Sunday, April 30, 2006

gOoD LuCk pEePs!!!!! ;)


It's not 2 early rite? There r sum of my frenz having their 1st paper on Tuesday. So all d best!!!!!! :D

Mine gonna b on Friday onwards...

Nite of 13May gonna b d PARTY nite peeps!!!! ;)

Owh yeah... Not 4getting 2 ALL my UCD frenz, good luck too!!!! :)

Mamat!!!! G study!!!! Good luck!!!! Nanti kiter lepak! :D

Friday, April 28, 2006

LaTe 4 everYtHinG....

HapPy bELatEd b'DaY mAma....

LasT niTe we hAd bace YasSiN at my houz n I'm a bit late... SorRy...

2day I woke up laTe...

Good luck everyoNe 4 exam!!!! N i hopE iT's noT 2 Late...

ApE aKu mErePek niE????!!! gILeR aPo? *aDoii*

Thursday, April 20, 2006

i'M cRaZeE i Th!Nk....

Seriously........... I think I'm CRAZEE!!!!!

I dun knoe y........ I haf a nice walk 2day wif Nana at Stephen's Green Park, then we went 2 Mc'D n get myself d apple pies n twister fries. Then off I went 2 d library. Got myself a nice sit, can't complain no more.

Juz dat.......

My carry marks 4 ALL subjects is really LOW!!!
Damn!!!! I dun even c 2nd class honor...... *sob* *sob* *sob*

Wuts happening 2 me???!!!!! I can't focus, I can't concentrate, I can't sit still, I can't do anything!!! I studied, but I think everything dat go in my head, comes out after dat *sigh*
I'm in BIG trouble!

I can actually imagine mama n ayah calling my FULL name

Farizah Tokiman!!!!!!

N it's damn scary when they did dat k.......... *sob* *sob* *sob*
They rarely call me by my full name. So when they did, it scares me soOoOoo much!

Talking 2 myself as usual :
fAirY!!!!!!!!! Dun b crazee! B strong like u alwiz do! Focus! 4get about everything n every1 4 once! After d exams, u can do EVERYTHING u want n u dun haf 2 care no more about ur studies 4 a while at least.

Seriously I need sum1 2 really push me around. There's alwiz mama n ayah, n also ChAiN who alwiz disturb me (but by doing dat I actually studied a lot more than now). I haf not covered dat much, n time is ticking, n I'm alwiz tired. Either too much sleep, too little sleep, too much walking, not eating d rite foods, trying 2 hard 2 focus, not enuff rest, been sitting 2 much, been sitting 2 long til my back hurts soOo much, too much writting n my hand hurts (I need mama 2 massage me like alwiz *sob* *sob* *sob*). My whole body is hurting me!!!!!!!

I'm getting crazee............... *sigh*

Am I?

-OuT 2 tHiNk-

Damn! Dis thing ask me 2 test connection now!!!! Rase nak baling je laptop nie ngan modem semua dlm longkang!!!!! Bodo! Bodo! Bodo! Giler! Bodo! Giler! Bodo! Mengong!!!! Argh!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


2 more short weeks 2 go b4 final exam!!!!

I'm worried about Elissa. She got her Lelah attack dis evening, when I was at d library. Thank god Izwan was wif her. I gave her antibiotic coz she got flu n asked her 2 go n sleep. She's resting, I'll check on her 2moro morning. Hopefully she'll b fine.

'Dah nak exam nie.... Me demam x baik2, Elis pulak sakit lelah. IskkKkkk.... Wisau..... Nasib baik la Izwan cHoY 2 ader.... '

Neway, been studying coz exam is getting nearer. Been planning 2 visit my fren in Glasgow, Scotland. Not sure whether it's gonna happen or not. No time 2 think rite now. Haf 2 FOCUS on my studies. Plus seems like nobody wanna follow me there, heheheee.... I'm okie wif going there by myself. Juz dat my mom n dad will definitely freak out if I said I'm going alone, hahahaaa.. :P Dun worry KaK Anne, I won't go alone :)

Wutelse huh? Wut am I doing not sleeping???!!! No wonder I'm still sick! Damn....

