Thursday, March 31, 2005


Heya ppl :)

I'm sooooo happy coz 2day I went out wif my bf. He bought me d webcam, mic n I bought my sis' mouse.

Rite now I'm trying it :)
Gotta tell Daniel A.S.A.P!!!!!
Both of us r sooooo excited 2 talk again, not chatting...
P/S : Daniel is in German, Baby's neighbour :P

We eat at Pizza Hut juz now..... yummy!!! :)

Pic/s I took using d webcam .... There r moreeeee 2 come :P

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Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Juz now around 8.30pm , my bf pick me up. We went 4 dinner at R+K. I like d foods n I eat a LOT!!!!! :)

We bought my mom KFC, coz mom really wanna eat it. I think its d new flavour, Curry Crunch.

He bought 4 me a big bottle of Vanilla Coke n my fav chocolate >>> Ferrero Rocher :)

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I'm juz super full rite now..... heheeee... Eat too much! :)

Monday, March 28, 2005

cHeCk OuT d ViDeO!!!

Check out d video in dis blog... It's really meaningful n sad :'(

I dun know d owner of d blog, but it's Aisar's fren.

WuT cAn I sAy ;)


My 1st bro had 2 send his kidz over 2day coz d baby-sitter have sum emergency. So, Aiman n Amira was here...

It was so much fun having them here, n tiring too. Good 4 Hakim coz he have frenz 2day at home other than me n my 2nd bro :P

Neway, me n mom n my sis were asked by my dad 2 cleaned up d photo albums drawer. It was sooooooo much fun!!!! :)

Coz we got 2 browse back all d old photos of my mom n dad, n also us!!!! My parents wedding n others...

But d funniest part was dat I found back my old pics wif d ugly shoes dat I would never even wear it in million yrs!!!! hahahhaaaaa......

N also pics of me wif my original hair :) Misz dat hair sumtimes......

If only I have a scanner..... I would scan it n show it 2 u guyz :)

Sunday, March 27, 2005

cLeAn iT!!!! :P


I've cleaned up my messy room :)
I'm so happy !!!!!

Now my room looks like a lil fairy lives in it :P

Neway, my nephw Aiman n niece Amira is here 2day. So, they helped me out!!!! Hakim is not in, coz he went out wif my sis.

Dis is my niece pics while she helped me out :) I did have time 2 take it, hahahaha....

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Saturday, March 26, 2005

pAsS oUT

Do u believe it??!!!!
I almost pass out 2day at d kitchen!!!

I'm so hungry, but my mom wants me 2 do things faster. She did asked me 2 eat 1st, but I thought I'll eat after I finish my work.

Coz theree's sum of my parents frenz coming 4 lunch wif a vewy short notice!!!

So, I pity my mom. I helped her like hell. Then I had 2 stop coz I feel liked vomiting n all. I rest 4 a while, pop in 2 chocolates in my mouth n sleep 4 a while. When I woke up, I eat 4 chicken!!! Then get a bath, n have my lunch properly...

Neway, i still feel dizzy rite now..

I dun even have d energy 2 re-arrange my super duper messy room!!!
I'll do it 2moro morning :)

N I dun even have d mood 2 go 2 d houz warming party.... My sis is not back yet from d party. Its kinda pyjamas party.

Hope I'm gonna feel better 2moro.

Friday, March 25, 2005

jUdGeMenT dAy

It's d judgement day 4 me n d whole batch n also d juniors .....

Let me tell u in details ok? ;)

I went 2 Baby's houz around 9.15, she drive us 2 college, n we were there around 9.30am.
We saw Fara n went 2 talk 2 her. She told us about d ISD marks at level 3. So, we went 2 check it out, n of course Baby is no 1 :)

We met Zamira, Wanie, Su, Zureen, Nad n others at level 2 infront of d office.

Then we waited 4 Allison, d secretary 2 come. She's late as usual, hahahaa.... Plus she didn't finish recalculating d marks!!!!

