Tuesday, January 31, 2006

FeEl a LOT bEtTeR...

Chain text me. As usual, he sumhow can sense whenever I'm feeling down. Really misz him. If only he's here wif me. He's alwiz wif me. He's my bestest fren ever!

I knoe I'm crying when I text Chain, n at d same time chatting wif Haizy n HIM. Chain make me feel a lot better. Thanx Chain....

He went 2 his frenz place, n leave in d middle of chatting which is actually on how 2 solve d damn prob. Wut d heck! Y shud I care so much? When I'm trying hard 2 b wif sum1 who's not really there? Y am I so dumb? Am I? Or izit bcoz I'm juz plain bored living in Dublin? I dun knoee..... Everything is sooooooOOOooo confusing!!!

I got Azhar's msg in friendster. I add him in MSN Msgr. N been chatting wif him til now. He's funny. He make me laugh n happy eventho he didn't realize it. He make me 4get about d probs. N make me feel strong again.

I knoe it's late n I shud go n sleep. I will.... After dis..

FeEL dOwN ...

Y'day I feel sooOOoooOo down...

I feel so stOoOpid n depress. So, after d fight we had (not really a fight coz I leave without saying anything), I went back home.

Took shower, called Aleph n d gang but they haf case study 2 finish up. Tot of asking them out 4 a movie. So, I went out alone. Walked along Grafton Street, end up eating at Charlie's at Temple Bar. I had a King Prawn Chow Mien. It was nice :)

Then called haizy, talked 2 her. I decided 2 watch movie. So I went 2 UGC. I went 2 watched Rumours Has It. It was a nice movie. I like it. It makes me 4get how depress I am at dat time.

I walked home, went 2 Ameer's n hang out wif Ameer, Mira, Alia, Mynn, Fuad, Razi, Falah n Candy. They make me smile :)

After dat me n Mira went back 2 our apartment. We had a LoOonG talked. No need 2 mention d details. Wutever it is, I sleep n woke up on time.

Let c...... Dis morning I woke up, took a shower, went 2 d post office n pay bills, went 2 college. After class, went 2 Topshop n buy more stuff!!!! :P :P :P I bought 1 new pants n 1 new skirt. I'm wearing d skirt rite now :P

Neway, I can't stop thinking about wut happen y'day. D fight dat we had which haf no end. He text me 2day, n I reply. He didn't reply my last text. R u still thinking on wut 2 do? Damn! Made up ur mind!

I shud go n pierce my ears. Dat can make me feel a LOT better!

Saturday, January 28, 2006

WuT i DiD d WhOLe WeEk...

Tuesday :
Woke up late. Didn't go 2 cLass. Bring Louise n Clament 2 UCD 4 d talk. Packed my stuff n went 2 Hadi's. Sleep at Hadi's, we had d talk, hahahahaa..... :P

Me, Hadi, Louise n Clament went 2 Cliff of Moher, Galway. Wut a beautiful place. It's worth it!!! :D
Then went back 2 Hadi's, hang out wif Intan, watched sum malay movies. Then off we went 2 Yamamori, there's 8 of us (Me, Hadi, Louise, Clament, Saiful, Intan, Alia n Ameer). Hadi asked me stay another nite coz he wants me 2 accompany him 2 send Lousie n Clament 2 d airport next morning. So I did.

Woke up, send them at d airport, Alia tag along, ehehehehe.... We practically influenced her 4 not going 2 cLass :P
I did went 2 MA class at 4pm coz of 1 reason. But..... No words 2 say.......

Woke up late. Misz my Tax class at 9am :P
I went 2 Finance class okie...... N I gave 100% concentration. Mayb coz I misz too many classes dis week! I never did dis b4. OuCh!!!

Then gave all d stuff I bought 4 my family 2 Roy. His flight is at 5pm. We (Me, Mira, PokLah, Jame n Mamat) send him 2 d airport. Damn!!!! I misz him! Come back here quick!!!
Then I did my assignment research..... Borinkk......

Went 2 36 around midnite. Print out my research, read a lil, n feel soooOOOo sLeepy. I sleep, hahahahahaha.... N didn't do my assignment! :P

Woke up around 9am. Did my assignment. Call my mom, n they r all xcited coz they received my gifts! :D :D :D My bro went 2 d airport n meet up wif Roy.

