Friday, May 30, 2008

HaPpY b'DaY tO mE!!!! XD


Thanks to my family, and friends for the wishes. I'm definitely a BIG girl now ;)

Friday, May 09, 2008

i'm still alive :)

Heya peeps! I'm still alive if some of you were wondering (or not?). Hehehehee...

There's nothing much to blog. My life... should we say... in an O.K. stage. Work is not as busy as I expected. Classes was great and I still have few more to attend before the exam day. Yup! Another round of ACCA examination. When am I gonna finish it??? urghh!!

Oh yeah. housemate arrived middle of last month. At last we got a replacement for the extra room (after an extremely short noticed). Blahhh.. I don't want to be remind of those months, and don't ask who pays all the rent on those months. Whatever it is we survived :) Neway, Ms.newbies is really nice and a fun person.

On my love life... I miss a lot! It's been 2 months++ since he left Dublin. His new job is great and he loves it. It just that me being in Dublin without him around, makes it a bit lonely. Haihhhh... Can't wait to see him after exam! (Maybe I should pray upon the stars???)

And I'm going back for holiday!!! Yay! ^-^