Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Memories. Recollections. Reminiscences...

Each and every one of us have it. The good ones, the bad ones, or the only ones you want to keep with you for as long as you live. But sometimes you need to let it go if it means hurting the one you love.

The pictures, letters, messages are memories that both of us are willing to delete, throw away and forget for the sake of our relationship. Yes. OUR relationship. In order to move forward and give our best to it, we shall forget the past, the memories, the recollections of them.

Nothing else matters. I want to see you smile again.

Nothing else matters. I want to hear your laughters everyday.

Nothing else matters. I want to hug and be hug by you anytime I want.

Nothing else matters. I want to create memories of us. And it will be the only pictures, letters, messages that me and you will keep as long as we could.


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