafa Centre because the place is super duper huge! And when we did find the exit, we were actually at the end of the centre!!! Which is basically at the end of the Syed Alwi Street! We had to walk quite far to get back to the entrance we came in! Haha... But at least none of us cry or show any tantrum (thumbs up!). No wonder Mustafa Centre is open 24 hours because it took us at least 30mins to find the exit! It was really pack with all kind of things. The only thing they didn't sell is houses & cars! Lol!!!

But it was a fun day :)

But today the only place we manage to visit is the Streets Hong Kong Cafe for our brunch located at Liang Courts beside the hotel. Haha.. We are still tired from y'day.

Oh yeah the hotel is situated at Clarke Quay. THE hotspot of Singapore. Pretty cool eh? We can see the Marina Bay Sand area from the room, the river is just 2mins walk & the evercool hang out place is just downstairs.

We might go for the rivercruise later on once we get our full energy back! And tonight is all about Arab St.! :)))

Tomorrow will be even better! My 2nd USS trip! USS stands for Universal Studio Singapore. We are all prepared with raincoats (bought it at Mustafa Centre for $1.50/each) because it is the rainy season here. Boo!

Oh I'll just blog about it on the next entry! :p

Hv a splendid weekend everyone! Especially to ppl in Ireland, hv a good looooooong weekend! And Happy Halloween y'all!

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Memories. Recollections. Reminiscences...

Each and every one of us have it. The good ones, the bad ones, or the only ones you want to keep with you for as long as you live. But sometimes you need to let it go if it means hurting the one you love.

The pictures, letters, messages are memories that both of us are willing to delete, throw away and forget for the sake of our relationship. Yes. OUR relationship. In order to move forward and give our best to it, we shall forget the past, the memories, the recollections of them.

Nothing else matters. I want to see you smile again.

Nothing else matters. I want to hear your laughters everyday.

Nothing else matters. I want to hug and be hug by you anytime I want.

Nothing else matters. I want to create memories of us. And it will be the only pictures, letters, messages that me and you will keep as long as we could.


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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

spa manja :)

Hello everyone! How was your last weekend? I hope you had a great one. I know I did :)

Mr boyfie bring me to Spa Manja for a full spa treatment as my birthday gift! How great is that? It is indeed the best birthday present ever! Or shall I say at par with an LV handbag. Haha..

So we both took the same package, the Celebrity package. During the session we felt like king and queen. And by the end of the session we felt wayyy too pampered and a very very very happy customer.

If somehow you visit Johor Bahru, please make a point to visit Spa Manja. You won't regret it :)

The Celebrity package include foot soak, 30mins of body scrub (Javanese Lulur/Balinese Boreh), Jacuzzi, steam, 90mins of massage and 15mins of ear candling. In total we spend approximately 3 hours at the spa, and mr boyfie said the most expensive present he ever gave someone (or any if he ever gave a present) :p

We've been thinking to visit the spa again soon. I don't mind going there again just for the Jacuzzi and steam. It's just 10mins drive from home! More reason to visit again! *hint*hint*hint* HAHA!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Thank you :)

Thank you for all the birthday wishes :)

Thank you mr. boyfie for wishing more than 10 times! :p

Thank you mama & ayah for calling me early in the morning.

Thank you besties (you know who you are) who tweet me & post on my FB wall.

Thank you to family & friends who texted me, PM me on FB, Whatsapp me, called me, e-mail me, thank you all.

Not forgetting to everyone that wishes me on my FB wall. I really appreciate it.

And also a huge thanks to my colleagues especially my teammates who bought cake & surprise me. I'm touched.

Thank you everyone :)

Yes I'm officially two-oh-seven!

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Monday, April 25, 2011

long weekend.good times

I love long weekends! Who doesn't? Right? ;) Mine was well spend with family, friends, and him (of course!)

We thought that we are not going to see each other at least on Saturday. But we end up spending the long weekend together. Haha... With exception that we spend it together with my friends, his friends, my family, and his family. I'm so glad that everyone feels comfortable hanging out together and there's no awkward moment at all. I'm blessed to have family and friends who likes him, and know that he is very important to me. And I'm happy that I'm always welcome by his family.

The best thing about my long weekend was when we get the chance to make Viber calls and Whatsapp each other at 2am. It's been quite sometimes since we did that. But I missed him. I missed his arms wrap around me and all the things that only we share. Yeah I know it's only for 2 nights, but I missed him.

And today I'm still at home since I followed Ireland's holiday of Easter break. I'm home alone doing nothing. How I wish he's on holiday too and we get to spend today together. But a girl can never get everything she wants right? Hehe... I can't be too greedy. I'll just wait for him to finish work and we will spend some time together.

Oh btw, to my readers (if there's any), I'll like to share my tumblr and twitter. Follow me if you are interested to know more about my oh-so-boring life ;)

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

3 Months & still counting

It has been 3 months.
A wonderful 3 months with you.
On this date, 3 months ago :)
Yes 3 months & still counting...

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Monday, April 11, 2011

fly love :)

Perfect weekend. 3D Rio is awesome! Japanese ice-cream is yummy :)