Me n Baby went 2 have breakfast at Ibu's, yummy bihun sup as usual :)

After dat we went up, n waited like others. Around 11.15, Madam Goh put up d results!!!!!
I'm so f*cking nervous, I can't even look!!!

Well, Fara who's no after me got a Distinction, congrats. N I look carefully 4 my no. Coz d person b4 me have 2 repeat few papers. At 1st I taught it was me!!!!! But it's not!!!! Thank god :)

I got Merit2 4 dis provisional result. Lucky me!!!!

Baby got Distinction, congrast my dearest fren!!!! :)

N then we came back home. Gope called n told me his result. Me n him n Rozack n few others got d same result, n we r so happy!!!!

Juz hope everything will turn up 2 b fine. So dat I can apply loans 4 Dublin. Can't wait 2 prepare myself 4 Dublin. I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooo excited!!!!! :)

Thursday, March 24, 2005

gOnNa b SiCk!!!


Have 2 use red color coz I'm so f*cking nervous man..... Seriously, red is sooooo not my color. But somehow 2nite I need it 2 give me a lil strenght!!!

2moro or should I say a few hrs from now, I'm going 2 college 2 get my National Diploma in Business Studies in Accounting RESULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's d provisional result only, but still!!!

Argh!!! 2moro is juz d provisional result, coz d Dublin board is not in KL yet! Gonna get d real result on d 4th of May.

I'm seriously getting sick now...

Plus, Baby said she wanted 2 go in d morning around 9am. So, i'm going wif her. Damn!!! She's a scorer, no need 2 worry at all. I'm on d other side being toooooo worried n I knew my result not so good. Wut do u expect when u studied 2 weeks b4 d finals.

I juz hope I don't have 2 re-sit any papers. Or else my mom n dad gonna lock me in my room like a prisoner 4 d rest of my life!!!!!!!!

I'm gonna get pSyChO!!!! HeLP!!!!!!! :'(

Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Juz came back from kLcC :)

Baby came 2 pick me up around 3.30pm, drive really fast coz we r late 2 take d tickets!!!!!
Baby is alwiz late.... Dats y I luv her, hehehhe....

Neway, we went 2 watch h!TcH. It's a good movie :)
Like it so much.... Very funny n kinda giving tips 2 d men.......... hahaha..
U should go n watch it.

After dat, me n Baby meet up wif Umar n Ajan who came from SuBaNg. We hang out at Mydina, somewhere behind kLcC.
Owh.... i saw gOpE n WaQerK wif their frenz.... cooL huh? ;)

Tuesday, March 22, 2005


2day is not so bad... :)

I woke up late, help my mom n all....
But around 3pm there's no electricity at my houz area until 4pm.
It was hot , n no fan or air-condition, u should know d feeling!!!! Grrrr..... I dun know y they cut it off for an hour, probably checking sumthing.... Can't they do it while it's not hot?!!!!

Other than DAT, me my nephew Hakim keep on playing d PS1 wif my mom :)
We keep on eating chocolates!!!! YuMmY!!!

D thing dat make me happy about 2moro is , me n my bestfren bABy going 2 kLcC 2 watch HitCh. I think d story is good n funny. So, both of us wanna have fun b4 taking our result on fRiDAy, hehehehee....

I'll let u guyz know about it 2moro ok?

Monday, March 21, 2005

JuZ aBouT mE :P

My biggest crush : Freddie Prinze Jr.

My first crush : Some1 I knew from primary school (my close frenz should know)

My current bf : RUDY (whom I luv so much!!!!!!)

The person I dun like : 1. A girl from my Form 5 class (Adly hates her too, hahahaa....)
2. A guy from my college (my classmates, euw!!!!!)