Friday, April 14, 2006

i KnOe ....

Yesh I knoe.... U can kick my ass or pull my hair or juz do anything.... But I juz can't stop myself from doing it k?

I study laa.... Jgn risau.... I yg patut risau nie.. :P

Juz now I updated my fotopages wif KUI Dinner pics. Take a look k? ;)
I decided 2 update it after looking at abg BoTak fotopages (d photographer of d nite), n Mujed's (u shud put more pics!!!! It was nice). Then I take a look at DodoT's fotopages too. Dats y I wanna put up my pics wif myfrenz ;)

I'm bored so I decided 2 put sum pics of myself n my frenz here dat I picked randomly.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

i'M sOoOo DeAd!!!!!!!!!!

I'm soOOooOOoo DEAD!!!

I juz realized dat I haf 2 more weeks 2 go b4 my FINAL EXAM!!!!
N I haf not covered much k.... I'm gonna b dead!!! Dead!!! DEad!!! dEaD!!!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

sUpEr SiCkNeSs.... :'(

Day of super sickness... :'(

I got cought n sore throat 4 a couple of dayz already. I dun really mind... But when I woke up dis morning, I got flu n feel so sick! Plus I got my period MEANING period pain 4 me!!!!! :'(

At 1st it's not so bad. But when I'm in class, I feel so sick, I juz cud not take it. I had 2 skipped Taxation class at 4-5pm 2day. I can't even concentrate dat much in FR. But at least I get wud Cormac was teaching in Audit, my 1st class of d day. *sigh*

I sleep st8 away after I reached home. Woke up, n realize ChoYeSt is cooking d macaroni I'm supposed 2 cook (It's my turn 2 cook 2day). I'm sick so he cooked 4 me n Elissa 2day. Thanx Izwan. I owed u.

I went down 2 c Roy juz now. He gave me medicine dat I'm suppose 2 eat b4 I sleep. There's Mamat n Sahak. It's been a while since I last really sit n talk wif them. Really misz u guyz..... But Mambe is not there tho. Misz dat guy a LOT!!! They r my frenz of No.36 Swifthall Apartment. They took care of me since I knew them. U knoe when I'm sick or even hungry. Thanx guyz... :)

Hurmmm..... Rite now I'm suppose 2 study. But I had headache n also my stomach feel weird.... How am I suppose 2 study in dis conditions???!!!!!! HELP!!!!!

Neway, Faizal send me a 'short' friendster msg dis morning. Thanx Faizal 4 all d advice u gave me :) I really appreciate it.

It's hard being me when u r me. If only u knoe wut I mean........ *sigh*

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

aLoNe + LoNeLy... i HaTe iT :'(

Mayb they'll b ppl laffing at my title or mayb laffing at me directly. Not everyone likes me. I guess ppl who dun like me who read it, sure tgh gelak2.

Well.... Rite now I feel alone + lonely. I seriously hate it. I seriously wanna go home :'( :'( :'(

I hate living in Dublin, Ireland!!!
I hate living in Swifthall Apartment!!!
I hate living by MYSELF here!!!
I hate walking here n there!!!
I hate it when my legs hurt so much after I walked quickly!!!
I hate d weather here!!!
I hate it dat my family is sooooOOoooOOoooOOo far away from me!!!
I hate knowing dat I came here bcoz I ASKED 4 it!!!
I hate knowing dat deep inside me I need sum1 2 b wif me!!!
I hate d fact dat I NEED 2 b independent!!!
I hate it when there's nobody 4 me 2 turn 2 when I'm sad or down!!!
I hate d fact dat I hate EVERYTHING!!!

*sob* *sob* *sob* *sob* *sob*

Monday, April 10, 2006

oLd EnTrY sUpPoSeDLy.... WuT i'M sAYiNg?!! :P


My 2nd bro b'day is on d 8th April. HaPpY b'DaY bRo!!!!! :D
I knoe u like dat cake u SAID u bake it urself (I dun believe it at ALL :P)
Yeah.... I saw u guyz eat dat yummy nasi lemak mama cooked. I hate u guyz!!!! :P
Dats y I hate technology called webcam. Coz I can actually c wut u guyz eat n do n Everything!!!! I'm soOOOoOOOo miszing u guyz!!!!!! 2 more mths n I'm off 2 KL, home sweet home 4 my summer holidays!!!!!!!