Then went back home, continue discussing it wif d gurLz. Cook lunch. Assignment. Shower. Assignment. Now typing all dis shit.... hahahahahahhahaa..... :P :P :P

Monday, January 23, 2006

DaY ouT!

Hurmmm..... Day out wi all d ppl dat is fun n matters ;)

Saiful send Louis n her bf at my place around 10.30am. I bring them 2 St. PatrickCathedral, we went inside. Dis is d 1st time I went inside a church. My feelings? Dunno wut it is... hahahaa...

After dat we went 4 Irish breakfast at D-Cafe, Dame Street. Ican't eat it coz it's pork. I ahf sumthing else. Then we walked 2 Dublin Castle, Bank of Ireland, Trinity College, Spear, n d shopping street at city centre (I 4got d name :P). Then Hadi called asking where we were. Coz he n Alia is on their way 2 picked us up.

Hadi drive us 2 Bray.It was my 2nd visit. I told them I dun wanna hike d mountain nemore. But all of them wanted 2. So we walked using d trail which lead us st8 2 Greystones!!!! We walked around d mountain!!!!!!!! N it's like 10miles!!!!! N Hadi's haf injured leg! We were really crazee, but we had fun, n gosh wut a nice view :)

Then we took DART back 2 Bray.Hadi drive us back 2 Dublin. We had our dinner at Epicurean. Mira n Adlina meet up wif us 2 haf dinner 2gether. Then Hadi send me n Mira back home. St8 away we went 2 36. Yeah yeah yeah........ I knoe I hang out there wayyyy tooOOoo much! But wut d heck. I still do my duties at my own houz. I mean I pay d rental, d bills, food n all. So no complains k.....

Wut else huh? U knoe wut? Ppl shud juz mind their own business. Dis is 2 nobody in particular. Juz feel like saying it out loud.

Neway, I really appreciate those ppl who I juz got 2 knoe since I'm here in Dublin. They r d ppl dat really matters 2 me. I mean I juz knew them for few months. But we r close n trusting each other like we knew for 100 yrs! U knoe who u r ppl. I dun need 2 mention it here. I'm getting far away from d ppl I used 2 trust, but thanx I get 2 knoe other nicer ppl. I dun lose anything, but plz dun bug my life. I'm not sure wuts d reasons, out of jealousy or mayb juz plain boredom, but plz leave me alone wif wutever n however I lead my life.


Sunday, January 22, 2006

NiCe WeEkEnD ;)

Wut a nice weekend... ;)

Woke up early on Saturday, had nice breakfast wif d gurlz n d juniors. Get ready, went out wif Roy n his fren Jame. I bought new jacket :P n as usual lotsa new socks!!!!!! ;)

Then went to 36, hang out 4 a while. Then Hadi n Bert picked me up. Hang out at Hadi's. Most of d time was spent gossiping wif Intan, hahahahahahahaa....... We r getting really close nowdays. Really like dat lil doctor :) Yeah... Intan is a doctor. Sleepover at their place as usual.

Sunday, woke up, get in d shower. Then me n Nick went 2 d airport, picked Louis n her bf who's Hadi's fren who studying in Scotland. They came 4 holiday. Hadi got injured becoz of football.

Me n Intan planned 2 go 4 a movie. So, off we went 2 movie wif Bert n Louis n her bf. We watched Just Friends, it's my 2nd ;) Then Bert drive us around Dublin, n stop few places n walked 2 look around.

Then they send me back, n picked Hadi from my place. St8 away I went 2 36. really misz d guyz, hahahahahaa..... Sahak cooked a delicious dinner, yuMmY!!!! Thanx Sahak.... Now still at their place.

2moro.... Hurmmm..... Hadi wants me 2 accompany his frenz in d morning. Then around 12pm we will all go 2 Bray :) Hope d weather is good

Friday, January 20, 2006

WuT a Bz WeEk....