The worst bf ever : He's my bf when I'm in Form 2

Dream guy ever : Some1 who likes 2 read books like me, likes to play games like me,
like to joke around like me, do not have 1 fanatic interest (likes
everything dats good), talk a lot like me :P, dreamz a lot about future
and stuff, being himself n never boost, likes 2 play puzzles like me,
likes 2 eat mc'd n pizza n ice creams n cheese n d junkie food.........

Whoever dat have all d criterias.... PLZ let me know eh :)
Coz I never met guyz like dat

iT's BeEn HoW LoNg?!!!

GoSh!!!! GoSh!!!!! GoSh!!!!!!
It's been how many days since my last blogs....
I've been bz wif d kids, n it's so tiring.....

However, everything turns back 2 normal starting from 2moro :)
My mom is back from Cairo 2day around 3pm.
She bought lotsa things, as usual :)

She seems to misz me so much!!!!! Coz when she saw me at d airport, she hug me so tight n kiss me all over my face! :) She do love me a lot!!!

I love my mom :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

sO TiReD :P

Heya bloggers... :)

I already bought my mouse!!!!! 4 d laptop pf course, not dat yucky mouse in a messy houz :P

Newy, I saw all mp3's models!!!! GoSh!!!! I wanna have one!!!!!! Gotta save up 2 buy it.... hehehehehehee.....

I saw Logitech webcam, d cheapest by d way, it's RM80, d rest is sooooooo expensive!!!

Wutelse huh? Of course..... I saw my dreamy handphone!!!! I really like nokia 7610. Wish i have it now :'(

By d way.... I went 2 Ampang Point 2 get myself story books. I got 4 story books only three RM64, which is actually suppose 2 cost more than RM100. Dat bookshop really gives a good deal 4 book lovers like me! :)

I had dinner wif my beloved bf at R&K near d Setiawangsa LRT station. D food is really delicious :)

Dats all I guess. I'm sooooooo tired...
Gotta have sum rest coz I have 2 cook Tom Yam 4 d kidz lunch 2moro, n not 4getting sausage 4 their breakfast, n Keropok Lekor 4 their tea..... Hmmmm.... I do sounds like a maid!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrr.................

But I'm happy if they r happy :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

bEeN bZ

GoSh!!!! I'm soooooooooooooooooooo bz............... wif d 2 kidz!!!!

Actually, I'm really tired but I took dis chance 2 write sumthing.
I did everything at home!!!
At least my dad helps me :)

Wutever, I'm going out 2moro wif my bf. How am I suppose 2 trust my 2nd bro 2 take care of d kidz until their mom came back huh? I'll ask him 2 bring them 2 d playground.... :)
Dats a good idea...

I guess gtg rest now

Sunday, March 13, 2005

i m!sZ d bLoG!!! :P

Okie... So wut if i didn't write y'day? I do misz it!!! :)

At last my nephew Aiman n niece Amira came 2day(sunday). My bro send them over 2 play with Hakim. Aiman gonna sleepover 4 a few nites coz its school holiday.

R u asking me whether I'm happy or not?!!!
Of course I am!!!
Juz dat my mom is going 2 cairo dis afternoon for 8 days, n I'm stuck wif 2 kids!!!!
GoSh!!!! I dun think my 2nd bro will help me out, or my dad :'(

But nevermind..... They have each other. So, hopefully they won't bother me DAT much :)
Still, I have 2 do all d houz chores; cooking, laundry, wash d dishes, sweep d floor, etc.....
I guess i'm gonna b a mommy for 8 days!!!!!
Wish me luck!!!!

Neway, i watched Tru Calling juz now. GoSh!!! Luc is so cute!!!! Hope Tru get 2 know him in d next episode :)

The apprentice is ok.... I pitied Apex Corp. coz now they r only 3 persons in their group. Compared 2 Mosaic which have 7 of them (if I'm not mistaken)

Friday, March 11, 2005


Okie.... I sleep late again.... I'm still awake at 1.42 am!!!!! :P

Let c.... Wut i did 2day huh?

