Thursday, June 17, 2010


Hello everyone! Yes I know I've been gone for almost 2 months! hahahaa.. sorry for MIA. I was busy with work, exams, family, friends, etc...... The list can go on and on, so I'll just stop here.

FYI, it was my b'day on the 30th May and I got myself an iPhone! Yes! iPhone! Heheheee... I love my new toy and can't keep my hands off it! I keep on dowloading the game apps, and being a game lover, it's just madness!!! They have thousands of apps!

And yes they have the iPhone 4 coming out soon. But it's gonna take ages before it arrive in Malaysia. The 3GS is good enough for now :)

I know I promised to update more frequent if I have iPhone. It's just dat I created a Twitter account. And I've been updating short msgs there! And I love how it works out. I can post pics or wutever there. So follow me on twitter if you like what I blog :) It's on private mode, so you need to request to follow me. I'll approve it, no worries ;) and I promise to follow you back!

What's new? Hurmmmm.... Oh exam is over! And I want to go and watch movies! There are so many new awesome movies at the moment.

And yeah.. My friend Gee is back in Malaysia! MUST meet her ASAP. And it's her b'day 2moro!

HAPPY B'DAY in advance! I'll treat you to Chilli's ok? :) They have the yummiest New York Strip and the mash potatoes is to die for! Or maybe you prefer ribs? We can go to Tony Roma's! Anything for u babe ;) hehehehee...

I guess that's it for now. Follow me on twitter loviesss!!! :D