Hurrmmm..... I juz got back from No. 36 n 39. I cook 4 d boyz, I'm juz too nice wif them. I haf my dinner at 39, yuMmY!!!! :)

Dis week been bz...... Since Sunday....
I'm either at Aleph's houz or No. 36, but dis week most of time spend at Aleph's. Coz me n Mira study Tax wif Akib. Yeah... We had dat damn exam dis morning..... Hope mine we'll b okie ;)

Dis whole week, I've been thinking.................... N I juz made my decision juz now :)
Am going back on d 9 June!!!!!! :D :D :D I already book d flight ticket 2gether wif Baby. Gotta go n pay it A.S.A.P. I guess I haf 2 call my dad then. I'm so super xcited 2 go back!!!!! :D :D :D

I even book a domestic flight 2 Kelantan. Okie ppl.... I knoe u'll think I'm crazee.. heheheheee...
But me n Sahak plan 2 visit Mamat's houz over there. N mayb go 2 Pok Lah's n Roy's place too if we haf d time. Baby n Elis is coming too, but they wanna drive.

Can't wait 4 summer!!!! So many plans in my head!!!!!

Neway, my juniors r here. They arrived dis morning. 2 of them r staying here in my houz. I dunno them, n we haf not met. 1 of d gurl is Din's cousin, n d other 1 is her fren. I guess I'll c them later. Din bring them out 2 buy stuff.

Wut shud I do 2nite huh? Mambe is downstairs, n we tot of watching movie 2nite. Coz Roy n Pok Lah finished their exam already :) I'll think about it......

Friday, January 13, 2006

MiXTuReS oF fEeLiNg...... Y iS dAT?!!!

I was happy y'day coz I bought dat Topshop jacket at last! Like it soOo much! I knoe ppl mite think I'm crazee 4 buying dat jacket when I'm not working, still studying, juz got back from London (spending waaaayyyyyyy too much!!!), spend too much on food too, eat outside, movies, I juz dun knoe wut else.... I think I'm crazee myself! Gosh.... If only my dad knew my spending! He's gonna kill me!

Went 2 BewLeY's wif Mira b4 buying d jacket. We had a LoOOoooong talk! I really appreciate her, coz she spend her sweet time wif listening 2 my nonsense. She alwiz did. N I try vewwyy hard 2 do d same 2 her. Love u lots gurL, muaxxXXx!!!! ;)

Neway, last nite d guyz of 36 had dinner wif us, eLis cook, vewwwyyy yummy! :)

2day I woke up at 8.15am, n my class starts at 9am! But I managed 2 get there on time ;)
Then after Taxation I decided 2 go back n sleep, instead of going 2 Finance class. N I 4get 2 bring aLeP's medicine. He's sick, n I'm suppose 2 pass d medicines 2 aKiB. Hope he'll b okie soon. Mayb 2moro if I haf d time, I'll drop by his houz wif d medicines.

Hadi called n woke me up round 5pm. Misz dat lil guy. Neway Hadi, I want my INXS cd!!!!! :P
I guess I'll go 2 his houz 2moro. Misz Intan n Saiful soOoo much! It's been a month.

Like my TitLe, I haf dis mixures of feelings. I dun knoe y.....

My dad told me dat if I wanna come back 4 summer, it's okie wif him. Even if I dun wanna come back, it's still okie. Wutever I want, he'll still say yes. Love him, muaxxXXxx!!! I've been thinking of it since he said it. My family faced sum probs. I guess all family haf their own probs. But mine is compLicaTed evetho it's not. Wut am I saying??!!! Damn!!!!

N rite now, I dun feel so f*cked up coz my sis send me a 'motivational' e-mail ;)
Things dat I wud never learn in skooL, thanx sis! Misz her soOo much. I knew she haf probs of her own now. She said she wished I was there wif her. How I wish I was there wif her......

Other than all those stuff, I guess I'll b okie... I hope!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

fEeL sO f*cKeD uP!!!!!!!! dAmN!!!!

I feel so f*cked up again! I feel like I'm being used!

Shit! I mean, I knoe I'm a gurl. But never ever think dat a gurl can b used like dat. Damn!

Okie wutever.... I juz knew him, dats when Hadi my lil bro not here k... Or else I dun think I'll hang out wif dat guy. Who he think he is huh?!!! As if he's d only guy in d whole wide world 4 me. F*cK!!!!!

I called my sis juz now. She said dun give a f*ck wif him. She said I can get any guy I want. Seriously I feel sOOoooOOoo sToOpiD!!! Wutever.........

WARNING: Dun ever ever ever ever mess wif me!!! Or u gonna get it from me!

I knoe he's gonna misz me, I juz knew dat. Well..... f*cK urself!