1. Woke up at 10 am
2. Watch tv
3. Read my horror book a lil
4. Have a quick nap
5. Went 2 Jaya Jusco, eat Mc'donalds
6. Play Zuma
7. Call my bf
8. Chat wif AyYuM, n few others
9. Now : Writting my bLoG!!! :P

Neway, really wanna tell u guyz dat Zuma is a game introduced by my sis. She's so addicted 2 dat game until when she sleeps she dream of it!!! I think she's sooooooo addicted... hahahaa...

Now, she's trying 2 transfer it 2 me!!!! Not dat I'm saying its not a great game. I can b addicted too... Juz dat i dun have my mouse, so dat i can play it easier. Using dis touch pad is really irritating when i wanna play Zuma.

Guess i have 2 go n buy it next week!!!! :)

Thursday, March 10, 2005


Holla :)

I juz learned how 2 download mp3 from internet 2 my laptop 4 free!!!!!!!!! Yes, free!!!!!! :P
My bf teached me :)

Try it!!!

aCnO's EnErGiZeR

gOsH!!!!! I'm soooooo addicted 2 dis game.... :P

Dis is my level code. Dis is where i stop!!!! Level 28, n i'm stuck. Any1 can help ????


Wednesday, March 09, 2005

sO hApPy :)

I'm chatting wif my bf rite now... :)

He said he wants 2 buy me a webcam. Yay!!! Coz he can c my face everyday through it live. I luv dis guy sooooooo much!!!!! mWaH :P

I think i'm feeling better. He forced me 2 eat d big panadol juz now. Seriously i feel like vomitting rite after it enters my mouth! But, i didn't :) I'm a strong girl....

Wut am i doing chatting wif my bf n not sleeping at 2.42 am?!!!! N i'm sick rite now!!! Hahahahahhahaa...

Gotta go sleep rite after he log out :)

sAvEd bY k!dDo

I was saved by kiddo my fren :)

My nephew hakim don't wanna stop playing d online games. Suddenly kiddo said hai in msn, i send hakim 2 bed :)
Now i'm all by myself in my room wif my laptop again, yay!!!

However, i did take hakim's pic while he's playing d online games ;)


It's raining outside.... I have 2 rush from my room 2 help my mom wif d clothes hanging outside. 2day i feel better, but my voice sounds like a guy!!! Euwwww..... :P

I dun know wut 2 do actually. Juz browsing through dat 'ihatemyflatmates' blogs. It's like she lives wif a group of crazee ppl who didn't know how 2 behave. I think my nephews n niece is better :)

Talking about my nephews n niece. I really misz Aiman n Amira :'(
Not dat i dun misz Hakim, but he lives under d same roof :P

Dis pic is taken by my bro's hp, it's ericson. It was taken at my relative hous

Image hosted by

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

SuDdEnLy MiSz HiM sO bAd

I dun know y suddenly i misz my bf so much..... :'(
Really need him coz i'm not feeling well. he's d only person who accept my nonsense n wacko n weird behaviour. Dats y i need him now coz i feel like hugging him.
Me n d kids misz him so much ....

Daniel :
Image hosted by

Image hosted by

My bf rUdY : Luv ya so much syg.... mwah mwah mwah ;)
Image hosted by

mY bF bRiNgS iT

My bf juz came 2 bring me panadol coz i'm sick n a chocolate drink juz 4 me!!!! Luv him so much!!!! MwAh.... :)

Eventhough its not my fav. choc drink , hahaha...

Here it is after i eat/drink already :P

Image hosted by

I know my room is messy.... Wut do u xpect? I'm sick.. hahaha.. ;)

d!s iS eV3n M0rE cOoL

Check dis out! I can't get enough of it!!!!

d!s iS cOoL

Try check dis person blog.... really cool... dunno how he did it ;)

d WoRsT dAy TuRnS oUt 2 b Ok

Yesterday i went 2 tgv,klcc 2 watch 'The Boogeyman' wif my bf. I think d story is stupid! Coz boogeyman suppose 2 b in d closet, but in d story d boogeyman can come out from bath tub. It's not scary at all and d ending is stupid. I still dun understand how dat guy killed boogeyman.