Other stories... hahahah... :P :P :P

Okie.. I attend dat KUI dinner. It's nice. But NOT as grand as DBS, KL dinner OBVIOUSLY! :P NoTtY oF mE 2 SaY dAT.... :P :P :P

My tablemates were Me (obviously :P), eLisSa CoMeL ;), iZwAn D cHoyEsT :P, Faizal, Shihab, Anne n Jun. They r medic ppl, they r really nice ppl :) We had fun dat nite. Faizal pretends as if he's d chairman of tabLe 15, r u Faizal? :P :P :P

Mira n BeE dance dat nite wif Ameer n also iZwan, n of course wif OTHER ppl :) It was really nice, eventho d space 4 them 2 dance is soOOoOoo DAMN small k...

Sunday woke up early eventho I sleep late d nite b4. Didn't do anything much. Juz chatting wif cute face as usual, hahahahahaa..... He made my day everyday :) I on my webcam 4 him 4 d 1st time :P Showing him Mikey d donkey dat I bought recently. He named him by d way :) Thanx 4 d cute name.

2day I had a LoOoOOooOoOOonG Finance class. From 9 to 11, 12-2. N I soOoo 'LOVING' it. During break we went back home 2 eat. fter class went 2 City Centre wif eLisSa n ChOyEsT, met RazLan there. ShoP a lil :P Bought a really nice n cheap top at Bershka. Went back home, sleep, woke up, throw garbage, eLisSa cooked, eat wif eLisSa while watching TV.

Wutelse? On9, hahahahaa.... cHoYeSt is rite now at d hall watching American Next Top Model. We r ALL suppose 2 study. But we juz dun haf d mood..... I'm having a headache rite now, dunno y.... Or do I knoe y?

Saturday, April 08, 2006

WuT 2 bLoG?

I dun even knoe wut 2 blog... It's been like AGES since my last entry... hehehehee...

Well, basically I'm bz wif my notes+books+library (can u believe it??!!!!). I actually go 2 library til it close k. Hahahahahha... :P :P :P I'm not bragging or anything... I'm juz surprised wif myself. I sit wif d chinese gurlz n also pakistan guyz. Juz trying 2 b frenz wif them n also looking at them study make me wanna study :) Good influence shud I say.. ehhehehee...

But 2day I didn't study at ALL! Juz dat I'm so glad I concentrate 80% in Finance class which I RARELY did :P But during Tax I doze off.. hahahaha... :P :P :P

2 nites ago skype wif Cute Face :) LaLaLaaaa...... Happy MoDe ON :D :D :D
Talking about him, where is he 2nite huh? Hurmmm.....

Neway, 2moro I'm attending dis Kelab UMNO Ireland (KUI) Dinner. Hopefully it's good, or else I'm wasting EU20 for it.

Gotta go... Daaa... ;)

Sunday, April 02, 2006

:'( .... y?

I dunno y...

I feel so freaking tired

My houz plugs freaking blowed juz now (Thanx Isma 4 d help)

I feel like vomitting rite now... :'( I had my dinner of fish cod n salad, n now I feel like throwing it ALL out!!!!! I dun even finish my fish nugget n fish fingers. Seriously I'm not feeling well.. :'(

CuTe FaCe!!! Where r u? On9 cepat!!! I nak chat ngan u.....

I dunno y I feel so down rite now..... I'm suppose 2 haf ALL d energy 2day after ALL d talks I had wif Shihab. He gave a LOT of good advice. Thanx Shihab. Didn't knoe dat u r a good adviser. I guess u r rite. True gemini is true fren. I'm glad I get 2 knoe him.

OMG fAirY!!!!! Wuts happening 2 u?!!!! HeLp!!!!!! :'( :'( :'(