*sorry ppl 4 all d bad words used. I really need 2 release my feelings *

cAn'T wAiT!!!!!! :P

Can't wait 4 d b'day party which is suppose 2 b a surprise!!!! :P

1st time organizing a b'day party wif my gurlz ;)

Let u guyz knoe whether it's gonna b a surprise b'day party or not...

Kiddo been vewy notty!!!!! Dun wanna talk 2 him!!!!!

Monday, January 09, 2006

i DuN kNoE diS fEeLiNg...... i HaTe iT!

I didn't recognize dis feeling, n yet I starting 2 hate it......

Mambe playing d guitar, he's good wif dat thing. He makes me sing! Owhh.. I'm at 36 by d way...

Wut d hell am I feeling rite now???!!!! FCUK!!!!

YAY!!!!!!! :D

Y'day is like shit + AsS hOLe day 4 me. But wut d heck!

2day I'm sOooOooo HapPy!!!!! I've finished my assignment!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;) ;) ;)

Saturday, January 07, 2006

sOo F*cKeD uP!

I feel soOo f*cked up rite now. Assignments!!!!! n tests!!!!!! Going crazee!!!!!!!!!

Neway, on Wed, we all went out. Wanna watched Just Friends, but we r wayyyy too late n we didn't get d tickets. At dat time, there's me n my gurLz, Roy, Pok Lah, Akib, Alep, Ameer n Ayin. We end up having ice-cream at Eddie's. On Thurs, I went 2 d library 4 a while, then I went 4 a walk at Grafton Street. Really misz dat shopping street!!!!!! Then later dat nite when 2 No.36 n did my assignment there. Coz I promised Mambe 2 hang out wif him dat nite. We did hang out ;) I sleepover n around 1pm Mambe followed me back home 2 haf breakfast. Mira was home, Bee n Elis at d library.

Then we all decided 2 go 4 a movie. I waited 4 Bee n Elis at home. They came back bringing Uma 2gether wif a BIG box of pizza, yuMmY!!!! ;)

We actually got tickets 4 Just Friends :D :D :D Thanx 2 Fuad, Falah n Candy ;)
There's d usual ppl, me n my gurLz (xcept Mira coz she hang out at Ameer's), Roy, Pok Lah, Uma, n Fuad, Falah n Candy who 1st time hanging out wif us ;)

D movie was worth it!!! Love it! :) Just Like Heaven was a sweet story. But Just Friends was a sweet N funny story ;)

We hang out at K-Bab K-Lub later dat nite. Then off we went back home.

Assignment suxx!!!! Uma did his wif Bee n Elis. Me doing alone in my room. I think around 5am Pok Lah came n study in my room. So at least there's sum1 wif me in my room (I'm super scared being alone k.....) . Mira still at Ameer's *sigh* :P :P :P

I sleep around 9am after Uma n Pok Lah went back. Woke up around 5pm, hahahahahaa..... Then went down 4 dinner, Pok Lah cook 4 us :) Coz we dun haf any food left! :P :P :P

Rite now I'm infront of my laptop, supposedly doing my assignment. But feel like updating my blog.

Neway, Hadi is on his way back 2 Dublin!!!!!! Misz dat lil guy so much!!!!

But I also haf a bad/good news..... Faiq is going back 2moro 4 good (bad). But he's going 2 Dubai later coz he got like a job-study offer (good). I hope everything will b okie 4 him.

Really misz Intan, Saiful, Nick, Farra, Bert, n all those nice ppl I misz hanging out wif. Can't wait 2 c them all starting next week!!!!

Now I gotta go n do my assignment. I'm soOOo buMmed!!! Where d hell is Pok Lah n Roy??!!!! They said they coming up 2 study here!!!!!!

damn!!! ..................................

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

MoWiE's WeEk????!!!!!

Juz got back from London on Sunday. Lotsa things 2 say, juz wayyyyyy tooooo much. So I decided 2 save it when I'm in d mood. Neway, I went 2 watched Just Like Heaven on Monday n d story was cute, sweet n nice ;) Love it!!!!!!

Y'day went 2 watched Cheaper By The Dozen 2, n I like it too :)

2day Roy asked us 2 go 4 a movie, but I'm kinda tired. So we decided 2 go 2moro. I guess dis is a mowie week after all....... :P :P :P

Neway, assignment is in progress n also life ;)

I'll put up my London pics later!!!!