However, i got my period d nite b4. I feel so irritated by d movie until my stomach feel so painful. I fight wif my bf over stupid things. Thank god he understands dat i'm having my pms, hahaha... I did called him 2 make it up 2 him :)

N dat doesn't stop there! I got sick!!! I mean real sick. I got flu, waaaaaaa............. :'(
Now i can't go out wif amer n baby n gope 2moro. I secretly hope they cancel it becoz i'm sick! hahahahhahaha.... bad me bad me bad me.... :P
Waahahahaha.... Amer juz called, they cancelled it. Coz gope is going back his hometown, amer have 2 go n learn how 2 drive, me sick, baby bz trying 2 find job :) Lucky me!!!!

Before i 4get, yesterday there was an accident near my houz. It was terrible!!! I called d police n tell them about it. I dun know y but i feel like a hero sumhow :)

Sunday, March 06, 2005


I juz finished watching Tru Calling and The Apprentice...

I juz dun understand y dat Donald Trump didn't sack Ivana. I think she's very manipulative n from wut i can c ppl dun like her. Y Raj?!!! He's a good leader though. He took all d blame even it's not his fault, i mean it's not his ideas. Mayb dats how it looks in d real life when u go out n work. It's gonna b tough 4 me.

I like Tru Calling 2day episode. Dat Sarah girl is really a bitch! I mean real mean bitch. She married a rich guy juz 4 his money. N he get Tru's bro 2 kill her husband 4 her. Very manipulative, liar n a smart bitch, hahahahaha.... She got caught of course :)


2day i did watch d movie, it starts at 4.30 pm. We r kinda late. I have 2 run all d way from d lrt 2 tgv 2 get d tickets, thank god i booked it earlier or else i have 2 lined up till auntie annes'!!!

However d movie is good :) i really like d part when there's dis black snake came out. My nephew was stunned, u should looked his face at dat time >>> terkejut beruk!!! :P

But i didn't take any pic 2day coz i 4get.

I did went 2 fcuk, zara, liz claiborne, esprit..... it's all sales!!!!!!! damn it!!! *&%%^###$$^&^%
Where is my money when i need it badly :P

I did feel like talking 2 sum1 juz now, i called my dearest bf but his at d stadium, watching football. Typical boys doing typical activities, bored....

My sis came 2 my room saying dat there's malaysian idol show or sumthing. But i know dat i need 2 write rite now, not watching tv.... I dun know y...

I guess i'm becoming more n more weird each day.... Mayb i need 'outside' helps ;)

My FaV sOnGs

How can someone not like dis songs... (My FaV)

1. nelly - over n over again
2. mario - let me love u
3. soul asylum - runaway train
4. wyclef jean - 2 wrongs
5. reshmonu - pirivu
6. destiny's child - lose my breath
7. maksim - claudine
8. jaclyn victor - gemilang
9. michael buble - sway
10. alicia keys - if i ain't got u

Dis r my latest favs :)
Actually there's lotsa more.... maybe i'll jot it down later 2 remind me :P


Hmm....... I juz called my bf, n i found out about dis
Looks fun 2 me n i juz register n try it...
I'm not into writing dis days, but i used 2 write journals, i wonder y i stop...

Rite now my stomach feel like hell, i think i'm getting my monthly girl thing, wut else could a girl asked for... :'(

Plus, i'm not feeling well.... But i can't sleep. It's now 3.13 am, damn!!!

I got a movie 2 watch 2moro. I think it's called >>> Lemony Snicket's Series of Unfortunate Events <<< . Gonna watch it wif my deary only sista n her son at tgv,klcc. I'll take some pics as tokens of loves... :)

Neway, here they are
Image hosted by